V9C7 Part 2

“The little guy seems to be amazing. No wonder grandpa and master Qian Libing value him so much.” Yazi smiled.

On the screen, Hyakukawa put away the dagger and said to Lin Xiang, “if I use my full strength from the beginning, I might be able to defeat you.”

“What’s the matter?” The audience didn’t understand the situation at all. At this moment, they saw Hyakukawa suddenly fall to the ground, with a lot of ice growing on his abdomen.

“No way! When was he hit?”

“Did you see that?”

“No. I don’t know what happened.”

The students were all thinking about Lin Xiang’s magical attack just now.

The students who didn’t know Lin Xiang suddenly gained a new understanding of him. This guy with weak spiritual power didn’t seem so weak at all…

The students of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy even couldn’t believe that Hyakukawa would lose in this competition…

“Get up, you even fainted?” Lin Xiang stretched out his hand towards Hyakukawa.

“I can’t get up, it hurts, my stomach is really tearing apart…I lost.” Hyakukawa shook his head and motioned to Lin Xiang to leave him alone. There’s so much sweat on his forehead and he’s clearly in pain.

Takahashi looked at Lin Xiang, who looked a little tired on the screen, and murmured, “Lin Xiang, you really didn’t disappoint me. But, isn’t it a bit bad for you to use ice?”

On the other side, Silent Water and the others had already defeated the other people from Daojie Holy Spirit Academy, and they were waiting for Lin Xiang.

Kamiki receded from the mist, and they saw Lin Xiang rubbing his shoulders and walking towards them.

“Master.” Dusty opened her arms and ran towards Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang also smiled at her and waved to Silent Water and the others.

After Lin Xiang and the others finished the match, it was the turn of several teams, and all the members of the End Zero team sat down to watch the match.

“What? Takahashi is here?” Lin Xiang responded somewhat in surprise after hearing Satsuki.

Takahashi had been gone for two months. Not sure how he has become?

“What are you doing? Didn’t he say he called you?” Satsuki thought that Lin Xiang would know.

“No.” Lin Xiang took out his cell phone and looked at the call log. Takahashi really called him.

“Well, my master’s phone rang a few days ago, and Dusty ran up to pick it up, but she hung up quickly, perhaps that’s why.” Silent Water said.

“So…Where is he? I want to see him.”

“I don’t know, there are so many people here, don’t you want to call him instead?”

“You’re right.” Lin Xiang dialed Takahashi’s number.

“Beep~beep~” Takahashi, who was watching the game, suddenly heard the phone ring. He picked up the phone and saw that it was Lin Xiang.

Takahashi hesitated for a while before answering the phone.


“Hello, Nobuhiko?” Lin Xiang said to the phone.


After not seeing each other for such a long time plus that incident, the two old friends suddenly did not know what to say.

Satsuki, after seeing Lin Xiang like this, hit him, “are you a girl or what? Say something.”

Satsuki also knew that she was a fuse about what happened back then, and she still cared a little about it, but she felt amused when she saw Lin Xiang like this, and her own concerns were actually nothing.

“Uh, uh…” Lin Xiang glanced at Satsuki, then said to the phone, “how are you?”

“I’m okay…I’m now at Daojie Holy Spirit Academy. I watched the game between you and Hyakukawa. It’s amazing.”

“It’s really an honor to get your compliment.” In his memory, the nerdy version of Lin Xiang had never heard Takahashi praise him, and that nerd really wanted Takahashi to praise him again, yet he didn’t have that chance anymore.

“Oh~ Ever since that demon was eliminated, I have been thinking about fighting with you again, using my own strength.”

“Yes, use your own strength to fight again.” Lin Xiang wanted to ask where Takahashi was before, but he never did. After all, even if he asked, Lin Xiang would not go to find him, as he wouldn’t know what to talk about.

After a moment of silence, Takahashi said, “then, let’s see you in the individual game.” After that, Takahashi hung up.

Everything would be solved in the individual competition, Lin Xiang thought.


At 4 pm, the last game finally ended. It would be the semi-finals and finals of the team game the next day.

“Today’s game is over, let’s go back.” Lin Xiang said.

“No, it’s so rare that that you won the title of Exorcist, and today’s competition has also been very harsh, so let’s go to the restaurant for dinner.” Satsuki proposed.

“Restaurant!?” After hearing this, Dusty’s ears moved, showing a look of desire. She almost drooled. It was obvious that food’s all on her mind.

“A restaurant? Well, I have no objection, and I still want to hear the young master talk about the trial.” Kaoru said.

“Go, Master, let’s go.” When Dusty thought of something delicious, she immediately shook Lin Xiang’s hand. She had seen this kind of building called a restaurant on TV, and it was full of good food.

Reidy was fantasizing about a candlelight dinner with Lin Xiang…as it was often shown on TV. Lovers always enjoyed dinner together in a lovely restaurant, but it was impossible for Reidy and Lin Xiang…

Reidy sighed silently. Although she was constantly improving herself, she didn’t feel that she was getting closer to Lin Xiang…however, there was still nothing wrong with everyone eating together.

“Since we’re going, I’ll ask my housekeeper to book us a high-end restaurant.” Kamiki took out her mobile phone from her bag and dialed her housekeeper’s number. She quickly decided to eat in one of the city’s first-class restaurants.

“Such a high-end restaurant… shall we go really? It will cost a lot of…” Yorikawa said, feeling a bit worried. Even if she cooked at home, she would always pick the cheapest ingredients when going to the supermarket. All in all, she’s not from a rich family.

“Don’t worry about the money, that restaurant is established by the Kamiki family.” Satsuki patted Yorikawa on the shoulder.

Yorikawa looked at Kamiki, then at Satsuki, then at Lin Xiang. Seeing Lin Xiang nodding to her, she also nodded, “okay, let’s go then.”

“Okay, we’ve decided.” Satsuki raised her hands, and the others also did the same in agreement.

At this time, Silent Water secretly pulled Lin Xiang’s clothes and whispered to him, “master, what should we do with Fire Lotus if we eat out tonight?”

“Fire Lotus…” Lin Xiang thought for a while, and that was indeed a problem. He then called the fixed line at home.

“Boring TV.” Fire Lotus turned off the TV and sat idly on the sofa.

After looking at the clock, she knew that it was almost time for Silent Water and the others to return home. She intended to go back to her room and sleep, as she didn’t want to appear in front of them. Whenever she ate, she only did so after the others finished eating.

As soon as she walked up the stairs, she heard a ringing sound. Fire Lotus looked around and found no suspicious objects, so she walked along the source of the sound.

When she came to the entrance, the thing called telephone was making that sound. She remembered the girl in brownish red hair told her that if there’s a sound coming from this object, it means that someone’s calling and she just needed to answer.

Who could it be?

Fire Lotus walked over, picked up the phone and carefully put it to her ear.

“Hello, Fire Lotus?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Bang!” “Beep beep.” Lin Xiang only heard a busy tone on the other end of the phone.

“Why did she hang up?” Lin Xiang didn’t know what was wrong with Fire Lotus, so he called again, and no one answered this time.

“Hey, Xiang, the car is coming, let’s go.” Satsuki waved to Lin Xiang who was on the phone.

“Wait.” Lin Xiang called again, but still, no one answered. He shook his head and put the phone back in his pocket. Lin Xiang followed Satsuki and the others into a car.

Fire Lotus lied in her room, listening to the phone ringing in the room until it stopped, and she murmured, “what an annoying guy.”


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