Simple Life of Killing Demons


“Well, that apprentice chef’s dishes smell really nice, I am sure that Kana will like it.” The waitress thought happily when she took the grilled fish. She didn’t think about to whom this dish was meant for, also, even if someone found out, she might as well say that it’s a mistake.

When she came to the door of private room, the waitress took a deep breath and walked in.

Angie was discussing something with Nicia, and her face showed a somewhat serious expression. However, once she saw the waitress coming in, she immediately put on a smile, “here you are. So what is this?”

“This is grilled fish. I am so sorry, as I cannot find any other dishes…” The waitress put the grilled fish on her table.

“It’s fine. So, it’s grilled fish, right?” Angie took her chopsticks and took a piece. She found it delectable, “it seems great.” She couldn’t wait to take a bite.

“Um~~~it’s so delicious. Now this is real food. I used to eat steak, and aside from high fat, it isn’t food at all.” Angie sighed.

Nicia looked at Angie’s exaggerated expression, shook her head and took a bite too.

Well, it indeed smells nice, but not sure how it tastes.

After taking a bite, Nicia closed her eyes and tasted it carefully.

It’s not bad, it’s really not bad.

“Excuse me, can I have a bite… Although I know that I shouldn’t…” After seeing her idol eating this grilled fish, the waitress also wanted to try.

“Of course.” Angie took a piece of crispy fish and handed it to the waitress’ mouth.

The waitress looked at the fish in front of her and couldn’t believe her eyes.

Oh God, Kana is feeding me! If other fans see it, won’t they be jealous to death?

With excitement, the waitress took a bite of fish, then she covered her mouth and her eyes widened, “my God, this is just too delicious!!!”

She wasn’t sure whether it’s because of the delicious smell, or the fact that Angie was feeding her, the waitress thought that it’s the most delicious fish she’d ever had.

“It’s so yummy, isn’t? However, only this is not enough, can you find me other similar dishes? Afterwards, I will pay them all.”

“Well, I’ll go and check again.” The waitress hurriedly walked to the kitchen of the 35th floor.

Lin Xiang was still cooking. At this time, he had already prepared some beef with stir-fried cabbage. An aunt who served the food was about to come forward. The waitress rushed up when she saw it and got the plate first.

“What’s the matter?” the aunt asked.

“I’ll serve this.”

“Are you going? Let me ask you, you guys never helped us before. Today, you act so sincerely as Kamiki is here, it’s really amazing. Anyway, it’d be better for you to practice as well. Go then.” The aunt didn’t insist, she let the waitress serve the dishes.

The waitress was just thinking about her idol, she took the plate and walked away.

The result was the same as before, Kana liked it very much, and the waitress kept running up and down happily, giving her a total of five dishes.

“Why did you stop?”

“There’re 7 dishes, isn’t that enough? They have other stuff to eat, it should be sufficient.”

“I don’t care, you have to make one more for me.” Seeing that Lin Xiang was an apprentice chef, the waitress acted a bit rude.

“Okay…you wait here then.” Lin Xiang had become sweaty from the steam in the kitchen, but he still made one more dish.

“Well, I will talk to the manager when I return and ask him to promote you as a real chef.”

“Oh, thank you so much.” Lin Xiang answered casually, wiped his sweat, and washed the pot.

The waitress took the plate and returned to the private room.

After putting down the dish, the waitress saw Angie eating happily again, “is this made by the same person? It’s too delicious, I have to meet the chef.”

“Would you like to meet him?” the waiter repeated. She felt that if she saw the apprentice chef, she might not be so nice to him anymore.

“Yes, I want to thank him personally. I and Nicia got to eat very delicious food tonight.”

“It’s Izumigen.” Nicia reminded her, as people usually didn’t know their real names.

“Okay…” Although she was not really willing to, the waitress still did so accordingly. She came to the kitchen and found out that the boy was gone. Then, she asked the staff nearby, “where is the apprentice chef?”

A guy was carrying some ingredients around, “apprentice chef? Who?”

“It’s the one cooking at the corner just now.” The waitress pointed to the stove where Lin Xiang was cooking at.

“That one? You mean the guy whom the head chef wants us to take care of mainly?”

“Yes, it’s him. Wait, what did you just say?”

In the hotel, being the head chef is a big thing. By just saying one thing, he could make a waiter/waitress lose their job.

“I said that the chef told us to satisfy whatever needs the master had, you don’t belong to the kitchen so you don’t know. By the way, why do you want to know?”

“No, nothing.” The waitress waved her hand and left the kitchen.

After walking into the elevator, the waitress seemed a bit worried. Master? What did it mean? Was he the son of the head chef? Or is he someone from a big family? But he didn’t seem like one…

The elevator stopped and the waitress walked out of the elevator. She found that the boy was standing at the counter, talking to the receptionist.

“It’s so hot, do you have any drinks here? Can you please send a few bottles over there later?”

“Yes, Master, I’ll send it over in a while. You and Miss Kamiki should enjoy dinner first.”

“Well, thank you very much then.”

“It’s fine. It’s what we should do.” The middle-aged receptionist rarely saw anyone as polite as Lin Xiang. That’s why she’s nice to him as well.

Lin Xiang walked back to the table and sat down on the chair. Although there was an air conditioning in the room, he had just come out of the kitchen and it was really too hot.

“The fried meatballs you made are really delicious, Darling. I’m thinking about hiring you to cook for me.”

“I have to decline your kindness.” Lin Xiang wasn’t as energetic as before after losing some soul. Also, after the competition that afternoon and cooking for so long, he felt a bit tired.

“Why did you stay in the kitchen for so long? I thought that you would cook more dishes. As they’re really too delicious, I didn’t get to eat a lot.” When everyone was grabbing the meatballs, Satsuki really wanted to grow more hands so that she could get a few more.

“What’s wrong? I cooked eight dishes, is that not enough?”

“Eight dishes? Where are they?”

“Oh, I’m here to bring you gals drinks.” The waitress walked over and she came with a trolley. There was a full variety of different drinks on it.

The waitress didn’t attract their attention, as they just continued the previous topic.

“I have already made 8 dishes in the kitchen, okay? And someone already served them.” Lin Xiang took a drink on the trolley.

“No, we just ate one thing and that’s meatballs. No one gave us anything else.” Satsuki said.

“It’s weird, did you serve the wrong dish?” Lin Xiang murmured after taking a sip of his drink.

“If what darling said is right, then it must have been served wrongly. I have to check who that is, how dare she served the wrong dish? I didn’t get to try what my darling cooked.” Kamiki’s facial expression darkened after knocking on the table.

Upon hearing this, the waitress trembled.

“Darling, tell me who served the dish.” Kamiki continued.

“Who served the food?” Lin Xiang accidentally saw the waitress, who was the young girl serving the food. She was looking at Lin Xiang and her eyes were full of fear.

Indeed, who would have thought that she’d taken the dishes meant for the boss’ daughter? This waitress had resumed work after her break and she didn’t what’d happened before, she also didn’t know that Lin Xiang was the fiancé of Kamiki. If she had known, she would never have the nerve to take his dishes to her idol.

The waitress looked at Lin Xiang blankly. She knew that Lin Xiang had recognized her and she had to confess.

“Uh…” Lin Xiang recognized the waitress. After thinking for a while, Lin Xiang knew that if he told it was this waitress serving the dishes, then she would lose her job with no doubt.

“I forgot, haha~” He touched the back of his head and laughed, “whatever, everyone makes mistakes. Kamiki, you don’t have to get irritated.”

“Oh?” Kamiki glanced at the waitress, and she smiled, “okay, if my darling says so, then I’ll forgive her this time. However, I don’t want this to happen ever again.”

“It shouldn’t happen anymore. Come on, grab some drinks. I’ll make some more for you all next time.” Lin Xiang stood up and got their favorite drinks.

This matter had come to an end.

The waitress looked at Lin Xiang’s back with endless gratitude. She even felt ashamed for the fact that Kana wanted to see Lin Xiang before. At that time, she didn’t want Lin Xiang to meet Kana. However, now she really wanted Lin Xiang to meet Kana, she really wanted Lin Xiang to meet her favorite idol. However, he had to be Kana’s fans first.

“Thank you.” The waiter silently thanked Lin Xiang, pushing the trolley and leaving.

When she came to the private room again, the waitress saw that Angie was waiting for her. After a while, Angie asked her, “so, where is he?”

“Um… I couldn’t find him…” The waitress lied. She really had no reason to bring Lin Xiang over under the eyes of Kamiki.

“That’s a pity, I still want to ask him over to cook for me.” Angie sighed pitifully. As a celebrity, whatever facial expression she put on would give the others a different feeling.

“By the way, what does he look like?” Angie asked. She wanted to know who made such a delicious dinner.

“He? He… is a student, wearing a uniform of Pillar Nofu Academy. He is quite tall and…very handsome.” In the eyes of the waiter, Lin Xiang was already a handsome guy, so much so that while she was talking to them, she had ignored Remi who’s also handsome.

“Student? Very handsome? Isn’t that a joke?” At this moment, Angie thought of the group of students at the corner.

“Really.” The waitress nodded heavily.

“This is really interesting. I don’t know if I can meet him.” Angie supported her chin and imagined the guy who looked handsome and who could cook such a delicious dinner.

“So, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be out working then.”

“Oh, you don’t want my autograph anymore?” Angie reminded her.

“Oh, that’s right.” The waitress was just thinking of going out and stood near Lin Xiang. If there’s anything Lin Xiang needed, she’d help as reward.

“Huh~ I drank too much water, I’ll go to the bathroom first.” Lin Xiang said.

After the meal, someone served them dessert. Satsuki was already full, but she started eating again.

Silent Water and the others were the same. Lin Xiang found it right to say that girls have two stomachs – one for the meal and one for dessert.

After standing up, the waitress immediately walked over and asked Lin Xiang, “may I ask if I can help you with anything?”

“Ha, I’m just going to the toilet.” Lin Xiang smiled, and the waitress blushed too. Since he’s going to toilet, there’s nothing she could help.

At the same time..

“Nicia, I’ll go to the bathroom.”

“I told you not to drink so much juice…Be careful when you go out, and don’t let others see you.”

“I got it.” Angie wore her sunglasses and walked out.

It was Angie’s first time to be there and she had no idea where the bathroom was. She planned to ask at the reception. Unexpectedly, she bumped into someone at the corner. She didn’t stumble, but her sunglasses fell on the floor.

“Sorry.” The person squatted down quickly and took the sunglasses.

“I’m okay.” Angie stood there and didn’t avoid.

Lin Xiang picked up the pair of sunglasses and stood up. Under the bright light, he saw the girl’s face clearly.

She was beautiful and had a special style. Her face also looked perfect with her delicate profile, and her skin was flawless as well. She’s not worse than Silent Water at all, especially her eyes with a sort of electricity, Lin Xiang could even feel the current flowing in his body when looking into her eyes. Angie felt that she had seen him somewhere before.

Angie looked at the guy in front of her. He’s wearing the uniform of Pillar Nofu Academy and he had good looks. He had a clear profile and a pair of bright eyes, it’s just that his hair was a bit messy, as if he was just under some kind of smoke.

Similarly, Lin Xiang also seemed to have seen this girl, but all beautiful women had a clear profile and bright eyes. Lin Xiang returned the sunglasses to Angie.

“Your sunglasses.”

“Hmm.” Angie took the pair of sunglasses and looked at Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang asked, “I’m sorry, did I hurt you anywhere?”

“No…you, don’t you know me?”

It’s a familiar scenario. Angie was sure that she’d seen this guy before.

“I’m not sure…have we ever met before?” Lin Xiang felt that he’d also seen this girl somewhere before.

“I have seen you before.” Angie’s reply was a bit different from last time.

“Oh? Really? I feel that way too. But sorry, I don’t remember clearly. By the way, where are you going?”

“The bathroom.”

“Oh, it’s behind you, not in front.” Lin Xiang pointed to the corner at the end of the corridor.

“Really? It’s my first time here so I didn’t know. What’s your name?”

“Lin Xiang, what about yours?”

“Angie.” Angie told someone her real name for the first time, and it was even a stranger. She hadn’t even told her closest friend her real name.

“Angie? It’s interesting. It’s a bit like Angela, like an angel.”

“Really? Maybe I’m an angel.” Angie showed a charming smile.

“I heard that angels are a beautiful race, if you have a pair of pure and white wings, then you will look very different.”

“Heh~but I don’t have any.” Angie felt that she had felt something special on Lin Xiang, a special kind of resonance.


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