V9C6 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

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Hyakukawa was an ordinary-looking boy. Although he looked ordinary, he’s not simple at all. The white robe that he’s wearing could just cover his waist and he looked like a swordsman.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want to attach spiritual power to your weapon?” Hyakukawa asked when Lin Xiang hadn’t moved.

“Uh…” Since Lin Xiang had consumed too much dragon’s energy, he couldn’t convert it yet, and he couldn’t even tell anyone about it.

“What’s the matter? Don’t tell me that you have some difficult reason.” Hyakukawa became a little impatient, he was wondering what’s wrong with this guy in front of him. Could he be really so weak that he only knew to use Suehiro Kaoru as his shield?

Was he just trying to delay time and beat other teammates? When Hyakukawa thought of this, he launched an attack instantly. What he used was an attack of the breath of sword, and he wanted to test Lin Xiang’s reaction.

Even before Lin Xiang grabbed his sword tightly, a breath of sword already rushed in, and he immediately dodged aside.

How dangerous…Lin Xiang didn’t know if he could activate his wind state, and he kept panting aside.

“If we can spare some of dragon’s energy for soul repairing, then you can last for about 10 minutes. However, that makes it longer for you to repair the soul.” Freed said.

“Come on, let’s win this first.”

“Kid, are you so confident?”

“Nonsense, don’t you remember that I won the championship in Kendo?”

After seeing Lin Xiang dodging, Hyakukawa thought that Lin Xiang looked like someone who couldn’t fight. And he was more sure of his analysis.

Hyakukawa couldn’t be bothered to think that much. He released several breaths of sword consecutively and they all rushed towards the direction of the fight.

There was a gust of wind, and Hyakukawa couldn’t believe his eyes – how did this guy come here?

Lin Xiang wouldn’t stop when Hyakukawa was surprised, he held the sword with both hands and was ready to attack Hyakukawa’s head.

Hyakukawa, who had practiced sword skills since he was a child, didn’t show signs of weaknesses. He quickly reacted and blocked the attack.

Lin Xiang’s titanium sword showed signs of shattering.

“How did it happen?” Lin Xiang didn’t understand, he took a few steps back quickly and looked at the titanium sword with a slight crack.

“Your speed is incredible – is it Instant Step?” Hyakukawa asked.

“No, by the way, your sword is really hard.” Lin Xiang looked at the wide-bladed sword in Hyakukawa’s hand, and felt that it was no different from an ordinary sword. Is it also a spiritual weapon?

“This is just an ordinary sword. There is a fast-flowing wind on it and they can cut hard things. Just now, you retreated quickly, or your sword would have been shattered.” Hyakukawa now felt a bit interested in Lin Xiang, although he’s with weak spiritual power, he could use techniques like Instant Step, proving that he’s not simple at all.

Hyakukawa could also use this technique, yet he couldn’t use it frequently. He was mainly good at sword skills, and he hadn’t learnt much about the supplementary skills of a battle technician.

“Really, it’s a pity that I can’t attach the element…” Lin Xiang sighed. He originally wanted to use the fire attaching skill taught by the elder of the fire sect. However, he didn’t have enough dragon’s energy and couldn’t last for 10 minutes even in wind state.

“Come on, let’s make a quick fight.” Hyakukawa raised his sword again, took a deep breath, then rushed towards Lin Xiang with great momentum.

Lin Xiang reacted quickly. He blocked every strong attack of Hyakukawa, but in exchange, the titanium sword was then broken.

“Xiao Xiang still hasn’t recovered?” Yazi murmured when seeing Lin Xiang fighting with Hyakukawa, “he won’t be able to defeat Takahashi.”

“What’s the matter, Lin Xiang, is that all you’ve got?” Seeing Lin Xiang dodging continuously, Takahashi was anxious. He’d seen Lin Xiang as his target all along, it’d be ridiculous if he’d become strong, but Lin Xiang hadn’t.

“Pa!” After resisting countless attacks, the titanium sword in Lin Xiang’s hand shattered.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xiang quickly moved away from Hyakukawa, but Hyakukawa used the technique of instant step to chase him.

Damn! There’re no more weapons…

At this time, Lin Xiang saw the cold sword not so far away, and he quickly picked it up.

There was still a feeling of repulsion, but it was very weak. Freed said that it’s because Lin Xiang was in his wind state, and when there’s a new element, the feeling of repulsion would get weaker. Lin Xiang wasn’t sure if he could exert its greatest power, but he could only use it as an ordinary weapon.

“Ha!” Hyakukawa slashed towards Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang suddenly opened the scabbard to block the attack of Hyakukawa.

There were sparks everywhere, Hyakukawa felt a chill radiating from the sword, and he immediately backed away, “what?”

“Oh, fortunately it’s not broken.” Lin Xiang carefully checked the blade and found that it was not damaged, and he was relieved.

“What kind of sword is that? Why does it feel so different?” Hyakukawa asked.

“This? I don’t know.” Lin Xiang casually dropped the scabbard and waved the sword casually. The sword leaked out of its cold air due to its repulsion, but instead released its original effect. Every time it was moved, there’d be a layer of icy mist in the air.

“Where did I see this sword?” Yazi held her chin and looked at the sword in Lin Xiang’s hand, and she was lost in her thoughts.

She remembered that she had read a certain book, and it was mentioned that there’s a sword on it that looked like the one of Lin Xiang, but she couldn’t remember exactly what it was, after all, she just had a glance.

“You didn’t attach spiritual power to it, did you?” Hyakukawa asked.


“It really is an elemental sword, but this elemental sword seems to be more powerful.” Hyakukawa’s family members all knew how to use swords, and since he was young, he had known how to use one, he naturally knew the power of it.

“Really? Then do you still want to fight?” Lin Xiang asked. He felt that the palm of his hand would be frozen and after holding the sword for a long time.

“Of course. I’m just afraid you can’t fully exert its effect.” Hyakukawa threw away the broad-edged sword in his hand, shook off his short robe, and took out two silver daggers from his back waist.

After seeing this, Takahashi frowned, “Hyakukawa is looking for the real deal.” And he couldn’t help but recall the fight with Hyakukawa.

He had coherent moves, aiming at the enemy’s weakness everywhere.

“Lin Xiang, don’t let me down and fall down here.”


“Damn it! Damn it, don’t think that you are the only one who can use a sword!” Kitashima was forced to retreat after being hit by Kaoru, he took out a retractable titanium sword from his pocket.

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