Volume 9 Chapter 16 : Marion Clan


Competitors’ lounge for team matches.

With a “Bang!” sound, a boy punched the table hard, “Why didn’t you tell me!?”

“If I told you, you would definitely not agree, right?” The silver-haired boy sitting at the table just shrugged, not at all frightened by the boy’s desire to hit someone.

“Scumbag! You guys, why didn’t you tell me?” Rin let out his anger at the three teammates.

“Ha- Takahashi told us keep it a secret from you. He is the captain, we can’t help it.” A boy smiled with honesty.

“So, you can obviously win. Why do you want to admit defeat?” Rin questioned Takahashi.

After Takahashi turned Valley of the storm into snowfield, the enemies’ actions were well restricted due to the environment. Takahashi soon defeated five enemies. All whose left was Kodak and a girl who could use the winds just like Kodak. Takahashi admitted defeat instead, which made Rin very angry.

His grandfather was looking forward to his victory and Rin was certain. If his teammates didn’t release water on purpose, then he would not be paralyzed by electricity and got a knock out.

“Think about it. If we win, the opponent will be Matthew and the others. Do you want to be severely punished?”

Matthew’s team was in the second match and Matthew’s team will definitely win. It was indisputable. If Takahashi won this game, they would have to face them.

The sequence of the match was that the first victorious team would have to compete with the second victorious team. The third with the fourth from the following matches then the last two winning teams will enter the finals.

“Huh, are you afraid of him?” Speaking of Matthew, Rin went into flames. That guy was not human at all. He was knocked down by a single blow when he was fighting against him yet he was not the only one. Many people from the Academy were knocked out by him in seconds. Except for those frontiers like Hyakukawa Sea and Takahashi, who were able to put on a few moves against him, there was no one who could really defeat him at all, just like what Rin’s grandfather said.

“He is not someone you can knock down.”

“Afraid? No, I’m not afraid. I didn’t want to be defeated by him in just a few strokes. He is not at the same level as me. It is impossible to fight him. If you want to improve yourself, you must choose someone similar to yourself, or someone who is better than yourself so you can make progress. Him? When I am strong enough, I will challenge him again.”

“Huh? Then don’t decide to lose on the first match, okay? That’s just losing our face.”

“Did you know that in the hearts of the audience, although we’ve lost, we are actually the winners? Do you know the difference between you and Takahashi? That is, you lack the use of your brain. We did this, which was much better than directly losing in the second match,” explained Lily.

“This…” Rin thought for a moment. It really made sense. Sigh. Why would his second match’s enemy be Matthew, the guy who was more popular than Takahashi… But fortunately, he was from the same academy as he was. It seems that our school might win the championship in this campus friendly match after all.

As he thought of that, Rin felt slightly relieved. He didn’t really care so much about what just happened anymore.

“But Takahashi, you didn’t tell Lily and I either. You are really bad.” Kaoru lightly hit Takahashi.

“Oh– Sorry, I should have told you two.”


Marion clan was the team that got the most hope from the principal of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy. It was not because of how good the players were, but it was entirely because of a boy named Matthew.

That boy was very powerful, even the teacher could not be his opponent. Of course, such a powerful student must have come from a huge background. Rin’s grandfather, the principal of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy, was the only person who knew his identity. He was in awe of Matthew because his identity was very special. Even in outer world, he was the kind that could earn people’s respects.

The boy named Matthew had a handsome profile. Unlike Takahashi and Remi, he gave people a “this boy is very beautiful” sort of feeling. His skin could kill many women in seconds. It was glassy-white and delicate. Not to mention, those eyes that seemed to be carrying tons of electricity. To sum it up in one sentence, he was incredibly handsome.

At the beginning of the game, the boy, Matthew stood there and did not attack. He was observing the nearby flowers and plants, as if he had nothing to do with the game. Meanwhile, his teammates were fighting hard against the enemy.

It would be a pity to not mention that Matthew’s team members were very powerful. Although they are all women, they were not weak in strength. They cooperated with each other tacitly. Matthew didn’t bother to take a look at the game, but just went around in circles. He was really disdainful of these kinds of children’s fights.

Thirty minutes later, Matthew’s team’s tacit cooperation knocked down the opponents. Their team was promoted and was qualified to participate in the semi-finals.

After another match, it was Lin Xiang’s turn. Their team was arranged at the very back and was playing against an all-boys team. Speaking of that team, it would be amazing. All of them seemed to have lost their souls and literally had no intention of fighting.

When their principal saw that scene, he really wanted to rush in the battle grounds to strangle them to death.

As a result, it went without saying that it was the victory of Lin Xiang’s clan, Zero-End Clan. Their victory was simply the easiest time since the beginning of the team matches. Their victory made Satsuki very happy. After all, wasn’t the ability to win without even playing hard, a happy thing?


“Damn it! How can there be so many cops? Hey, where in the world is the Devildom Administrations?” As he opened the window, the man dressed in black was still feeling drowsy. From the mouth of the policeman who was held captive, it seemed that the uncomfortable feeling he got was called “motion sickness.”

“On the edge of the city, in order to avoid the police, we can’t go as fast.” The police replied mechanically, like a robot.

“Jike, don’t be impatient, we will be there. Besides, it’s ridiculous that a big man like you can get motion sickness.” The woman was enjoying the feeling of riding in a car without the need to consume magic, it was faster than walking. They could also watch the roadside sceneries.

“Daisha, don’t mess with me anymore or I will kill you after I find the Demon King.”

“Kill me?” The woman knew that the man was not joking. Being demon apostles, they were bloodthirsty, fallen humans. Without the supervision of the president, the demon apostles would never be able to gather together. Now that the president was not there, it didn’t matter if the man wanted to kill her.

However, the woman was not afraid, “We’ll see who will kill who by then.”


The semi-finals began. Matthew and his team faced Kodak’s team.

Logically speaking, those who had just participated in the competition would be very tired. Therefore, the organizers of the competition would give the competitors potions to restore their physical strength and magic power. After drinking, they would be in good condition just like before the matches.

After the battle with Takahashi, Kodak no longer had the guts to say that he wanted to defeat Matthew. Takahashi, who seemed to have not used his best, had defeated his entire team just by environmental factors. Not to mention, Matthew who had never moved an inch in the battle field before had doubled Kodak’s sense of crisis.

“Hey, we have to be careful. Understand…” Kodak was full of hesitation as he tried to encourage his teammates.

“Yes…” His teammates nodded. However, the boys had small calculations in their hearts because almost all of the opponents they fight against were women. Moreover, they were considered top-notch beauties. Although they were very different compared to Lin Xiang’s team, it would be nice to be able to take advantage of the girls. They almost had no hope for victory in the match. Since Takahashi was so incredible all alone, then needless to say, Matthew would definitely be able to destroy their team. Therefore, all they could hope was to take petty benefits and leave the match with no regrets.

The competition started. The chosen site was a forest. Just like before, Matthew looked as if he was completely unrelated to the match, just taking a shade under a tree.

On the other hand, his team members, the seven girls rushed to the battlefield to defeat the enemies.

To be honest, Matthew actually didn’t want to join any clans, not to mention an all-girls clan. Yet, there was no way. Those seven girls seemed to have a very powerful and influential background, seemed to like him. They forced Matthew to join their clan which made Matthew very helpless.

All he could blame was his own bloodline. Matthew looked at the simulated sky and had to exclaim that technology was such a magical thing. Even the fake sky could be done so realistically natural…

At that moment, not far away, the ground slightly bulged and slowly moved in the direction of Matthew.  Matthew, who had his back faced to it, appeared not as amused with his emotionless expression as he was sitting on the ground.

“It doesn’t matter if you are Matthew or Cat-thew, guys who only depend on women to protect, are just pure rubbish.” Murasaki, the muscular boy thought that Kodak was just having a psychological effect and assumed if Matthew was not protected by the seven girls, he would not have entered the semi-finals. Murasaki intended to use the earth to flee from the girls, slowly catch up to Matthew, then raid him.

Sigh- why are the people here so weak…” Matthew sighed when a person jumped out of the ground behind him out of the blue. The person waved his sturdy hand, and attempted to hit Matthew.

The female spectators who were watching the game all yelled and cursed that the boy was not a human being. At the same time, their hearts were raised to their throats as they yelled in fear that Matthew would be injured.

“Huh?” As soon as Matthew turned his head, a fist flew towards his face. It was just a few centimeters away from the hit when a strange thing happened. Matthew grabbed the boy’s hand without anybody’s knowledge about when he did it.

Matthew’s physique looked a little thin, but his grasp was strong and firm which made the strong boy unable to move. Except for the students of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy, the students of other academies showed incredible expressions. They could not believe what just happened.

“The strength is so-so.” Matthew uttered such sentence then a hard push. The tall and muscular boy soon flew away like a cannonball. He didn’t know how many trees he broke before he finally stopped and passed out.

Matthew let out a sigh, “It’s really weak. If the Demons are resurrected, what should the people on your side do?” He continued leaning on the tree trunk, looking up to the sky.

“What happened just now?” Kodak, who was fighting not far away, suddenly heard a very loud voice and quickly asked what was wrong.

“I don’t know.” The only girl in Kodak’s team tried very hard to fight back against the enemy. It was probably because the opponent was too beautiful, which made her jealous.

“What in the world…” Kodak didn’t have time to see what was going on, because the enemy in front of him was really too strong.

“Heh- How could he think of sneaking an attack, is he stupid?” Rin, who was sitting in the stands smiled disdainfully.

“Oh, you were knocked into the air at the beginning, but this time, he was knocked into the air instead. You two must have a secret bond, right?” Takahashi sneered.

“If it weren’t because of you, how could I get hit?” Rin glared at Takahashi.

“Heh.” Takahashi just smiled and said nothing.


The other side of the stands.

“That man is very strong!” Seeing how Matthew easily pushed the huge boy away, Remi couldn’t help but have a pair of lit up eyes. War-like blood began to boil.

“Yeah…how did he do it? It seems that he looks very relaxed.” Lin Xiang exclaimed in awe.

“No matter how great he is, you can beat it too! Right, Lin Xiang?”

“Hey, Satsuki, what am I in your eyes? A monster? How could I defeat such baddies?” Lin Xiang was speechless by Satsuki’s comment.

Lin Xiang was very self-aware that his current strength was really weak. In addition to kendo, flame transformation, dragon roar and wind speed, he knew that he had no other skills at all. Besides, the two most powerful among these four skills were the dragon roar and flames. It cannot be used on students because the dragon’s attack would ignore the barrier and directly cause damage to the student’s body.

“From what I see, that handsome guy is a monster, but Lin Xiang, you are a monster hunter. You can definitely defeat him. Our team has to win the championship.” Satsuki clenched her fists and was full of confidence.

“Monster Hunter…” Lin Xiang’s current state was really not suitable for the game. Whether the wind speed condition could be used was also another thing.

Soon, the match ended. With the repressive victory of the Marion clan, Matthew yawned and walked out of the arena bored with the support of the six beautiful female teammates. The scene naturally made many boys jealous, but all they could do was envy.

The second semi-finals began. Lin Xiang and the others were going to fight against opponents from their own school. However, it seemed that they didn’t mean to give in at all. Instead, they decided to fight Lin Xiang and the others to the end.

There were five boys and two girls on the opposing team. The two girls originally wanted to surrender. They thought that it would be better to let Lin Xiang and his teammates win because according to their strength, they didn’t think they could beat Silent Water and others.

However, the boys mentioned very firmly that they wanted to battle. In fact, they also knew the disparity between the strength of their team and the opponent’s team. But, in order to be able to leave a good impression in front of those beautiful women like Silent Water, they didn’t care about it as much.

Half an hour had passed.

“No way… My physical strength has deteriorated…” Lin Xiang looked at the enemy who had finally fallen as held the cold sword in his trembling hands and muttered. His palms turned purple due to the icy frost.

Otherwise you would think that you are great. Without dragon power, you are like an ordinary mortal. Your half-dragon physique is, therefore, restricted and unable to show its true colors. ’

‘I’m really weak, am I?’

Actually, it’s not. In the field of defeating demons or devils, you are definitely better than the students here. But, it’s because you can use the skills of a dragon. In situations like where you can’t use dragon skills, your abilities are eventually greatly discounted. Besides, your physique has become much weaker due to the reduction of your soul.

‘But I can’t help it. I can’t use magic and kendo can’t be used for its original purpose at all…’

Kendo was because you don’t have an offensive element attached. Therefore, compared with ordinary combat technicians, you have skills, but you lack the aid of attacks. Magic…It’s not that you can’t use it, but instead it will blow up and the damage will become stronger instead. You may even hurt yourself. You know that, don’t you? In the condition where dragon roar cannot be used and magic may be out of control, you just have to learn some low-level magic, so that even if you go violently, it will not seem outrageous ’

‘Magic, huh…” Lin Xiang glanced at the cold sword in his hand and looked at his palms. He had an idea.

Alright, let’s learn magic. But, it’s better to learn fire magic first so that I can control the fire and prevent it from getting too out of control. He thought to himself.

Well, it’s good to have this idea. Fire magic really cannot cause much harm to you.  But, you have to be careful not to hurt Silent Water and the others. Your fire control ability is still very poor. ’

‘I know, Freed. Thank you for always guiding me like this. ’

Hey, young man, don’t say such disgusting things all of a sudden, okay?’ Feeling very uncomfortable, Freed was not used to it.

Now, brat, didn’t I guide you too? Where’s my thank-you-speech?’ Yalide hated to see Freed being complimented all the time, yet he was never praised. Just like the gods back then.

‘Thank you? Heh heh.’ Lin Xiang smiled and did not utter a word.

You rascal! What do you even mean? Hurry up and praise me, or one day, after your dragon has enough to recover my body, I will definitely teach you a severe lesson.

‘Well, I’ll be waiting.’

Beep- This morning’s matches are over. The teams selected for the finals are Marion Clan of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy and the Zero-End Clan of the Pillar Nofu Academy. Participants, please take a good rest and proceed to the finals this afternoon.” The broadcast sounded with Tsubomi’s voice.

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