Simple Life of Killing Demons


“Miss Kamiki, here you are.” A fat middle-aged man wearing a chef’s uniform followed the waiter and came to Lin Xiang and the others.

“Yeah.” Kamiki and Lin Xiang were talking and laughing, but after the chef came, she immediately looked colder, “are you the chef?”

“Yes, yes.” The fat chef nodded quickly. He had long heard that Kamiki Masao’s daughter had a bad temper. After seeing it for himself, he realized that it’s true. Who else could become so serious suddenly when she was still laughing and chatting the second before?

“Are you sure that what you say in the kitchen counts? Are you sure that you aren’t just a helper?”

“Miss Kamiki, I’m not a helper in the kitchen, I’m the main chef here. Everything that you’re eating now is made by me.”

“Really? You cooked it?”

“Yes, excuse me…does it not suit your appetite?”

“It’s still something that humans can eat, we’ll survive from it. Oh, by the way, if you’re so powerful, is there an issue if I want my husband to cook for me in the kitchen?”

“Kuji, don’t mess things up , Xiang isn’t your husband.”

“We have already signed a marriage contract, it’s normal that I call him my husband.”

“Marriage contract?” When Yorikawa heard this, the fork in her hand fell off.

“A marriage contract? I didn’t know about that.” Reidy stood up instantly.

“What is a marriage contract? Sister Silent Water?” Dusty asked.

“It means that the man and the woman have already agreed to get married in the future.”

“Does it mean that sister Kuji will be married to my master in the future?”

“Yes…” Although Silent Water looked fine on the surface, she felt very agitated. She looked at Lin Xiang and was wondering how he’d answer.

“Yeah~ That was an agreement made by my father and Kamiki’s father, but my uncle told me that if I marry a girl other than Kamiki, it’s okay…” After he said so, Kamiki snorted, and everyone at that table got quiet.

“Oh? What’s wrong with everyone?”

“Huh” It was the sound of relief of the girls. Then, Reidy, said, “isn’t it always mentioned on TV that we are free to choose our lovers? This contract doesn’t count.”

“That’s right.” Satsuki nodded quickly.

Yorikawa also wanted to say something, but she dared not to, so she just kept eating noodles.

“No, if there’s an agreement from the older generation, we as descendants have to obey them.” Kaoru put down her fork and said seriously. Before Kamiki clapped her hands, Kaoru continued, “but, for matters like love, we should follow our free will, no?”

“Oh~ sister Kaoru said it so well.”

“Hmph, we will agree at this time only.” Kamiki rolled her eyes. Then, she told the chef next to her, “answer my question just now.”

“Yes!” The chef stood straight when Kamiki said so, and his cheeks seemed to be shaking, looking very funny, “I would really welcome master to cook something for Miss Kamiki.”

“Uh…” Lin Xiang wiped the sweat from his forehead, and everyone around him glanced at him. Although he didn’t hear clearly what they were talking about, since he could make the main chef so polite, he must be someone important.

Guests from the upper class were all guessing who this person was.

“What do you want to eat?”

“Fried meatballs.” Satsuki called first.

“Fried meatballs? What about you, Kamiki?”

“Um…let me think about it…whatever.”

“It doesn’t matter for me.”

Yorikawa also nodded. There was not anything in specific that Silent Water wanted to eat, and she didn’t make a specific request either. She’d take whatever Lin Xiang cooked.

“All right then. Mr. Chef, please.”

“No, Master, you don’t need to be so polite. It’s my honour for you to come to my kitchen.” The chef nodded and said with a bow, then led Lin Xiang to the high-end kitchen on the 35th floor.

The elevator door opened, and a door appeared in front of Lin Xiang. The door was about 3 meters away from the elevator, and it looked quite empty.

Through the round glass window on the door, Lin Xiang could see some people busy inside.

“Master, today there is an old man on the 37th floor celebrating for his birthday, so there are a lot of people inside, and it’s very hot. You have to be careful.”

“Okay.” Lin Xiang nodded and followed the chef into the kitchen.

After pushing the door open, the flames of the stove not far away burst out suddenly, and a man in white clothes and a chef’s hat was cooking something in the pot.

Several range hoods absorbed the oil fume efficiently.

The layout of the kitchen was very regular, the distance between among the stoves were rather wide, and ingredients were placed behind each stove. Professionals were responsible for washing and slicing the ingredients. They put the washed and cut ingredients into the ingredient box behind the stove for the chefs, and the chefs were all attentively cooking the dishes, making it look like a contest for the best chef on TV.

“Well, master, this kitchen is very nice, right?” The fat chef had a sense of accomplishment by keeping the management there in order.

“It’s true. Do you usually let them do it?”

“Yeah, I am a five-star chef, and I don’t usually do anything, except when someone important comes over. Today, since Miss Kamiki is here, I plan to cook for her and make her happy, but it seems that I didn’t do a good job.” The chef muttered.


“Okay, let’s not talk about this, master, do you have a habit of cooking too?”

“I used to cook it myself when I was at home. Also, there’s no need to call me master.”

“No, you have signed a contract with Kamiki, so I must call you master.”

“What sort of rule is that…”

“Master, don’t care about these details, do you usually cook for yourself then? It’s very rare that guys cook for themselves. Where are your parents?”

“They passed away…”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to mention these things on purpose, Master, don’t be angry.” After hearing Lin Xiang’s answer, the fat chef apologized quickly. Damn it, he asked something that he wasn’t supposed to.

“Nothing, I’m used to it.” Lin Xiang waved his hand.

The fat chef breathed a sigh of relief, secretly sighing. Fortunately, Lin Xiang didn’t have the temperament of Kamiki, or he wouldn’t even have become a chef.

“Master, don’t say anything anymore. Come on. I’ll show you a place where you can cook for Miss Kamiki.”

After the fat chef said so, he looked around to see if there was an empty stove.

The kitchen was very busy that day, and some chefs were too busy to even talk. It’s easy to see that there were many people going to celebrate for the man on 37th floor.


“Hey, Nicia, what do you want to eat?” Angie turned over the menu and she was overwhelmed by the variety of dishes.

“Hmm…” Nicia pondered for a while and shook her head, “these are all Western-style dishes. I want to try ordinary home dishes.”

“Ha, I know that your thoughts are the same as mine. Every time I go out, these are what I eat, and I am tired of these.” Angie took off her hat, and her black and shiny hair lied on her shoulders.

“Don’t tell me that you want to leave without eating.” Angie’s thoughts were strange, Nicia had been with her since she was born, but she sometimes couldn’t figure out what Angie was thinking.

“How is it possible? Let me call the waitress and see if there are any homemade dishes.” Angie stood up and pressed a button to call for the waitress.

Within ten seconds, a young waitress walked in, “hello, may I ask…oh! Kana?”

This young waitress was a fan of Kawasumi Kana. After coming in, she recognized Angie immediately just by looking at her profile.

“Shhh.” Angie made a gesture to ask her to be quiet, the waitress realized that she had done something wrong, and she immediately covered her mouth.

“Well, good kid. So, are there any dishes that are not on the menu? I mean, I often eat these western foods and I am tired of them.”

“If there is no special arrangement, there are no dishes other than those on the menu.” The waitress could feel her heart beating fast, as she was facing the real person of Kana.

“Is that so…” Angie looked a little disappointed.

“Oh! There is a family birthday banquet upstairs. I think they should have some homemade dishes. I can help you check in the kitchen.” The waitress hurriedly said so after seeing her idol looking disappointed.

“Really? Then thank you so much.” Angie showed a sweet smile. It’s a smile as beautiful as flowers and as bright as the sun. The waitress thought that she’d fall in love with her if she’s a guy.

“Well, this is what I should do. So…can I ask you for an autograph afterwards? I am your fan…” the waitress said cautiously.

“Of course.”

“Great, Kana, wait a minute, I’ll go find homemade food for you right away.” The waitress was very excited after getting the reply from her idol.

She sometimes met some celebrities there, but she felt the most excited at this particular time.

“Wait, don’t tell anyone that I’m here.” Angie reminded her.

“Okay, I understand.” The waitress walked out after responding.

After closing the door of the private room, the waitress sighed, “Kana looks even more beautiful in real person. I may as well take a photo with her.”

Inside the private room.

“So, Nicia, I’m good, right?”

“Yeah, you’re amazing. It seems that you are very famous, aside from older waiters, all young people know you already.”

“Who said so? Last time when I went shopping and bumped into a boy, he didn’t know who I am.”

“That boy came from countryside, I bet.”

“No, he is still a student of Pillar Nofu Academy.”

“Really? Usually you don’t remember a lot of people, but that guy seems to have left deep impression in your mind. Is he handsome?”

“I don’t think so. I think that he doesn’t know how to dress well, and I don’t remember his face well.”

“Really? There are boys like that, usually the boys at this age care about their appearance a lot…”

“Yes, so when he said he didn’t know me, I couldn’t believe it. But it also proved that I’m still not as famous as I’d expected.”

“Huh, I dare to say that every young person knows you except that guy.”


The waitress came to the kitchen. It was particularly crowded that day, and it looked like the family on the 37th floor had some background.

“What are you doing down here? Just ask us to serve it directly.” An aunt who was in charge of serving the dishes said.

There, everyone had their own responsibilities, like waitresses, who were dedicated to helping guests and answering their doubts in time. Generally they wouldn’t come down to the kitchen.

“I just came down to see if you need help. It’s too busy on the 37th floor.”

“Then, you should go upstairs and take care of the guests. Anyway, I’m serving now.” The aunt took the dishes and left.

With a sigh of relief, the waitress carefully turned around in the kitchen. She didn’t find the homemade dishes that Kana was looking for. There were all western dishes.

Oh? At this time, she found a strange chef.

That chef wasn’t wearing the uniform. He’s wearing something like uniform.

Who’s that? A trainee chef?

————Five minutes ago

“Master, since you can make this by self-learning. It looks like you’re a talented cook.” The fat chef tried to flatter Lin Xiang, since Lin Xiang might become the successor of the Kamiki Group.

Although it was flattering, the fat chef meant it. It’s because from Lin Xiang’s posture when he was cooking and his ability to control the heat, he really looked professional.

“I guess I’m okay.” Lin Xiang put the prepared fried meatballs on the plate.

“Can I try some?”


The fat chef carefully put a fried meatball in a bowl, then picked it up with chopsticks and took a bite.

“It’s delicious! Master, this is really yummy. No wonder the lady asked you to make fried meatballs. It turns out that what I cooked are not as delicious as these.”

“Thanks a lot.” Lin Xiang looked at the fat chef.

“It’s not exaggerating, it’s true. What you made is awesome.”

The fat chef could cook all kinds of delicacies. His cooking skills had already reached a certain level, but even so, there’s something he couldn’t do as well. Although he could cook a lot dishes, it doesn’t mean that everything he cooked was delicious. If he’s compared with Lin Xiang, then there’s no doubt the chef knew much more than Lin Xiang, but Lin Xiang might cook better the dishes that he’s familiar of.

“Head chef, the 37th floor wants a Chinese dish called Buddha Jump Over the Wall.” At this time, a man in uniform walked in.

“Chinese food? Ok. I’ll go later.” After the fat chef sent the man away, he told Lin Xiang, “master, I’m sorry but I have to leave now. I will tell them that you’re here to cook for Miss Kamiki. Later, someone will serve for you, you don’t need to serve yourselves. If you’re tired, just go to eat with Kamiki.”

“Ok, I understand.” After Lin Xiang nodded, the fat chef left.

A minute later, an aunt came over, “the head chef told me to serve for master, is this the one?” The aunt pointed at the fried meatballs.

“Yes, thank you so much.”

“No, no, it’s okay, this has always been my job.” The aunt seemed to be a little uncomfortable with Lin Xiang’s politeness. After all, the fat chef had ordered them to fully satisfy Lin Xiang’s requests, and logically speaking, this kid must have some background. The aunt didn’t get used to the fact that he’s so polite.

After picking up the plate, the aunt walked to the door when a waitress walked in.

There were a lot of processed ingredients behind Lin Xiang for his use. After turning around, Lin Xiang thought for a while, then picked up a fish.

Lin Xiang couldn’t tell the kind of fish. It was a deep-water fish. Lin Xiang remembered that his old uncle made it for him once. This fish tasted good and was suitable for making sashimi, but Lin Xiang had never made raw fish slices, so he decided to make some grilled fish.

One must control the heat well when frying. And Lin Xiang did it well. He didn’t burn the fish, instead, he removed the excess moisture of the fish and put it on a plate. A steaming and delicious fish is ready.

At this time, the waitress who had been watching for a long time came over, “I should serve this dish, right?”

“Yes, thank you so much.” Lin Xiang nodded without thinking.

“This is my responsibility.” Then waitress took the dish and left.

And Lin Xiang continued thinking about what he could cook next.

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