Simple Life of Killing Demons

V9C10_Restaurant (2)

The girl was wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt that could be seen everywhere, and a black skirt that fit to the knee. Overall, it didn’t look so fashionable, but it didn’t cover that special trace about her.

The girl’s face was half-hidden by the hat and her big sunglasses, only the lower part was exposed, she had a thin nose and thin lips, with just that, anyone could see that she’s a big beauty.

The middle-aged woman next to her was wearing a gray OL outfit, but what she was wearing was more suitable for women at an older age as it looked more conservative. The middle-aged woman was about 40 years old, but she had maintained her skin conditions well,  it’s also obvious that she’s a beauty when she’s younger.

“Angie, we are here.” The middle-aged woman said to the girl.

“It’s pretty good here, isn’t it?” Looking at the decorations here, the girl called Angie said so.

“It’s okay, let’s find the partner of the Kitashima company. They told me on the phone that the name of their table is Fortune.”

Each table in the restaurant on this floor had its own name. The table where Kitashima Jun sat on was called Fortune, and the one where Lin Xiang and the others were at was called Dragon Jump.

“Are we going to sit here?” Angie looked at the people who were eating here. Almost all of them were elegantly dressed and they were from the upper class. There were students in uniform playing around in the corner. Angie was a bit worried about being asked by the students for her autograph, as she didn’t like being disturbed.

“Nicia, go and check if there’s a private room. Let’s book one and invite them to discuss the contract there.”

“Okay.” Nicia walked to the counter next to him and asked the receptionist, “are there any private rooms?”

“Yes.” The receptionist was a middle-aged woman. She just saw Angie and Nicia coming out of the elevator. Both Angie and Nicia made her feel a bit familiar, it’s like she’d seen them somewhere before.

However, she didn’t think too much. She thought that work was more important, and since Kamiki was still eating there, if she did anything wrong, there would be serious consequences.

After checking on her computer, the receptionist told the servant facing her, “bring these two guests to Angel private room.”

“Okay.” The waiter nodded and told Nicia, “please follow me.”

Angie and Nicia came to a private room. This room called Angel was a nicely decorated one, just like one for angels indeed.

The private room was 80 square meters wide and could accommodate seven or eight people. On the exquisite marble table, there was a crystal vase filled with various flowers. The wall was in silvery white, and there were some art paintings on it, depicting the state of angels in the imagination of the people.

It’s more like appreciating art pieces coming here.

“Very nice.” Angie nodded, looking satisfied. Then she sat on the chair and looked at the painting on the wall.

“It’s good that you like it, but you’ll have to pay a deposit first. You see…” The waitress looked at Angie and felt that she looked familiar, it’s like she’s seen somewhere else before.

“It’s a big hotel~ it doesn’t matter, Nicia, let’s pay first, then call the collaborators to come in and negotiate about the contract.”

“I understand.” Nicia nodded, then went out with the waiter.

“Is it heaven?” Angie looked at the vivid mural. She seemed fascinated, as her eyes flashed behind her sunglasses and made people wonder.

————3 minutes ago

“Your eyes are sick.” Reidy said to Lin Xiang a little angrily.

“Uh…” Lin Xiang was speechless, thinking that Reidy was usually quite smart, so why couldn’t she get what he meant?

“Reidy, isn’t it inconvenient for you to talk about the conditions of your family?” Silent Water blinked at Reidy secretly.

“Huh? Oh, yes, I forgot. About my family…it is very complicated, and there are some things that I can’t tell you.” Reidy only understood better after looking at Silent Water. Wait…did the human mean the same thing just now? At that moment, Reidy felt a bit embarrassed, as she wasn’t sure what he would think…

“Really. But if your family has such a powerful bodyguard, it means that your family is not simple.” Satsuki didn’t put Reidy’s words to heart, and she thought that Reidy was just joking.

“It’s okay. Let’s not talk about this anymore, shall we eat?” Remi said.

“Well, true. Let’s order now. Order whatever you like eating, however, Dusty, you must finish everything you’ll order.” Kamiki said.

“Do I need to eat all of these?” Dusty looked at the menu, she really wanted to taste every dish, but she couldn’t finish all of them, “then…I just want this, and this.”

“I want this.” Satsuki ordered a pork chop and ham assortment with fried meatballs.

“This, this, this, this, um, we’ll order more after finishing.” Remi ordered four dishes at once.

“I…I…” Yorikawa flipped through the menu twice. Those were all expensive stuff…in the end, she just ordered some spaghetti.

“Yorikawa, are you saving money for Kuji? It’s okay, just order whatever you want,” said Satsuki.

“No, no, I…I only want this…” Yorikawa insisted.

“It’s up to you, Kaoru, didn’t you say you want to take something home for your father and sister to eat? Why aren’t you ordering anything?” Kamiki asked Kaoru when she saw her only reading the menu without ordering.

“Well, the food here is extremely expensive, and I’m sure that there is an excellent selection of the ingredients. Kuji, thanks to you, we will get to eat some delicious food tonight. I, my father and Choshi thank you sincerely.” Kaoru stood up and bowed in front of Kamiki.

“Sister Kaoru, you don’t need to be so polite.” Lin Xiang quickly let Kaoru Suehiro sit down as people started looking at them.

“Sorry, young master.”

After Kaoru sat down, Lin Xiang asked Silent Water, “Silent Water, aren’t you going to order?”

Silent Water smiled and whispered, “I am just going to eat the same as my master.”


Silent Water’s words echoed in Satsuki’s heart.

This Silent Water was horrifying. She usually looked gentle and virtuous, and she didn’t seem to be a strong competitor, she initially thought that Reidy was her opponent. So, Silent Water’s the real boss? Also, look at how dumb Lin Xiang looked, he’s clearly attracted by her smile.

“Then…I’ll just eat the same food as human…” After listening to what Silent Water had said, Reidy gave up on the thought of ordering the dishes that she wanted to.

“Uh… okay.” Lin Xiang looked for a while, and decided to order spaghetti just like Yorikawa. He felt that if they ordered something, they would also eat it, then he might as well order something with low calories…all in all, for girls, their appearance comes first. Also, Yorikawa didn’t seem to be used to that kind of food, so eating the same food might make her feel better. Then, he said, “let’s order spaghetti also.”

After thinking about it for a while, Kamiki decided to eat spaghetti too, since it contained less fat than steak.

“I want it, I want it, I also want what master will eat.” Dusty hurriedly said so.

“Then I will have one set too, but I still want a big set of assortment.” Satsuki was the type that never got fat from eating. Also, she’d decided to try the meatballs, as she wanted to see whether Lin Xiang or the cook made it better.

“Since everyone is ordering it, let me have one set too. Can I also order 3 sets of takeaway?” Kaoru showed a very embarrassed look. Usually, she was expressionless. And she rarely smiled.

“Yes.” Kamiki nodded.

Yorikawa glanced at Lin Xiang secretly, she thought, “could Lin Xiang be ordering it because I did…if that’s the case, then what did he mean by that…does he have feelings for me…wait, perhaps he wants me to be closer with everyone else…”

Seeing that everyone would order spaghetti, Remi also wanted one set. After seeing that everyone’s ordering the same, the waiter looked at Lin Xiang strangely.

“Then, 11 sets of spaghetti, three for takeaway. And a set of steak…” The waiter repeated their order and left.


Nicia, who paid the deposit for the private room at the counter, heard her phone ring, “hey, hello.”

“Hello, is it Ms. Kana Kawasumi’s agent, Ms. Izumigen?” It was a man’s voice the other end of the phone.

“Yes, you should be the manager of the Kitashima Company, Kitashima Jun, right?”

“Uh…I…I’m his assistant.” The companion of Kitashima Jun stammered.

“Oh, Mr. Assistant, are you waiting for us at the Fortune table?”

“By the way, I just want to inform you about this. Since something happened, so we changed the place, and now we are at the Sisley.”

The Sisley was considered to be a first-class hotel in the city, but it was still of a lower level than the one they were at. That’s why people from upper class usually preferred eating there.

“Oh? You’ve the venue? Why didn’t you tell me in advance?”

“Because we had to change it at the very last minute, and we didn’t have time to notify you. Oh, my manager is here, I’ll let him talk to you.”

“Okay.” Nicia responded, walking back to the private room.

“Hey, Ms. Izumigen? I’m the manager of the Kitashima Company, Kitashima Jun. I’m very sorry that something happened and we have to change the venue temporarily.”

“Even if you had to change the venue, I think you should inform me in advance, right? We have arrived at the Glen Hotel.” Nicia was a little unhappy.

“We…we also didn’t expect this. Please don’t be angry, okay?”

“Then what do you want now?”

“Can you and Ms. Kawasumi come over to the Sisley, please?”

Nicia clutched the handset of the phone, and said to Angie who was drinking, “the Kitashima company said that we are changing places and want us to go to the Sisley Hotel…”

“Ah? So troublesome? I don’t want to go there. I think it’s good to eat here. Tell them to come over.” Angie thought that it was good here, and didn’t want to change the venue.

Nicia nodded and said to the phone, “Kana doesn’t want to go there, just come over.”

“Are we returning?” Kitashima Jun was stunned, how could they go back?

“Well…Ms. Izumigen, after we booked the table just now, we found that the service there was very bad, so we changed the place to prevent Ms. Kawasumi from dining in that environment…”

“Bad attitude…” Nicia pondered for a moment, then said, “but Kana likes it here, why don’t you come over then?”

“This…we really cannot. Please…come here.” Kitashima Jun had a reason that he couldn’t tell.

“Is that so?” Nicia covered the headset again and said to Angie, “they aren’t coming and they want us to go over there.”

“Is that so? Let’s forget about the contract this time then. Anyway, it’s not like there is no company looking for me as their spokesperson. Today, let’s just eat here and enjoy.” Angie put down the drink on her hand and decided without hesitation.

“You are really…” Nicia shook her head. As an agent, she should help Angie take jobs as much as possible, but she didn’t. She always followed Angie’s will. If she wanted to reject a job, she would.

“Hello, Mr. Kitashima Jun?”

“You don’t need to be so polite, just call me Jun.” Kitashima Jun thought they were coming, and his tone was very friendly. After all, the price that they were offering was relatively high, ordinary celebrities would need several jobs to take that amount of money. He didn’t choose those celebrities before, as he had requirements. He was also confident that Kana would accept the contract.

“I’d better call you Mr. Kitashima. Well, Kana just said she would not take up this job this time.”

“Why?” Kitashima Jun was surprised.

“No reason, that’s what Kana meant.”

“No, no, wait, don’t you know the price I offered you?”

“I know, it’s quite high, but Kana doesn’t lack jobs. What she lacks mostly is time. I’ve already conveyed the message, so…”

“Don’t hang up first, can you let me talk to Kana? I’m willing to raise the price.” Kitashima Jun was irritated and he called her Kana, but it was normal, as her fans called her that way privately, Kitashima Jun happened to be one of her fans.

“Is that so? Let me ask. Angie, he said he is willing to raise the price, do you want to talk to him?”

“No need, just refuse him.”

“Okay.” After picking up the phone, Nicia said to Kitashima Jun, “sorry, Mr. Kitashima, Kana refuses.”

“Why? Can you tell me the reason?” Every time she talked to Angie, Nicia would cover the phone with her hand. Kitashima Jun couldn’t hear their conversation, and he was wondering whether it’s the agent who’s playing tricks.

“The reason? The reason is that Kana doesn’t want to accept this job.”

“Ms. Izumigen, let me get it straight, how much commission do you want?”

“Heh~” Nicia laughed when she heard this, “I’m sorry, I don’t need any commission. Kana doesn’t want this job, and there’s no reason for it. Also, you really think that your price is the highest? Many companies offer even a higher price, but Kana just doesn’t want to take the job. I’m so sorry, let’s terminate our cooperation this time.” Nicia hung up on phone after saying so.

“Hey, Ms. Izumigen? Hey? Damn it!” Kitashima Jun wanted to kill someone, he was already pissed off when he was kicked out from the hotel, and now Kana even didn’t want to cooperate with him.

“What happened? How come you look so weird?” His companion asked.

“Don’t bother me. Let’s go home and sleep. Damn it!!”


“Oh, this kind of noodles is pretty nice.” Satsuki ate a bite of spaghetti and sighed.

“Indeed, it’s delicious,” Kaoru agreed.

“Come on, Xiang, ah~” Satsuki, who was sitting next to Lin Xiang, fed him spaghetti using a fork.

“I can eat it myself.” Lin Xiang turned his head away.

“Ah~” Satsuki did not give up and continued to put it to Lin Xiang’s mouth.

After looking at Satsuki, Lin Xiang was hopeless, so he opened his mouth and took a bite.

After a while, another dish ordered by Satsuki was served. It’s pork chop and ham assortment. Actually, the main course was pork chop and ham, but since it’s an assortment, there were other snacks in the dish, like fried meatballs. For Satsuki, what she cared about the most were the meatballs.

The presentation of the assortment was very nice, it’s bright in color and it’s steaming. Especially the meatballs which were fried into golden yellow, and they looked very mouthwatering.

“It looks delicious.” Satsuki picked up her and took a bite.

Oh? Satsuki frowned.

Although it looked great, it’s not as delicious as what Lin Xiang cooked. Satsuki made this comment in her mind.

“What’s the matter?” Yorikawa, who was sitting next to him, asked Satsuki as she saw her frowning.

“It’s nothing, it’s just that this is not as delicious as expected.”

“Well, can I try some?”


Yorikawa carefully put a meatball in her bowl and took a bite.

“It’s delicious.” Yorikawa didn’t understand why Satsuki would say that it’s not as good as expected.

“Hmm~mm~” Satsuki shook her head, “Yorikawa, you know our Lin Xiang cooks really well, especially meatballs. You can even call him the master of meatballs.” Satsuki patted his shoulders while saying so, even patting away the spaghetti near Lin Xiang’s mouth.

“Hey, don’t give me such a strange name, okay?” Lin Xiang rolled the spaghetti again.

Kaoru and Kamiki both took a bite of Satsuki’s fried meatballs. They thought that it was delicious, but could Lin Xiang really make something better than the chef of this hotel? They all showed a doubtful look.

“Really? It turns out that my young master could cook.”

“I’m so surprised, I thought that you made his lunchbox.” Kamiki said to Satsuki.

“I didn’t know…that Lin Xiang could cook” Yorikawa was also surprised.

“My master cooks very well. Although he hasn’t cooked this spaghetti before, I’m sure that my master can cook much better.” Dusty’s mouth was full of food.

“Don’t talk when you are eating. But what this human makes is indeed very delicious. The fire dragon last time…cough cough, in short, it will surely fill your stomach nicely.” Reidy said. Although the food she ate was usually made by Silent Water, and usually, there’s no difference in the taste, what Lin Xiang made always felt a bit different.

“Did you not ask me last time why my lunchbox is so delicious? The answer at the time was that I made it myself, but I learnt cooking from my master.” Silent Water put down her fork and said.

“Don’t exaggerate. It’s only because Silent Water learns fast.” Lin Xiang humbly scratched the back of his head. Suddenly, he had a bad feeling.

“Since Yorikawa, Kuji and Kaoru never tasted the food that Xiang made. Xiang, why don’t you let them try?” Satsuki suggested.

“I don’t think that’s possible? Usually, other people aren’t allowed to enter a hotel’s kitchen.” Lin Xiang shook his head rapidly, his bad feeling came to reality.

“No, this hotel is run by my family. Nothing is impossible as long as you want it.” Kamiki clapped her hands, and a waiter not standing far away came over.

“Hey, no, don’t you have something to eat already?”

“If I didn’t try the food of my darling, it’d feel so different from that of stupid Risa.” Kamiki sighed.

“Kuji is an idiot. Hey, Xiang, I agree that you don’t go.”

“No way, I must try it. Hey, go to the kitchen and ask the chef to come here.” Kamiki ordered the approaching waiter.


“I also want to try young master’s food.”

“Does sister Kaoru think the same?”

“I…I also…” Yorikawa wanted to say something but she stopped. She just looked at Lin Xiang with watery eyes.

“Does Yorikawa want it too?” Lin Xiang took a deep breath, closed his eyes and nodded, “okay, but if that causes troubles to the kitchen, then I won’t do it.”

“Oh, you only accepted to do it since Yorikawa wanted it. How unfair.”


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