V9C4 Part 2

“Let me repeat, go away.”

“Haha.” The surrounding guys laughed when they saw how the guy was treated.

The guy just stood there embarrassedly. He dared not go forward.

Takahashi might be right – that it’d be better not to provoke them. It’s only that this blonde girl seemed to be too rude, and the rest of them should be fine?

“And I, I am…” It was Casey, the grandson of the principal of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy. Casey wanted to introduce herself, but another girl with black hair said, “who has an insect repellent? There’s a fly here.” The girl looked cold.

Casey seemed to recognize Kamiki, the big lady from the Kamiki group…

Well, it’d look too shameful if Casey walked away now, as he always boasted himself as a lady killer.

“Ring ringing.” At this moment, Satsuki’s phone rang. She took it out and was dumbfounded. It was “Xiang” who’s calling.

“Who? Why aren’t you picking up?” Yorikawa, who was sitting next to Satsuki, asked when she hadn’t answered the phone. After looking at the phone in her hand, Yorikawa almost yelled and immediately covered her mouth.

“Is it a harassing call?” Kaoru saw that the phone rang for a while, so she looked at Satsuki. At this moment, Satsuki finally picked it up.

“Hey…” Satsuki asked with a trembling voice. As Lin Xiang never took the initiative to call her, and hadn’t used the phone for a long time, she didn’t know if it was really Lin Xiang.

“Where are you?” It was the most familiar voice ever.

“You…are you back?” Satsuki asked.

“Yeah, now I am at school. Is the game in the big arena? Where are you now? I have come to the audience, but it seems that a lot of people are having lunch, oh?” Lin Xiang saw a bunch of guys not far away.

“Isn’t it there?” Lin Xiang murmured, then walked over with Remi.

“We are in…” Satsuki looked around and found nothing really obvious. How could she tell him where they were? Right, perhaps she could tell him to come to a place with a lot of people.

“We have a lot of people here, they are all…” Before she finished speaking, Satsuki saw Dusty getting up and running out.

Casey, who didn’t know what to do, felt that his heart was beating fast when seeing Dusty running toward him.

Casey thought, “is she in love with me? She’s even spreading her arms widely, does she want a hug? Oh, how come those six girls are all looking at my direction? Have they all found out how handsome I am?”

“Master!” Dusty yelled as she ran.

“Master?” Casey felt a little puzzled. However, he was still smiley and he was expecting the cute little girl hugging him.

With a snap, the cute little girl hugged someone, but that person wasn’t Casey, it’s someone that he didn’t know.

“Hey, Dusty, have you been a good girl?” Lin Xiang patted Dusty’s head and smiled.

“Yes, Dusty has always behaved well. Master, finally you’re back.”

“What happened?” Casey didn’t understand what’d happened. Silent Water and the others also put down their lunchboxes and walked over.

“Master, welcome back.” “Huh! You still knew you way back?” “Xiang…” “Lin Xiang…classmate…” “Then Darling, I’m assuming that you’ve got the title, right?” “Young master, it’s a good time for you to be back.”

The guys who didn’t know Lin Xiang all looked at him with grudges, making Lin Xiang feel scared. The students from Pillar Nofu Academy felt proud of having Lin Xiang as a target of jealousy.

“Everyone…shall we eat?” Lin Xiang let go of Dusty but Dusty refused to let go.

“Yes, master must be hungry now, right? Let’s eat together.” Silent Water took Lin Xiang’s hand, making his heart beat bit faster, as Silent Water seldom behaved so proactively.

“Um…Um.” Lin Xiang nodded, letting Silent Water pull his hand.

“How was the trial? What was it like?”

“Is it difficult? What’s it like there?”

“Tell me if you met any other girls?!”

The seven girls kept asking Lin Xiang all sorts of questions, making the guys nearby all very jealous.

Remi squeezed into the crowd at this time and saw that his sister was following Lin Xiang’s back. He sighed, “what kind of sister is this? She doesn’t care about her brother at all.”

After hearing this, Reidy turned around and scolded her brother, “how dare you say so? Why did you return so late? Didn’t you say that you’re very powerful? It was just a trial.”

“Well, you make it sound so easy. Why don’t you try it yourself? It’s just a giant maze there and there’re many wild spirits…”

“I don’t care. If I were you, I would’ve been back in just one day. By the way, why are you are holding a human’s sword?” Reidy saw the cold sword that Remi was holding.

“He just called me and told me to take it. I’m hungry, is there anything to eat?”

“No, if you’re hungry, you have to buy food yourself.” Reidy turned away after saying so.

“Gu~” Remi seemed to hear the noise of his tummy, but there’s nothing he could do if his sister didn’t care about him.

After returning to the human’s world, Lin Xiang was quite happy, as he could see Silent Water and the girls again. However, he’s a bit worried, and that’s because it’s lunch time…right, Lin Xiang was going to be fed by four girls again, except Silent Water, Kaoru and Yorikawa.

Silent Water understood the pain of her master, Kaoru didn’t want to mess things up, and Yorikawa simply felt too shy to do so.

“Damn it, who is that guy?” Many guys started complaining. Casey looked at Lin Xiang and felt that he had such weak spiritual power. Also, he didn’t understand why Kamiki and the girl with blond hair were so cold to him, yet they were so kind to the guy over there.

Casey scratched his head and decided to ask Takahashi.

————Somewhere in the auditorium.

“Really?” After listening to Casey’s description, Takahashi already knew who it was.

Takahashi thought, “really, Lin Xiang, are you finally here?” Although he was curious where Lin Xiang had gone to, he cared more about the solo competition the day after the next day. He was looking forward to fight with Lin Xiang again. This time, he was going to depend on his own and he wanted to beat Lin Xiang down.

“Who is that guy?” Casey asked.

“Just leave it alone. Just watch carefully the first team competition this afternoon.”

“Why? Are you trying to say that he is very powerful? First, his opponent is Hyakukawa, but I don’t think he can even beat Kitashima.”

“Heh~” Takahashi smiled, then said, “we will find out. Also, didn’t I already tell you not to provoke them? Do you want me to teach you a lesson?”

“Teach me a lesson? Stop joking. What reasons do you have aside from the competition? If my grandpa finds out, he will expel you.”

“So be it. I’ve never been scared. Anyway, don’t provoke them anymore.”

“It’s hard to say. I don’t have the handsome look like yours and I can’t attract them. Then, I can only reach them proactively.”

“You are nothing without your grandpa.” Takahashi said sarcastically.

“Whatever you say.” Casey stopped talking and walked back to his friend.

Takahashi looked at the place where a bunch of guys gathered, trying to find where Lin Xiang was but he was covered.

Takahashi thought, “Lin Xiang, not sure if you still treat me as your friend. I will win back our friendship with my strength.”


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