Volume 9 Chapter 26 : Devildom Administration



Lin Xiang heard a voice in his sleep that seemed to be talking in a dream. His right hand was also tightly entangled with something.

“Hmm…” Lin Xiang opened his eyes and what met his gaze was the familiar ceiling that he would inevitably see every morning.

“Huhu-” A brisk breathing sound rang in his ear.

Turning his head, Fire Lotus who had a smile and several drool on her face laid beside Lin Xiang. No, it was Fire Dance to be precise. Lin Xiang knew that Fire Lotus absolutely would not be like that.

“Did she change back to Fire Dance last night…”

Lin Xiang gently released Fire Dance’s hands that were hugging him which made Fire Dance spread out her arms like a big letter ‘X’.

“Ahem.” Lin Xiang kept looking away as his heart continued giving him thoughts that she was just a child.

Quietly getting out of bed, Lin Xiang covered Fire Dance with a blanket. Unexpectedly, the slight movement woke Fire Dance up.

“Master- Good morning…” Fire Dance clenched her hands, rubbing her eyes and squinting like a cat.

“Uh, good morning.” Lin Xiang smiled and put the blanket on Fire Dance, “Sleep a while longer.”

“Hmm…” Fire Dance nodded obediently and closed her eyes. Within seconds, there was the sound of her, fast asleep.

“She slept really fast.”

Just after Lin Xiang sighed, the snoring sounds faded as Fire Dance opened her eyes again.

“Didn’t I ask you to sleep longer?”

“Then? What do you want to do?”

Hearing that low voice, Lin Xiang immediately felt cold sweat ran down his spine, “Ah- Fire Lotus, Fire Dance came to my room in a daze last night.”

“Sophistry is useless.” With the blanket still covering her whole body, Fire Lotus lifted her foot and met Lin Xiang’s belly with a kick.

“What the f…” Lin Xiang squatted on the ground, clutching his stomach, “It hurts, what are you doing all of a sudden?”

“Who knows if you will do anything else?” Fire Lotus looked at Lin Xiang with eyes like dead fish, and got up. The little blue pajamas fitted on her body very well as it outlined her developing figure. Staring at Lin Xiang for a while, Fire Dance walked out of Lin Xiang’s room.

Lin Xiang vaguely heard Fire Lotus walking while muttering, “I hate this… It really became like this… Fire Dance, don’t you want me anymore…”

“What’s the matter with her?” Lin Xiang looked at Fire Lotus’s back blankly and scratched the back of his head.


“Report to Chief, the Devildom Administration was attacked.” A police officer ran to the chief’s office in a panic and reported the news that was just received to the police head-chief.

“What?” The chief who was napping on his chair jumped up from his sit, ​​”Was it them?”

“Yes. They fit perfectly with the characteristics of the suspect.”

“Why are those guys going to the Devildom Administration for? Are they trying to bring the devils and demons over?”

“I don’t know, Chief, please give your orders now.”

“Alright! The first special police force and the armed police combat force will be dispatched immediately. Remember, if you can’t fight, don’t try hard to fight back, and make sure to protect everyone’s safety. It’s best to use firearms to kill the enemies. Ah no, if you don’t have to kill, try to get them alive. The admins need their testimony.”

“Understood.” The police ran out in a hurry.

Without further ado, the chief quickly dialed some numbers on the phone.

————In A Hotel.

Ring- Ring- Ring-

Ring- Ring- Ring-

The sound of a ringing phone woke a sleeping man. He sat up and looked at the vibrating mobile phone on the counter.

“Hello?” The man answered the phone.

“Hello, is this Mr. Wolf? I’m sorry to interrupt your rest, but the demon apostles who came from the outer world appeared. The location is the Devildom Administration at the border of this city.”

“Oh, I see. I’ll go to the police station in a while.”

“Okay, thank you so much.”

Hanging up the phone, the man took off his pajamas, showing strong muscles. He had many scars: knife wounds, stab wounds, and gunshot wounds, on his body. These scars undoubtedly spiced up his charm as a male.

His chin showed faint hints of a growing beard. He had deep eyes, thick black hair with a hairline in the middle, and well-defined contours. He was a tough, middle-aged handsome man.

Entering the bathroom, the man washed his face, brushed his teeth, put on armor-like clothing along with a white cloak, and placed a giant sword on his back. He wore a pair of sunglasses and walked out of his room.

Walking to the corridor, he came to the room beside his and knocked on the door. After a while, a woman’s voice sounded from the room.

“I’m coming- Who is it?”

“Me.” The man replied. His voice was quite deep.

“Ah. Wolf, wait a minute, I’ll come out now.”

Opening the door, a woman in sexy pajamas stood behind the door. Her plump body looming which made her feel amorous, her long eyelashes seemed to be beckoning for the man.

“Put on some clothes, we’re leaving.”

“Eh- I thought you finally visit me because you figured it out.”

“Hurry up,” the man urged.

“Alright.” The woman did not close the door. She walked directly to the bed and took off her clothes. Her snowy-white skin reflected on the man’s sunglasses.

The man leaned his back against the wall of the corridor, folding his arms while lowering his head. He did not watch the seductive and menacing striptease and dress-up performances of the woman.

Putting on sexy, revealing clothes and a white cloak, the woman walked out.

The man did not look at the woman, and directly pressed the nearby elevator.

The woman placed her hand on the man’s shoulder. The man glanced at her and pushed her hand away. Stepping into the open elevator, he said, “Come in quickly.”

“Wolf is so cold, but that’s what makes you fascinating.” The woman smiled and walked into the elevator.

Exiting the hotel, the eyes of the surrounding pedestrians gathered, because the costumes of the man and woman were too conspicuous.

Especially the silver giant sword on the man’s back, which was 1.5 meters long, and the width of the sword almost covered the man’s broad shoulders. As for its weight, it was needless to say.

The woman was charming by nature, and every step she took was as if she was seducing men. Many male workers with white collars were all looking at her as they went for work. Some drivers even watched and hit the car directly on the rear of other cars.

Stopping a taxi, the man said to the driver, “Go to the police station.”

“There are many police stations here. Which are you heading to?” The driver looked straight at the woman, swallowing his saliva.

“City Police Station.” The driver’s pigsty expressions had made the man felt bored as he had seen the same look too much.

“Okay, okay.” The driver nodded and let the man and woman in.

The man took the sword in his hand, sat into the taxi, and placed the sword diagonally. Obviously, the space in the car could not hold the sword straight.

The woman also sat in the vehicle, getting close to the man.

“Hey, sit over there, or it’ll be hot.”

They wore a lot of clothes, and it was mid-July at that time as the weather gradually got hotter. Except for the academies for the psychic, the schools for the some non-psychic students had long been off for summer vacation.

“No, driver, please turn on the air conditioner.”

“Alright, alright.” The driver nodded quickly. Glancing at the man with a strange look, his look seemed to express that it was a shame for the man to not want such a good woman. Are you a man at all?


In the City Police Station, the chief was anxiously waiting for them to arrive. The call had been made twenty minutes ago, why were they still not coming? Were the Thirteen Saints always so arrogant?

Just when the chief thought so, the man and woman arrived.

“Mr. Wolf. Miss Mary.” The chief’s anxious face immediately bloomed with joy.

“Let’s skip the politeness and set off now.”

“Yes, yes.” The chief nodded quickly and led them into a police car.


Beeboo beeboo.” Police cars drove quickly across the road one after another.

“Master, master, are those the police cars you saw last time?” Dusty asked, pointing to the police cars that were going away.

“Yeah.” Lin Xiang nodded. He knew that the ‘last time’ said by Dusty was when they went to the hotel to eat in Kamiki’s car.

“There’s so many of them.”

“Yes. Who knew what happened.”

————The Fifth Arena of Pillar Nofu Academy

“Xiang, you’ll play against Takahashi in the first match, good luck.” Satsuki made a cheering gesture to Lin Xiang.

“Yes.” Lin Xiang looked at Takahashi in a distance. Takahashi was also looking at him and nodded to Lin Xiang.

Holding the cold sword tightly, Lin Xiang strode towards the center of the arena.

“So, you two are the contestants, right? This is Lin Xiang and this is Takahashi Nobuhiko, hmm, good. How will both of you choose the map of the match?” When Lin Xiang and Takahashi were both standing in front of the referee, the middle-aged female referee spoke to the two of them.

“I decided to give the choice to Lin Xiang.”

“Oh- You’re really confident.” The referee smiled approvingly at Takahashi. Generally, if a contestant could give the right to choose the map to the opponent, it proved that that person had confidence in his own strength, even if it was a map that was beneficial to the other party.

“Then Lin Xiang, what kind of map do you want to choose?”

‘He can freeze flames. Choosing a fire map has little use for you. You cannot choose a map with water either because ice is another form of water. The wind maps are not quite good as he can take advantage of the wind to create a snowy weather. I would recommend the map at the further right, Number one…two…three… Number fifteen! The silent barren ridge on the fifteenth map has an empty space. Except for the earth element, no other elements can dominate, and there are very few objects that can be used as defense. If he uses long-range attacks at the beginning, then it will be trickier, but if you get close, your chances of attack will be greatly increased. Well, you can choose what you want.’

Freed gave Lin Xiang some suggestions.

‘Of course, I’ll listen to you.’

Lin Xiang chose Silent Wasteland.

In an instant, the flat ground of the arena was replaced by dirt. The terrain had also become rugged and bumpy.

There, it was just a dead land. No wind, no sound, just like its name, Silent Wasteland.

There were no biological plants, only dead and yellowed grasses scattered sparsely in every corner.

“Then please start the match.” As soon as the referee finished speaking, she retreated to the back of the battlefield.

Like Lin Xiang, Takahashi did not rush to fight. He was a little surprised at the place Lin Xiang chose, “I thought you would choose a fire forest or something.”

“You can freeze flames. It’s useless if I choose it.”

“Well, that’s right. Lin Xiang, we haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

“Have we seen each other for days by now?”

“I mean, it’s been a long time since we spoke so close. Regarding the past…”

“Don’t mention it, I understand.”

“Thank you for your understanding. To be honest, I don’t know how to face you and Satsuki anymore. I’m a little scared that both of you won’t forgive me.” Takahashi smiled. His white teeth appeared on the screen, extraordinarily dazzling.

“What are they talking about?” Some girls did not understand why Takahashi suddenly laughed and why they did not start the fight right away. They were all guessing about the relationship between Lin Xiang and Takahashi.

“Lin Xiang, are you ready? This time, I will use my own strength to fight you.” Takahashi took out a silver necklace from his pocket and put it around his neck, “Oh, I don’t know you’ve heard of it before. This is a magic necklace. TCQ’s product is a new invention that replaces the magic wand. In this way, we can freely use both of our hands to release magic.”

“Magic necklace? Satsuki and Nagisa do have a magic ring.”

“It seems that Satsuki’s mother was working at TCQ too. It is not impossible to have these unlisted new products. Okay, Lin Xiang, come on, let us take this match seriously.”

“I’m always waiting.” Lin Xiang slowly pulled out the cold sword, white cold mist floating in the air. The cold light from the blade made people shiver unconsciously.

“Looking at your sword so close, it really is full of courage. But in terms of attributes, will it be a bit bad?” Takahashi said, a light blue magic circle appeared on his right hand, and he stretched his hand into it. Inside, he pulled out a crystal clear ice sword.

“This is…” Seeing the ice sword that Takahashi conjured, Lin Xiang remembered Silent Water’s father, who had also conjured a water sword in front of him and chopped Nora Grass. In class, a teacher once said that those kinds of magic were called weapon magic, and it was difficult to master. Takahashi used it at the moment, which made Lin Xiang questioned, how much progress has he made?

“This is weapon magic which makes condensing magic turn into a weapon. It is specially used to fight against combat technicians in close combat. About sword skills, how can I say this? Well, I have learnt it…” Takahashi said as he rushed over and gave Lin Xiang a slash.

If it was ice, then it should break easily.

Lin Xiang also greeted him, using a real sword, which was made with pure ice, to attack.

Bamm!” With a dull sound, Lin Xiang felt that he had hit something hard. The ice mist from his sword and ice mist from the other merged into a thick, white mist. The ice sword was unexpectedly strong and did not break at all.

Although Lin Xiang’s body was not as great as before, he was still a half-dragon, and his strength was greater than that of ordinary people. Takahashi did not have Lin Xiang’s terrifying power. After confronting Lin Xiang, he felt numbness in his arm, and immediately retreated.

“Hey, why are you so strong? Don’t tell me that you deliberately go easy on others in the previous matches.” Takahashi shook his hand exaggeratedly, expressing pain.

“What do you mean ‘go easy’? Why do I have to do that?” Lin Xiang felt a little chill when he moved his fingers while holding the handle of the sword. After colliding with Takahashi’s ice sword just now, it seemed that the cold sword was more freezing, just like in the match the day before, when he was in the Forest of Fire. However, it was fire that dominated that day, now it is ice. Lin Xiang felt that there was a commotion in his body, as if it was dissatisfied with the cold sword’s coolness.

If I can, it’s best to end this quickly.

Holding the sword tight with one big stride forward, Lin Xiang quickly slashed at Takahashi continuously.

Takahashi himself did not learn sword skills to begin with, but only learned some basic attack methods and defense. For Lin Xiang’s series of blows, he felt a little overwhelmed. However, Lin Xiang’s attacks were slower, which made him blocked his attacks very smoothly.

Damn, my hands are a little stiff. I can’t keep this up.

Lin Xiang’s attack became slower. He saw Takahashi’s absent-minded appearance and felt that he was looking for a chance to release magic, so he took a step back just to be safe.

Sure enough, the second after Lin Xiang retreated, Takahashi reached out his cold, misty hand and aimed at Lin Xiang. Of course, Lin Xiang had already avoided, so his palm was headed to an empty space.

Lin Xiang saw the right time and slashed at Takahashi’s shoulder. Takahashi reaction was not slow. Originally, he wanted to slap Lin Xiang’s abdomen with an ice palm to make him stiff, but Lin Xiang escaped and counterattacked again. Therefore, he quickly released the ice gathered in his palm. A series of frost blew towards Lin Xiang.

Forcibly interrupting his movement, Lin Xiang rolled to the side and dodged, avoiding the frost. But he was blown a little in his thigh.

That was very dangerous. Just being blown to a point by the frost, and ice blossoms appeared. If he did not avoid it at that time, even if he did not become an ice statue, he would have a stiff body instead.

The first thing Lin Xiang did after standing up was to punch off the ice blossom attached to his leg, otherwise it would affect his movements.

“Ha!” Takahashi attacked again with the sword.

—————— Devildom Administration

The Devildom Administration was located at the border of the city. Back then, due to a crack in another dimension that could not close itself, demons attacked the human world. Later, the demons were wiped out, and the humans strengthened the defense of the place to prevent the demons from coming out, but after a while, some people suggested that the different-dimensional crack should be used as a passage to the demon world, allowing humans to enter and collect mountain herbs or other sources. Therefore, the Devildom Administration was born.

The Devildom Administration’s architectural style was slightly like the police station, consisting of a lobby, a staff room, and a different-dimensional crack protection room. Its hall alone was two stories high.

There were many police cars parked in front of the main door of the Devildom Administration, some of which had water skis swinging up and down, and red marks on the windshields. Under the police car, a few people in armed police clothes were lying down, who were soaked in blood on their bodies and their heads.

Several police front-liners immediately walked to the front of the armed policemen, squatted down, measured their heartbeat rate, then looked at each other while shaking their heads.

“Report to the Chief, they can’t make it.”

“Damn…” The chief’s look was painful.

Mr. Wolf of the Thirteen Saints did not speak. He frowned, pushed away the chief who was in front of him, and walked towards the door.

A few policemen did not favor Wolf’s behavior, but because of the wide giant sword on Wolf’s back, they all chose to be silent. It was not bad for a person to be able to pick up the sword, let alone use it, so the policemen still knew that Wolf was arrogant due to certain strengths he had.

“Really, Wolf, wait for me.” Mary ran after him. Seeing her enchanting back, the police were all inexplicably excited. They could not help it because she was a beautiful woman, and she made people very sorrowful. Naturally, her presence could seduce people’s hearts.

Walking through the entrance, the spacious hall greeted Wolf and the others.

Several large and thick pillars stood on both sides, supporting the beams. On the pillars were traces of blood. The blood was not coagulated yet as it continued to flow downwards. Many corpses lied below them. Why did the police say that they were corpses before they came forward to confirm their situation? That’s because some of them had sunken chests, vomits of blood, and crooked necks that were rotated 180 degrees. They seemed to be twisted by something. There were two others that had an even worse state, which were blooming heads.

Wolf looked around. The office computers were basically broken. The desks and everything that fell on the ground were deformed so badly as if they were knocked. Some clerks without combat effectiveness were howling in pain. They were all injured to varying degrees, and some were crushed by the fallen computer desk.

“Power types…” Wolf murmured as he showed a disdainful smile.


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