V9C3 Part 2

“Go, Hantai, don’t fight too hard.” Takahashi smiled at the cold ice tiger.

“Wow!” The cold ice tiger stepped on the ice and rushed towards the bull.

When it comes to the size, the bull obviously had more advantages. If they fought face to face, the cold ice tiger would definitely be thrown out.

The cold ice tiger seemed to know this, and when he was about to be hit by the bull with flaming eyes, it quickly jumped sideways, avoided the impact, then scratched the thick skin of the bull with its claws with cold ice.

“Moo~” The bull’s eyes hurt, and it released high-temperature ray to the cold ice tiger. The tiger also stared at the bull and its pupils turned to a darker color, forming an ice pillar.

After seeing the opportunity, the bull lowered its head and stabbed the cold ice tiger with its horns. The tiger reacted quickly. After evading the attack, it opened his mouth and bit bull’s neck.

“Pa pa pa pa.” A layer of frost immediately appeared on the area where the bull was bitten, then slowly spread to the entire body. The bull’s neck was bitten, and it fought desperately, shaking its head to both sides. However, it didn’t work at all, and it could only get frozen slowly.

“Then, when the battle of the spirits is over, ours will end soon, right?” Takahashi looked at his teammates. They had already knocked down the opponent’s comrades, so they were also preparing to end this drama. He felt that the only person who could fight against him was Lin Xiang, and the first one in the grade. As for Satsuki and the others, he would never fight them, as he didn’t have the courage to face Satsuki and Silent Water.

“Don’t you act so powerful!!!” The guy clenched his fist tightly and was about to release his most powerful magic, that’s the highest trick of intermediate magic – the fiery sea.

After closing his eyes, he tried to condense all magic in his body. He yelled and there’s a fire sea behind him.

“Oh? It’s pretty good.” Takahashi looked at the oncoming fire and exclaimed, “with this trick, it seems that I have to show some strength. Hantai, come here.”

The cold ice tiger immediately rushed to Takahashi, with a roar, it jumped, turned into a blue light and jumped into Takahashi’s body.

“Hey, stand back a bit, don’t tell me that you feel cold later.” Takahashi told his teammate.

The teammate nodded and stepped back. The next second, with Takahashi’s wave of his hand, a blizzard appeared, and the it collided with the fiery sea.

Huhuhu, there were blizzard and snow. Under it, the fiery sea seemed to be getting weaker.

“Damn it.” The guy looked unwilling. Was he going to lose again? He felt that it was getting very cold.

Seeing the blizzard coming, the guy reluctantly avoided, but after he had activated a relatively advanced kind of magic, he didn’t have much strength left.

After looking at his teammates who had all fallen, the guy sighed, “we’ve lost.”

“Beep~” The game came to an end.

“Oh!! Takahashi is so handsome!”

“Takahashi is still as good as ever!”

The girls all had a good impression of this silver-haired guy. All in all, all girls like powerful guys.


“Sister Silent Water, that person seems to be very powerful, you can also use ice magic, right?” Dusty asked after watching Takahashi’s battle. Of course, she had forgotten that Takahashi was the one who hurt her.

It didn’t mean that Silent Water had forgotten it, yet she didn’t hold any grudges, “ice is only another form. He’s quite familiar with it, at least better than me.”

“How is it possible? You have water-type magic…aren’t you proficient in it? Since ice is another form of water, then how come you’re not better than him?” Reidy almost revealed to Satsuki the fact that Silent Water’s a spirit. Reidy didn’t know Takahashi, and he’s just like a powerful enemy for Reidy. She was shocked to know that his control of ice was better than Silent Water.

“It’s normal. Water is the most basic form. I am only proficient in the water type, and I am not familiar with the ice type yet. Moreover, even my parents cannot completely control the third form of the water system, the gaseous state. Water is more complicated than other elements.”

“Silent Water, since you are so powerful, I guess your parents are even better?” After hearing Silent Water’s answer, Satsuki found her much more powerful than expected.

“Well, they are all amazing. I only have one-third of their power.”

“Only one-third?” Satsuki sighed, she couldn’t imagine how powerful Silent Water would become in the future.

“That’s right, although I have a lot of magic power, but my mental power is not enough to maintain my powerful magic.” Silent Water said.

“About mental power…” Satsuki nodded, she also wanted to become stronger. Once she thought of the four superior demons that appeared during the game before, she felt so powerless at that time, as if she was dragging Lin Xiang behind. That’s why she always wanted to become stronger.

“Now, it will be lunch break after the last game. Please have lunch, everyone, and the game will continue at 2pm in the afternoon.” At this time, there was an announcement.

“Do you think this voice seems a bit familiar?” Satsuki felt that she’d heard the voice before.

“I haven’t heard of it.” Dusty shook her head. Silent Water, Reidy and Kaoru also shook their head. Kamiki thought for a while and said, “that’s teacher Yazi, right?”

“Teacher Yazi? Yeah right, it’s her, I was wondering whose voice that was. Is she back?”

“I don’t know. Maybe she wants to continue to be a teacher?”

“Oh, sister Satsuki, who’s the teacher Yazi that you talk about?” Dusty asked.

“The former English teacher in our class.”

“English teacher? The teacher who teaches those weird words? She is really good.” Dusty knew nothing about English. Let alone English, she even found Japanese difficult. That’s because she could only listen and speak it, and she didn’t recognize the words. That’s why, for Dusty, aside from her master and Silent Water, the most powerful person was her English teacher.

“Well, she is really amazing, and she is also very beautiful…” Satsuki thought of the attitude of Yazi to Lin Xiang at the beginning, and felt that something was wrong. However, since Yazi had left, Satsuki didn’t ask anything. Now that Yazi was back, Satsuki had a sense of danger.

————Lin Xiang’s Home

“Crack.” The door was opened.

Fire Lotus, who was resting with her eyes closed in the living room, opened her eyes and looked at the thing called the clock. It was only 12 o’clock. She knew that Silent Water and the others were going to school and would not come back at this time, so who was it? ?

After standing up, Fire Lotus entered a state of alert and walked to the door.

The door of the living room was still open, and she was beside the door, waiting for the intruder to arrive, in order to give him a fatal blow.

Someone steppe on the wooden board and made a noise of “dong, dong”, even though the person deliberately walked more lightly, this noise was still obvious in a quiet home.

Fire Lotus, on the other side of the door, clenched her fist tightly. A shadow gradually appeared by the door, and it’s getting closer and closer. Just when it was about to reach the door, there’s immediately a flame in Fire Lotus’ fist. She jumped out the door and was ready to hit with her fist. However, when she was about to hit the person, she stopped, and it was Lin Xiang in front of her, who looked completely confused.

“Wait…” Lin Xiang hurriedly waved his hand and said. A second later, Fire Lotus, who had stopped, punched Lin Xiang in the face. Lin Xiang was hit against the wall next to him, he covered his face with an innocent face, looked at Fire Lotus and asked, “why did you hit me after seeing me?”

Fire Lotus answered without any facial expressions, “it’s you that I’m hitting.” Then, she lifted her pale leg and kicked Lin Xiang’s stomach.


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