Volume 9 Chapter 20 : Decreased Magic Power


“Yah!” Matthew sprinted towards Lin Xiang in an instant and explosively gave him an elbow hit.

Lin Xiang did not dare to bear the hit so he managed to swing his body to avoid the attack. However, the wall behind him left a deep hole.

The attack failed and Matthew quickly adjusted himself by side-kicking Lin Xiang after his dodge.

Lin Xiang’s reaction was no better than before. When he wanted to evade, Matthew had already hit his arm with his foot.

Bam! Lin Xiang hit the wall, hard.

It hurts. That was Lin Xiang’s first reaction. On the other hand, the second reaction was that Matthew was about to make another roundabout kick.

Sure enough, it was like what Freed said. You can’t get too close to him.

Lin Xiang squatted to avoid the kick and quickly distanced himself from Matthew. Holding the cold sword in his right hand, magic was accumulated in his left hand.

Matthew was very proficient in Instant Steps. When Lin Xiang managed to move several distance away from him, Matthew immediately pulled their distance closer. Matthew could not use any conspicuous skills there because the identity of an angel could not be revealed.

Fortunately, wind speed could be used. Otherwise, Lin Xiang certainly would not be able to dodge Matthew’s attack. Whenever he furthered the distance, Lin Xiang would throw a fireball towards Matthew. Although it could not hit Matthew, Lin Xiang could take the advantage to get further away from Matthew.

His speed is getting faster? What is going on? Matthew was really puzzled about Lin Xiang’s speed. He knew clearly that it was neither Instant Step, nor a certain skill, but just pure speed. How could a human being achieve such speeds? Was he blessed by the magic of wind angels? It was unlikely, but his ability to use that weapon, and the fact that he knew that he was an angel made Matthew questions himself… This human being is really interesting.

With so many thought, Matthew increased his attack strength.


“Risa, are you all right?” Nagisa panted while clutched her chest as she spoke with a flushed face.

“I’m okay, perfect timing. Nagisa, hurry up and help cover Silent Water.”

“Okay.” Looking at silent Water, who had jaw-dropping magic strength, Nagisa nodded quickly.

“Damn it, they have backup now? Except for the blondie and the redhead, none of these women are our opponents. If it weren’t for these annoying demons, maybe we would have won a long time ago…” murmured a team member.

“Don’t complain too much, we have to speak truthfully. Instead of complaining here, why don’t you do your best and attack harder?”

“Yes, Captain.”

With Dusty’s intervention, the female members of the Marion Clan obviously struggled to attack. Seeing how the magic surrounding Silent Water became more concentrated, they had no other choice. Not to mention, they were also a little worried at that moment. What kind of magic is this?

Blop-Blop-” Silent Water’s long eyelashes moved as her eyes opened widely.

“Be careful, everyone!” Just when the captain wanted to remind the team, water droplets that had been floating around Silent Water for a long time began dispersing to the surroundings out of the blue.

The concentration of water droplets was abnormally large. More than a hundred demons were hit. After being hit, they did not die. Instead, they were all surrounded by water bubbles and floated from the ground without any exception. No matter how hard they struggled, they could not break the bubbles.

The system recognized that those demons could not fight and turned them into data. That was when a strange thing happened. Those demonic data could not pass through the bubbles either, but all it did was spinning and rolling inside the bubbles, adding a touch of beauty to the light blue bubbles.

————The stands of the special officers

“What? That girl actually has such a strong power?” Each of the elderly old men were amazed after witnessing Silent Water’s skills.

“Run a background check on the blue-haired girl and the blond girl.” An old man quickly ordered his subordinate.

“Yes.” The subordinate responded and was about to leave, but was stopped by a few men in black.

“You guys are… the guards of Master Qian Libing?” The subordinates did not seem to understand why they would stop him themselves.

“What’s the matter?” The old man turned around, glanced at his subordinate then looked at the other gang of men. He squinted, “Don’t ever think that all of you could misbehave just because you are guards of the Qian Libing.”

“Actually, this was all my doing.” Qian Libing smiled and walked along the passage vacated by the guards.

“What do you mean?” The old man on the other side seemed to have a powerful background as he had no means of respecting Qian Libing at all.

“Didn’t you just say that you want to run a background check on those two little girls?”

“It’s none of your business, right?”

“The business is big. Don’t think that you can train them with your current strength. On the contrary, you can never train them.”

“What do you mean? I’m a famous teacher and Grand Master.” The old man became unhappy when Qian Libing said so.

“I know, you are the Old Grand Master, Otani Hikaru. However, if I said you can’t train them, it means you can’t. Their identities are not something you can check.” Qian Libing’s smile remained unchanged. But, everyone knew that he showed great hostility to the old man.

“You know? Their identities?”

“Isn’t this nonsense? They were my friends’ granddaughters.”

“Your friends?”

“What? Do I have report to you about what friends I have?

“Hmph, I don’t have that great ability yet.”

“It turns out that you still acknowledge your level. Those two little girls and the red-haired little girl are from the outer world. They have strong fighting ability. All of them have their own training methods and there is no need for your instructions.”

“If they have their own training methods, then they should communicate with a master like me, right? Therefore, I can teach more people.”

“Ahem-Ahem-” Qian Libing coughed, seeming to feel speechless at the old man’s cheekiness. Qian Libing shook his head and turned around as he walked back to his seat at the further back of the stands. As he walked, he said, “Then why don’t you apply the method of teaching your grandson to other students who are learning from you?”

When Qian Libing mentioned that, the old man was speechless. People were like that, selfish. How could he announce to the public about the family’s education methods? It was impossible.

“Anyways, it’s best if you bear no ill intention for them. Their family, heh-” Qian Libing snorted coldly which scared the old man.

Indeed, to be able to cultivate such children, then the family of that blue-haired and blonde girl must be really amazing…

Looking back at Qian Libing, who was getting back in his seat and staring at him, the old man soon gave up the idea just then.


“It’s amazing. Silent Water, with this, these annoying demons won’t appear again! However, those team members escaped.” Satsuki clapped her hands and cheered as she noticed that none of the demons appeared anymore.

“I think it’s just alright…right…” Silent Water’s face was not very good. She did not know the reason when she felt that her magic power was no longer the same as before. As long as her vigor was not tired, her magic power would felt endless. The magic power in her body at that moment was very little.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you?” Reidy’s face was not so good as well. She had used a lot of energy-consuming magic just now, but she herself did not realize that it was because of the reduction of magic power as she regarded it as mental fatigue.

“I feel so tired…  I want to take a break…” Silent Water said and was about to drop to her knees. Reidy quickly helped her up, “Hey, no way. Even though your magic seems amazing, but…”

“Magic power, I don’t know why… It has decreased…I didn’t notice it just now, did something…happened to Young Master…”


“What’s wrong? Your speed is getting slower. If this goes on, you can’t make it.” Matthew said while chasing after Lin Xiang with his attacks.

Damn it, my dragon energy is almost gone… If I maintained in the wind speed state, I won’t be able to use magic…

Lin Xiang quickly thought of a plan in his mind.

“Spacing out in battle, is unacceptable!” Although Lin Xiang had been dodging almost all the time, he was the first human being who was able to confront Matthew for so long since he came to the human world. His identity was also very strange. That’s why Matthew naturally expected much from him. His tone was not so cold compared to before.

“I know, but chatting with opponents during the match is unacceptable either!” Lin Xiang, who was running in front, suddenly turned around and fired a tongue of fire at Matthew.

Hhong-” The heat wave rushing towards Matthew was very hot which made him had a strange feeling. The flame did not seem to be like ordinary flames. It seemed that there was something special in it, but he could not tell what it was. He just remembered that it was similar to some kind of large, destructive creature, but it was different either way.

Matthew casually clapped his hand and Lin Xiang’s long tongue of fire made a curve and hit the wall. Was it an illusion? Matthew felt it again. The feeling just now seemed to be an illusion.

Looking at Lin Xiang, Matthew walked to him in an instant, Lin Xiang’s speed really slowed down a lot compared to before.

The sudden appearance of Matthew in front of him did not make Lin Xiang panic. With a fireball acted as a shield, he quickly stepped back. Holding the scabbard in his left hand and the handle of the sword in his right hand, his body was slightly to the left.

“This was the previous move, Fallen Leaves!” Takahashi stood up excitedly. If that unpredictable move really hit Matthew, then Lin Xiang’s team might get victory!

Rin, who was next to Takahashi saw his excitement and shook his head, “Tsk, he can’t beat Matthew anyways. It’s not bad if he can hold on for so long.”

Takahashi ignored what Rin said and focused his eyes on Lin Xiang and the cold sword.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t you running away?” Matthew was a person who never paid attention to the competitions. Naturally, he did not know that Lin Xiang had used that trick against Hyakukawa Sea before and slowly walked towards Lin Xiang.

“Hey, no way! Don’t underestimate the enemy, damn you Matthew!” Rin panicked when he saw Matthew’s reaction.

This speed is just right! Seeing Matthew walking step by step, Lin Xiang began to count down in his heart.


“Have you lost your strength?” Matthew asked.


“This posture is so weird.” Matthew continued to move forward.


A cold light flashed and ice flowers were floating in the air. All the spectators watching Lin Xiang’s battle held their breaths. Even Hyakukawa Sea could not believe his eyes.

Lin Xiang hit Matthew, but he did not take the sword back silently as before. He could not do it because Matthew was grasping the blade of the cold sword.

“Oh, this trick is really unexpected. How can the speed be so fast?” Matthew’s expression was a little surprised, but everyone could see that he did all that very easily.

“How come?” Although Lin Xiang thought that that would happen, he was still shocked when things really developed to that extent.

“In other words, the damage done by the weapon made by Lord Harris is really different. If I hadn’t released the invisible armor, my hand might have been frozen. Is the attack finished now? It’s my turn!” Matthew grabbed the cold sword and pulled towards him. Lin Xiang’s body was pulled over and Matthew used the other side of his shoulder to hit Lin Xiang’s chest forcefully!

Bang!” Lin Xiang smashed through the heavy and thick wall and fell under the pile of bricks.

“Oops, I was a little over-excited because of his trick just now. The hit was too hard.” Matthew quickly walked to Lin Xiang and noticed Lin Xiang closing his eyes tightly. The cold sword had fallen nearby, but he was still breathing. Matthew was relieved. At the same time, he realized how incredible technology was. After all, in that enchanted barrier, no matter what kind of attack it was, it could not cause damage to the body. That was very amazing, wasn’t it?


“Hmm…” Lin Xiang snorted softly and felt that someone was wiping his face with a wet towel.

Opening his eyes, Nagisa’s face in the setting sun was particularly rosy. All he could see was Nagisa with her hands on her chest and a wet towel in her hand.

“Thank you…” Lin Xiang’s voice was a little hoarse and he felt thirsty.

“Well, don’t thank me. Actually, you should be grateful to Satsuki and the others. They just happened to go to visit Silent Water and Reidy, so I’m here…” Nagisa explained in a panic.

“What’s wrong with Silent Water and Reidy?” Lin Xiang wanted to sit up when he heard it, but his body felt slightly immobile. His right hand did not seem to be his as he could barely move it.

“Lin Xiang, don’t be too agitated…” Seeing how Lin Xiang became tense, Nagisa was a little envious of Silent Water and Reidy. How nice it was to be able to make Lin Xiang worry for them.

“What’s wrong with them? I’m going to see them.”

“In fact, it’s nothing. It just seemed to be an excessive consumption of magic power.” Nagisa pressed Lin Xiang’s chest to prevent him from getting up.

“Oh, so it’s because of that… They consumed too much magic, huh… How was the match?”

“We…” Nagisa turned her head and said in a trembling voice: “Blame me for being so useless… I’m really sorry…”

Needless to say, Lin Xiang knew that they lost, but thinking about it, Silent Water and Reidy were the main forces. They had no attack power, so it was really difficult to win. Let alone the opponent being the elites of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy.

“No, I don’t blame you, Nagisa. I know you’ve tried your best.”

“No, I’m so useless… If only I can be stronger…” Nagisa said as a crystal clear teardrop slid down her cheek, which looked especially dazzling in the sunset, “If only I was stronger… Silent Water and the others wouldn’t have to fight so hard… If I were stronger… Lin Xiang wouldn’t be injured and fainted…  This is the first time I’ve seen Lin Xiang like this…”

“That being said, doesn’t it mean that I am useless too? I actually have no way to defeat Matthew.” Lin Xiang smiled, his dry throat made him cough.

“Lin Xiang, are you okay…” Nagisa quickly wiped away the tears from her cheeks and looked at Lin Xiang anxiously.

“No, cough cough, give me some water, cough cough.”

“Water? I’ll get it now.” Nagisa quickly got up from the chair and walked to the cabinet beside her to pour water.

Looking at the surrounding environment, it should be the infirmary. There was a white tent hanging beside Lin Xiang’s bed and the air was also filled with a faint smell of alcohol. The setting sun penetrated through the white curtains and shined on Lin Xiang’s face, making him feel a touch of warmth. Looking at the figure of Nagisa, Lin Xiang sighed lightly.

“Sure enough, as Freed said, am I still too weak?”

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