Volume 9 Chapter 23 : Test


“Ha!” Lin Xiang pushed the fireball to the wretched boy again, only to be dodged.

The speed of wind mage was naturally faster than ordinary people.

“I thought you would still use that kind of speed today, it seems that you can’t make it.” Although the wretched boy was scared by Lin Xiang’s high-energy fireball in the beginning, Lin Xiang could not hit him, so who cares about its high energy?

“Tsk.” Lin Xiang was a little anxious. He did not need magic power and dragon energy to control fire, but he still needed concentration. Lin Xiang felt his spiritual health draining.

Looking at the fireball in his hand then at the wretched boy not far away from him, Lin Xiang had an idea. Although he never attempted it, Lin Xiang felt that it was worth trying.

“Huh, what’s the matter? Aren’t you coming over?” The wretched boy could see Lin Xiang was slightly breathing, he knew that Lin Xiang was tired. As long as he provoked him again and made him tired, it would be his victory.

Without speaking, Lin Xiang opened his right hand and violently threw the fireball towards the wretched boy.

“You did this trick again. How can you hit me if you don’t make it turn?” With a disdainful smile, the wretched boy dodged in time. “Eh?” The wretched boy who was still smiling a second ago, instantly solidified his smile.

The fireball that was thrown split into more than ten small fireballs under Lin Xiang’s control. The wretched man immediately moved his body and ran to the side. Lin Xiang was not very familiar with fire control so the fireballs were packed together and did not hit the wretched boy. Only one of the fireballs hit his arm.

“It’s hot, it’s hot!” The wretched boy quickly rubbed his smoking arm. After two sudden surprises, he finally took back his despisement towards Lin Xiang. Seeing a line of sweat dripping down Lin Xiang’s forehead, the wretched boy no longer wanted to take the risk and summoned his spirit, Blast Bat.

Spirits were not the same as ordinary animals. In fact, they were much stronger. If there were no special circumstances, they were actually much bigger in size.

The Blast Bat summoned by the wretched boy was a bat, but it was much larger than an ordinary bat. Its dense blood veins and arteries could be seen through the pair of wide wings. Every time it flapped its wings, it aroused a trace of airflow. The two sharp horns on its head were even more conspicuous.

“Shippu Taro, sound of destruction.” The wretched boy pointed at Lin Xiang and gave orders to the bat.

“Ah!” An ultrasonic wave rolled up the ground and flew straight towards Lin Xiang with a forceful momentum.

Lin Xiang rolled to the side and escaped the attack. The ultrasound hit the woods behind him, and an explosion occurred with a loud “Boom!”


“Lin Xiang’s luck isn’t great. He had met stronger guys in other academies several times in the fight…  It’s normal for his luck to let him fight against this second-year student with rich practical ability. Moreover, his state now… doesn’t seem very good…” Takahashi had been paying attention to Lin Xiang’s every move. He also found that Lin Xiang’s strength had dropped a lot compared to the previous matches.

“Young Master…” Kaoru looked at Lin Xiang, her eyebrows frowned tightly.


“Shippu Taro.”

It was another ultrasonic wave and Lin Xiang escaped again.

Although the opponent’s spirit’s attack was quite powerful, it required certain duration for cool-down every time the ultrasound was activated. The boy hid behind his spirits. If Lin Xiang wanted to defeat him, he must first defeat the boy’s spirits.

However at Lin Xiang’s own speed, he knew that the opponent would have already taken precautions if he ran over to him, so he couldn’t. There should be some cover or shield so his attack could be effective.

“Where’s your spirits? Don’t you plan to summon it?” The wretched boy tried his best to help his Blast Bat activate its skills to delay time.

Shaking his head, Lin Xiang did not speak. His spirits were Silent Water and the others, how could they be summoned? They might be competing as well.

“Could it be that your spiritual power is too weak, so you can’t summon it, right?”

Lin Xiang still did not answer.

“Tsk! Attack!”

The Blast Bat emitted an ultrasound. Lin Xiang, just like before, dodged to the side.

“Ha, you are fooled!”

When the wretched boy’s voice ringed in Lin Xiang’s ears, a whirlwind appeared under Lin Xiang’s feet. The whirlwind was different from ordinary whirlwind as it firmly trapped Lin Xiang’s legs.

The wretched boy’s previous attacks were all feign attacks. He mainly wanted to see the range that Lin Xiang could dodge and where he would dodge to.

Guessing Lin Xiang’s approximate dodge direction, the wretched boy released the wind-bound magic.

“Right now, Shippu Taro, hit with sharp horns.”

Hearing the master’s command, the wretched boy’s Blast Bat lowered its flying height as it pointed the two sharp horns of its head at Lin Xiang. Then, it flapped its wings and flew violently.

“Damn it.” Lin Xiang could not break the whirlwind no matter how he slashed it with a knife. Seeing that the Blast Bat was about to hit him, Lin Xiang took a deep breath, raised the cold sword high, and aimed it at the Blast Bat’s head. All he could do was try his luck to fight for it.

“So naive! Sound of destruction.” The Blast Bat was inches away from hitting Lin Xiang when it suddenly raised its head. The destructive ultrasonic wave hit Lin Xiang, and he flew. At that time, the collision of the Blast Bat came again. Lin Xiang was hit right in the middle…

————The Sixth Arena

“I didn’t expect to fight you… This is the second time, right?” In the arena, Satsuki smiled at Nagisa.

“Yes…” Nagisa kept turning the magic ring on her middle finger that Satsuki gifted.

“Hey, stop being all shy like that. Use your full strength, although your grade and ability is higher than mine, it doesn’t mean that I can’t defeat you. Nagisa, give me your best, otherwise you are just looking down on me.”

“Okay… I will do my best.” Nagisa stopped turning the ring and looked at Satsuki seriously.

“Alright. Nagisa, that’s it.”

“Then you two, please choose the venue.” The referee shook the cards in his hand.

“Random.” Satsuki answered.

“So what about you?” the referee asked Nagisa again.

“Same as her.”

“Okay, then…” The referee drew a card. It was a forest.


“Ha! You should fall down by now!” The wretched boy was in a good mood when he watched Lin Xiang being hit by his Blast Bat’s sound of destruction and impact of sharp horns. He thought he had won.

The wretched boy was a second-year student of Daojie Holy Spirit, one year ahead of Lin Xiang. Since he was a student of the strict Daojie Holy Spirit Academy, his strength was naturally extraordinary. However, he was defeated by Hyakukawa Sea in a competition between the first and second grades.

It was an irony for a second-year student to be defeated by a first-year student.

Hyakukawa’s attack was very powerful, and his moves were consistent. In addition, the wretched boy was a mage. As long as Hyakukawa Sea got close to him, he would basically have no power to fight back. If Hyakukawa Sea was just an ordinary combat technician, then the wretched boy could still use the blessings of the wind to get away from him. Nonetheless, Hyakukawa Sea was a combat technician who mastered Instant Steps, if the boy increased the distance between them, he would soon catch up. That’s why the wretched boy lost.

However, today, he defeated Lin Xiang whereas Lin Xiang defeated Hyakukawa Sea. Wouldn’t that prove that he could actually defeat Hyakukawa? The wretched boy thought so. At that moment, he did not care whether Lin Xiang lost his speed at that time. In short, if he won, it meant that he won.

Lin Xiang was knocked into the air and fell heavily on a burning tree. With a roar, the tree fell to the ground, and Lin Xiang also lied on the ground.

“This is really…” Lin Xiang slowly got up. His body seemed to be falling apart. If it were the past, that kind of feeling would only last for a while, but him, who had a decrease in dragon energy was even struggling to get up at that moment.

“What, he really is good in tolerating hits, Shippu Taro.” Seeing that Lin Xiang wanted to get up, the wretched boy ordered the bat to attack.

“Ah!” With an ultrasonic sound, Lin Xiang, who had not stabilized himself after getting up, was hit by the ultrasonic wave into the Forest of Fire.

“Young Master!” Seeing this, Kaoru stood up abruptly. But right in the match, she could not interfere with the match. She could only stare at the wretched boy who was holding his wooden sword in place.

At the same time, Ijima Michita sighed while watching the match, and uttered with self-blame, “It seems that Lin Xiang’s body was not recovered yet. Is it too forceful to let him participate the competition…”

In the flaring forest, Lin Xiang slowly climbed up relying on a nearby tree on fire. Looking at his red palm that was frozen due to the mutual repulsion of the cold sword and the dragon flame in his body, Lin Xiang held the sword again. In the Forest of Fire, he could feel as if there was a heat wave in his body about to explode. Now that he thought of it, fire was everywhere, which had the same attribute as dragon flame. Now, in the battle between ice and fire, no wonder fire had the upper hand.

The white, cold air emitted by the cold sword disappeared in the scorching Forest of Fire. However, it did not show its weakness in the hot condition, but continued to emit chill mists.

After taking a few deep breaths, Lin Xiang felt that he would definitely lose in that situation. He had to find a way to beat the opponent’s Blast Bat before he could defeat the wretched boy.

Although the conditions for victory and defeat were clear, but what should he do? Lin Xiang did not understand very well. In his previous battles, he had never planned any tactics at all. If it were not for the decrease of his spiritual health and the deterioration of his body, Lin Xiang might not have thought about using tactics.

‘Freed, any good ideas?’

Think it yourself.’ Freed immediately refused to help Lin Xiang.


Alright, I’ll figure it out myself.


“Beautiful referee, should I be announced victory now?” Noticing that Meiko had not announced his victory, the wretched boy could not help but felt a little anxious.

“Don’t be nervous, the system has not yet determined that the opponent has lost the ability to fight.” Meiko squinted and looked at the running figure in the distance.

“Not yet? Hey, there’s fire in there. Even a fire mage can’t stay in it for that long, right?”

“Ah!” Blash Bat shouted at the wretched boy. Although it had poor eyesight, its hearing is top-notched. It sensed that someone was running towards them.

“What’s wrong? Shippu Taro… You haven’t fallen yet?” At that moment, the wretched boy also saw Lin Xiang. He had a fireball gathered in his hand as he rushed out of the Forest of Fire. Except for the dirt on his body, it looked like he was alright.

Lin Xiang did not speak and stopped as he stood in front of the Forest of Fire. He then threw the fireball in his hand at the Blast Bat.

“Get out of the way, Shippu Taro.”

As it was mentioned just now, the eyesight of the bat was very poor so the wretched boy quickly ordered the bat to get out of the way.

“Disperse!” Lin Xiang frowned, looked at the fireball, and let it split into many small fireballs. His left hand was placed behind him, gathering the flames of the Forest of Fire behind him.

The Blast Bat flapped its wings to dodge the fireball’s attack. Its speed was not fast as it was almost hit several times, but the bat was lucky to escape them. Just when the wretched boy relaxed slightly, another fireball came, just like before. As soon as the fireball was thrown by Lin Xiang, it split into many small fireballs.

“Sound of destruction!”

The super ultrasound waves collided with the flying fireball and exploded mid-air.

Seeing the Blast Bat used the sound of destruction, Lin Xiang knew the time had come. He threw a fireball again. Like a comet, the fireball dragged its long flame tail and flew towards the Blast Bat.

The wretched boy felt something was wrong, but he was not certain. All he could do was ordering the Blast Bat to dodge aside.

That’s weird! Sure enough, it was very strange. The fireball did not split that time. The wretched boy noticed that the fireball always started splitting at a certain place, but it did not split at that moment. It was easily avoided by the Blast Bat. Looking at Lin Xiang again, he noticed that he was gone.

“Ah!” The Blast Bat that dodged the fireball let out a scream when the wretched boy had a bad feeling.

Turning his head, the wretched boy found that Lin Xiang had arrived behind him at some unknown time. The sword that radiated cold light quickly slashed his shoulder bone.

“Ah.” Like his spirit, the wretched boy also screamed, and covered his right shoulder that was layered with ice.

“When did you…” The wretched boy could not understand why Lin Xiang suddenly came behind them. Was it because of the speed? No, he should not be able to use it…

Seeing the wretched boy’s doubts, Lin Xiang said unbothered, “My fast speed was actually not usable. Oh, no. It actually can’t be maintained for too long instead. However, if it’s just a second or two, it’s still usable.”

“So did you just…” At that moment, the wretched boy remembered the few fireballs that Lin Xiang thrown before. Just like the sound of destruction of the Blast Bat, it was to test the dodging speed and distance of the Blast Bat… Not to mention, his test also paralyzed his own nerves, making himself thought that he was only doing a futile attack. That was why Lin Xiang did not always pay attention to his movements, but only focusing on the fireball…

Now that the wretched boy thought about everything, he looked at the Blast Bat lying not far away on the ground.  Seeing its head covered with ice, he sighed, “I lost.”

“You can still fight, can’t you?” According to Lin Xiang’s expectation, if the wretched boy was not knocked out after knocking down the Blast Bat, then the battle might still be continued. Instead, the wretched boy surrendered which made Lin Xiang somewhat inexplicable.

“My right hand is no longer conscious, and you stepped on my magic wand that fell on the ground. Do you think I can keep fighting?” The wretched boy glared at Lin Xiang, pulled out the magic wand under Lin Xiang’s feet and stood up. When he walked in front of his spirit, he placed his left hand on its head, and the Blast Bat turned into particles of blue light as it flew into the wretched boy’s body. He took the Blast Bat back into his spiritual world, turned his head, and looked at Lin Xiang, “This time, I was too careless. If I have a chance next time, I will definitely defeat you.” After speaking, he left the arena. .

“Second-year of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy, Hirano Ozora surrendered. This game is the victory of the first-year of Pillar Nofu Academy, Lin Xiang, of Class C.” After Meiko finished announcing, she walked to Lin Xiang, “I didn’t expect it, you were so weak, yet you could still win this match. I really can’t imagine what you will be like when you are in perfect shape.”

“Teacher Meiko…”

“Hey, are you still calling me a teacher? Just call me Sis Meiko.”

“Oh, Sis…Meiko, it’s been a long time since I last saw you.”

“It’s just over a month. Did you miss me?” Meiko winked at Lin Xiang.


“How can you speak so hurtfully? No matter what, I’m also your former teacher.” Meiko pretended to punch Lin Xiang, “Hey, Xiang.” Meiko lowered her tone and moved her mouth to Lin Xiang. The scent of her body made Lin Xiang’s nose itch.

“What’s wrong, Sis Meiko?”

“How are you and Satsuki doing now?”

“Satsuki? How her and I are doing?” Lin Xiang did not know what Meiko wanted to express.

“Looking at you like this, sigh-“ Meiko shook her head and straightened her body.

“So, what does Sister Meiko mean?”

“It doesn’t mean anything. I’m just worrying about Satsuki.” Meiko glanced at Kaoru who came by.

“Young Master, are you alright?”

“I’m alright, not a problem.”

Seeing Lin Xiang and Kaoru who were politely talking to each other, Meiko didn’t understand the relationship between them. Nonetheless, after Meiko found out that there were many beautiful girls around Lin Xiang after she left the academy. A woman’s instinct told Meiko that the relationship between those girls and Lin Xiang was definitely not that simple.

“Satsuki-chan, it looks like you need to work harder.” Meiko murmured.

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