Volume 9 Chapter 15: The Match Has Just Begun


“I never expected that you are still ahead of me,” Takahashi looked at Kodak and said in a self-depreciating way.

“After watching you in so many matches, don’t you think that the same tactics will fail instead?” Kodak tossed the sharp knife in his hand. He seemed really confident.


“Why are you spouting so much nonsense for?  If you want to fight then bring it on!” Rin carried the weapon in his hand, light it with flames and dashed towards Kodak.

Swish.” A huge figure sprang out from the ground and stood in front of Kodak.

“Don’t get in the way!” Rin slashed at the man who had drilled out of the ground.

The other party didn’t rush. With a sharp “clang“, he used his arm to resist Rin’s attack.

“What?” Rin felt a slight pain in his arm, as if he had hit something hard just now.

“Trash!” With a sneer, the boy, who had just blocked a blade attack with only his arm, punched at Rin’s direction. The speed was not fast but he was full of strength. The boy had quite a large body, but if you looked closely, his arms were unusually thick and were bronze-in-color. It did not match the color of his face.

There was a lot of difference in his physique, but Rin did not evade. He used the blade of the knife to block his chest and caught the boy’s attack.

As powerful as a bull, Rin was immediately knocked off by this strange force.

“No doubt, a trash,” Seeing Rin flying out, the boy sneered again. It seemed that Rin did not dodge, but disdainfully chose to block his attack.

“Have you found the earth spirits?” Takahashi murmured as he watched Rin, who flew ten meters away and slowly climbed up.

“Takahashi, the other party had two of them while the others should be in ambush, you have to be careful,” said Lily. She did not have much strength left and it’s obviously that she was not suitable to attack such a powerful opponent.

“You also have to be careful in protecting yourself. Although they are not caught in the trap, it does not mean that the rune you set has lost its meaning. Wait for my signal then take the initiative to activate the rune.”

“Huh?” Before Lily could respond to what Takahashi said, Takahashi already rushed out.

“Come on. We’re just waiting for you,” the boy saw Takahashi’s arrival and took a step forward. He was confident that the effect of the enchantment that was immune to all physical attacks could block all attacks.

“Hey, don’t fight with what’s mine,” warned Kodak.

“Wait till I go for two rounds with him then we’ll talk.”

“Ya!” With a fist with exuding coldness, Takahashi hit the arm of the boy which was placed in front of his chest heavily.

“Hoho! It doesn’t hurt or itch. It’s not even half the strength of the trash just now. It seems that you are nothing more than that.” As he was speaking, the boy hit Takahashi with his huge fist just like before. However, his speed is much slower than before. Takahashi easily dodged his attack, slapped him provocatively and quickly returned to Lily’s side.

“You punk!” The boy was furious. He smashed the emerging ice layer on his hand that prevented him from attacking then rushed towards Takahashi.

“Murasaki, you fool!” Seeing how the boy was enraged by Takahashi, Kodak immediately caught up with the boy swiftly and blocked his way.

“Kodak, go away! I want to slap him harshly.” The boy roared hysterically. It was hard to tell if his face was red because of Takahashi’s slap or due to his load roar.

“Calm down, look!” Kodak pointed to the ground in front of Takahashi. There were faint ice flowers on the brownish-grey rocky ground. If one didn’t look closely, one would have thought that it was only reflecting light. If one looked closely, one would find that it was some strange characters.

“Oh! Not bad. Never knew your eyesight could be this good.” Takahashi smiled.

When he saw the strong and defensive boy, he knew that this boy was the type of simple-minded guy with well-developed limbs. Although he was invincible in strength, as long as a little strategy was used to fight against this kind of person, defeating him should not be a problem.

His slap greatly angered the opponent just right, causing the opponent to lose control, and ran into the ice rune he secretly made.

Speaking of ice runes, its effect could either be large or small. A powerful ice spirit was able to freeze an entire herd of elephants with ice runes. However, there were comparatively few of them because this kind of magic was like a side door which was relatively rare. It was one kind of water magic. Therefore, not many people would use it. Although Takahashi could not be said to be a powerful ice spirit, it was still possible to freeze a tall person with the rune released.

Blocked by Kodak, the boy’s breathless atmosphere gradually weakened. His anger slowly subsided.

“Hmph! I hate those who are clever with little tricks. Come and fight one-on-one with me if you dare.”

“Tsk tsk tsk.” Takahashi shook his head, “I won’t be stupid enough to face you head-on but this distance should be enough. Kaoru!”

As she was located above and the wind was getting stronger, it was difficult for Kaoru to stabilize her body. Holding the small stones protruding from the rocky wall with both hands, Kaoru was observing the situation below. Two people and Takahashi were facing each other, four people were hiding in the bushes, where was the person? However, the situation could not let Kaoru think further when she heard Takahashi’s voice. She immediately gathered lightning. The time between Takahashi’s command and her duration to gather lightning did not exceed one second. Just as she was about to launch, a wind blade flew at her.

The oncoming gale limited Kaoru’s movement. She could not escape. The wind blade hit the center of her abdomen. The pain spread rapidly but she still released two lightning bolts which flew towards Kodak and the boy.

Kodak and the others had already caught a respond as they avoided the strike of the purple lightning.

At that time, the people hiding nearby also started to fight with Takahashi’s teammates. It seemed that the battle had officially started.



“How is it? Have you found the missing police officer?” In a police station, a person who was disguised as a police chief asked on the phone.

“Reporting to the Chief, we have searched for a long time. Aside from those people who were killed, there were no traces of Officer Sekata. He was probably held captive by the criminal.” the policeman who was in charge of the search sighed.

“Bastard! How could a good policeman be captured by the other party? It’s been 10 hours yet there’s still no contact.”

“Chief, Officer Sekata is not the blame of this matter. We are still uncertain whether he’s dead or alive.”

“I didn’t blame him! But don’t all of you know the situation right now? The mysterious death of a man in the subway, the police man who died on the road with a punch of a fist, innocent pedestrians who died a tragic death by the streets and a policeman who strangely gone missing. The media had constantly been reporting on these matters. This made many civilians have trouble going on with their daily lives, living in a panic. Let me tell all of you, deal with this matter as soon as possible. The criminals must be brought back and bring justice to those who died.”

“Yes, Chief!”

“Alright, go now.” The police chief hung up the call. Before he could catch his breath, the phone on the office table rang again.

“Hello, is there another problem?” The chief said with a reluctant tone as he rubbed his eyes that reddened due to lack of sleep. A lot of things had happened for the last two days, he seemed to not get enough sleep and did not even return to his home. His mood naturally became grouchy.

“Of course, there’s a problem.” There came the voice of an old man from the phone.

Upon hearing the voice, the chief’s tired eyes were wide open immediately. His tone had become better than before.

“Lord Eguchi! Sorry, I didn’t know it was you.”

“No worries, I knew you were tired,” said the old man.

Eguchi Notaro, a member of the Human World Defense Force. He had the same status as Qian Libing. However, in the human world, his name was not as famous as Qian Libing. The reason was that Eguchi was generally responsible for the affairs of the outer world, while Qian Libing was more for the human world.

Eguchi Ki, the son of Eguchi Notaro, was the president of the local magic association. When Silent Water and the others were just enrolled in school, he used both soft and harsh methods, wanting them to join the magic association.

He is a lecherous guy, not to mention the fat vice president who was just as lecherous as him. Moreover, Eguchi Ki also practiced a magic that could make women show their affection for him. Charming enchanted pupils. Although these kinds of magic could make women be affectionate for him, yet it could not control one’s heart, like a succubus. Of course, his magic could only be used for those insecured opposite sexes but once the other party knew this magic, the magic would eventually fail.

Unlike his son, Eguchi Notaro was a bold person. He mostly despised doing things in a sneaky and secret way. He also knew that Eguchi Ki was not a good person, so he never did show him his good side. Instead, he paid more attention to his other young son, Eguchi Mon.

Eguchi Mon did not go to school in the human world. Eguchi Notaro brought him to the outer world to gain experience through practice. In the world where the strong was respectable, Eguchi Mon had an extraordinary ability. His personality was like Eguchi Notaro, very upright and bold.

“How’s the condition now?” Eguchi Notaro asked.

“The situation is not great. We did not find the criminal as well as the missing policeman…”

Sigh, all of these were due to the poorly-guarding defenders of the human world. We didn’t expect that we could be deceived by the demon apostle, giving them the opportunity to come here.”

“No, no way, Lord Eguchi. You were too harsh on yourself. It’s all due to us. We have searched the whole city yet we haven’t found them. There have been so many victims too.”

“Well, we can’t have more victims appear any further. These failure devil apostles deserve to die. All they wanted was for the demons to rule the world, but we don’t even know why they came here. If we do, it will be easier to solve.”

“No matter what the reason is, it won’t be a good thing. Lord Eguchi, don’t worry. We will definitely catch the criminal.”

“Okay. It’s fine if you have the confidence. We must protect our world. We can’t let the incident that happen a thousand years ago repeat itself. Demons and devils are our greatest enemies! People’s lives have been threatened. The temple has sent two of the thirteen saints there meanwhile the defenders of the human world will also send guards to assist you. No matter what they want to do, we can’t let them get what they want. Support will probably arrive this afternoon then you can give orders at that time.”

“I dare command the guards, but the Thirteen Saints…” The chief was doubtful, “I’m afraid I don’t have the qualifications.”

“Then you can follow their instructions. After all, they have been living in such a stressful period in the outer world, they could be better than you in dealing with these matters.”

“Alright, no problems. My subordinates and I will follow their instructions. May I know how many there are?”

“Two Thirteen Saints and three guards.”

“I understand, I will call someone to the teleportation area to meet them later.”

“So, that’s all for now. I hope there will be no more victims.”

“Yes…” Hanging up the phone, the chief’s expression became serious. As the head-chief, he did not hope for people to have trouble.



“Trash like you, have no rights to be my opponent.” The muscular boy had no idea how many times Rin have blocked his attack.

“Trash? Talk later when you finally defeat me, you big-headed guy with only strength.” Rin increased the strength of his flames. The silver knife flushed in redness, its fire was frantic.

The strong, muscular boy groaned in a loud voice, “Your flames are useless against me,” as he sped towards Rin to collide him.

Rin was standing under a tree. As he saw the approach of the boy, he immediately dodged.

Bam! “ The tree that was just behind Rin flew away in a jiffy. However, the boy still rushed forward due to his usual habit which made many trees stumbled.

“You are just like a bull!” Rin exclaimed.

“Indeed. Nonetheless, he was just a bit too slow.” A voice rang in Rin’s ears, before he could turn around, he was stabbed in the back with a knife.

Rin rolled on the ground several times and found it hard to stand upright.

“How…” Before Rin’s eyes, there stood three enemies. It seemed that his comrades were knocked down.

Looking at Takahashi, although he was not injured much, it felt that he had no power to fight back at all.

Bastard Takahashi, what the hell are you doing!? Isn’t there a number of moves that have not been used? Where did the trick to defeat Hyakukawa Sea go? Isn’t your ice almighty!?

Rin had a feeling that Takahashi seemed deliberate to hide his strength. Since the start of the team game, Takahashi had not used half of his strength at all.

It was obvious that the gorgeous ice to fight against Hyakukawa Sea was so dashing and cool. Not to mention, when he was playing against Matthew, it was all so intense and strong.

Is it because the opponent doesn’t catch your attention? Like when you fight against me?

When Rin was thinking about this, a huge figure rushed towards him. It was the strong boy.

Rin wanted to run, but there was no way. He was struck by an electric spirit and was paralyzed. When he was hit, his body was almost like a kite with a broken line, flying a long distance uncontrollably.

Bastard Takahashi, if we lose, you are the sinner of the academy.

Rin felt his bones were broken to pieces. He looked at Takahashi unwillingly and fainted. The gust of wind messed up his dusty hair.

The wind was getting stronger. It had reached the point where people could not open their eyes. Except for the wind spirits who were already familiar with the wind, everyone else was squinting.

“Ha, Takahashi, your teammates are almost down. Do you think you can defeat me in such winds? I didn’t beat you before because I was waiting for a stronger wind. Now, it’s time.” Kodak sneered.

“Can you beat me? We are both unsure of that.  I’m just like you, waiting for the fierce wind.”

Takahashi’s silver hair fluttered in the wind. The perseverance in his eyes added a touch of handsomeness to him.

Although the audience did not think that Takahashi and Lily, who had a great reduction of magic power, could defeat the other seven with only the two of them. Nevertheless, after watching Takahashi, the girls were all cheering for Takahashi. Regardless of winning or losing, Takahashi would still be the most handsome.

“Takahashi, could it be that that’s all you’ve got?” From a moment ago, Lin Xiang felt that Takahashi didn’t use many moves. If that was the “very powerful” that Satsuki mentioned, then Lin Xiang would be very disappointed.

“While you are still trying to stay strong, just do it while you have the chance. Guys, don’t go against him, I can handle him casually.” The tall boy spoke. In the Valley of the Storm full of gusty wind, with the exception of the wind mage, the one who was least affected by the earth was him.

Although the earth element was not favored by people, but people could not help but acknowledged that h was really good in facing other attributes, except that water was its nemesis.

“I said, don’t rob what’s mine.” Kodak said to the boy.

“Hmph, I want to have my revenge.” Without following the orders given, the boy braced the wind as he slowly walked towards Takahashi.

“Well, I was looking forward to you. Hurry up, okay?” Takahashi stood quietly in the wind without a trace of fear.

“Bastard, I really despise you.” The boy checked to see if there were any ice runes nearby Takahashi. When he saw that there were none, he dashed towards Takahashi.

“In this match, it doesn’t really matter whether you win or lose. Anyway, that guy Matthew will knock you all down. Lin Xiang, that’s why I have to duel with you in the individual match. If you can beat your opponents and enter the finals, even if you all attack altogether, there might not have a chance to win.” Takahashi murmured to himself then said to Lily who had not fallen, “Lily, release them all.”


If the rune was activated, it would not consume the magic power of the caster. On the other hand, actively releasing the rune itself would consume magic power.

Although Lily used a lot of magic power in the previous battle, she still retained the power to release runes, which was available at that moment. Although no one knew why Takahashi wanted to release tornadoes in windy Valley of the Storm, but his actions must have had a meaning to it.

“Ha!” Lily used all her strength to activate all the runes she arranged. Out of the blue, more than a dozen tornadoes appeared around her.

“Oh, don’t catch a cold.”

Takahashi looked at the boy who was speeding towards him and smiled. With a sudden roar, the world of wind suddenly turned into a sky full of snow.

The blowing wind was all mixed with snowflakes. The original cool wind made people tremble instead. The dozen that were originally tornadoes had completely turned into a stream of blizzards.

“Ah.” The strong boy who was crashing into Takahashi seemed to have bounced off by something at that moment, his body vacated as he fell heavily to the ground.

“What?” Seeing the sudden change of atmosphere, Kodak was at a loss.

“Have you finally found out? Wind is a good partner for snow. If you chose flames, then maybe it could have been your luck, but the Valley of the Storm was definitely not.”

As soon as Takahashi finished speaking, a blue ice tiger came out of a magic circle.

“I forgot to tell you something. Actually, my three ambushing teammates lost to you on purpose. Come on! The match has just begun.”


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