Volume 9 Chapter 25 : The Correct Way To Eat Bananas


————Dining Room

Lin Xiang was bowing his head over the rice, covering his blushing face. Every time he chewed the food, he could feel the hot sensation on his face.

————20 minutes ago

“Let’s… do it too… Master.” Fire Dance’s face was a little red as her fingers kept sliding back and forth on her lips.

“Hey- What did you say?” Lin Xiang was a little surprised when he heard what Fire Dance said. He was wondering if he had heard it wrong.

“Let’s be like people on the TV.” The voice was hoarse, and Fire Dance’s pitiful appearance was irresistible. If it was something else, it would be fine, but that thing being a kiss or whatever…

Lin Xiang gulped. Just like the famous saying that Yalide once quoted, ‘No man will refuse to kiss a beautiful girl.’ However… Lin Xiang refused, and Yalide really didn’t know if he should call himself a man or anything.

“No way, these things can only be done to people you like…”

As soon as he spoke, Freed and Yalide burst into laughter.

It was at that moment when Lin Xiang just remembered, to spirits a contract was equivalent to marriage. But, what was his identity now? He had Silent Water, Reidy, Fire Dance and Dusty. Did it mean that he was having four wives? That would be a conviction of bigamy.

“But, I like the master… Does Master…not like me…” Fire Dance’s eyes swirled with tears. It was really easy for a little girl to cry.

Lin Xiang, who could not bear the girl’s cry and hurriedly consoled, “How could I not like you? Of course I like you.”

“Then… why… does Master refuse to do the action to make a contract with Fire Dance?”

“It must be that the Master is shy,” Dusty said.


Dusty the expert appeared once again, “Yes, shy. Judging from my years of experience, Master is the tsundere mentioned on TV.”

“What kind of TV show were you watching?” Lin Xiang expressed helplessness over Dusty’s provocation to confuse the spirit.

“What is that?”

“This…” Expert Dusty was knocked out by the question again, but she still tried very hard to explain, “It’s like… it’s like seeing something you like and saying that you don’t want to eat it, but you really want to eat it, something like that.”

“This explanation is subtle enough to have a pass.” Lin Xiang patted Dusty’s head, feeling that her general knowledge had increased, but all of that were just random.

“In other words, it means Master actually wanted to do that action with Fire Dance.”

“That action is ‘kissing’.” Dusty gave Fire Dance a word to describe that action.

“Oh, does it mean that although Master said on the surface that he didn’t want to, but in fact, he really wanted to kiss Fire Dance?”

“That’s it!” Dusty gave Fire Dance a thumbs-up like a mother who had witnessed the growth of her child, expressing her compliment.

’That’s it’ your head!” Lin Xiang held Dusty’s head and shook it fiercely.

Lin Xiang was very happy to see them living in harmony, but he did not want them to discuss about such strange things. One of them was a dog that slowly developed into humans, while the other was a big child who was not fully developed mentally. Those sensitive topics were not something they should be discussing.

“Ah- Ah-“ Dusty’s head swayed back and forth due to Lin Xiang’s shake. She felt for the first time that the earth was spinning all along.

“Master-” Fire Dance knelt on the sofa and slowly moved towards Lin Xiang, pulling on his clothes, “Come on, come on. Let’s play a kissing game to increase our bond.”

“No, don’t play. We’ll play once you’ve grown up.”

“No. I was so happy with the contract at the time that I didn’t have time to feel what it was like to kiss, so come on, let’s do it again.” Fire Dance looked at Lin Xiang pitifully. Her aquamarine eyes were like gems, which made people difficult to get out of the situation once they’d meet her eyes.

“Increase bond? No, No. The way for Master and I to increase our bond was to play in the nearby meadow and also licking Master’s face. The Master last time always touches my head tenderly after being licked by me. But, I don’t know why he didn’t let me do that recently.” Dusty pouted her mouth as she said.

Is it because you’ve become human? Hey, humans are visionary creatures. It feels bad for a girl to lick him, right?

That was playing in Lin Xiang’s mind, but even if he said it, Dusty might not understand it.

“Sure enough, was it because of ‘shunder’?”

“It’s possible! Sister Fire Dance, you are awesome, you can learn and use the word instantly! But, it’s ‘tsundere’ instead.” Dutsty corrected Fire Dance’s inaccurate pronunciation.

“Shundear, tsundar, tsundere? Understood!” Like a primary school student learning a new vocabulary, Fire Dance finally succeeded in reading it correctly after three consecutive pronunciations.

“Heh-” Lin Xiang could not help being amused, just like seeing two little girls playing family role-play.

“Master. Sloosh-” When Lin Xiang was not paying attention, Dusty stretched out her tongue and licked Lin Xiang’s face like her previous years.

“What are you doing!” Lin Xiang was startled, clutching the licked area, which was hot and wet.

“Master, honestly, do you hate me?” Dusty frowned and lowered her head, pouting her mouth, just like an unhappy dog.

“No, how could I?”

“Then why is your attitude towards me so different from before?”


“Look, Master really hated it. Wu-” Dusty let out a sorrowful voice.

“Really, I’m not. It’s just that Dusty, you are different now. You are a person, and you can’t be the same as before.”


“Have you seen licks between people? No. Right?”

“Yes, I don’t I’ve seen them.”

“That’s it.”

“But I am not a human being.”

“Does that mean……”

Shoosh-” Dusty licked Lin Xiang again, and Lin Xiang who was licked immediately turned to the side.

Shoosh-” As Lin Xiang leaned over, Fire dance tilted her head and licked Lin Xiang’s face like Dusty.

“Don’t learn from her.”

“Wu- Master is angry…” Fire Dance looked like she wanted to cry again.

“No, no, I’m not getting angry.”

“Since Master was not angry, then don’t refuse it, Master.” Dusty hugged Lin Xiang’s arm and rubbed his arm with her head.

Seeing that Lin Xiang did not stop Dusty, Fire Dance continued to bounce her head onto Lin Xiang’s arm like Dusty, while holding his hand.

So, what was that strange feeling he had? The two of them were just children. That’s right. I’m having two children with me. Lin Xiang tried to smack himself awake.

Lin Xiang attempted to calm his mood. Let them do this for now, or I will be in trouble if they cry after this.

Lin Xiang did not speak which made Dusty thought that Lin Xiang had changed back to how he was before. Therefore, she raised her head and licked Lin Xiang’s neck with her tongue.

What’s happening? Didn’t I say not to do this? Just as Lin Xiang wanted to speak, Fire Dance came from the other side.

‘Oh! Spoiled brat, quick, transform into a real man!’ Yalide shouted in Lin Xiang’s head.

‘Transform your head, you yellow dragon.’

‘Hey, I’m black.’

‘Your head is yellow though.’

“Hey, guys…” Just as Lin Xiang uttered a few words, Fire Dance stopped moving. She looked at Lin Xiang’s face, and then at Dusty who was licking Lin Xiang. She was taken aback for a moment, spat out her saliva desperately, and stayed away from Lin Xiang. The happiness shown on her face was replaced by disgust.

“Could it be…” Lin Xiang had a bad feeling about Fire Dance’s reaction.

“Huh? Sister Fire Dance, don’t you want to continue? Master doesn’t seem to reject both of us.”

“Really!” Fire Dance’s voice became low and she stood up, tremblingly, “What the hell did you bastard let Fire Dance do?”

With a slap, Lin Xiang saw countless stars indoors.


I told them not to do it… Well, although I did think that it was a pretty good moment…

Lin Xiang massaged his face and sighed.

“You deserve it.” Reidy snorted quietly, leaving no mercy for him.

Remi looked at the red marks on Lin Xiang’s face. During their meal, Remi always inadvertently showed a slight edge of his mouth. That made Lin Xiang wanted to say to him: If you want to laugh, just give me a big laugh. It’s very uncomfortable to hold it back.

“Master, don’t blame me. I just wanted to know if Master hates me.” Dusty usually ate in a mess. Her, at that moment, was eating very slowly and cautiously.

“No, I don’t hate you, nor blame you.”

He would rather say, thank you very much.

If it were not for Dusty, Lin Xiang would not be able to withstand the soft and hard approach of Fire Dance. If he really kissed her, then he would probably be a piece of charcoal by now.

After understanding that her Master did not blame herself, Dusty resumed her old food-gobbling style. From time to time, she gave Lin Xiang some food that she thought was delicious.

After eating two bowls of rice quickly, Lin Xiang picked up a clean bowl, took some rice and side-dishes, and walked out of the dining room.

————In The Living Room

Fire Lotus held her thighs in her hands, rested her face on her knees and looked at the Animal World Channel. She looked at the cute little penguins and smiled. Hearing movements outside, she quickly changed the TV channel.

Shaa-” The door was opened. Lin Xiang came in carrying a bowl full of fragrant and delicious food.

He came in and saw the scene where Fire Lotus was blankly sitting on the sofa and watching the newly-released Killer TV series. The TV series mainly talked about how the killer assassinated some evil officials.

Hey… Hey, is she attempting to assassinate me?

Lin Xiang trembled as he placed the bowl and chopsticks in front of Fire Lotus, “H…Hey…have dinner…”

The response Lin Xiang had gotten was the temporary moaning of those who had been assassinated from the TV in the living room.

“Uh…” A bead of sweat slowly rolled down by Lin Xiang’s temple.

“This TV series seemed to be very popular these days.”

That sentence was nonsense. Lin Xiang basically did not watch TV. However, he heard some girls from school discussed that the hero of that TV series was handsome.

Fire Lotus still did not speak, just watching TV.

“The food was good today…”

“…” Except for the sound of the TV and the clock hanging on the wall, the living room was quiet.


Lin Xiang took a deep breath, then walked out of the living room and closed the door smoothly.

Fire Lotus listened to the sound Lin Xiang’s footsteps slowly fading away, and tuned back to the Animal World Channel. It was playing a scene of how lions hunted for food.

“Ah… The penguins are gone…” Fire Lotus’s expression was a little lost. After looking at the food that Lin Xiang brought, she murmured, “It’s really annoying, that’s why I said that I don’t want a master.”

The sudden approach of Lin Xiang made Fire Lotus missed the time when the penguin was broadcasted on TV. Therefore, she vented her grievances on him.

Fire Lotus was holding the handle of the chopsticks the way as if she was holding a dagger. She stabbed the chopsticks into the rice and slowly brought the rice into the mouth.

“What kind of eating tool is this? What’s more, this is really unpalatable.”


After everyone had eaten, Remi said he was going to take a bath, and took a set of Lin Xiang’s clothes as he walked into the bathroom.

The rest went to the living room to watch TV.

It was at that time when Fire Lotus gave up watching TV and went upstairs to her room. She did not want to be in contact with Lin Xiang and the others too much.

Lin Xiang watched TV with Silent Water and the others because he had nothing to do. A scene of a female singer singing was broadcasted on TV. Lin Xiang always had a very familiar feeling about that female singer, but he could not remember where he had seen her.

After watching for a while, Reidy coughed and picked up a banana in the fruit basket.

Lin Xiang watched the television, trying to recall who the female singer was. He was not attracted by the sound of Reidy’s cough.


Lin Xiang was still watching TV, trying to remember where he had seen the female singer, but he was hit by Reidy, who was sitting next to him.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, I just want to eat bananas.”

“Eat it if you want to. Aren’t you holding it in your hand?”

“Then, I’m going to eat it.”

“Yeah.” Somewhat inexplicably, Lin Xiang turned his head and continued to watch TV.

“Hey.” Retty poked Lin Xiang in the head with the banana.

“What do you want?”

“I’m going to eat a banana.”

“So? Just eat it…”

“You don’t know how to eat bananas, do you? I’ll teach you.”

“Who needs to be taught to eat bananas? Do you think I’m an elementary school student? Besides, elementary school students don’t even need to be taught to eat it.”

“You don’t know how, right?” Reidy raised her brows, and Lin Xiang nodded quickly, “Yes, dear Miss Reidy, please teach me how to eat bananas.”

Lin Xiang did not want to be electrocuted for no reason.

Heng-” With heavy nasal sounds, it was obvious that Reidy liked Lin Xiang’s attitude. Then, she slowly peeled the banana.

The bananas they bought today were very fresh. Its white flesh let out faint fragrance of bananas.

Reidy placed the banana on her lips and slowly opened her mouth to put the banana into her mouth.

It felt slightly ergonomic.

Seeing Reidy’s starting movement, that was Lin Xiang’s first reaction.

About halfway through the banana, Reidy pulled the banana out again. There was a hint of transparent saliva on it. Reidy’s face flushed a little as she continued to put the banana into her mouth then pulled it out, continuously repeating her steps. A strange nasal sound was made as well.

Goo-” Lin Xiang leaned back. Reidy is eating a banana like that?

“Sister Reidy is weird.” Dusty also picked up a banana and peeled it off, just like Reidy. But after a while, it was bitten off by her, “It’s fun to eat bananas like that, but it’s still a pleasure to eat it like this.”

Silent Water saw that but all she could do was smiling bitterly.


“No problem. Just leave it to me, and I’ll teach you a few of what I know.” The aunt who weighed the fruits showed a smile, like a master, as if she was guiding to two lost lambs.

“Yes, yes.” Reidy nodded quickly, and Silent Water also listened with respect.

“In fact, boys are simple-minded creatures.”


“As long as you catch his eyeballs, you can catch his heart.”

“How do we catch his eyeball?” Reidy asked.

“Wear sexy lingerie and show it to him when there’s a chance. With you two such beautiful little girls, I think he will not be able to divert his attention when he sees you.”

“No, no way. We can’t do this.” Reidy blushed after hearing this, and shook her head quickly.

“Then, how about this? Spill water on purpose while drinking to get your clothes wet.”

“Why do we have to do this, what if we catch a cold?” Reidy still shook her head. In other words, she completely did not understand what the aunt meant.

“So… why not show him your charming side?”

“How do we do that?”

“Buy some bananas…”


Can this really increase my charm? It feels so strange. My mouth is also muffled. But, it does attract his attention.

“Hey, Reidy, what are you doing?”

“Yeething uh buhnanaa(Eating a banana).” The banana in her mouth made Reidy difficult to speak.

“Who taught you to eat it like this? It’s weird.”

“Woah-” Reidy pulled out the banana and asked, “What’s so weird?”

“That… how do I say it…” Lin Xiang’s gaze fluttered everywhere with embarrassment.

Silent Water also smiled awkwardly.

The banana became soft because of the temperature in Reidy’s mouth as it finally fell to the ground with a clatter.

“Ah, my banana.” Reidy looked at the remaining half of the banana then looked at the rest on the ground. Finally, she took a bite of the remaining half of the banana, muttering as she chewed, “The way he sees me seems to have changed? Is this is the result of adding charm? In other words, it is still convenient to eat like this. How did the aunt come up with such a strange method?”

Looking at Reidy, Lin Xiang asked Silent Water, “Did something happen?”

“Well- Quite much…”

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