V9C6 Part 2

Kaoru looked at Kitashima blankly and shook her head, “I’m not your opponent.” Then she left.

“What kind of expression is that? If it weren’t that you were in the second grade and had rich experience in combat, I’d be much better off than now.?” Kitashima roared, then rushed towards Kaoru with his sword.

“Blasting Flame Technique!” Satsuki jumped out from the side, merging her hands and aimed at Kitashima. With a blasting sound, there’s fire flying towards Kitashima.

“You are so annoying!” Kitashima used his earth escape technique and blocked Satsuki’s attack.

Satsuki said to Yorikawa, “Yorikawa, come on.”

“Hmm…” Yorikawa touched the ring on her hand, then closed her eyes and chanted a few spells. Suddenly, a tornado appeared. Afterwards, the surrounding dead wood was sucked in.

“Then here I am!” Satsuki took a deep breath, then suffocated her strength, “hellfire!”

“Huh!” The hellfire really resembled hell, it was rushing mightily towards the tornado released by Yorikawa. When the hellfire hit the tornado, it immediately turned into a storm of flames, igniting the surrounding dead wood.

“Hellfire? What the hell?” Kitashima looked at Satsuki, whose face was a little pale, and immediately fled underground.

“Dusty…” Satsuki was panting, she used this trick almost to the fullest. Well, she just didn’t have enough power at the moment.

“Got it!” Dusty replied, then got out of the ground, clutching Kitashima’s collar.

“Let go!” Kitashima didn’t understand why this girl was more familiar with the underground than himself, he obviously had trained this earth escape technique before.

“Haha…no way.” Dusty said as she ran to the flaming storm with Kitashima.

“Quickly let go of me!” After feeling the heat, Kitashima thought that Dusty had gone crazy. Obviously, they were both earth-type mages, wasn’t she scared to be burnt alive? Although they wouldn’t really get hurt, Kitashima didn’t want to bear the pain at all. He quickly started his earth blade to attack Dusty, but Dusty quickly dodged by pulling his collar and jumped into the flaming storm.

“Ah!!!” Yorikawa and Satsuki were standing outside, and they could hear Kitashima scream.

“Hey…Satsuki, are we doing too much…” Yorikawa asked.

“No. Why did this bastard want to attack Lin Xiang with the hellfire? He is just having a taste of his own medicine. However, I’m worried about Dusty, I didn’t expect that she’d drag that bastard in.”

“You’re right.” Yorikawa and Satsuki looked a bit worried. After a while, they saw Dusty who was waving at them, “sister Risa, sister Yorikawa!” Her nose was a bit dark.

“My God, Dusty, what are you doing?” Satsuki patted Dusty’s head.

“Hehe, I pulled him in.” Dusty laughed innocently, “let’s go, we’ll help sister Reidy.”

“I don’t have any energy left. Let Yorikawa and Dusty go.” Satsuki said in exhaustion.

After looking at Reidy who’s fighting against the wind-type and fire-type mages, Yorikawa nodded, “Satsuki, I return this to you.”

Yorikawa took off the ring from her hand.

“Take it, my mother gave it to me, anyway, I have another one and it’d be enough.”

The ring on Yorikawa’s hand is called the magic ring. It is an upgraded version of the magic wand. It is convenient and fast, and it also allows beginners to use magic out of thin air. Of course, it is not really out of thin air, but because the magic ring acts as a magic wand, it makes people think that they’re using magic without media.

After looking at Satsuki and the ring, Yorikawa bowed to Satsuki, “thank you, Satsuki.”

“It’s nothing, don’t be so polite, I’m very tired, I need to rest for a while, go and help them.”

“You bastard!” Reidy was mad at the wind-type mage. Her lightning couldn’t be used to fight against the intangible wind system, and the mage also ran very fast with the wind. Also, that fire-type mage liked to use ambush.

“Heh~beautiful lady, you can’t beat me, why don’t you go to have dinner with me?” The wind-type mage smiled at Reidy.

“Don’t get distracted!” The fire-type mage shouted. He was very worried that he would be electrocuted by the blonde girl’s lightning. If he was electrocuted, it would definitely feel uncomfortable.

“This classmate, can you worry about yourself instead?” When the fire mage heard this voice, his heart suddenly slammed. He looked at his feet, the girl with brown-red hair was at his feet.

Before he yelled, the fire mage was dragged into the ground by Dusty.

“Hey, stop playing around, okay?” Seeing that his companion was pulled underground, the wind-type mage looked at Kitashima, who disappeared. There was only Satsuki and the dead wood burning with flames.

“Without your companion, you are surely dead this time!” Seeing that the fire-type mage had been defeated by Dusty, Reidy finally smiled, “see if you run faster or my lightning moves faster, Dusty, Yorikawa, don’t get out.”

After Reidy finished speaking, a golden lightning scattered all over her body. The dense golden lightning turned all the dead wood around her into ashes, and the wind-type mage, who was closer to Reidy, avoided the attack at the critical moment. Before he could cheer for himself, he was hit by a lightning ball.

“How dare you hide!” Reidy snorted.

A mage using electricity was fighting against Silent Water, as water is conducive, Silent Water found it a bit difficult to fight against this mage.

“What’s the matter? Little beauty, you haven’t moved for a while.” Since the electric-type mage  started confronting Silent Water, he’d found that Silent Water wasn’t moving much.

“I’m afraid that you can’t take my attack.” The reason Silent Water didn’t attack was because Kamiki disappeared. Silent Water knew that Kamiki had been using poison magic against the electric-type mage in the dark, so as to disturb his nerves. She didn’t make a move, as she had been paying attention to Lin Xiang who was fighting against Hyakukawa. At this time, she saw Hyakukawa throwing away the broad-edged sword and replaced it with two small daggers.

“Damn it, I should have learned some combat skills long ago…” The water-type mage could only dodge as he couldn’t defeat Kaoru.

“Huh, you’re someone who can only escape.” Kaoru looked at the water-type mage coldly, and her attention was back to Lin Xiang.


“Oh, your two weapons seem to be really good.” After Hyakukawa took out his two daggers, Lin Xiang could obviously feel that the weapons in his hands were extraordinary.

“It’s so-so, my grandfather made it.” Hyakukawa said as he attached wind energy to the silver dagger.

There were strange patterns on the dagger, and they looked really cool. Since it was attached with wind energy, it looked even more domineering, and there’s even a sense of wind on the dagger.

“Wow!” Hyakukawa came to Lin Xiang in an instant, he slashed the dagger in his left hand horizontally, Lin Xiang blocked it with his sword, and Hyakukawa drew the other dagger diagonally from below. Seeing that his hand was about to be cut, Lin Xiang slammed the blade horizontally, pushing the blade a bit like a baseball, pushing Hyakukawa away.

“Is that Sword Return? In that case, I’m pretty sure that you’ve been trained.” Hyakukawa became more excited.

“Forget it.” Lin Xiang secretly changed hand. His right hand was already cold, and Freed reminded Lin Xiang that he didn’t have much time left.


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