Simple Life of Killing Demons


As there were too many people on the bus, Kamiki asked her housekeeper to come and drive them to the restaurant. When Lin Xiang was sitting in that luxury car worth hundreds of millions of dollars, he suddenly felt that everything in his life was worth the trouble. It’s not without reason that the car was expensive. At least 12 people could sit in the car, and the seats made in leather also made them feel very comfortable. There’s even AC inside and a little fridge with drinks.

Besides the driver’s seat, there were four rows of seats, with two rows of seats facing each other. Each row could accommodate three passengers.

Satsuki naturally sat next to Lin Xiang, while Dusty simply jumped around in the back as she was too excited to be in a car. Silent Water sat quietly on the other side of Lin Xiang.

Yorikawa, Kamiki and Kaoru sat opposite Lin Xiang, and Reidy sat behind with Remi and Dusty.

“This car is amazing!” Satsuki pressed the sofa hard and exclaimed.

“Yes, how much does it cost?” Yorikawa also looked at the layout of the car, thinking that it could be used as a bedroom. When you’re rich, you’re really spoilt. When thinking about this, Yorikawa felt a little sad when she looked at Kamiki, as she felt pitiful about herself.

“I never understood why these luxury cars are so expensive, now I do.” Kaoru was also shocked by the beautiful state of the car, there’s a little fridge and a player next to her seat. She turned on the player and it’s an elegant piano piece.

“This is normal.” Kamiki said indifferently, she was not as proud of these kind of things as most girls from rich families.

“Awesome! There are also snacks here. Let’s buy a car like this, master.” Dusty, who was sitting in the back, took out some snacks and began eating.

“I don’t have that much money.” Lin Xiang smiled.

“Oh…” Dusty was just saying so, since there’s nothing else she could do if her master didn’t have the means.

In fact, if Lin Xiang wanted to buy one of these cars, the money that his old uncle had given him would be sufficient. It’s only that he never got a chance to learn driving and there’s really no point for an ordinary person to have one of these cars.

“Brother, I feel dizzy.” Reidy, who was sitting in the back row, told Remi.

“Huh? What did you say?” Remi was studying the door of the car, wondering what materials it was made of.

“I’m dizzy and want to vomit…” Her face became a little pale.

“Why would you be?” Remi thought at first that Reidy had deliberately said this because she couldn’t sit with Lin Xiang, but after seeing her looking so uncomfortable and her face so pale, he knew that it was not the case.

“I don’t know…” Reidy felt that her head was heavy, her chest stuffy and very uncomfortable.

“Lin Xiang, my sister feels a little uncomfortable.”

“Huh? What’s the matter?” Lin Xiang asked.

“She said that she feels dizzy.”

“Sister Reidy feels unwell, have you caught a cold?” Dusty used her hand to test Reidy’s temperature.

“You feel dizzy? Could it be motion sickness?” Lin Xiang turned over and saw that Reidy was indeed not looking fine.

“Motion sickness? What is that?” Remi asked.

“I don’t know too well. In short, some people get dizzy on moving objects like cars.”

“This is not me.” Reidy said.

“If you are not sick, it is motion sickness, don’t try to be aggressive. Driver, please open the window, please?”

“Understood, Master Lin Xiang.” The driver nodded, pressed the switch, and the window slowly lowered.

The term “master” made Lin Xiang feel a little uncomfortable, just like how Kaoru called him her young master. However, he didn’t care about these details either. Remi moved, Lin Xiang got near Reidy and told her, “if you sit near the window now, you’ll feel better.”

“No, I don’t have motion sickness. I’m not moving.” Reidy refused to sit near the window.

“Reidy…listen to me, sit there.”


“Because you feel uncomfortable.”

“And what does it have to do with you?”

“Uh…I feel uncomfortable as well when I see you uncomfortable.”

“Huh~” After hearing Lin Xiang’s words, Reidy moved her butt reluctantly and sat down by the window. In fact, she just wanted to act like a baby to Lin Xiang. After all, she hadn’t seen Lin Xiang for so long, and after he returned, he’d been with the others, which made her feel neglected. Now, she seemed to feel better and less dizzy already, but…

“I’m so dizzy, can’t anyone let me lean on him?”

“Okay, I’ll come.” Dusty sat near her.

“Wait, Dusty, you’re good to lean on, since you’re not tall enough.” Reidy hurriedly pushed her away.

“Is that so? Then let the master come.” Dusty scratched her head.

Lin Xiang smiled and shook his head. He sat near Reidy and thought that she might as well just say it directly.

“What are you doing here? Go away.” Reidy pushed Lin Xiang.

“Oh, then I’m leaving. Come here, Remi.”

“Don’t, you should just sit there.” Remi waved his hand quickly.

“You’re not my real brother at all. Well, guess I’ll have to lean on you then, human.” After saying so, Reidy didn’t look reluctant at all when she leaned her head on Lin Xiang’s shoulders.

The other five girls felt complicated aside.

Silent Water thought, “Why would Reidy do that in front of so many people?”

Satsuki thought, “Reidy is really something, should I pretend to be dizzy as well? No way, I really don’t look like someone with motion sickness. Damn it.”

Yorikawa, “Reidy really has guts, she dares to act so coyly to Lin Xiang in front of us…”

Kamiki, “sigh…”

Kaoru, “the girl called Reidy is really dishonest. We all know that she just wants to be close with young master. Anyway, I’d better call Choshi and father if I am not eating at home tonight.”

Kaoru took out her small mobile phone when she continued thinking about it. Kaoru’s mobile phone looked very ordinary and cheap, but there’s no other way, since her family wasn’t a rich one, like Yorikawa’s.

After dialing Choshi’s number, Kaoru told her that she wouldn’t be home for dinner, and she asked if Choshi wanted to join.

After hearing this, Choshi felt a bit envious, yet she refused to join. It’s not because she thought that Satsuki and the others weren’t nice. On the contrary, she found them really friendly. However, she’s afraid of new places and she dared not go to places with a lot of people. For example, for the competition those few days, she dared not watch in with other audience, and she chose to hide in the teachers’ office and watch it with her friend Okusu on the little TV there.

Although it didn’t really matter where they’d watch the game, most of the people would choose watching it in the arena, as the atmosphere was obviously better.

And Choshi didn’t belong to the majority of them. Her friend Okusu was more open-minded, and she liked to watch the game in the arena. However, she chose to accompany Choshi and watch it in the office.

They thought that the fight between Lin Xiang and Hyakukawa was the best, and that technique of Instant Step really opened their eyes.

“Well, if you don’t go, then I will bring back some delicious food for you.”

“Okay, and…sister, did you go with that…brother Lin Xiang?”

“Yeah, why do you ask?”

“No, it’s Okusu…she…”

“It’s nothing, sister Kaoru, please just have fun. Oh, I am going to stay over at your place tonight, so remember to bring us something good to eat.” It was the voice of Okusu, Choshi’s friend, as she snatched Choshi’s phone away.

“Okay, no problem. Look after Choshi, please. When you’re hungry, you can cook something to eat first.”

“Got it, sister Kaoru, bye.”

Kaoru hung up. At this time, Yorikawa was also on the phone with her father, telling him that she’s not going to be home for dinner.

“Hey, human.” Reidy suddenly said.

“What?” Lin Xiang took a bite of the snack that Dusty gave him.

“I want to vomit.”

“Uh…can you try to hold it back?”

“I don’t know.”

“Kamiki, how much time will it still take to get to the restaurant?”

“Not sure.”

“Does your family own many restaurants?”

“Yes, housekeeper, how much longer do we have?”

“It’s still ten minutes away, madam, but there seems to be a traffic jam ahead. I think that it’ll take a bit longer.” The housekeeper answered.

On the highway one hundred meters away from the car, there’s a huge traffic jam. Drivers honked their horns to urge the cars in front to move forward. As none of them knew what’s ahead, they all drove very slowly.

“What’s the matter?” With a camera mounted on the front of the car, Satsuki saw the traffic jam ahead.

“Is there a car accident?”

“There shouldn’t be. During peak hours like this, car accidents would be dealt with quickly. It shouldn’t cause such a big traffic jam like this one.” Kamiki denied Yorikawa’s speculation.

“Then what…”


“Sir.” The policeman knocked on the car window, and after seeing the owner press down the window, he asked, “can I check your driver’s license?”

“Yes.” The car owner surrendered the driver’s license very cooperatively. After comparing with the person on it, the police nodded, indicating that they could pass.

“Damn it, there are so many cars, ‘til when can we finish checking all of them? It’s even peak hours now.” A policeman complained.

“There is no other way, we have received a task to arrest a man and a woman, and according to the order, we need to arrest them as soon as we see them, and we are even authorized to use force. This proves that these two people have committed serious crimes. Also, since they can break human bones, you know how tough they are.”

“Even so, they should’ve left this street already, no? I really don’t know what our superior thinks.”

“Anyway, that’s the instruction, just follow it. We need to be responsible to our colleague who passed away.”

Twenty minutes later, the police were about to check Kamiki’s car. After seeing the car, the police already knew that people inside were not ordinary people. They had to obey the order, so they asked the housekeeper to take out the driver’s license and check who were inside.

“Madam, what do you think?” When being asked to open the door, the housekeeper asked.

“No problem, go ahead.”

After opening the door, the police saw that there were all beautiful women inside. And he saw no faces as similar as those two criminals, so he let them go. Before leaving, Lin Xiang asked, “may I ask what’s wrong?”

Lin Xiang vaguely felt that it was related to the two people that he’d on the subway that day. And he also saw bloodstain on the ground not far away.

“It’s nothing, just checking if there are any bad guys. Kid, you’re really something, look at how many pretty girls are around you.” The police made fun of him.

Lin Xiang just smiled and didn’t say anything. The police also started checking the cars behind them.

The car went forward to their destination.

“Not sure what happened.” Satsuki said, “it’s been a long time since I last saw police checking cars on the streets.”

“That’s right, something big must have happened.”

—In a certain alley.

“Damn it, I was almost caught.” The man gasped and said with accusation, “it’s all your fault, who told you that we must take public transport?”

“There are so many people on the bus, we can get information from people’s conversations, and we can also move around in the city. Who knew that you’d get dizzy then crazy? If you never got dizzy, the police wouldn’t have come.” The woman said without any facial expressions.

“Don’t say it anymore. Now that I’ve killed a policeman, there must be stricter control now.”

“You should’ve let me confuse me from the beginning. With the police’s help, we might get to the demon realm even more quickly.”

“Who would have thought that he’s so fragile, and that he couldn’t even take a blow? Now, what shall we do?”

“I do not know either.”

At this moment, there’s a sound of siren behind them. All the passengers around them quickly ran away, trying to get as far as they could from these two suspects.

After all, wearing black clothes in the summer made them look really suspicious.

There was a policeman sitting in the car. He said to the walkie-talkie, “Headquarters, I found a man and a woman who looked like the two we saw on the CCTV footage. Now we are going to deal with them.”

“No, you have to wait for support, they are both extremely dangerous.”

“Got it, headquarters. Wait, they’re coming over.” The police saw them approaching him.

“According to the situation, if you’re sure that they’re what we want, you’re allowed to use force.”

“Understood, headquarters.” The police carefully took the weapon that was next to him.

“Don’t take action this time, let me come.” The woman said lightly.

“Got it.” The man nodded.

“Stop, don’t get any further,” the policeman said through a loudspeaker.

The man and the woman ignored him and moved on. After seeing this, the pedestrians on the streets quickly ran away.

“Don’t go any further.” The police repeated.

“Zeke, kill those few people and no need to keep anyone alive.” The woman ordered.

After listening to her order, the man glanced at the pedestrians watching them in the corner, then ran to them quickly. Although the man looked burly, he’s not slow at all.

“Ah!” Someone screamed loudly. The people who couldn’t flee all became corpses with their bones broken.

“Asshole!” The police picked up the walkie-talkie, “Headquarters, they are killing pedestrians. I’m pretty sure it’s them.” After seeing innocent people being killed, the police couldn’t care about it anymore. He immediately rushed toward the woman with his weapon. The woman didn’t look nervous at all, there’s blue light in her eyes, and the policeman who was about to attack suddenly dropped his weapon, as if he’d just lost his soul.

“Do you know how to open the dimensional rift leading to the demon realm?” The woman asked.

The policeman tilted his head and his eyes kept rolling, as if he’s thinking about something. After a while, he said, “the rift is generated randomly, it usually leads to forests that are far away. I don’t know how to open it, but I know of a place which can lead you to the demon realm.”

“Oh, where is it?”

“The Authority of Demon Realm.”

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