V9C3 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V9C3_I’m hitting you

“Oh!!! So handsome!” The guys stopped cheerleading as it’s a guy who won this time.

“Takahashi, Takahashi.” Some girls from Pillar Nofu Academy shouted Takahashi’s name. Although Takahashi was no longer a student of the academy, the girls couldn’t stop cheerleading for him, even though he’s the enemy of the academy.

Nobuhiko Takahashi was the handsome guy recognized by the girls of the Pillar Nofu Academy. Not only that he’s handsome, but he’s powerful as well. It also seemed that he’s become more powerful as well after a few months.

“Takahashi, what are you doing back here?” A guy who played against Takahashi said in disgust.

“What’s wrong? Is it weird to represent the academy in the competition?” Takahashi replied while avoiding the guys’ attack.

“Hell, obviously you’ve joined another school, and you still said that you’re representing the previous one.” The guy said sarcastically and strengthened his attack.

“Did I ever offend you?” Since the demon in Takahashi’s body was removed, his demonic power had greatly decreased, and he couldn’t use many kinds of magic anymore. However, his strength had not been weakened by this. After some hard training, he was specialized in a kind of magic called the cold system.

The so-called cold magic is derived from water magic. After seeing the magic of Silent Water, he had understood more about the power of water magic, and he wanted to learn it as well. However, since his physical condition wasn’t suitable, it turned out that he practiced the cold magic instead of the water magic.

As for the guy on the opposite side, he used the fire magic that most people could. He shot several fireballs and hit Takahashi in a row, “you didn’t offend me, I just don’t like you.”

Since Takahashi was popular among the girls and he’s so powerful, many guys were jealous of him.

Takahashi also knew about this and he showed a smile, “really? It’s fine then.”

Takahashi no longer dodged this time. He stretched out his left hand to aim at the flying fireball, and soon a white magic circle with cold air appeared. An ice shield suspended in the air and it blocked the fireball. Then, he tightened his right hand and aimed at the guy, another array appeared. The next second, countless ice cones were shot out from it.

“What!?” The guy was shocked.

For a magician, being able to use magic without any items proved how strong he was, and he immediately realized the gap between himself and Takahashi.

Damn it, it’s all because of Takahashi who made him now rank the 10th in the class. Am I going to be defeated by him again?

The guy clenched his fist and the magic wand in his hand tightly. The high-speed flying ice cones all hit the guy, and a thick white mist appeared around him.

When the guy’s teammates saw it, they all showed an expression that says, “it’s within my expectation.”

A long time ago, when the guy told them that he’d defeat Takahashi, they all showed disbelief. However, since he’s so determined, they decided not to intervene.

However, even if they wanted to intervene, it is impossible because the opponents they were facing were incredibly strong.

For example, Casey didn’t become so arrogant just because he was the grandson of the principal, it’s because he really had a certain extent of power.

Among the ten magicians, at least four were using fire magic. There were no other reasons, it’s all because the fire magic was easier to master.

The cold magic used by Takahashi was relatively rare. The white chill in the air, combined with Takahashi’s silver hair, made him look even cooler. Many girls were shouting his name.

“Hmm…not bad.” In the broadcast room, Yazi looked at the screen and nodded approvingly, “he should have also realized that using magic with multiple attributes was not as good as being proficient in one single kind of magic.”

No one is omnipotent, and no one can be good in everything. Only if he is proficient in a certain skill can he be truly excellent in something. Takahashi was obviously an example of this. If he continued to use magic with various attributes as before, he would just be a so-so student now. In addition to his many skills, his attack power was not very impressive at all.

“But it seems that the guy hasn’t given up yet.”

In the screen, the white mist dissipated, and there was a heat wave. The guy called out his spirit – a bull with flaming eyes.

“Unexpectedly, you can already use magic without a wand.” The guy gasped. Although he would not be physically harmed because of the barrier, he would still be in pain mentally.

“It’s okay. All that I’m doing is to surpass someone.” Takahashi looked up at the sky, “Speaking of which, fire is the nemesis of ice.”

“Huh, what do you want to prove?”

“Nothing. It’s just that I’m a bit scared after seeing your bull.” Takahashi smiled.

The guy’s bull was an intermediate C-level spirit, and was considered a more powerful one in the first grade. As its name suggests, the eyes of the bull had blazing flames. Although the flame was small, it’s still quite destructive. Its eyes could shoot out a high-temperature beam of light. This beam could instantly melt any strengthened steel.

“Huh, are you now scared? Hawke, come on!” the guy ordered.

“Moo~” The bull yelled up to the sky, there were sparks from its nose, and its eyes widened suddenly. Two red rays of light flew straight towards Takahashi.

“You fool, why would you use a spirit? You want to lose faster?” Casey looked at the guy and showed a disdainful look. Then, he continued attacking the opponent in front of him.

“It’s fair for spirits to fight against spirits.” With a swish, a flurry of snowflakes was rolled up in front of Takahashi. When the heat wave light hit the snowflakes, it was frozen.

“Impossible!” The guy showed an expression of disbelief. If the spirits restrained each other, such as fire and ice, and if they were at the same level, it was obvious that the fire would win. However, if they can freeze the flame, then it proved that the opponent’s spirit was a certain level higher than himself.

“Nothing is impossible.” In front of Takahashi, a cold ice tiger with sharp fangs appeared. The whole body of this cold ice tiger was in light blue, there were some special patterns on its body, and its limbs gave off a slight chill.

“Ice Tiger, my goodness, so handsome.”

“Its level is A grade of intermediate level.”

The students pointed to the cold ice tiger and talked about it.

“Is it the ice tiger? It’s really interesting. There are very few spirits with the ice attribute. It should have been contracted in the sky outside the sky.” Yazi muttered as she looked at the ice tiger on the screen and sipped a sip of black tea. Um, not bad. If Xiao Xiang is really as good as Grandpa said, then it will be an interesting competition.

“Huh, it’s of a higher level than me, but so what? Hawk!” The guy was slightly surprised after seeing the ice tiger, but he soon regained his calmness. He knew that if he was messed up now, he would lose for sure.

After the master’s command, the bull burst into flames all over his body, and rushed towards the ice tiger.

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