Volume 9 Chapter 19 : You Are My Enemy


“So weak, how could this be considered a demon?” Matthew flicked his fist and knocked away the demon that leaped towards him. The demon was hit by a powerful force and slammed itself onto the high wall with a loud noise. Looking at the demons in front of him, Matthew shook his head slightly, “I originally wanted to talk to the girl who had the energy of Mistress Gertas, but these infinitely appearing forged demons are so annoying.”

“Should I unleash my angel power and ruin this place? In this way, they shouldn’t show up again…” No matter what the match was, Matthew always stayed at the origin, but because of Nagisa, he decided to move out and look for her to ask why there was the Goddess of Luck, Gertas’ power in her body. However, on the road, those forged-demons that died and appeared again kept on pestering him, making him stop not long after taking a few steps forward. If he ignored them, they would attack again. Matthew was a little tired of that, so he was considering whether to destroy that mini version of the Lost City High Wall.

The demon that was hit by Matthew just then fell to the ground, turned into a data-like object, and dissipated in the air. After a while, another demon appeared from the corner.

“It’s really annoying…” Matthew swooped from the ground and knocked the demons onto the wall with two, three punches. He clapped the dust from his hands and watched the demons that fell to the ground as they turned into data. Matthew sighed.

“Here! What’s the matter? Are your speeds just like that?” A boy’s voice rang in Matthew’s ears. The walkways there were quite long and there were other walkways on both sides. Matthew squinted and looked at one of the many walkways, where the sound originated.

For ordinary people, it was impossible to distinguish the source of the sound from countless aisles, not to mention, in an echoing maze. However, Matthew was not an ordinary person. He was an angel, a war angel who was proficient in battles and senses that were strengthened. Casually, he listened and soon, he was able to identify the position. It was at that moment when he was looking at the walkway where the sound came from, which was exactly where Lin Xiang was.

“Does he know that I’m here or what? Is he seeking attempting to avenge the previous punch?” Matthew murmured, Lin Xiang’s footsteps slowly approached and the demons he killed were replaced and appearing new ones again. Matthew ignored the newly-appearing demons and began to run towards the walkway where Lin Xiang came.

The rapid footsteps were very close. Matthew made a light leap, which was enough to reach the height of a one-story building. At that moment, the demon chasing behind him roared while Lin Xiang just ran out. Clenching his fists, Matthew hit in Lin Xiang’s direction, hard.


“Here! What’s the matter? Are your speeds just like that?” Lin Xiang screamed at the demon behind as he ran.

Those loud noises… it could be the sound of something hitting the wall. Is it Silent Water and the others?

When Lin Xiang distracted the demons and ran in the opposite direction of Nagisa and the others, he heard nearby noises. At first there was only one sound, which was difficult for Lin Xiang to recognize, but later, a few consecutive sounds let Lin Xiang confirmed the overall location of the source. He had gotten nearer to the source of the sound. However, Lin Xiang still didn’t know exactly where it was. All he could do was run blindly.

Woo!” Just when Lin Xiang was approaching an intersection, he heard a demon’s cry from his left. Just when he was leaving the fork road, a figure jumped high, followed the gravity and was going to punch him with a fist.

“What the hell!” The sudden attack was too late for Lin Xiang to escape. Holding the sword, his tried to cross his forearms in front of his chest. Just after Lin Xiang formed his defensing posture, Matthew’s seemingly weak fist hit Lin Xiang.

Boom! The punch was very forceful as it made Lin Xiang’s whole body flew away. As he just ran out from the intersection, there was no wall behind him so he flew at least fifty meters before falling to the ground. The strong inertia made him continue sliding on the ground and finally stopped because he hit the end of the walkway.

Looking at Lin Xiang who fell to the ground, Matthew’s right hand condensed a light blue ball of light. The light ball was bright enough to illuminate those dim corners. He threw the ball of light, then turned around and threw it towards those demons that were scared by the ball of light. They dared not move forward.

Without a trace of obstruction, the ball of light directly passed through many incorporeal demons. Even those demons that were only brushed by the ball of light fell to the ground and turned into strands of data instead.

“Sure enough, these things are rubbish. They just die when the ball only brushed through. They can’t even be counted as forged-demons.” Matthew shook his head and walked to Lin Xiang.

“That man! So strong!” exclaimed Remi, who was in the stands after seeing the ball of light used by Matthew and the punch that attacked Lin Xiang.

Although Remi couldn’t tell how powerful the demons were from the screen, but from the looks of how the boy wiped them out only with a random ball of light, it could be seen that that man was very strong. Moreover, he seemed to know Lin Xiang’s position. When he found the timing, with a surprise attack, he could be sure that Matthew’s combat ability was very strong.

Looking at Lin Xiang again, he was faced down when he fell. His clothes were stained with a lot of dust and his eyes were closed tightly, without a trace of movement.

“Lin Xiang, no way, you can’t just get defeated like this…” Remi clasped his hands tightly and watched Matthew walking towards Lin Xiang, step by step.

Woo!” The system was refreshed and demons reappeared. As soon as they came out, the first thing they did was rushing towards Matthew.

Matthew didn’t turn his head to the back and just walked towards Lin Xiang as the demons stretched out their translucent claws behind him. Just as they were approaching Matthew, two light balls emerged from the walls on both sides, blocking them. The demons all fell to the ground in pain and turned into data.

“What? That Lin Xiang actually knocked down Hyakukawa Sea? This is unscientific. Matthew knocked him down with just one blow…” Rin looked at the screen and shook his head.

Takahashi did not speak, folded his arms, resting his chin with his thumb, and muttered as he watched Lin Xiang who fell on the ground, “Lin Xiang, stand up quickly. Your strengths are not just that.Stand up quickly.”

“Big bro Lin Xiang, come on!” In the office, Choshi’s two small fists were placed on her chest, constantly cheering for Lin Xiang.

“It looks like your big bro Lin Xiang is about to lose. As expected, that handsome guy named Matthew is amazing.” Okusu looked at Matthew walking towards Lin Xiang on the screen. Many stars twinkled in her eyes. She liked handsome guys, just like many girls. It was equivalent to how boys like beautiful women.

“No, he won’t. Big bro Lin Xiang is actually very powerful, he will definitely defeat his opponent!”

“Okay, okay, let’s wait and see.” Okusu looked at the screen disapprovingly.

Matthew walked to Lin Xiang and looked at him for a while. At that moment, his gaze unknowingly fell upon the cold sword in Lin Xiang’s arms.

“This is…” Matthew knelt down and took the cold sword out of Lin Xiang’s arms.

Pulling open the scabbard, the coldness was pressing as it lowered the temperature of the somewhat shady maze with high walls, “That’s right, this is…huh?” The original bright blade of the cold sword in Matthew’s hand began to show the textures of a tree. The woody feeling became more obvious. In the end, the cold sword became a wooden sword.

“Was it used with an exclusive magic?”

Exclusive magic, a high-level enchanting magic that allowed an item to be used exclusively by one person, some people call it morph magic. As long as the item with that kind of magic was used by someone other than the designated person, the item would lose its original function. The so-called enchantment was the magic to attach something to an object. The magic consisted of many kinds. However, it was relatively special as it could only be mastered by human enchanters and magic angels. Of course, demons could, as well.

“This person… can use that sword, who is he? Huh? His soul energy seems to be unusually low… This is strange, ordinary people won’t be like this…”

Pah!” Suddenly, a hand forcefully grabbed the wooded cold sword from Matthew’s hand. Then, a husky voice sounded, “Angels…are really amazing… Can’t believe you notice it…”

One of Lin Xiang’s eyelids drooped, his eyes were barely open. It was obvious that the attack just now caused him a lot of damage.

“How did you know?” Matthew showed a surprised expression. No one knew his identity except the principal of the academy. How could that boy know?

“Heh-” Lin Xiang smiled and took the advantage of shocked Matthew to grab the cold sword. He sat against the wall, “If I know, it means I know… no reasons are necessary.”

Bang!” Matthew punched Lin Xiang’s side and the wall immediately sank, “I’m asking you, how did you know, and who else knows about this?”

An archangel once told Matthew that his identity must not be revealed. If it was leaked, it would cause trouble for his mission in the human world. Bearing the words of the archangel in mind, Matthew felt a little anxious at the moment.

“Scaring me?” Lin Xiang looked at his right hand that was hit by Matthew just then. Although it seemed fine on the surface, Lin Xiang was already unable to move at the moment. It was so painful that he no longer it no longer bear the feeling anymore. If it weren’t for the protection of the barrier, Lin Xiang was sure that his hand had already been comminuted and fractured. The blow of a war angel was indeed extraordinary.

“I won’t ask again.” Matthew’s tone was very cold.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” The students in the audience didn’t know what was wrong because the conversation of the contestants was basically not heard during the match. Even if there was, it was very soft, let alone in the noisy audience. They didn’t even understand the dialogue between Lin Xiang and Matthew.

At the same time, Silent Water, Reidy, Satsuki, and Kamiki met with the members of the Marion Clan.

Whether it was Satsuki and the others or the Marion Clan members, the match was a hard fight they never experienced before.

In the match, they couldn’t concentrate on attacking their opponents. The demons released by the system were completely a huge obstacle. There were too many to kill and they kept disturbing them.

“It’s so annoying!” Reidy could not help but wanted to use Reiworth’s ultimate technique, Storm of a Million Thunderbolts, but the space in the aisle was not too wide. She was afraid of hurting Silent Water and others, so she could only use small-scoped magic grievingly.

“Silent Water, please think of a way quickly.” Satsuki’s magic was not enough. If the situation continued, she would definitely use up all her magic.

Silent Water looked at the demons surrounding her team members and the enemies then looked up again in the air. She nodded, “I haven’t tried this trick. I only watched my mother use it once so I’m not sure if it would be released entirely.”

“No matter what, hurry up and get it over with these annoying goons.” Reidy sliced a group of demons with a lightning blade and it flew towards the other team’s members.

The members of Marion Clan had been paying attention to Reidy and the others, looking for opportunities to attack. They especially kept an eye Reidy’s attacks. In their eyes, Reidy was definitely a strong member, better and powerful than anyone in the Zero-End Clan.

Therefore, when the lightning blade came flying at them, they all dodged in time.

“Tsk! They dodged it.” Reidy frowned and was a little unhappy.

“Reidy, you guys cover me for a while, I am not familiar with this magic. The enchantment also takes quite a long time so don’t let those demons interfere me.” Silent Water said as she closed her eyes, muttering something in her mouth. Soon, the surrounding atmosphere was full of small water droplets.

“That blue-haired girl wants to unleash some big magic, stop her quickly,” said the girl on the opposite side as she charged towards Silent Water, trying to attack her.

“Don’t think about it! Break! Thunder wall!” A golden thunder wall appeared in front of Reidy. With a crackle, the wall swept forward. The floor, the wall, wherever it went, had left traces of cracks. All the demons blocking in front were electrified and toasted.

“Quick, get away!” The other girls looked at the menacing thunder wall and hid themselves at the side of the road, barely avoiding the attack. When the thunder wall passed them, they could feel their hairs stand on end as while as their skin felt numb.

“Haha-” Reidy panted slightly as she watched the thunder wall hitting every surface it touched till the end of the walkway. She gritted her teeth, “Damn it, they dodged it again.”

Woo!” The system once again launched demons to replace those that couldn’t fight.

“Tsk, these are still the most annoying ones.” Reidy clenched her fists. She really hated those demons that appeared endlessly.

At that time, Silent Water was surrounded by floating water droplets. Silent Water, herself, was cocooned by a large water ball. Her eyes were closed and she had not stopped chanting. The magical atmosphere around her was breath-taking and Reidy had never seen Silent Water used such powerful magic before.

“Captain, that blonde girl is too powerful, why don’t some of us go behind them and sneak an attack from the front and back?”

“No, those demons are blocking us. Although they are blocking us, they are also blocking the other party. It is better to say that this situation is more advantageous for us.” The caption of Marion Clan turned her head to look at Silent Water. “You see, she has used so much magic so she should be tired by now. All we have to do is strike an attack and disrupt the blue-haired girl’s magic.”

“The captain is right!”

The teammates all nodded.

“Then now, strike out!”

Marion Clan once again appeared in front of the members of Zero-End Clan as they launched a strong attack.

There were seven people in the Marion Clan but Reidy and the others only have four of them. If it weren’t for those demons, Reidy and the others might have fought harder. Those demons helped them indirectly, but they were not grateful for that.

Silent Water was unable to attack temporarily while Reidy and the others needed to protect Silent Water. The girls from the Marion Clan attacked even more fiercely.

Kamiki’s attack power was relatively low. She used two kinds of magic, fog and poison. If those two kinds of magic were to make an ambush at the beginning, she could still have an advantage. However, in that active battle, she appeared to be very weak. But, she still tried her best to fight against them.

At that moment, a girl broke through their defense and rushed towards Silent Water.

If the release of large magic was interrupted, it would cause magic backlash and could cause damage to one’s spiritual health. Many magic casters knew that.

“Sorry, it’s time for you to leave!” The girl used several wind blades in succession. The thin wind blades smashed the air as it flew towards Silent Water.

“Oh no!” Satsuki tried to save defend, but it was too late.

“Silent Water!” Reidy, who was entangled by the enemy, could only watch the wind blades attack Silent Water.

Hhong!” The floor shook as an earthy wall protruded from the ground. Tweng- Tweng- The wind blades were blocked by the sudden rise of the earth wall when they were just two meters away from Silent Water.

“Luckily, luckily.” Dusty got up from the ground and patted her small chest.



With a low groan, Lin Xiang was lifted up by Matthew by the collar with one hand.

“Have you ever told anyone?” Matthew’s eyes were rather unfriendly.

“No, I don’t.” Lin Xiang sighed. His left hand was so painful that he could barely hold the sword.

“Who are you? Why can you use the weapon made by the melting pot angel, Lord Harris? This weapon has disappeared for more than a thousand years. So, it’s in this world, huh?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am… Can you let go of your hand? I was a little out of breath by your grasp.” Lin Xiang tilted his head slightly and looked at the demons behind Matthew. The demons were all blocked by the two weird-moving balls of light. No wonder there were no demons bothering them…

“Answer my question.” Matthew grabbed Lin Xiang tighter.

“Sorry, I can’t answer.” Lin Xiang was not the real master of that sword, how could he answer? Lin Xiang forced himself to move his left hand as he slashed at Matthew with the cold sword.

Seeing cold sword slicing through from the side, Matthew quickly grabbed Lin Xiang’s hand, “If you don’t cooperate, then you are my enemy.”

“We are competing, we have always been enemies.”

Hearing these words, Matthew immediately felt heat on his stomach. Lin Xiang did not know when his right hand had gathered a fireball when he noticed it hit Matthew’s abdomen.

Although it did not cause much damage to Matthew, that attack caused Matthew to release his hand.

As soon as Lin Xiang was released from Matthew’s grasp, he immediately moved several distance away from Matthew with incredible speed. His tired appearance soon became more energetic.

‘Do you know? Your soul recovery speed has decelerated again. No, it was suspended. After the battle, your right hand will be unable to move, at least for half a day,’ said Freed.

‘Ah, it’s better than being abused like this. ’

Heh, youngsters do love their faces.’ Yalide voiced sarcastically.

Lin Xiang did not answer but attentively watched Matthew’s every move. After all, the other party was an angel of war…

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