Volume 9 Chapter 17 : Matthew


It was another exciting time for a nice meal. Lin Xiang was “blessed” to finish his lunch with the help of Satsuki and the others. After talking and resting for a while, the competition was going to start again.

Throughout the four-day battle, it would finally be the time to determine the championship in the team finals. The two teams, Marion and Zero-End, were the most promising clans in the two academies. Before Lin Xiang arrived on the field, Ijima Michita also came personally to the contestants’ waiting room.

“Xiao Xiang, good luck to you and your team. The honor of the academy is in your hands.”

“Don’t worry, principal. We will win.” Satsuki made a fist gesture.

Others nodded, “We will win.”

“Well, just be confident.” Michita smiled kindly and looked at Lin Xiang, “Xiao Xiang, what’s the matter? Why are you not speaking?”

“It’s nothing, Grandpa Mitsu.” Lin Xiang shook his head.


Two minutes ago

Boy, I took a closer look at the boy named Matthew again. His identity is very special. ’

‘How special? ’

He is an angel. ’

‘What?’ Lin Xiang couldn’t believe it at all. How could there be angels in the human world? Didn’t they all go to the outer world?

Heh- Actually you have seen other angels as well. Alright, listen to me, with your current ability it is completely impossible to defeat him.

‘Why? Is it a must for angels to be that powerful?’

You saw it this morning. With a gentle push, he sent a boy who was stronger than him into the air. Needless to say, you know that power. Can you do that apart from using the dragon’s roar?’

‘I can’t…’

Therefore, let’s not talk about you at this moment.  Even if you had plenty of dragon power in the past, you couldn’t beat him either. He was straight-up a war angel.

‘War angel?’

Angels are divided into three types. First, the ordinary angels. They are well- balanced with both magic and battling skills. Second, the magic angels. They are more inclined to magic which made their magic power attacks very strong. However, the battling skills are relatively weak. In the same way, the third type, war angels have very strong melee combat capabilities. A powerful war angel can destroy a hill, which is equivalent to the attack of a giant dragon. Think about it, can you beat him? Although he hasn’t reached that level yet, you are definitely not his opponent now.

‘Angel, huh…then you want me to surrender?’

Oh, do you think you will surrender if I tell you that?


That’s right. Needless to say, you won’t even admit defeat. I’m telling you, this is a good opportunity to make good practice. War angels are only good at fighting but weak in magic. Why not use magic as an aid? As a plus, use the state of wind speed with a sword to fight against him. Although time is tight now, I want to take out a bit of dragon power. It’ll be enough for you to use magic many times. Remember, using magic will let your psyche be exhausted, so don’t overdo it.

‘I understand.’


“Xiao Xiang, what’s the matter? Why are you not speaking?” Ijima Michita asked.

“It’s nothing, Grandpa Mitsu. I will strive hard.”

“Well, I am looking forward to your performance.” Ijima Michita patted Lin Xiang on the shoulder, placed his hands behind his back and walked out of the waiting room.

“Why does Master seem so listless since just now? Are you uncomfortable?” Silent Water walked to the side of Lin Xiang and asked with concern.

“Yeah, Lin Xiang, your soul seems to be a little lost.”

“Young Master, just tell me if you have any problems. It’s okay, everyone will find a solution together.”

“It’s nothing. Everyone, good luck in the match. This time, the match will be very hard…”

———— Spectatory

“That friend of yours, Lin Xiang, their team is going to match up with Matthew. Do you think that Lin Xiang, who has a weak spiritual power, can beat Matthew?” Rin said to Takahashi while eating a banana.

“I don’t know.” Takahashi felt that Lin Xiang could not be underestimated, but Matthew’s strength was on another level. From the bottom of his heart, Takahashi hoped that Lin Xiang could beat Matthew, but objectively, Matthew was not an opponent that could make anybody win.

“What? I heard from others, aren’t you good friends with him? Also, what’s the reason behind your school-transfer?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Great, look at your divined look. One day, I will defeat you.”

“Let’s hope that one day will come.”


When he was about to leave for the competition grounds, Lin Xiang grabbed Satsuki’s tender, white arm. When she was wondering what was wrong with Lin Xiang, she suddenly saw Lin Xiang’s face leaning towards her.


Satsuki’s heart started to beat faster.

What’s happening? What’s wrong with Lin Xiang? Don’t tell me that he wants to kiss me. No way, in front of so many people? Did he finally get the hang of it? It would be embarrassing if he kisses me in front of so many people.

Satsuki’s face blushed instantly.

Lin Xiang leaned his mouth to Satsuki’s ear and whispered softly, “Satsuki, I want to learn simple fire magic.”

“Huh?” Satsuki looked at Lin Xiang abruptly. An inexplicable expression was written all over her face.


“The friendly match of the four academies, the finals of the team competition, has officially begun.” As the broadcast sounded, the audience could see that the originally gloomy big screen slowly became brighter. From the two split screens, they could see the members of the two teams.

“What is that? Both teams have seven girls and one boy. Are those two boys being irritating on purpose? Are those beautiful girls their harem?” Some boys complained angrily.

“That’s right. It’s horrible. It’ll only anger people even more when being compared. Why don’t we have beautiful girls in our school?” The boy who said this sentence received several beating from the girls of his academy a second later.

“What does it mean there are no beautiful girls? Your standards are too high!” said the girls after knocking down the boy who just finished his sentence.

“That’s right. Disgusting boys. Humph.”

“That guy named Matthew seems to be very handsome.”

“Yes, that’s right. Look at his face. It’s so slender and his features are so beautiful.”

“Well, in comparison, the one named Lin Xiang is much more ordinary. Look, his hair is messy. Why isn’t he tidying it up? His clothes are also worn casually and not buttoned up properly. If he clean himself up a bit, he should be a handsome guy too.”

“Perhaps, but I still like Takahashi more.”

————Broadcasting Room

“The annual friendly team match of the four academies is about to kick off today. The finalists are Marion Clan of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy, and Zero-End Clan of Pillar Nofu Academy. Speaking of these two clans, I think the biggest similarity is that there are more boys than girls in both clans.”

“Well, Meiko-sensei is right. This combination is really miraculous.” Next to Meiko, was a handsome young teacher broadcasting with Meiko. He was an outstanding young teacher of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy and was very popular among teachers and students.

“Then Fuyon-sensei, what do you think are the characteristics of your Marion Clan?”

“I think it’s probably the tacit cooperation of the team members.” The young teacher named Fuyon smiled. His voice was so charming through the broadcast. The comfortable feeling from his voice remained the same.

“Is Fuyon-sensei broadcasting?” a female student asked.

“I think so. The female broadcaster seemed to have called the word, Fuyon just now.”

“That’s great. It’s nice to watch Matthew’s match and listen to Fuyong-sensei’s broadcast in this competition.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Then, Meiko-sensei, how much do you understand about your academy’s Zero-End Clan?” asked Fuyon with a smile on his face enough to melt ice into water. It was just that the target was Meiko. She was not a nymphomaniac so she was not at all moved, “I’m not a teacher, and I haven’t been back to the academy for a while. I don’t know much about Zero-End Clan but there are a few members who are my former students.”

“Well then, who do you think can win, Zero-End Clan or Marion Clan?” Fuyon’s smile was still so charming.

“Of course, I hope that Zero-End Clan will win. However, we are not sure about the outcome of the match, so we will not discuss this any further. Alright, the participants are already on the field and the match will begin soon.” Meiko glanced at the man named Fuyon secretly. She couldn’t figure out the sense of disharmony in her heart. Was it she hated boys who were close to her? After a quick blink, Meiko decided not to think about it anymore but focused on cheering for Lin Xiang and the others in her heart.

————Center of the arena

“Regarding the venue, how do you choose?”

“Random.” Satsuki said a simple word.

“Random.” A girl from the other team also said so.

“Alright, random map.” The referee randomly drew a card from the pile of cards, looked at it and held it high.

On the card was a tall city wall. Judging from the moss on the surface, it was at a certain age. The wall was built from one side of the card to the other which made it felt like it had no boundaries. There were four small words written under the card: Lost City High Wall.

“Match location, Lost City High Wall!” As soon as the referee said the words, Lin Xiang felt the floor vibrated as the bottom of the empty arena raised a high wall. The scene was very spectacular.

“Wow~” Dusty exclaimed and looked up at the high wall blankly.

The height of the wall was about 30 meters, which completely protrudes from the top of the arena. The wall was cratered and there were a lot of green moss. Lin Xiang looked at the high wall and looked to the other side. There was the same wall about a hundred meters away.

Now, let us zoom in and observe from the top of the arena. It was a maze, a maze made up of tall walls. Although the length of the arena was not large, it has brought Lost City High Wall to the fullest. It was built so that the contestants could walk in but not out.

The audience was also dumbfounded after seeing it. It was the first time they saw such maps.

“Is Lost City High Wall? Meiko-sensei, do you know this place?” Fuyon asked Meiko.

“Yes, I do. Isn’t it said to have hidden treasures or something?”

“Oh- Meiko-sensei is amazing.”

“A lot of people know this.” Meiko gave a blank look.

Fuyon smiled and continued, “Have you been there?”

“Hmm-Nope.” Meiko shook her head.

Through the broadcast, the students didn’t understand what Meiko and the man were talking about, even thinking about it. Exception for some upper-class children, ordinary people would not know the existence of the outer world at all. Even if they knew, they were only capable of reaching a certain knowledge level.

“What are Meiko-sensei and the others talking about?”

“I don’t know. Do we have a place like this here?” Some students of Pillar Nofu Academy expressed their doubts.

Some students of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy saw their reactions and expressed in disdain, “That’s a place of the outer world, idiot.”

Although Daojie Holy Spirit Academy was also a school for spiritualists, but compared to Pillar Nofu, it was considered a noble school. Many students there knew about that place.

Moreover, the education methods of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy and Pillar Nofu Academy were different. They sent students to the outer world earlier to get the title of “Exorcist”. As long as the parents agreed, no matter what grade they were in, they could go to the outer world to earn the title. The fees were also paid by the school. It could be seen that they attached great importance to cultivating talents.

It was the same for Pillar Nofu Academy but they took a conservative approach so that students have a certain ability to make practice at the outer world. Of course, those two education systems had their own advantages.

“This place, huh…” Matthew looked at the high wall.

He had been there. It was the only place that led to the ordinary area where angels lived in ​​the outer world. It was also very dangerous as there were many powerful wild elves. At that moment, Matthew accidentally saw Nagisa and fixed his eyes on her immediately. His eyes flashed with a gleam of light, “Goddess of Luck, Mistress Gertas?” Muttering, Matthew couldn’t help but walked in the direction of Nagisa.

“Master Matthew?” The girls in the team had never seen Matthew in such a lost look. Following his gaze, it turned out to be a cute girl? It was at that time when the girls became hostile to Nagisa.

“Master Matthew, what’s the matter with you?” A girl blocked Matthew’s way. Matthew pushed her away and walked to Nagisa, “Mistress Gertas, why are you here?”

“Huh?” Nagisa looked at Matthew with a blank face, then took a step backward to hide behind Lin Xiang.

“Don’t be afraid, Mistress Gertas, I won’t hurt you.” Matthew reached out his girl-like, pale white hand, trying to touch Nagisa. Lin Xiang grabbed Matthew’s hand, “Hey, how can she not be afraid of you like this?”

Matthew looked at Lin Xiang, and then at Nagisa. He finally withdrew his hand and apologized, “I’m sorry, Mistress Gertas.”

“Well, I’m not some Mistress Gertas… Can you not call me that…” Nagisa’s voice trembled as she spoke. That boy gave her a strange feeling. It was a little like the feeling when she met Lin Xiang.

“Not Mistress Gertas? No, you are. The energy in your body is definitely hers. It can’t be wrong.” Matthew said.

“I’m really not… Lin Xiang, I’m not, am I?”

Lin Xiang patted Nagisa’s head,” If Nagisa says it’s not, then it’s not.”

“You filth, don’t use your dirty hands to touch Mistress Gertas!” Upon seeing this, Matthew sprinted and punched Lin Xiang. His speed was fast as if he had entered a state of wind speed.

Huh? When Lin Xiang reacted, Matthew’s fist was already on his chest. Unable to hide from it, Lin Xiang flew from the punch and slammed against the wall.

Boom!” Smoke was everywhere.

“Xiang!” “Master!” “Young Master!” “Lin Xiang!”

Satsuki and the others were still in a state of catching up with the situation when Lin Xiang was beaten all of a sudden. Immediately, they were all standing in a fighting stance, preparing to fight.

“Bastardy humans!” Matthew almost went violent. After taking Lin Xiang to the air, he was unyielding and wanted to proceed with his attack. Raising his fist, he was about to hit Lin Xiang who had just got up agian.

“Stop it!” Nagisa stood in front of Lin Xiang. Unlike her usual quail stupor, her eyes were very firm at the moment as if she was going to fight with Matthew if he took a step forward.

“I’m sorry, Mistress Gertas. Did I do anything that made you angry?”

“Don’t you know what you’ve done?” It was very rare to see Nagisa’s angry face. Her chest was constantly shaking due to her accelerated breathing of fury. She glared at Matthew and ran over to help Lin Xiang up, “Lin Xiang, are you okay, are you hurt?”

“I’m okay…” Fortunately, the barrier of the arena was open, or Lin Xiang would have crippled with bruises because of the attack just then.

An angel… Looking at Matthew, Lin Xiang was not angry. Freed mentioned that Nagisa was blessed by the Goddess of Luck, Gertas. It could be said as a blessing but it was actually Gertas who gave Nagisa some of her strength. Lin Xiang was not certain why, though.

Angels that were called goddesses were generally very capable and powerful and were loved by angels. Matthew saw Nagisa and thought she was Gertas, so he couldn’t control himself. When Lin Xiang patted Nagisa’s head, he immediately thought that Lin Xiang was blaspheming Gertas. How could Gertas,who was respected by all angels, let a mere human touch her head?

“Are you really alright?” Nagisa quickly checked Lin Xiang’s body.

“Matthew, please don’t attack your opponent before the start of the game! Otherwise, your team will lose!” The referee gave Matthew a warning.

However, Matthew was not paying attention. He looked at Nagisa and said, “Mistress Gertas, why are you being so good to this human being?”

“What human? Are you not? Hurry up and apologize to Xiang!” Satsuki looked at Matthew angrily.

Matthew didn’t look at Satsuki, but only at Nagisa.

“Really okay?” Nagisa asked again. She was relieved to see that there were no injuries on Lin Xiang’s body. She sighed and recited to Matthew, “Just like what Risa said. Hurry up and apologize to Lin Xiang!”

“Apologize? Oh, I’m sorry.” Matthew simply apologized to Lin Xiang and continued, “Mistress Gertas, don’t be angry. I was too impulsive.”

“I said before, I’m not Mistress Gertas. My name is Yorikawa Nagisa.”

“Impossible…” Matthew thought about it calmly and carefully. Indeed, Gertas could not be like this. But that girl had her energy… What in the world…

“Master Matthew, what’s the matter with you?” The girl on the same team walked to Matthew and looked at Matthew worriedly.

In their impression, Matthew had always been very docile and gentle.

It’s nothing, I just recognized the wrong person.” Taking another look at Nagisa, Matthew was sure that he would never be wrong, but Nagisa was indeed not Gertas.

“I hope this kind of thing won’t happen again!” scolded the referee, then faced to ask Lin Xiang if there was anything wrong: “Lin Xiang, are you okay? Won’t it affect the game?”

“It’s okay, no problem.”

“You are a victim. You have the rights to let him out of the match.”

“No need. He said that he was impulsive and admitted to the wrong person just now. It’s okay, I’m fine.” As he said, Lin Xiang jumped twice to show that his body was safe and well.

“Okay, then the match is ready to begin.”

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