Volume 9 Chapter 24 : Let’s Do It Too, Master


————Lunch Break

“Hey, Lin Xiang defeated the opponent. I thought you would lose in that condition.” Satsuki and the others all gathered in the Fifth Arena where Lin Xiang was to have lunch during their lunch break.

“It was a near-win. How about you? I heard that you were fighting against Nagisa?”

“Yes, Nagisa was very powerful. I have to learn from her.”

“Risa was the amazing one. I’m just lucky…” Nagisa shook her head quickly.

“In other words, you lost, right? Individual matches are harder to compete than team matches. It’s normal to lose so don’t force yourself.”

“Then why don’t you give me, who has lost, a little comfort?” Satsuki blinked at Lin Xiang with puppy eyes.

“What comfort do you want?”

“How about you go shopping with me after the match?”

“Shopping?” Hearing the word, Reidy and the others who were chewing on their food froze in place as they looked at Lin Xiang and Satsuki.

“Shopping? No problem.” Lin Xiang nodded and agreed.

“Really? That’s great! Let me explain first, only the two of us are allowed to go.” Satsuki happily put her hand on Lin Xiang’s shoulder.

“Just the two of us? Aren’t we all going together?”

“Of course not! Otherwise, how can you call it comfort?” Satsuki poked Lin Xiang in the face, as if she were to say, ‘You fool.’

“Well- Not a problem for me.”

“Ahem! Ahem!” Kamiki coughed twice, as if she was emphasizing her existence. She looked at Lin Xiang and said, “Then, how should someone who didn’t participate, like me, do?”

“Huh? What do you mean ‘how’?”

“Of course I should be like this fellow here, seeking for comfort.” Kamiki pointed to Satsuki. It was at that time when their relationship turned particularly bad.

“You didn’t even participate, what comfort do you need?” Satsuki looked at Kamiki, feeling  dissatisfied.

“Oh, I didn’t participate in the competition, how pitiful! Don’t I need someone to comfort me as well?” Kamiki put on a pretentious, miserable look.

“No, I brought it up first.”

“Oh, you are so weird. Why don’t you take up my darling for a period of time and give me the rest of the day. Won’t that be alright?”

“No. And, you’ve been shouting ‘Darling! Darling!’ all day long, Xiang didn’t even admit you as his fiancé.”

“Oh? That’s really true…” Kamiki’s eyes were soon all serious. She put down the lunch box, stood up, walked to Lin Xiang’s side, and sat on his lap all of a sudden. With her pointy and slender forefinger, she lifted Lin Xiang’s chin and asked playfully, “Hey, how do you think?”

“What… How do I think…” Lin Xiang swallowed his saliva. Kamiki was too close to him as the fragrance of the girl reached out to him. Her face was also very close. According to her style, Lin Xiang could not guarantee whether she would kiss him.

Satsuki did not stop them even when she saw that. She just looked at the two and watched Lin Xiang’s answer while the others stared at them.

“I meant your marriage contract itself.”

“I…” Lin Xiang was troubled. He was originally unclear about the marriage contract. If it were not for Kamiki to tell him, Lin Xiang would not have known. If he disagreed with the marriage contract, then it might hurt Kamiki’s feelings, but if he agreed to it, he would feel reluctant… Those could only be discussed with her and the uncle in private.

Looking at Lin Xiang’s eyes, Kamiki did not show a trace of expression. After a long time, she finally left Lin Xiang’s side and patted him on the head, “If you are a man, don’t think about it so much. Just say it directly. ”

“Sorry, I’m also not sure. After all, it was not my decision.”

Hearing Lin Xiang’s answer, Kamiki smiled and shook her head, “This is your character, isn’t it? Forget it, I understand your thoughts.” After that, Kamiki took the lunch box and walked away.

“Hey, Kuji, where are you going? I’m just pulling your leg.” Satsuki stood up and tried to catch up to her.

“I know, but I just have something to deal with, so you don’t have to follow me.” After speaking, Kamiki left.

Heh-‘ Freed made a strange laugh, and he was probably the only dragon who knew what the laugh meant.


In the afternoon, Lin Xiang was in another match and its victory was easier than the previous match. Back on the bench, Satsuki who was not competing reached out her hand and grabbed Lin Xiang’s arm. Her face was tightly glued to him, making the boys around them felt resentful for Lin Xiang. It was due to Lin Xiang, having Satsuki on his left, holding him tightly, and having Kaoru on his right, who was sitting upright. Two beautiful girls were sitting beside him, how could the single boys not complain?

“Then, the next competitor to compete is…”

Many names were scrolled on the big screen. At that time, Kaoru’s name and the name of a student from Minai Academy were displayed.

“It’s my turn now.” Kaoru picked up the sword and stood up.

“Good luck, Kaoru-senpai.” “Good luck.”

“Alright, no problem, Young Master.” Kaoru gave Lin Xiang a relieved look and walked towards the center of the arena with a majestic aura around her.

It was a gentle boy who was fighting Kaoru. He looked a little embarrassed when he saw that he was fighting against such a beautiful girl. His eyes did not dare to meet Kaoru.


The result of the match, needless to say, was Kaoru’s victory. Her powerful sword skills made it difficult for the opponent to defend. He surrendered shortly after that round.

Satsuki had been chatting with Lin Xiang, discussing where to go during the holidays and so on. Looking at the situation now, it was uncertain whether Satsuki really lost to Nagisa or deliberately lost to her.

Lin Xiang paid special attention to Takahashi’s match. Needless to say, that good friend of his was quite strong. His moves were gorgeous and cool which made many girls present yelled for him. Not to mention, his ice magic was not only glamorous, it was very powerful as well. When playing against the others, the winner could already be determined within five minutes.

After 24 matches, the remaining number of the two teams was sixteen. After the end of the last match in the afternoon, Meiko selected the people for the first match in the next morning in advance. Seeing the names that were randomly shuffled on the screen finally stopped, Meiko smiled, “What needs to come has come eventually.”

After reading the screen, Lin Xiang turned his head to look at Takahashi, who was sitting in the distance. Takahashi was also looking at him. They looked at each other for a while, and Meiko’s voice sounded through the microphone, “Okay-The contestants for the first match tomorrow are: Pillar Nofu Academy’s First-year Class C, Lin Xiang, and Daojie Holy Spirit Academy’s First-year Class A, Takahashi Nobuhiko. The following two contestants, please take a good rest and compete in the match tomorrow.”


“Does Master want to eat cabbage?” Silent Water asked.

“Huh? Why do you say that?” Lin Xiang was shot back to his senses, looking at Silent Water.

“Master has been watching it for quite some time.”

After school, they went to the supermarket to buy vegetables. Lin Xiang stood in front of the stall with water spinaches and kept staring at them.

“No, I’m just thinking about something.”

“Is there anything bothering Master?” Silent Water tilted her head to one side, dark blue hair scattered from her shoulders, hanging in the air. The water spirit’s big eyes just stared at Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang was embarrassed by Silent Water’s look, and shied his gaze away, “Actually… It’s nothing… Silent Water, what do you think about yesterday when you ran out of magic power and fainted.”

“This? Since the contract with Master, I’ve always been in a state full of magic power.  It’s all thanks to Master, right?”

“Probably, yes.”

“Yesterday afternoon, after using the Spread of Water Bubbles, I realized that there was only a small amount of magic power left in my body all of a sudden. Although I hadn’t released such a huge magic before, it wasn’t supposed to be like this. I thought, was it because something happened to Master? That’s why I wanted to knock down the opponent quickly and find Master, which resulted in fainting due to excessive use of magic.”

“Huh?” Lin Xiang was stunned. He did not really understand what Silent Water meant.

“Master, what I meant was…” Silent Water gently touched Lin Xiang’s face. The gentle touch made Lin Xiang turned his head and looked at her involuntarily.

“Nothing matters, as long as Master is fine. Silent Water knows that Master must have felt that you are a burden or something, just like what you’ve mentioned in the contract. However, Silent Water will do anything for Master, even if it is to fight for Master. Therefore, Master cannot have any more intentions to ​​blame yourself.”

The beautiful face of Silent Water made Lin Xiang’s heart beat faster.

“Silent Water…” Before Lin Xiang could send his thanks to Silent water, he was pushed by Reidy who suddenly came over, which made him hit the cabbage stall. Fortunately, it was just a bump so nothing was damaged.

“What are you doing!” Lin Xiang looked at Reidy inexplicably.

“Nothing, I just can’t stand firmly because of the slippery ground.” Reidy turned her head away, leaving only a beautiful side-profile for Lin Xiang. The somewhat cocked mouth proved that she was in a bad mood at the moment and Lin Xiang would naturally not believe that she was just slipping due to the floor. All he did not know was how he offended Reidy.

Before that, Reidy and Dusty were discussing what new snacks to buy in the snack area. After a while, Reidy said that she wanted to see Lin Xiang and the others. She left the area only to see Silent Water’s hand touching Lin Xiang’s face and made it seemed like the two of them were looking affectionately at each other. Reidy’s mind took her over somehow and made her walk to Lin Xiang and pushed him away.

Silent Water just looked at Reidy without reproach and checked whether her Master was injured.

“Really, what’s wrong with her all of a sudden?” Lin Xiang complained slightly. But it was great to have Silent Water by his side.

“I already said that my feet were slippery and it was an accident. Humph!” Reidy looked as if it was not her business, as if it was Lin Xiang who bumped into the stand himself.


“Master, I want to eat bones.” Dusty took Lin Xiang’s hand and brought him to the meat stall as she pointed at the ribs.

“Bones? Okay, okay. Boss, give me two of these.”

“Ah, are you couples?” The lady boss weighed the ribs and looked at Lin Xiang and Dusty jokingly.

“No.” Lin Xiang laughed it off.

“So… Brother and sister? Your sister is so cute.”

“Haha-” Lin Xiang did not speak any further. If he denied it more, the relationship between him and Dusty would be complicated by the boss.

“Brother and sister? No, we are not. He is my Master.” Seeing that Lin Xiang did not say a word, Dusty responded to the lady boss.

“Uh…” Three lines appeared on the lady boss’s forehead. She looked at Lin Xiang, then at Dusty as she put a price sticker onto the weighed ribs and gave them to Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang found the lady boss’s attitude a little weird. He picked up the bag and left with Dusty.

After leaving, the lady boss said to the husband who was cutting ribs, “Ah, Satoshi, kids these days are so bold now. They even play those kinds of games.”

“Why, do you want to play too? I don’t mind.” Thinking about that tigress at home, the boss wanted to trample her under his feet for just one time.

“You don’t mind? Well, from now on, call me the Queen.”

“…” The boss was speechless.

All of that was different from what the boss imagined.


“Master, master, the attitude of the old lady just now suddenly became strange.”

“Yeah…” Lin Xiang did not think in a crooked way because Dusty and the others were used to calling him Master. Naturally, he did not know what the lady boss was thinking.

“I don’t know if Silent Water and the others have bought finished.”

Due to the match, the after-school time was later than before. It was close to sunset six 6 o’clock. To save time, Lin Xiang and Silent Water were shopping separately.

In fact, Reidy actually wanted to be with Lin Xiang at the time. However, she was embarrassed to say that she wanted to buy things with Lin Xiang. That’s why Dusty had taken the lead.

“Silent Water, what else do you want to buy?” Reidy felt tired looking at the apples and pomegranates one by one.

“The fruit at home is finished, it’s better to pick some.” Silent Water picked up a red apple, looked at it closely, and put it in the shopping bag.

“I’m afraid you would say that.”

Reidy herself was a rough girl, so asking her to pick things slowly did not suit her style. But, there were no other ways so all she could do was picking fruits with Silent Water.

“Oh dear, you two little girls are so beautiful.” While weighing the fruits, an aunt said with a little envy when she looked at Silent Water’s and Reidy’s white, tender skin.

“Thank you.” “Humph- There’s no need to say that.”

“High school students?” The aunt said while taking the shopping bag.

“Yes, we are.”

“It’s good to be young. I still remembered that I was the school’s flower back then. The boys who chased me lined up from the start of the streets till the end.”


“Of course, it’s just that time was not forgiving. I’m old now.”

“Well, judging from aunt’s appearance, you were indeed a beautiful girl when you were young.” Silent Water replied. Meanwhile, Reidy was rather impatient.

“You say the same thing too?” The auntie smiled. The fat on her face dangled, “Do you have a boy you like? Auntie can teach you some tricks…”

“What’s the trick?” Faster than Silent Water, Reidy put her hands on the counter and looked at the auntie with bright eyes.

“It seems there is.” The aunt covered her mouth and laughed.


“Sister Silent Water and Sister Reidy are so slow.” Lin Xiang and Dusty had been standing beside the checkout counter in the supermarket for a while. Dusty, who was really bored, let out a complaint.

“Well- They should be buying something so let’s wait a minute more.”

After a while, Silent Water and Reidy walked towards Lin Xiang and Dusty with a few bags.

“You’ve bought a lot.” Lin Xiang looked at it. It was all ingredients, snacks, fruits and more. Among them, bananas seemed to be slightly more.

“Do you both like bananas?”

“Reidy wanted to buy them.” Silent Water smiled helplessly.


“Ah, you all are finally back.” When he got home, Remi was standing in front of the door.

Before that, Lin Xiang asked Remi if he wanted to go to the supermarket with them, but Remi said that he wanted to go home first. Now when Lin Xiang came home, he saw Remi standing in front of the door and did not go in. Lin Xiang asked, “What’s the matter? Not going in?”

“There is a fire spirit inside. If you go in, who knows if you’ll be attacked by her? So I waited for you to come back.” Remi smiled heartily. Lin Xiang could hardly imagine how boring it was for Remi to stand outside of his house like that.

“Then, let’s go in.”

Opening the door, a running sound echoed in the room. A girl with flaming red hair plunged into Lin Xiang’s arms and said in a choked voice: “Mas…Master… Where were you… Why when Fire Dance woke up…. can’t see the master… well…”

“Sorry, I apologize. That’s because something happened.” Lin Xiang handed the bag to Remi and patted Fire Dance’s head.

Fire Dance, a spirit from the world beyond the skies, suffered severe mental traumas when she was little, causing her to think like a child. But, she had another side, Fire Lotus.

Fire Lotus was a personality which was created to protect Fire Dance. She was not close to people at all. Usually, it was Fire Lotus who had more personalities so the communication between Lin Xiang and her was not great.

However, the personality of Fire Lotus could not be maintained for a long time, and it would always be replaced by Fire Dance at some point.

“Master… Don’t leave Fire Dance alone… I’m afraid…” Fire Dance raised her head, tears gleaming in her crying red eyes.

“Sorry, don’t cry, don’t cry. Look.” Lin Xiang made a grimace at Fire Dance, and she immediately burst into laughter.

Children or something, were really good to coax. If Fire Lotus was the same as Fire Dance, then communication could be much simpler.

Lin Xiang thought to himself in his heart.


Fire Dance always followed Lin Xiang wherever he went, so Lin Xiang did not go into the kitchen to cook, but went to the living room to watch TV with her.

“Master, are those two in a contract?” Fire Dance stopped crying, but her voice was hoarse. Needless to say, Fire Dance had been crying when Lin Xiang did not come back.

A Sci-Fi movie was playing on TV at the moment. The female lead had amnesia and forgotten the male lead. The male lead decided to abandon her in order to let the beloved female lead live freely, but then he discovered that all that was a conspiracy. The female lead’s family wanted to take advantage of her… Finally, after remembering everything, she gave the scarred male lead a deep kiss. That was the scene Lin Xiang and the others were watching.

“No, big sister Fire Dance, this is something done to deepen the relationship between lovers.” Dusty, who had rich experience in watching TV, put on an expert appearance.

“Lovers? What are lovers?”

“This…” Dusty the expert was killed in action.

“It’s two people who like each other.” Lin Xiang said.

“Like each other? Are Master and I lovers?” Dusty suddenly realized.

“Eh? No…”

“Lovers…like each other…enhancing feelings…” Fire Dance put her finger on her lips, watched TV, and then looked at Lin Xiang, “Let’s… do it too… Master…”

Although I am not sure if the benefits I am talking about are the benefits you readers think.

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