V9C2 Part 2

“Um…Ms. Yazi?”

“What’s the matter?” Yazi was flipping through some team information, and found Lin Xiang’s name in the End Zero team.

Satsuki, Yorikawa, Kamiki, Suehiro, Silent Water, Reidy, Dusty – these are all girls’ names, Yazi didn’t realize that Lin Xiang was so popular among girls.

“How long will you stay here this time?” The male teacher asked embarrassedly.

Yazi was just looking at the list and thinking, but she didn’t answer the male teacher.

“Miss Yazi?” The male teacher called.

“Huh? Did you say something?” Yazi put down the list.

“When are you leaving this time?” The male teacher asked carefully, and he saw a trace of impatience in Yazi’s eyes. Indeed, when a person was thinking, and there’s someone next to him who kept nagging and talking, even the kindest person would get impatient.

“I don’t know. There is nothing wrong with you, right? The game is about to start, I’m going to make an announcement.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll leave you alone.” The male teacher said, then left.

“Oh~” Yazi rubbed her temples. She didn’t know how long she would stay in the human’s world. The reason why she came back was entirely because of the demon apostles. She received the order from the temple to return to the human’s world to monitor the actions of the demon apostles and catch them, so as not to let them threaten the human’s world.

After looking at the screen, the contestants were already in place, she cleared her throat, picked up the microphone, and there’s the magnetic voice of Yazi, “and all contestants are ready…”


With a flash, Lin Xiang suddenly felt a lot lighter, he opened his eyes and saw the old man named Iwata. He returned to the teleportation zone of the human’s world.

The old man called Iwata didn’t seem to have any memory of Lin Xiang, he just told Lin Xiang and Remi to leave quickly.

After walking out of the teleportation area, there was the sound of car horns and people not far away. Lin Xiang really felt that he had returned to the human’s world.

“Hmm…” After Remi came out, he groaned, then said, “the air here is still so bad.”

“That’s because of the development of science and technology, let’s go, let’s go to school now.” Lin Xiang said and walked quickly to the end of the lane.

After walking out of the lane, they saw people coming and going, and there was a lot of traffic. It is 11 o’clock in the morning, which is the peak time for get off work.

After waiting for a long moment, there was no bus passing nearby, Lin Xiang said to Remi, “Remi, let’s go take the subway.”

“Subway?” Remi didn’t understand this new vocabulary and wanted to ask what it was, but found that Lin Xiang had already gone far. A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and Remi followed.

Lin Xiang, don’t worry, my sister won’t get angry even you’re late.

When they arrived at the subway station and bought two tickets, Lin Xiang and Remi walked in the direction of the track, waiting for the arrival of the train.

At the subway station, there were also many people waiting for the train. On the screen, it was indicated that the train was still 5 minutes away. Remi and Lin Xiang started chatting as they walked.

“Lin Xiang, why are you so anxious? Are you missing my sister?” Remi laughed.

“Well, I really miss her.” Lin Xiang nodded.

“Oh, with this tone and this look, my sister will definitely be touched.”

“You’re exaggerating.” Lin Xiang shook his head nonchalantly. At this time, he accidentally ran into a woman in black clothes.

“Sorry.” Lin Xiang said.

The woman didn’t speak, she gave Lin Xiang a cold look and squeezed herself into the crowd.

“Oh?” Yalide groaned.

“Are you interested again?” Lin Xiang looked in the direction where the woman was leaving, and found that there was a man behind her. It wasn’t because the woman was beautiful, it’s because she gave Lin Xiang a strange feeling.

“It’s you who’re interested. Am I really that bad in your eyes?” Yalide scolded.

“That woman seems to have big breasts.” Lin Xiang said.

“Hey, yeah, and they look so bouncy.”

“See how you are.”

“You brat, do you want to die?” Yalide roared in Lin Xiang’s head.

“Don’t you yell in my head.” Lin Xiang patted his head.

Remi looked at Lin Xiang, who was standing still and patting his head, and he’s looking at the direction the woman had left. What’s wrong with Lin Xiang? Remi was confused.

“How dare you trick me like that? You’ve insulted me as a dragon god. Wait until I resume my body, and I’ll beat you up then.” Yalide furiously roared.

“Yalide, bastard, tell me something more serious.” Freed interrupted.

“Freed, you should judge for me, this kid really looks down on me and I have to teach him a lesson.”

“Are you still a child? After more than a thousand years, you still act the same. You complain if you fail to convince someone. Kid, Yalide has no brains, you can’t afford to irritate him.”


“You fool.” Yalide swore that if he regained his body, he’d beat Lin Xiang up.

“Stop it, boy, what Yalide wants to say is that the woman just now and the man behind her have strong negative energy.”

“Negative energy means…” Lin Xiang seemed to have thought of something.

“Yes, it’s the energy of demons. They should be possessed by demons.”


“Well, they are deeply suppressed, and most people can’t even notice it. If you didn’t bump into her just now, Yalide wouldn’t have noticed this dark energy either.”

“Then should I go after them?” Lin Xiang looked around, and the woman had already disappeared.

“Lin Xiang, what’s the matter with you?” Because Lin Xiang was looking so strange, Remi shook his shoulders.

“Nothing…” Lin Xiang shook his head, “the train is coming, let’s go.” Lin Xiang said and walked towards the train with Remi.


“Daisha, do you know where the Demon King is kept?” A tall man in black clothes asked a woman who also wore black clothes in a corner of the subway.

“Zeke, don’t be nervous, we’ll find him.”

“It’s been three days, didn’t you say that you can sense a powerful demonic energy?” The man was a little irritated. He knew that the longer they stayed there, the easier it was for them to get caught. It took them very hard work to get there and dozens of their partners sacrificed.

“It’s strange, I really can’t feel it. According to the legend of the demon race, the demon king should have captured this world with his troops, and he was sealed by the patron saint of this world, that’s the dragon god…”

“What should we do? We have almost traveled all over the city, is he in another city?”

“I don’t know. Even if we want to go to other cities, it’s impossible. There will be a lot of warning when we go out of the city.”

“Damn it!” The tall man hammered the wall next to him heavily. The wall immediately got hollow, like a sponge which had been trampled on.

“Don’t worry, the boy I ran into just now seems to be a little different from ordinary people.”

“Which boy?” the man asked.

“Forget it, it’s okay, I just think it’s weird. Since we can’t find him, just ask someone.” The woman said, beckoning to a passing middle-aged man who’s carrying a briefcase.

After the man looked over, he was stunned at first, but when he saw the blue light radiating from the woman’s eyes, his pupils that were originally full of light suddenly became soulless and dim. The man dropped his briefcase and walked slowly towards the woman.

The woman acted like his wife, hugging the man’s shoulders intimately. She softly asked, “hey, can you tell me where the demon king is?”

“I…don’t know…” the man responded mechanically.

“Really, then how much do you know about the Dragon God?”


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