Volume 9 Chapter 18 : Endless Demons


Entering the unfolding teleportation array, all the members of Zero-End Clan were teleported to the starting point. With towering walls and complicated routes, it was difficult to find opponents in that environment. However, it was also due to the extraordinary environment that increased the excitement of the finals.

“Xiang, are you really okay? The place where you hit had a bent on it. The person named Matthew is really a monster.” Satsuki felt a little angry when she recalled the incident where Matthew punched Lin Xiang for no reason.

“This is nothing. I have seen someone defeat several gangsters with loud roars. It hit them onto the wall hard and the gangsters were almost on the verge of dying.” Kamiki said casually as he glanced at Lin Xiang from time to time.

“What? With a roar? Is it possible for such a person to exist? This is definitely a real monster.” Satsuki was surprised.

I’m the monster, sorry. Lin Xiang knew what Kamiki was talking about. It was the incident after she was kidnapped. He defeated those bandits with a dragon roar in their den.

“Haha. A monster?” Silent Water smiled while covering her mouth.

“Does Silent Water know who it is? Tell me.”

“I want to know, too. A person with such power must be a very awesome person.”

“Awesome? Hmph- Only good occasionally.” Reidy glanced at Lin Xiang.

“No way, Reidy knows it too? Nagisa, don’t tell me you also know who is it?” Satsuki asked Nagisa who was a bit distracted.

“Huh? Excuse me, what did you say, Risa?”

“What happened to you?”

“No… I’m just thinking… Who was the person named Gertas…”

“The one that Matthew mentioned? It’s mostly someone who looks like you. Don’t worry about it. It seems that you don’t know. Since both Reidy and Silent Water know, then Dusty must have known too… Wait, could that person be you?” Satsuki suddenly thought of something and pointed to Lin Xiang who had a wry smile.

“For the time being…”

“Your roar is powerful?”


“Speaking of this… the loud noise was Young Master’s…”

After the succubus was resurrected, Lin Xiang once attacked him with dragon roar and made a big hole in Suehiro’s dojo. Kaoru was very puzzled at the beginning. What kind of power could make the dojo break such a big hole and it turned out to be the roar of the Young Master?

“Xiang, I didn’t expect that. What exactly is your roar? I also want to learn. When you make me angry next time, I can roar at you.”

“Hey, don’t expose your inner voice, I won’t tell you if you did that.” To be honest, Lin Xiang had never been hit by a dragon’s roar. If he was hit, it should have been very painful…

“Petty guy. Huh? What’s that black thing over there?” Satsuki pointed not far away as she spoke.

“Where?” Everyone looked at the place where Satsuki pointed. There was nothing but an empty wall.

“There’s nothing.”

“I just saw it clearly. There was something dark.” The wall was high and the walkways were very empty. The wind blowing from time to time echoed through the wall, making a whining sound. The atmosphere felt very strange. Satsuki could sense that the temperature had dropped compared to before.

“Are you mistaken?” Lin Xiang looked to the front closely. There was no black figure at all.

“I didn’t smell anything just now, Big Sis Satsuki must have saw it wrong,” said Dusty, who was behind Satsuki.

“It’s at a far distance. How is it possible for you to smell something…” Satsuki also felt that she was mistaken at that moment. There were many wrongly-crossed roads but there were intervals between each road. The thing she saw just now was standing in the gap between the forks of the roads. Walls were on both sides, if there was something, it was impossible for it to disappear at once.

“Maybe I’m mistaken.” Satsuki didn’t say anything again as the team moved on.

“Speaking of it, darling, why haven’t I seen you use that mystical roar for so long? I remembered you saying it’s a dragon roar, right? If you use such a powerful force in the match, it shouldn’t be a problem to win easily, right?” Kamiki asked.

“Yes, I want to see how you use that roar.” Satsuki was very interested in the dragon’s roar.

“It can’t be used in the match.” Besides, I can’t even maintain the wind’s speed for too long now… Lin Xiang secretly thought.


“Dragon roar is the dragon’s ability. Think about it. If I use the dragon’s ability to compete, isn’t it a foul?”

“That’s right.” Satsuki nodded, “If you have a chance, you can show me your dragon roar.”

“There will be a chance. Huh?” Lin Xiang suddenly felt that something seemed to float by his side just now, at a very fast speed.

“Did you see it? There are ghosts!” Reidy suddenly grabbed Lin Xiang by the collar and said to Lin Xiang with a panic expression.

“Ghosts?” Satsuki looked around quickly and shivered.

Due to the high walls, most of the lights were blocked, so the walkways were basically dark. Out of the blue, Reidy said there were ghosts that made Satsuki remembered the dark shadow she saw just now. She couldn’t help but felt a little frightened.

“Silent Water also seemed to have seen a dark shadow flashing past.” Silent Water alertly looked around. That dark figure’s speed was fast.

“I’ll go ahead and take a look.” Dusty said as she ran forward.

“Hey, Dusty… Sigh– Pay attention to safety.” Lin Xiang wanted to stop Dusty from going to the front by herself, but in a blink of an eye, she already ran far away. However, Dusty could escape with the help of earth. It should be more convenient for her compared to others…

“Was it the other team’s? Why don’t they attack us?” A teammate held the sword hanging from her waist, ready to fight back at any time.

“No, the thing just now was not a human being, it was incorporeal. It was a ghost.”

“Reidy, you watched too much television. By the way, will you let me go…” Lin Xiang gently pushed Reidy’s hand away. The feeling of being caught by the collar and breathing difficulties suddenly faded.

“What do you mean I’ve watched too much TV? It’s the truth.”

“No. At most, there are only people from the opposing team in the competition venue. If you see something, it must be the work of the opponent. There won’t be anything here…” Before Lin Xiang finished speaking, Dusty ran from the corner at the front in a panic. She ran back to where they were and while running, she shouted, “Young Master, quick, run!”

“There is an enemy? Something’s wrong…” Except for Dusty’s footsteps, Lin Xiang, who had sensitive ears, didn’t hear other footsteps. Why did Dusty want us to run?

“I think she saw the ghost.” Reidy trembled a little, “Let’s run.”

“No, if I don’t know what the enemy is, I will never run.”

“Senior Heikyo… I think we should run… Dusty should be avoiding something…” Nagisa’s senses had always been accurate and she also believed in herself. Whenever something happened to her, she would have a weird feeling that made her want to do it involuntarily.

“Young Master, run, why aren’t you running?” Dusty was running very fast and immediately ran back to Lin Xiang, stepping on the spot with her feet and swinging her hands. It seemed that she had no intention of stopping.

“Why do you want us to run for?” Kamiki asked.

“There are so many…” Before she could finish, a large group of black incorporeal creatures appeared in the direction where Dusty originally ran from. They were like smoke, severally translucent and their appearance was very illusory, which made them seemed invisible. It was hard for people to see them clearly.

The large group of those creatures rushed towards Lin Xiang and the others like a tsunami.

“Now, do you know why you are going to run?” Dusty answered and took Lin Xiang’s hand, “Young Master, why are you still looking? Let’s run.”

Lin Xiang nodded blankly, and the others began to turn around and ran to the back.

“Oh- They’ve appeared. As expected, we should increase the difficulty of the finals for the contestants.” Through the display screen, Mr. Fuyon couldn’t help but laugh when he saw that both teams had encountered the demons released by the system.

“Yes, but will these demons affect the match?” Meiko asked.

“No, no. They are just small demons. If they entered the finals and can’t deal with these little demons, then it will be embarrassing.” Fuyon stared at the display screen of the Zero-End Clan, smiling.

In the broadcast room, there were a lot of screens, two of which were dedicated to shooting the two teams in the match. Lin Xiang’s team was running away from the demons, while Matthew’s team took the initiative to attack the demons. Seeing that the team in his academy was so calm and confident to fight these little demons instead of running away like Lin Xiang and the others, Fuyon felt very proud.

Meiko also knew what Fuyon wanted to express. She narrowed her mouth in disdain, looking at Lin Xiang and the others.

————Satsuki, Silent Water, Reidy, Kamiki

“What are those?” Satsuki asked as she ran.

“They’re probably demons.” Kamiki looked everywhere for a place to avoid the wave of demons.

“Why are there demons in the match?” Satsuki exclaimed.

“There are no magic in them so they should be simulated, maybe it’s to make the match more difficult.”

“Damn it, we should have turned left there. Now, we’re separated with Lin Xiang and the others.”

Three minutes ago, the large wave of dark demons, screamed eerily and kept chasing Satsuki and the others. At that time, they also ran to an alley with two ways. The demons were rushing over so they did not discuss which way to go. The left and right roads let the team bifurcated into two which made them separated from Lin Xiang.

“Huh-hu-” Silent Water touched her chest as her speed slowly dropped.

“Silent Water, what are you doing.” Reidy quickly took Silent Water’s hand and continued running forward.

“My stamina is not good… Why do we have to run? We can just… beat them back. They are not even high-level demons, at most only… lower level. Huh-hu-”

“That’s right!” Upon listening to Silent Water’s words, Reidy suddenly realized, why should she run? It’s really baffling. Thinking of that, Reidy stopped, her hands exuding lightning as she quickly compressed several lightning balls and threw them at the demons.

Tzz-Tzz-Tzz-“ The lightning balls hit the demons and immediately had a chain reaction, electrocuting all the demons in front of them.

“Damn it, they caused me to run for so long. Who knew it could be settled with a small attack like this?” Satsuki also turned around quickly, touched the ring in her hand, and used magic to attack the demons behind her.

Kamiki, Silent Water, also participated in the battle. They thought that as long as those demons were eliminated, they could go to find Lin Xiang in no time. However, it was not the case. Those demons rushed towards them like a raging tsunami. No matter how many times they killed them, it was endless.

Indeed, those simulated demons were unlimited. They were just a program of the system. If the program was cut, it could create another one casually. Therefore, those demons cannot be killed entirely, but the number of demons released is limited. Two hundred, otherwise the system cannot bear it.

“It’s almost endless. Silent Water, it seems that we have to run again.” Reidy felt that it was a waste of more energy to attack these constantly appearing demons.

“Well, let’s go.” Silent Water condensed a drop of water, held it in both hands and violently tore it apart. Along with the splashes of water, a water wall stood in front of them, blocking all the demons slamming onto it. They were unable to break through that seemingly weak water wall.

“Now’s the chance, let’s go quickly.” Because of the running just now, Silent Water’s face turned red. She took a deep breath and continued running forward with Satsuki and the others.

The demons kept hitting the water wall, but they couldn’t break it. However, the height of the water wall was only about three meters. The system quickly responded, causing the demons to float up, cross the water wall and continued their chase.

————Lin Xiang, Dusty, Nagisa, Heikyo

“We don’t know where Silent Water and the others. Damn it.” Following Dusty, Lin Xiang and the three of them continued to shuttle through the maze, avoiding the demons.

“Young Master, Silent Water and their smells are not far from us, but there are many roads here and their smell is also drifting. I can’t find their exact location.”

“Is Dusty’s nose very good?” Heikyo couldn’t help asking after hearing Dusty’s words.

“Hehe, of course.” Dusty responded happily.

“It’s amazing, and seeing you running for so long, you don’t seem to be tired.”

“I used to run a lot. I kept running. If I didn’t run, I would be eaten by other elves, so I won’t be tired after running for so long.”

“Eaten by the elves? Dusty, where is your home?”

“Demon World.”

“Hey, Dusty, don’t talk nonsense.” Lin Xiang quickly stopped Dusty from continuing. Dusty had always been like that, she had no defense against familiar people.


“He-Hey- Lin Xiang, I can’t run anymore, you guys go first, leave me alone.” Nagisa leaned against the wall, the sweat on her forehead seeped out constantly.

“How can we do that?” Lin Xiang walked to Nagisa’s side and patted her on the shoulder, “Nagisa, you can do it, hold on a little longer.”

“No… I really can’t run anymore.” Nagisa’s eyes were almost closed and her breathing was heavy. Everybody could see that she was tired. Just like what Yalide said, there were two big things on her chest, how could it not be heavy.

Woo!” The demons caught up. Lin Xiang looked at the group of demons and then at Nagisa. Without further ado, he held her shoulders with one hand and lifted her at her foot socket with the other. He lifted her with the standard princess hug and ran.

“Lin Xiang!” Nagisa was frightened by the sudden princess hug and held him tightly against her chest.

“There’s no way for you to deal with those demons that are impossible to kill.” Although Nagisa was not heavy, Lin Xiang felt a bit difficult to hold her because of his deteriorated physique. Of course, he was not complaining about that. What he did not understand the most was whether the people who released those demons were mentally retarded. It was just a good, friendly team competition, yet it was made like an escape game.

Boy, the one who released the demons is very intelligent. He is training all of you.’ Freed said.

‘Intelligent? Training us? Building our physical strength?’ Lin Xiang was surprised, why Freed always saw things differently from others.

Well, you will understand later when you meet your opponents.’ Freed didn’t say anything again after he finished speaking. Lin Xiang didn’t distractedly ask him either and just ran forward with Dusty.

“Lin Xiang… I… I’m very heavy, right…” Nagisa’s face flushed and her hands were held tightly. She was slightly embarrassed to look at Lin Xiang’s face. However, her head was up and there was no way she could look away. When she saw Lin Xiang’s face sweating constantly, she asked faintly.

“It’s okay.” Lin Xiang replied casually.

It’s okay? Does it mean I’m heavy?

“I’m really sorry, I will definitely lose weight. I apologize.” Nagisa closed her eyes and said firmly.

“Ah? Ah! No, you are not heavy. You don’t need to lose weight. Besides, except for your… you are not fat…” What Lin Xiang just wanted to say was, Except for your big breast, the others should not be that heavy.

“But you sweat so much… I am definitely heavy, right? I have enough rest, let me down quickly. I will run by myself.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Lin Xiang’s hands were a bit numb and felt unable to exert anymore strength.

Damn it, if it hadn’t been for the reduction of dragon energy and soul, it definitely would not be like this. Lin Xiang gritted his teeth and sped up.

After running along a few more curves, even Heikyo, a regular exerciser, felt tired after running fast for a long time. She knew that she could only run for, at most, another 100 meters.

“Young Master, I’ll help you slow it down. Although there are a lot of these demons, I can still deal with it.” Heikyo said as she stopped and drew the wooden sword from her waist.

“Huh-” Putting down Nagisa, Lin Xiang spoke, “Senior, I will help you all to distract those demons. Dusty, you’ll try to finding Silent Water and the others. After all, it is safest for everyone to act together.”

“You can’t do this, Young Master. These things should be done by the guardian.”

“There is no time to argue, Senior Kyo.” At that moment, Lin Xiang really hated the person who decided to release the demons. Without these demons, they would definitely not be like this.

“Lin Xiang, if you want to fight, then we’ll fight together. Although I am not physically strong, it does not mean that my magical power and mental health are not good.” Nagisa touched the magic ring in her hand and began to chant a spell.

Generally speaking, ordinary and small magic spells were very short. The releasing time was very fast but the one that Nagisa recited took a little longer time. It seemed that she was trying to release some big magic.

Sigh- These demons can’t be beaten entirely. I have observed them for a long time. Their number has never changed. It proves that their number is stipulated. Since we met them, the other party must have met them too. I will distract these demons. While the demons attack them, you guys can take the chance to launch an attack on them. Therefore, we will have a greater chance of winning.”

“But…” After hearing Lin Xiang’s words, both Nagisa and Heikyo felt reasonable.

“No more buts.” Lin Xiang shouted and waved his hands, “Hey! Here, here.”

The demons saw Lin Xiang and several rushed towards him.

“So few? It seems that one person dictated how many demons one will meet.” Lin Xiang murmured and said to Nagisa and the others, “Guys, quick, run!” as he blocked the path of the demons.

“Young Master!” Heikyo threw the cold sword to Lin Xiang and he caught it.

“Young Master, don’t let these little demons defeat you. Surely, Zero-End Clan will win this match.”

“Of course. This was the team created by Senior after all.” Lin Xiang drew out the cold sword and slashed at the demon in front of him.

“Lin Xiang, be careful.” After Nagisa finished speaking, she was dragged away by Heikyo. Dusty was not worried about Lin Xiang because those demons were just a wasteful eyesore. They certainly could not hurt her master.

Due to Lin Xiang’s obstacle, the demons who wanted to chase Nagisa and the others were all beheaded. Although new ones appeared soon, they couldn’t move any forward.

“No way, these things will appear endlessly. My physical strength has already weakened.” After Lin Xiang slashed another demon, he put away the sword and walked in the opposite direction of Nagisa and the others, “Come on, fool, this side.”

Now that the demons could not find Nagisa and the others, their target was Lin Xiang only. The demons all chased after Lin Xiang.

However, along the nearby roads where Lin Xiang was advancing, Matthew was alone…

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