V9C5 Part 2

At this time, a boy ran to the central field, looked at the white mist everywhere, and shook his head, “huh, that misty girl ran away? There must be a trap somewhere.”

The mist affected the visibility of the surrounding objects, and the guy could only see objects three meters away, “damn it, Hyakukawa, why do I have to bear this for you…”

According to the plan, the guy would run to the center first. And if he saw the girl releasing mist, he would defeat her first. However, he’s still a bit too late, and he’s already walking in the mist.

“Ka cha.” The deadwood was broken by something, and the guy quickly threw a lightning ball to the place where the sound was emitted. With a bang, some dead wood was shot down.

“Damn it, it’s like this every time, don’t you know how hard it is for the one who starts?” The guy complained while he was attacking everywhere, as he was scared of being ambushed.

“Inferior lightning.” There’s a female voice above his head, and when he looked up, a golden lightning struck his head.

“Damn.” The guy was mostly scared of the blonde girl, as her electric-type magic was much more advanced.

“Earth escape!” A human head appeared on the surface of the ground. He was Kitashima. Seeing that the lightning was about to hit his companion, he released the earth escape to his companion. The guy hit by electricity immediately sank to the ground, and the golden lightning fell on the ground and disappeared.

“Mag, come on! Your seven o’clock direction.” Kitashima yelled after he knew the position of Reidy.

At this time, a boy rushed over after hearing the instructions. He threw three consecutive wind blades towards Reidy.

Wind was another element that can be used to fight against thunder and lightning, aside from earth-type magic. Obviously, Reidy’s shortcoming had already been taken into consideration.

Although the mist obscured the sight of his companion, it would also obscure her sight. Reidy saw the wind blade blocking the mist and she hurriedly jumped away. The dead tree was cut open with a snap.

“Huh, did I avoid it?”

“How is it possible?” Kitashima gave a dark smile.

As soon as Reidy landed, the hard ground was like a swamp, making her body sink.

“Damn it!”

Reidy struggled desperately. At this time, the land in front of her protruded, something resembling a human shape, and this human-like thing spoke, “you are so beautiful, um, but not the type I like, I prefer softer girls like Yorikawa, your teammate, not a strong one like you.”

“Well, dream on then.”

Satsuki, who’s standing not far away, threw a fireball at Kitashima. At this moment, Yorikawa also used the imperial wind technique, increasing the speed and energy of the fireball.

The original small fireball turned into a blazing fireball at this time, and it was flying towards Kitashima. Reidy was also emitting electricity, numbing Kitashima’s body through the ground.

“Blue Island!” Kitashima yelled when he saw the fiery ball about to hit him. It was like the sound of a small stone thrown into the lake. A water wall in front of Kitashima blocked the fireball.

“Huh~” With a sigh of relief, Kitashima hurriedly attached a thick layer of electrical insulating mud to his body and left the range of attack.

“Damn it, such a good opportunity is gone.” Satsuki said so unwillingly, and Yorikawa was going to lift Reidy up.

“Heh~” A blue-haired boy saw Yorikawa running towards Reidy and smiled, “needle rain.”

The rain like a needle fell violently.

“Water shield!” A large-scale water shield appeared above Yorikawa and the others, and all the stinging rain dripped on the water shield and turned into a part of it.

“Is she the one? I really hope to get her.” The blue-haired boy looked at water shield which almost had a pure color and sighed.

“It’s not okay to be distracted while fighting.” Suddenly a voice came from under his feet, and when he looked down, he saw a girl with brown-red hair. She stretched out her hands, grabbed the guy’s feet and pulled him down.

“Oops! Kita…” Before the guy shouted, he was pulled to the ground by Dusty.

Under the ground, the guy’s body seemed to be frozen, he’s unable to move and it was difficult to breathe.

“I need to help sister Reidy.” When Dusty saw that Yorikawa pulling Reidy out of the swamp very hardly, she rushed forward to help.

Kitashima rushed to pull his blue-haired guy out of the ground, who gasped and cursed, “why did you come so late? I was almost out of breath.”

“Why did you waste time sighing there?”

“How dare you judge me?”

“Hey, get out of the way!” At this moment, the guy who used lightning before shouted at Kitashima.

Kitashima and the blue-haired guy also noticed that six different elements were flying towards them. They were the golden lightning, high-pressure water jets, soil blades, fireballs, wind blades, and poisonous bombs.

Kitashima immediately drew his companion to the ground, avoiding the mixed attack of the six elements, but even so, he still felt the powerful force underground. After returning to his companion, Kitashima said, “it looks like they’ve gathered to attack us. Hey, where’s Hyakukawa?”

—-Not far away.

“Sister Kaoru, you can help Silent Water and the others.” Lin Xiang said to Kaoru.

“Well, young master, be careful.” Kaoru glanced at Hyakukawa, and then left.

“How can she be so confident of you?” said Hyakukawa on the opposite side.

This guy named Hyakukawa had the power level of a war emperor, and he ranked the third in Daojie Saint Spirit Academy, just behind Takahashi.

He had learnt sword skills since he was a child, and he also had special training that made him who he was. It was not that he looked down on Lin Xiang, on the contrary, he would not look down on his opponent because of his appearance. However, the weak spiritual power on Lin Xiang really made him confused – could this guy be really powerful?

“I don’t know.” Lin Xiang smiled, he could hear the sound of fighting not far away with his excellent hearing ability.

Has the fight already begun? I hope that no one will get hurt.

“There must be a reason why she did this. I originally wanted to have a fight with her. I think her four volleys are pretty good.” Hyakukawa raised the silver-bladed sword in his hand and attached wind attributes on it. These wind attributes could increase the speed of the sword and its attack power.

Lin Xiang looked at the cold sword in his hand, the feeling of mutual repulsion still existed. After putting it down, Lin Xiang took out a telescopic titanium composite sword from his waist.

He wondered if he could only use that.

Lin Xiang worried that the feeling of repulsion would affect his performance, so he switched to a titanium sword.

“Is it the titanium sword from the academy? Kid, are you looking down on me? Why did you choose this kind of sword?” Hyakukawa was a little pissed off, as he thought that Lin Xiang was just insulting him.

“It’s not that, but I have my reason.”

“Huh, your reason? I have to defeat you so that I can fight against that woman.” Hyakukawa was ready to hit.


“Lin Xiang…Is it Hyakukawa? Okay, let me see your strength!” Takahashi stared at Lin Xiang’s figure on the screen, clasping his hands tightly.


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