V9C5 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

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“Uh…” After a hiccup, Lin Xiang sat on a chair and told Satsuki and the others about the trial.

“I didn’t expect that there would be such a thing…” Silent Water carefully listened to Lin Xiang and recorded what he was saying. Since Lin Xiang had already obtained that title, she wanted to do the same.

“Well, let’s not talk about this first, who is that Ryoko?” The girl called Ryoko got Satsuki’s attention the most.

“Well…we knew each other in the sky outside the sky.” Lin Xiang laughed, and he was wondering what Satsuki was thinking.

“How does she look like?”

“Um…kind of cute I guess.”

—In the headmaster’s office.

“Grandpa, why did you call me here?” Yazi asked Ijima when she came to the headmaster’s office.

“There’s a corpse being sucked dry in the subway station of Lantianxiang…” Ijima sighed.

“Done by the demons?”

“It was preliminary judged against it.”

“Is it the apostle…I’ve been here for a few days, and they finally started.”

“Yes. Although Qian Libing suppressed the reports, they were still broadcast as news. Now some people are worried about their own safety, and the family members of the deceased have also asked the police to give them an explanation. We must quickly solve the problem of having demon apostles from the sky outside the sky.”

“Any clue?”

“Yes, video surveillance has taken signs of suspicious people.” As he said, Ijima turned on the large LCD TV hung on the wall. There were several pictures of video from the TV.

People came and went in the subway station, at this time, a woman in black clothes got the attention of Yazi.

“Is that her?”

“No, there is another one, behind her.”

After listening to Ijima, Yazi also saw a tall man behind the suspicious woman.

“There are two suspects.” Ijima said.

“Why did they go to the subway?”

“I don’t know, but from the video, they seem to be looking for something. Regarding their videos, the police have already started collecting relevant surveillance videos nearby. I believe they will be able to find out their location soon.”

“Should I set out to patrol on the streets.” Yazi asked.

“No, you can stand by until you find them.” Yazi was his granddaughter, there’s no way Ijima would let her take risks outside.

“Yeah, I see.” At this moment, Yazi looked at the TV again, and there were two familiar figures on it.

Was that Xiao Xiang and Remi?

Yazi saw Lin Xiang accidentally bumping into the woman. After looking at her for a while, he watched her leave.

Yazi couldn’t help but laugh, how come this guy wasn’t immune to women at all?

————An alley somewhere

“Disa, it’s all your fault. Now the guards who called the police have started to pay attention to us.” The tall man said.

“Zeke, you know that I’m not as strong as you, so there shouldn’t be anything even after I absorb that person, right? Also, I also start regretting now. I never expected that he had such weak physical strength.” The woman sighed.

“Let’s stop talking about it for now. Have you thought of a way to go to the Demon Realm?”

“I can’t think of one, it seems that we need to open the dimensional rift?”

“So how do I open it?”

“I don’t know, I will try using teleportation magic.” As the woman said, she bit her finger, and there was immediately blood flowing out. She squatted on the ground and drew something weird, then cast a spell.

Gradually, the spell began to glow, then a teleporting aperture appeared.

“Where does this lead us to?”

“I don’t know! Are you annoying or what? Don’t always ask me. I set it to lead to the lower level. After we enter it, we’ll know where we’ll be, okay?” The woman shouted and walked into the aperture.

“This crazy woman.” The man cursed and walked in.

When teleported to other places, the man discovered that this was just an underground passage. Did they fail again?


“Lunch time is over, contestants, please go to the waiting room and get prepared.” It was another announcement, and Lin Xiang, after being asked so many questions by Satsuki, breathed a sigh of relief.

After arriving in the waiting room, before the game started, Kaoru discussed their plan with Lin Xiang.

“The name of our opponents is called Hyakukawa . It is a team named after a person. The one called Hyakukawa is someone from the third grade of the Daojie Holy Spirit Academy. I’m not sure whether they wanted to train the newcomers, but these are almost all first-year students from the four academies, there’re only a few from the second grade. However, we must keep being vigilant.”

“Got it.”

“Well, let’s talk about this Hyakukawa. According to my observation, he is a combat technician with at least the fifth level of the battle king, and perhaps the first level of the battle emperor. Although I don’t know how he reached this state, there is no doubt that he’s a strong one, young master.”

“Yes, sister Kaoru.” Lin Xiang, who was talking to Freed and the others, suddenly stood upright like a soldier.

“We shall leave him to you, young master.”

“He? Who is he?”

“Really, what are you thinking about?” Satsuki punched Lin Xiang.


“It’s okay, Young Master, I need you to fight against Hyakukawa. With Young Master’s strength, I believe that young master will definitely win.”

“Uh, yes.” Lin Xiang nodded.

“Well…can you let me join too?” Remi, who’s sitting in a corner, asked.

“Brother, you just stay here.” Reidy’s eyes widened, scaring Remi.

Lin Xiang found it amazing. How would Remi be scared of his sister?

“What about the others, that Kitashima…”

“Leave this person to me and Yorikawa.” Satsuki put her arms around Yorikawa’s shoulders and she looked confident.

“Is it really fine? You can’t control earth-type magic, I think that Kamiki can…”

“Kuji cannot control earth-type magic either, she needs to set traps at the beginning. Just leave that Kitashima to me and Yorikawa, right, Kuji?”

“I am fine with it.” Kamiki shook her head. She rarely talked much.

“Well, it’s so decided.” Satsuki blinked at Yorikawa, who showed a smile and whispered, “thank you, Satsuki.”

“Well, then everyone else…”

The game started ten minutes later.

It was a dead wood forest.

“Let’s just follow the plan.” Lin Xiang said.

The seven girls nodded and parted.

Dusty moved very fast, and she quickly came to the center of the arena with Kamiki on her back.

Kamiki took out the magic wand and drew circles in the air. As she turned around, some gray gas continued to gush out of the circle and gradually scattered to the vicinity.

“Sister Kamiki, someone is coming to us very quickly.” Dusty closed and heard a voice not far away.

“Well, let’s retreat.” Kamiki released another spell, and then retreated with Dusty.

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