V9C4 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V9C4_Winning it back with real power

“You’ve made Fire Dance cry for so many days, where have you been?” Fire Lotus raised her fist again.

“I went to the trial, I should have told you when I left.”

“I don’t care what trial you participated in in, anyway, it is your fault to make Fire Dance cry!” Fire Lotus punched him again.

Lin Xiang refused to be beaten again, he grabbed her fist, “what are you doing? This is not what I was looking for. Also, if you didn’t want her to cry, you just needed to show up often, no?”

“If this was possible, I would have done it a long time ago, but I don’t know when she would wake up.” Fire Lotus withdrew her fist, “I can tell you very clearly that I don’t like you, but you have become Fire Dance’s master, and this is something that I don’t want to admit. Since you have become her master, then please stay with her all the time. Do you know how lonely she is? She spent a long time alone.” Fire Lotus became more agitated as she said, she thought that no one but herself understood the pain of Fire Dance.

“I…sorry…” Lin Xiang lowered his head. Indeed, although it was not his intention, Fire Dance was already his spirit, and he should’ve given her more care as family.

“What’s the use of apologizing? She has been crying furiously these few days.” Fire Lotus punched him again, Lin Xiang didn’t run away and he got hit in the chest.

“I’ll be nicer to you both.” After a long while, Lin Xiang said so.

“Who…who wants you to be nice to us, stay away from us.” Fire Lotus punched Lin Xiang again and walked away angrily.

Lin Xiang looked at her back and shook his head with a bitter smile. He couldn’t see that at this moment, Fire Lotus’ face was red and her heartbeat was a bit faster too.

To be more precise, Fire Lotus was a personality of Fire Dance, which did not exist in itself. What Lin Xiang had just said definitely confirmed the existence of Fire Lotus, making her icy cold heart feel a bit of warmth.

Seeing Fire Lotus walking up to the second floor, Lin Xiang stood up straight and followed her. Instead of chasing Fire Lotus, he went to his room and picked up a mobile phone that he hadn’t used for a long time.

After checking the battery level, Lin Xiang was a little puzzled – why was the level still full despite the fact that he hadn’t used it for such a long time? He thought that Silent Water might be helping him to do so.

Lin Xiang mainly went home to take his mobile phone. After getting on the metro, he remembered that there would be many people in the contest, and it would be difficult to locate Silent Water and the others. It’d be a good idea to get the phone first.

Lin Xiang put the phone in his pocket and noticed the cold sword on the front door when he walked out of the door.

He remembered grandpa Ijima said that the dragon’s energy was very powerful and it couldn’t be used in the arena. Since he couldn’t use it, he might as well take the sword with him.

Lin Xiang picked up the cold sword and felt a strange feeling in the cold sword. There seemed to be a cold feeling in the palm of his hand, which he never had before.

He took the dilapidated scabbard and saw that there’s a faint white light emitted from the cold sword, as if ice was going to evaporate.

What is this all about? Lin Xiang thought.

“That’s because the dragon energy in your body has been significantly reduced, you cannot suppress the dormant dragon’s flame in your body. I have already told you that when you first learned the breath of fire, you actually absorbed the dragon flames released by the daughter of Venus. The reason why you had to switch the dragon’s energy was because you absorbed too little dragon’s flames, and you could only replenish it by dragon’s energy. When you’re not using it, it’s in dormant state. And now, it is awakened when meeting ice. However, since you have to little dragon’s energy left, you couldn’t control it. I suppose that the dragon’s flames in your body is competing with this cold sword.” Freed analysed.

“Then, will one of them disappear after competing?” Lin Xiang didn’t want its effect to go away. When he first used the cold sword, even the air got condensed into ice.

“No, it won’t. It’ll adapt soon.”

After Freed said so, Lin Xiang was relieved. He closed the scabbard and walked out the door.

Remi had been waiting for a long time. However, he didn’t say anything and he just smiled to Lin Xiang.

“Sorry, Remi, let’s go.”

Remi nodded and followed Lin Xiang to the academy.


The final game of the Grand Arena had reached a feverish stage, and it was a competition between two academies from another city.

The teams of the two academies were equally strong, and it was a fierce fight. Although there weren’t any overwhelming skills like before, the audience still enjoyed seeing the teammates fight with all their strength.

“Come on, Minai Academy.”

“Come on, Tofinlia College.”

The students cheered for the two teams.

“It will be the last day of the competition tomorrow. We’ll definitely be able to win the championship.” The people at Tofinlia College cheered for themselves. The companions all cheered that they’d take the championship.

Suddenly, the morale of their team greatly increased.

The people in the Minai Academy wanted to show how strong they were. They all used their greatest strength to fight against the Tofinlia College.

“Beep~” The contest was over, and it is the team from Tofinlia College who won in the end.

“This is the end of the game this morning. Please enjoy your lunch. The game will continue at 2pm. It will be the End Zero team against the Hyakukawa team.” There was an announcement.

“Hyakukawa? Isn’t this…” Satsuki frowned when she heard the name of the team.

Kitashima belonged to the Hyakukawa team.

“Whatever that name means, sister Satsuki, I’m sure that we’ll win and get the championship for our master.” Dusty smiled innocently.

“Well, that’s right, whatever it is, we will win anyway.” Satsuki looked at Yorikawa, whose eyes were full of determination, she was sure that they were going to win.

“So, I’m hungry now, let’s find a place to eat bento.” Satsuki picked up the bento box that she’d brought along.

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Dusty nodded quickly.

It’s an exciting thing to eat with beauties, even watching them eat is a pleasant thing.

Therefore, wherever Satsuki was going, there were a bunch of guys carrying her bread and bento box behind.

“Those boys are so annoying, I will teach them a lesson!” Reidy was getting her golden lightning ready in her palm.

“Reidy, no, they didn’t do anything wrong, we can’t hurt others randomly.” Silent Water said.

“Damn it!” Reidy put off the lightning, and cursed at the group of guys behind, “don’t come here, okay? Or I’m going to beat you up!”

Obviously, they dared not approach Reidy once she spoke. “Huh.” Reidy and Silent Water looked for a spot to sit down.

Since they couldn’t walk forward, they might as well watch from a distance.

The guys sat down not far from Silent Water and the others and they all started eating. They even started imagining being fed by the seven beauties together.

“Please give way.” At this moment, a guy squeezed into the crowd and walked towards Silent Water.

“Who is that person? Aren’t you afraid of death?” The guys all pointed to the guy’s back and talked.

“Huh, there are so many annoying guys.” Reidy looked at the guy approaching them and showed an impatient look.

“Excuse me, can I…” Before the guy finished speaking, Reidy stopped him, “go away!”

The guy was a bit shocked after hearing it, then showed a smile, “you’re a girl, don’t be so rude.”

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