V9C7 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V9C7_The slash of fallen leaves

“What happened, have you got frostbite?” Hyakukawa asked after seeing Lin Xiang changed hands, his palm was getting a little red.

“I think so.” Lin Xiang didn’t expect Hyakukawa’s eyesight to be so good and that he’d be discovered.

“It seems that you are not suitable for this sword.” Hyakukawa sighed, then rushed up to Lin Xiang, held the dagger horizontally and aimed at Lin Xiang’s chest.

With a loud noise, Lin Xiang blocked the attack, but another dagger was coming.

Lin Xiang took out one hand and grabbed Hyakukawa’s wrist. It was only a few centimeters from Lin Xiang’s shoulders to the dagger.

“Ha!” Hyakukawa stepped up his efforts, and Lin Xiang firmly grasped his wrist and refused to give in, because once he did, his shoulder would be stabbed.

Although with the barrier, it would not really be stabbed through, he’d still feel the pain. Especially the blade was added with wind element, and that kind of pain would make anyone pass out instantly.

“You’ve got power here.” First, Hyakukawa was surprised by Lin Xiang’s strength, and with his favored position, he could use strength more easily. For Lin Xiang, things would be more difficult, but since he could still block Hyakukawa’s attack, it’s enough to prove that Lin Xiang’s got mighty strength and it made Hyakukawa admire him. He said, “however, with this distance, I can still stab you easily.”

As soon as he spoke, and even before Lin Xiang could fully understand what he meant, a white breath of sword hit Lin Xiang’s shoulders.

The pain then quickly spread throughout his body.

“Hiss!” Lin Xiang’s hand immediately lost strength, as Hyakukawa’s dagger stabbed Lin Xiang’s shoulder.

Although Lin Xiang didn’t suffer from any injuries on the surface, his shoulder would be entirely stabbed through without the barrier. And the extent of pain was imaginable just by looking at his twisted facial expression.

He used the top of his sword to move the dagger away, but there’s another one coming.

Lin Xiang thought that he’d lose if he stood too close, so he must keep a distance.

Although Lin Xiang was about to pass out, how could a person, who’d been near death so many times, give up so easily? Lin Xiang clearly enjoyed the fight, as he could use all his strength without hurting the opponent.

Lin Xiang retreated, avoided the attack, yet Hyakukawa was chasing after him closely. To be honest, Hyakukawa didn’t expect that Lin Xiang could still dodge, it’s really interesting that he could still do under that kind of pain.

After showing a smile, Hyakukawa accelerated his speed of attack. When he used his weapons with both hands, it’d be much quicker than using one hand only. If Lin Xiang hadn’t entered into wind state, he’d have fallen by now.

Lin Xiang wasn’t sure whether it’s out of pain or the fact that he’d entered wind state, the feeling of repulsion was becoming more obvious. Lin Xiang knew that he was running out of time to beat Hyakukawa down.

When Hyakukawa turned and tried to slash Lin Xiang, Lin Xiang picked up the scabbard on the ground. He thought, “since it’s a spiritual weapon, it’d better hold it for me.”

With a clicking sound, Lin Xiang blocked Hyakukawa’s attack with his scabbard.

Although the scabbard was dilapidated, it was able to withstand the attack of Hyakukawa, which proved that it could still work. In that case, Lin Xiang had two weapons on hand.

“This scabbard is also something.” Hyakukawa stepped back and exclaimed, “although I don’t use ice, I also want to have this sword.”

“Really? But I won’t give it to you.” Lin Xiang turned his aching shoulder, feeling that he could continue fighting.

“Well, if I had such a powerful sword, I would never give it to the others.” Hyakukawa was a sword lover, and he felt that he could risk his life to defend a beloved weapon.

“Awww!” Hyakukawa came to Lin Xiang in a flash, he waved the silver dagger in his hand. His speed was as fast as rain, and his movement was so smooth that it’s impossible to find a suitable angle to attack.

Lin Xiang had the assistance of the scabbard to barely block the attack of Hyakukawa, but the flexibility of the short weapon was better than the long weapon after all, and Lin Xiang was almost hit several times. The combination of Hyakukawa and the breath of sword were too overwhelming for Lin Xiang.

“What’s the matter? Is that already your highest level? I still have a lot of moves that I haven’t used.” Hyakukawa said while attacking.

Lin Xiang didn’t answer, his shoulder was shaken by Hyakukawa’s attack and it was very painful.

“Can’t you move fast? Or it only lasted for a short time?” Hyakukawa could clearly feel Lin Xiang slowing down.

Short time? high speed? At this moment, Lin Xiang remembered something.

“Come on then.” Lin Xiang stepped back abruptly, retracting the cold sword into the scabbard. He held the scabbard in his left hand and the handle of the sword in his right hand, his body tilted slightly to the left.

“It’s a strange posture.” Hyakukawa had never seen Lin Xiang’s posture like that, it didn’t look like defending, nor attacking.

“Let me see what you can do.” Hyakukawa struck again suddenly.


“Lin Xiang, do you really want to learn?” An uncle with heavy beard looked at Lin Xiang and he seemed soulless.

“Yes, I want to learn.” Lin Xiang nodded firmly, looking a bit childish.

“I can teach you, but I need money from you.” The uncle’s eyes showed a gleam.

“Then…” Lin Xiang hesitated, then nodded.

“Well, since you want to learn, I will teach you, but this is not a skill that can be learned at once. You must act fast and accurately.”

Lin Xiang thought, “coach, I’m so sorry, I just realized that I have such an awesome coach. Although you don’t look neat most of the time, you’re the best coach ever.”

With the wind speed, he could use moves that he couldn’t before!

“Ha!” Looking at the Hyakukawa trying to attack, Lin Xiang’s pupils suddenly expanded, his right hand moved slightly, then he shoved the cold sword back into the scabbard.

After looking at Hyakukawa again, he was still in an attacking posture. His footsteps stopped but his attack didn’t. He stood in front of Lin Xiang and asked with confusion, “the move that you just used, which looks like Instant Cut, what is it?”

“A sword skill called the slash of falling leaves. As the name suggests, slash it at the moment of falling leaves.”

“What’s wrong? What happened? Why did you stop fighting all of a sudden?” The audience didn’t understand what happened.

Takahashi frowned. He just saw Lin Xiang’s hand move slightly, but he didn’t see the sword out of its scabbard. Wait, what’s that?

As the camera’s lens was aimed at Lin Xiang from the front, and Hyakukawa, who attacked Lin Xiang, was facing away from the camera. Takahashi hadn’t noticed it before, but now he saw a trace of white air floating near Hyakukawa’s abdomen. .

Was he hit? Takahashi couldn’t believe that Lin Xiang hit Hyakukawa in that instant, and he managed to do it without taking the sword out.

After Remi watched Lin Xiang’s moves, he was even more amazed, “Oh, Lin Xiang, I really think that I don’t know you so well at all.”

The wind speed, the dragon’s roar, the magical flame that killed the demons, and now he could still use a sword…Remi had to admit that he really hadn’t discovered everything about Lin Xiang.

“Xiao Xiang really amazes me…did he learn combat skills from his father?” Yazi was highly focused on the screen.

As a magic gunner, Yazi’s dynamic vision was much better than ordinary people. Some people can even see the movement of a bullet. Yazi could see Lin Xiang’s hand move, but she wouldn’t expect it to hit Hyakukawa.

Can’t the camera capture the moment he used the sword?

There’s a certain frame limit with ordinary cameras, and they naturally cannot capture images that exceed its speed. If Yazi was on the arena, perhaps she could see traces of Lin Xiang’s attack with her super dynamic vision.

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