Simple Life of Killing Demons

V9C13_ Kana Kawasumi

“So, you’re a student from Pillar Nofu Academy?” Angie asked.

“Yeah, how did you know that?”

“Aren’t you wearing a school uniform?”

“That’s right, how about you?”

“Me too.”

“Really? But it’s impossible, how is there such a beautiful girl in school like you?”

“So what? Are you a pervert collecting beautiful girls’ information?”

“Well, it’s not like that.” Lin Xiang shook his head.

“Well, I’m just kidding, you don’t need to answer me so seriously. I just seldom go to school, that’s why you don’t know. By the way, you might be the only one who doesn’t know.” Angie sounded vague at her last sentence, and Lin Xiang couldn’t hear it.

“Seldom go to school? Why?”

“I have to work, there’s no other way, it’s because I am poor.” Angie wasn’t planning to tell Lin Xiang her identity, all in all, it’s a rare opportunity to encounter such an innocent guy, so she must tease him for a bit.

“Poor? Then why are you here…”

“Oh, it’s the first time I came here to work. I haven’t got my work clothes yet, so I’m just in my casual wear.” Angie was wearing ordinary clothes, making her lie sound more real. In fact, her clothes didn’t look special on the surface, but the quality was much better than some brands.

“Working is good, but you still need to go to school, right?”

“I also want to…but I am so busy. Isn’t there a friendly match at school lately? I might join when the individual game ends. So…if you want to come, I won’t mind, but I’m not sure if people inside would mind.”

Lin Xiang didn’t know what Angie meant by that, he raised his head and saw the signal of “female’s toilet” was right above her, and he almost followed her inside.

“Sorry, sorry.” Lin Xiang took a few steps back, “oh, eh, bye.”

“Yup, goodbye.”

After Lin Xiang left, Angie showed a smile. She shook her head and walked into the bathroom, “it turns out that such a guy exists, really…”


Lin Xiang washed his face after going to the toilet. After he walked out, he didn’t see Angie.

After returning to his table, Lin Xiang found that Dusty was nowhere to be found. Could she be running around again?

“Where is Dusty?” Lin Xiang asked.

“In the bathroom.”

After Satsuki said so, Dusty’s voice echoed throughout the whole restaurant, “Oh my God, guess who I’ve just seen?” Everyone looked at her.

“Shh, Dusty, this is a public place. Don’t be so loud. Also, don’t you think that it’s a bit embarrassing to talk about toilet?” Satsuki reminded Dusty.

“I’m so sorry that Dusty is under my bad influence.”

“You know what? I saw someone…in the bathroom.” Dusty lowered her voice and said mysteriously near the table.

“Who is that?” Everyone looked at Dusty with doubt. They never saw Dusty saying something do discreetly.

“Kawasumi Kana.” Although Dusty tried to control her voice, Lin Xiang still could hear the excitement in it.

“Really?” Reidy stood up suddenly. Then, she sat down again after seeing everyone looking at her.

“Really. When I entered, she happened to be washing her hands. I thought that I had mistaken, but I saw her smiling at her through the mirror. I know that it must be her.”

“Ahem…I…suddenly want to go to the bathroom.” Reidy stood up while saying so.

“Me too. Let’s go together.” Satsuki said too.

“Oh yeah~ I’ll go to the bathroom to see if I see Kana again.” Dusty followed Reidy and Satsuki and they hurried to the bathroom.

“What’s matter?” Lin Xiang was confused, “who’s that girl?”

“Master, it’s Kawasumi Kana.” Silent Water corrected him, “she’s a very powerful singer and actress. Dusty and Reidy like her very much, and me too.”

“Oh? By the way, I remember that you always watch her concert on TV, right?” At this moment, Lin Xiang seemed to remember it, and he thought of the girl called Angie. Lin Xiang didn’t know why he’d think of her.

“What’s the matter? Yorikawa?” Lin Xiang saw Yorikawa looking at the direction of Reidy and the others, and he asked.

“I…” Yorikawa suddenly lowered her head and looked at Lin Xiang from bottom to top, “I…I also like Kana, she sings really well and she’s a good actress too. She’s so far the top celebrity in the country. Also, she belongs to our school…”

“Oh, I’ve also heard about the singers in your school. She’s studying in the class next to mine. However, I haven’t seen her around much.” For Kaoru who was fascinated by swords only, she didn’t pay much attention to the entertainment sector.

“Did she come here for dinner…” Kamiki looked thoughtful.

“Is Kamiki also a fan of hers?”

Kamiki stroked her hair and said faintly, “no, I remember that she’s the only celebrity who has rejected the Kamiki Group for an advertisement. Not sure why she had the guts to. No other celebrities would dare to reject us.”

“Is that so…”

“Yeah, but she’s really quite pretty, she’s the best-looking female celebrity I’ve ever seen. She’s also a good singer, she’s got both looks and ability.”

“Have you seen her, Kamiki?” Yorikawa raised her head and asked.

“I saw her once. At a high-end reception. She was invited to be a special guest and sang a few songs on stage.”

“It’s great…that you can listen to Kana sing.”

“It’s really good. At least I don’t hate her, she is not as pretentious as other female stars.”

Speaking of this, Reidy and the others returned without looking good, it’s obvious that they didn’t bump into Kana.

“Damn it! Why didn’t I see her?” Reidy pouted her mouth happily.

“Yes, it’s a pity. I haven’t met celebrities face-to-face before. It’s a rare opportunity to be in this high-end place, and I should’ve thought that I might bump into someone famous…” Satsuki looked frustrated too.

“Hehe~” Only the smile on Dusty stayed, as she’s the only one having seen Kana.

In fact, when they went to see Kana, Lin Xiang knew that they wouldn’t bump into her, as she wouldn’t be in the toilet waiting for them.

After chatting for a while, it was already 8pm. Lin Xiang suggested to return home, as they were all girls and it’s not appropriate for them to return home late. Also, there were police officers checking cars on the road, it’s obvious that some bad guys were nearby, and he didn’t want them to get hurt.

They felt that it’s time for them to return, so they agreed.

When he packed his schoolbag, Lin Xiang didn’t see Angie anymore. Lin Xiang thought that it’s not her workplace, so he left with everybody.


“What’s wrong? Angie, judging from the way you look, have you encountered anything interesting?” Angie pushed the door and walked in. Nicia found that she’s smiling.

“Yeah, by coincidence, I saw the guy that I’d seen last time.”

“Which guy?”

“The guy who doesn’t know me. I didn’t expect that he still doesn’t know me this time.”

“Oh, really? Is he from a rich family?” Nicia thought that anyone who could go there was from a rich family. Could it be that the guy has attracted Nicia’s attention and pretended not to know her?

Since Nicia watched Angie grow, how could she not know what she’s thinking? She sat on a soft chair, crossed her legs and told Nicia, “I’m not sure whether he’s rich, but I’m not sure that he wasn’t pretending. If he was, then I’ll find him and shoot a movie together.”

“Really, please pay attention anyway.” Nicia knew that Angie had her own ideas and wouldn’t be cheated so easily. She stopped saying anything further.

“By the way, Nicia, please reject the arrangement of the five coming days, as I’ve decided to accept the school’s invitation to attend the closing ceremony of the friendly match. I want to see how that guy would look at me in the audience.”

“You only do whatever you like. Ok, but you have to work harder. Aside from the Kitashima company, there’s a newly opened dojo by the Kamikawa family. They want you to attend the opening ceremony.”

“Dojo? No.”

“What about the summer fashion show?”

“A show again? No.”

“What about the restaurant chain?”

“I’m going to that one.”

“You know that you’re such a foodie, according to the terms on Internet.”

“I’m also willing to be a foodie. As I didn’t get to eat such delicious food before.”

“You…you really don’t want to go back?” Nicia’s facial expression was a little dim.

“I’m sure.” Angie’s tone got cold. Her sweet voice suddenly became as cold as ice.

“Well, I remember our rule, we shall never mention about the past.” Nicia rubbed her temples, and there was silence in the private room.


“Thank you very much for your food. I am sure that my father will be pleased.” In the house of Suehiro, Kaoru took the 3 boxes of spaghetti, and she thanked Kamiki.

“It’s nothing.” Kamiki waved her hand.

“Well, young master, I will return now.”

“Hurry up. Uncle Sunao and Choshi must be hungry now.”


Kaoru nodded, turned and walked into the mansion.

“Let’s go, butler.”

“Got it, Miss Kamiki.”

The luxury car started and moved on.

After taking Satsuki and Yorikawa home in turn, the car of the Kamiki family came to an intersection, where Lin Xiang asked to get off.

“It’s ok for me to send you home.” Kamiki said.

“No need, we’ll just get off here. It seems that something is going to happen. Kamiki, you should return first, or I’m afraid that there’d be danger.”

“In this case, perhaps you’d be in danger then? Especially when you’re with a few beautiful girls?”

“You don’t need to worry, if there are gangsters or something, I can deal with it.” Reidy said, patted her little chest.

“Huh, are you?” Kamiki looked at Reidy, and she seemed to laugh. After reminding them to be careful, she told the butler to continue driving. Kamiki’s smile made Reidy a little furious.

“What kind of expression is that, it will grow up some day!” Reidy shouted to the car going away. Suddenly she found Lin Xiang beside her. When Lin Xiang couldn’t figure out the situation, she punched him in the stomach and took the lead to go home.

“Damn it.” Lin Xiang’s stomach hurt a little from being beaten up. He took the food he bought for Fire Dance and walked in with Silent Water and the others.


When he got home, Remi was already gone. It looked as if he didn’t want to disturb Lin Xiang and his sister, and he left when they were not noticing.

After seeing that Remi was no longer there, Lin Xiang had no other ways. He stood outside the door for a while before walking in.

“Master, Silent Water, Reidy and Dusty will go for a shower first. If there’s anything, then call me.” Silent Water and Reidy took their clothes in the backyard.

“Uh…go on…I won’t call you…”

“Damn human, what are you thinking about? Even if you call Silent Water, she won’t walk out naked, right? You pervert.” Reidy turned and cursed.

“No, no, I didn’t think that way.” Lin Xiang shook his head hurriedly.

“Huh!” Reidy snorted and walked out of the yard.

Silent Water, who was walking in the front, secretly covered her mouth and smiled. Looking at the master’s stupid look, Silent Water felt that it’s really great to have such a master.

When he came to the living room, Fire Dance was sitting there quietly. Lin Xiang approached her and put down the bag containing the food. After he did so, Fire Dance started staring at him. Her eyes were as dark as a hole, and no one could figure out what she’s thinking.

Lin Xiang smiled embarrassedly, “sorry, we’re late. This is your dinner.”

Fire Dance stared at Lin Xiang, as if she wanted to kill him with her eyes.

“Excuse me, what did I do?”

Fire Dance still didn’t answer, she’s just clenching her fist next to her thigh.

Well, this is Fire Lotus, her temper is really bad. Back then, although Reidy was also quite arrogant, at least I can talk some sense with her, but there’s utterly no way to communicate with Fire Lotus…Lin Xiang thought so secretly, and he backed away before she flipped.

Oh? At this time, Lin Xiang found out that the cabinets in the living room were a little messy. There’s also a vase being smashed on the floor. What’s going on? Was that because of the wind?

“Who did it?” Lin Xiang murmured and took the broom. When he was sweeping the pieces of glasses away, Lin Xiang also found some red spots on the floor, was that blood?

When he thought of Fire Lotus clenching her fists, he wondered if Fire Dance got hysterical after waking up, broke some glasses, then accidentally hurt herself when picking up the pieces?

Lin Xiang thought that it’s highly possible.

When he got in front of Fire Lotus, she spoke first, “I broke the glasses, do you have any opinion about it?” Her tone was still as cold as ever.


“No… Are you hurt?” Lin Xiang saw Fire Lotus still holding her right hand tightly, and he was more sure of what he speculated.

“No. And it’s none of your business.” Fire Lotus hid her hands behind her back.

“Let me see it.”

“No!” Fire Lotus stood up and walked outside the door.

“Don’t be like this, okay? I have treated you and Fire Dance as my family.” Lin Xiang’s words made Fire Lotus stop.

“Family?” Fire Lotus repeated, and she turned back, “this is just what you think single-sidedly. I do not think the same. Also, if you treat Fire Dance as your family, then where were you when she’s crying?” Afterwards, Fire Lotus flung her ponytail and left.

“Well, that’s right…” Lin Xiang showed a self-deprecating smile.


In the morning, as usual, Fire Lotus didn’t have breakfast with Lin Xiang. After leaving some food to Fire Lotus, Lin Xiang and the others left.

From the window on the second floor, Fire Lotus looked at Silent Water, Reidy, Dusty, Remi getting along so well with Lin Xiang, and she felt so confused.

“Family? Does he really treat me and Fire Dance as family? I won’t believe those words so easily.”


When they came to the school, the campus was full of students, they were from Pillar Nofu Academy, Daojie Holy Spirit Academy, and students from two campuses in other cities. They prepared some balloons and flowers, which they planned to give to the victorious contestants. As for the contestants, they were all full of energy and vigorously preparing for the competition.

It would be the last day of the friendly match. Which college would win the championship? It all depended on their team spirit, team work and team spirit.


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