Simple Life of Killing Demons

V9C9_Restaurant I

“Hey, master, it’s written here the Authority of Demon Realm, where is this place?” Dusty pointed to a magazine and asked.

There’s a page on the magazine which was written, “the Defenders of the Human World decided to intervene in the Authority of Demon Realm to resolutely protect the safety of human beings. We must not let the demons threaten our human world.”

“The authority of demon realm? I don’t know about it either.” Lin Xiang scratched his head.

“The dimensional rift.” Kamiki put it simply.


“That was a magazine issued quite some time ago, and the Authority of Demon Realm is a department specified for monitoring that dimensional rift that never closes.”

“I didn’t know that such department exists.”

“Oh, Xiang, you’re so stupid. Everyone knows this. Our city is one of the cities that appears the most frequently in the dimensional rift. Isn’t there a rift that never closes here? All locals know this.” Satsuki said.

“Well…I just moved in later.”

“It seems like it. In fact, this is the case. This rift has existed since a long time ago. The relevant department, that is, the newly established Authority of Demon Realm is specialized in the management of that rift. It’s used for us humans to get to the demon realm, collect medicine and catch spirits. However, a merchant got too greedy and he stole a dragon’s egg. In the end, a giant dragon came and caused a huge casualty to the city. Then, the defenders of human’s world intervened and limited the variety of items that merchants could take away in the demon realm. Did you know about this?”

“Oh…I forgot, by the way, how did you know about that?”

“Don’t you know what my parents do?”

About Satsuki’s parents? They seemed to be very important employees of a famous magic weapon company, and they were rarely home since they had to be out collecting materials all the time. It’s possible that they had passed by the demon realm when they were collecting the materials, then they told Satsuki about it…

Lin Xiang thought like that.

After another five minutes, the car stopped under a big hotel.

“Here we are, madam.” The housekeeper said.

“Have we arrived?” Lin Xiang looked at the grand hotel outside the window. It didn’t look like a restaurant at all.

“It’s awesome!” Satsuki exclaimed after getting out of the car.

“It’s okay.” Kamiki seemed to be reply plainly. It seemed like being from a rich family didn’t necessarily make her happier.

After walking into the hotel, a lot of beautiful waitresses and handsome waiters stood opposite each other. After seeing the guests, they said in unison, “welcome.”

After seeing who’s there, they even bowed, “Miss Kuji, we welcome your arrival.”

Kamiki nodded and took the lead to walk in.

The interior decoration of the hotel looked glamorous. There’s a huge chandelier hanging in the center, under the chandelier, there was the reception counter. There were all kinds of famous wines behind the counter. There’s spiral staircase on the side, and there were five separate elevators. More than a dozen sofas with brands were set up inside to provide rest for the guests. The first floor was just the reception area, it’s unimaginable how more luxurious the other floors would look like. It would cost a fortune to eat there, let alone staying for one night.

When they came to the counter, the receptionist was on the phone. When she saw Kamiki approaching, she instantly hung up and stood up, “miss Kamiki, you’re here.”

“I have brought a few friends over for dinner. Any comments? How dare you chat during work?”

“I’m sorry!” The receptionist quickly lowered her head, “I won’t do this anymore.”

“It has nothing to do with me whether you’ll do it again. Now, arrange for my friends.”

“Yes.” The receptionist quickly asked a waiter to lead Kamiki and the others upstairs.

Lin Xiang looked at the receptionist, then at Kamiki. At this moment, he remembered how direct Kamiki had always been, but he started forgetting about it since she hadn’t said anything mean recently. Now, he started to recall how he couldn’t refute against Kamiki. Fortunately, she never said anything too harsh to him.

Satsuki didn’t seem to see it, and they followed the waiter into the elevator. The elevator was the kind for sightseeing, people could watch the scenery of the city while going upstairs. Of course, it’s not so good for people who are afraid of heights. For example, Dusty had been jumping around and having fun, but once she felt the elevator going up, she hurriedly hugged Lin Xiang tightly, as she’s afraid of falling.

After all, animals that can’t fly are generally afraid of heights, and Dusty belonged to this type.

The hotel had a total of 38 floors. According to the description of the waiter, the first floor would be the reception hall, the second floor was the lounge and dessert area, the third, fourth, and fifth floors were ordinary restaurants, the sixth was the kitchen, and the seventh and eighth floors were for clothing and daily necessities. The remaining floors until the 34th were hotel rooms, the 35th floor was a high-end kitchen. The elevator kept going upstairs and only stopped on the 36th.

The waiter said that this floor was a high-end dining place for those with important identity, while the 37th floor was for people to hold parties and banquets. The 38th floor was a super-premium suite.

“Ding!” The door of the elevator opened, Lin Xiang and the others saw a very grand hall.

The dazzling crystal chandelier was hung high on the ceiling, and the marble porcelain plate reflected a dim light under the dazzling lamp, giving a sense of solemnity.

The area of ​​the hotel was very wide, the high-end restaurant on the 36th floor had more than 20 tables. The tables on this floor could be exchanged for hundreds of thousands. It’s all because they were all made of crystals.

The huge transparent windows provide a panoramic view of the city, especially an amazing night view. There was a white piano in the center, and there’s a handsome pianist next to it. His hands were pressing the keys quickly, and the beautiful melody surrounded the entire floor. Needless to say, it would cost at least 100,000 yuan to dine in such an environment. The private room would cost even higher.

Although it was expensive, there were a lot of people dining on this floor. More than ten tables were occupied.

People who were eating there were all people from upper class. They ate very elegantly and looked very pleasant.

“Miss Kuji, do you need a private room?” the waitor asked carefully.

“No need.” Kamiki said, casually glanced at the table there and asked Lin Xiang, “darling, where do you want to eat?”

“Uh… just over there.” Lin Xiang pointed at the corner.

“Okay, right there then.” Kamiki told the waiter.

“Yes, I’ll arrange it right away.” The waiter glanced at Lin Xiang with a strange look, as he didn’t understand why Miss Kuji would listen to this guy.

The crystal table was quite big, and there’s no problem accommodating 8 of them. However, there weren’t enough chairs, the waiter immediately ordered several people to bring some crystal chairs.

After carefully bringing in a few chairs, Lin Xiang and the others sat down. The setting was the same as before – Satsuki and Silent Water sat next to Lin Xiang.

Aside from Remi, Lin Xiang and the others are still wearing school uniforms. Their arrival undoubtedly attracted the attention of these upper-class guests who were there for dinner and business.

“Look, those teenage girls are so pretty.”

“It’s true, can they even pay for this?”

“They should be kids of some big families. See how polite those waiters are.”

“Well, it’s possible.”

After casually discussing the identity of Lin Xiang and the others, these guests from upper class continued with their meal and conversation again.

“Miss Kuji, my gentleman and ladies, this is the menu.” The waiter put the several menus in front of them.

Lin Xiang looked at the menu as thick as a textbook, then flipped through a few pages. They were all standard dishes, such as English steak and spaghetti. The dishes seemed similar to those of a normal western restaurant. The only difference was that the prices there were more expensive and there was a richer variety.

Yorikawa used her little trembling hand to turn over the glided menu. It’s her first time to be in this place and she’s incredibly nervous. When she opened it, they were all the things that she had never eaten. They all seemed very delicious but all so incredibly expensive. Yorikawa thought that if she had to come alone, she couldn’t even pay for it by selling herself.

Reidy still felt a little dizzy, but it wasn’t because she’s in a gorgeous place to eat. On the contrary, it was just a bit better than her house like a castle. As she didn’t have much appetite, she handed the menu to Remi.

Remi had no concept about money, he just wanted to order anything delicious.

Satsuki’s family was considered as middle class. Usually, if her mother did not cook, she’d eat outside with her family. So apart from the price and the environment, it had no effects on Satsuki. After choosing a few dishes that she liked, she passed the menu to Dusty.

Dusty flipped through the menu, and there’s light in her eyes. She’s very excited and suggested to Lin Xiang, “master, can I have one of everything…”

Once she said so, all the guests from upper class burst into laughter.

“Little girl, do you think this is the cafeteria of your school? One of each?” A man in his twenties said with a smile, “come here and drink with us, then we’ll order two sets for you.”

“Hahahaha.” All his companions nodded and smiled, “what he’s saying is true, we can guarantee you that.”

“Hey, don’t talk nonsense.” Lin Xiang sounded a little unfriendly, as he wanted to defend Dusty.

“Nonsense? Hey, this is not even a place for your kids.”

“Haha~ Jun, good point.” His companion laughed.

“Uncle, pay attention to what you say.” Kamiki glanced at the men coldly.

“Have you ever seen an uncle so young and handsome? Wow~ look at how arrogant you are, didn’t your father teach you to respect the elders?”

“Heh~” Kamiki smiled and motioned the waiter to come over.

The waiter had been watching them just now, she shook her head secretly, thinking that those two guys really didn’t know who they were dealing with. It’s true that they had money and an important status, but they shouldn’t try the limits of the boss’ daughter.

The waiter reached Kamiki and asked, “Miss Kamiki, do you have any instructions?”

This time, the waiter didn’t call her Kuji, but Kamiki. She’s also louder than usual, as she wanted those few men to know who they were dealing with.

“There are a few flies with broken wings. Don’t you think that they should be cleaned up?”

“Yes.” The waiter said and turned to the man’s table, “gentlemen, you should have heard what Miss Kamiki had said. Can I ask you to leave now, please?”

“What Miss Kamiki? Do you really think that her dad is Masao Kamiki?” The man was a little nervous. He was joking just now, and he’d be in trouble if he’d really offended the daughter of Masao Kamiki.

“Yes, the father of Miss Kamiki is exactly who you’re thinking of. Please, leave with your friends now.”

“What!?” The man looked at Kamiki carefully, then said to the waiter, “we’ve paid, how could you expel your guests?”

“Well, then your dinner tonight is free, now get lost.” Kamiki said plainly. She was checking the menu and thinking about what to eat.

“I…” The man couldn’t say anything at all. Indeed, he really couldn’t think of what he could say besides admitting that he felt embarrassed. If it’s just a daughter of some boss, then he could tease her a bit, but if that really happened to be the daughter of Masao Kamiki, then…

“Apologize and try to make her forgive you.” His friend suggested, as none of them had expected that a joke would become like this.

After thinking about it, the man decided to apologize, but Kamiki didn’t accept it at all. She only said, “if there’re a few flies flying around when you’re eating, what would you do?”

“Damn…” The man clenched his fists. Some of the people who ate there knew him, and he’s also the manager of the Kitashima Group. Not only did he fail to get his business done, but he even got expelled out of the place.

“Miss Kamiki, can you please forgive me? I would like a second chance.” The man lowered his tone, as the one that he’s going to sign a contract with was an important finger. She’s the popular singer Kana Kawasumi.

Although he told everyone that he represented his father to discuss business, the reality was that he had begged his father for so many times so that he could persuade Kana Kawasumi to be the ambassador of his product.

His partners all joined only because they knew that they were going to meet Kana Kawasumi, and only agreed to invest because of that. Of course, they wanted to have dinner with her as well.

“Indeed, I could give you a chance. However, you have to fight for it yourself as well. I’ve already warned you once, that you should be more careful with your tone, but then you asked me to respect the elders. Well, I only had to obey you, that’s why I’d said that the dinner would be free so that you could get lost.”

“Damn…and what if we don’t?” The man looked at the waiter and Lin Xiang. Since he thought that they weren’t so powerful anyway, there’s nothing they could do if he insisted staying.

Of course, he was just being too naïve. How could such a famous hotel not have equipped with security guards?

“You’re not leaving? Fine.” Kamiki snapped her fingers, and a bunch of security guard in a black suit appeared out of somewhere, surrounding the man.

“Hey~hey, Kamiki, was that a bit too much…”

“No, darling, what I’m doing is perfectly normal. Shouldn’t we protect our friends when they’re bullied?” Kamiki said plainly to her guards, “it’s time for you to act, you bunch of people who never pay any effort. Come and wipe out these annoying flies away.”

“Yes.” The bodyguards responded, then their leader asked the man, “do you want to leave or do you want us to make you leave?”

The man looked at the eight tall bodyguards and swallowed his saliva. After all, any one of them could easily beat him up. If the trouble grew any bigger, he would really be wounded seriously. And after looking at his partners who had already lost the willingness to insist, the man decided to leave. He decided to talk business with the singer somewhere else, as he might even get closer to her then.

The man thought, “Kamiki Group, right? Well, I, Kitashima Jun, swear that I’ll never have anything to do with you, and I will also let my friends cut all business ties with you.”

Kitashima Jun thought arrogantly. In fact, if he really did so, his friends would surely stop contacting him. Those people were from big families, and it really mattered for them if the singer wanted to deal with them.

“I will leave by myself.” Kitashima left in frustration. His partners also left with him and they didn’t even take the money.

After walking into the elevator, his partners scolded him, “it’s all your fault, why did you have to tease the girls? Now they taught you a lesson. Since they were able to come here, it proves that they’re from rich families, what were you thinking about?”

“Don’t talk about it anymore. Call her agent and ask her to change our meeting point.” Kitashima Jun said angrily.

“Okay.” In order to see the famous singer, the companions decided not to object.

“Miss Kamiki, everything is cleaned up.” The guards reported to Kamiki after seeing them leave.

“I know about that, now get lost.”

“Yes.” The guards all went away after hearing so. And Lin Xiang had no idea where they went.

“Kuji is so powerful, I also want a guard like them. Then, I can beat up anyone that I don’t like.” Satsuki said.

“It sounds good, but please never do that.” Lin Xiang knocked on Satsuki’s head.

“You’re right, I didn’t know that they could be so useful.”

“Hey, don’t you take it seriously.”

“Huh, so what? My helpers are even more powerful.” Reidy said disdainfully.

“Helper? Hey, I have wanted to ask you long time ago, what does your family do?” Satsuki asked.

“Why do you want to know?” Reidy was about to say that her dad was the city lord of Dakhla, yet she saw Lin Xiang blinking at her.

Since she’d watched too much TV, she thought that blinking is equal to seducing, so she blushed and said shyly, “something wrong with your eyes?”

At this moment, a girl with a pair of big glasses and a cap appeared outside the elevator. A middle-aged woman was with her.


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