Volume 10 Chapter 1 : Wolf


————The Fifth Arena

At that moment, the Silent Wasteland of the Fifth Arena had turned into a place of snow. The withered grass and potholes on the ground were covered by the slow-falling snowflakes. Lin Xiang panted slightly, grasping his sword in both hands as he watched Takahashi’s Frost Tiger on the opposite side.

“Lin Xiang, the idea of ​​me defeating you with combat skills is really stupid.” Takahashi smiled self-deprecatingly.

“I understand your intentions. You must have felt that I’m weak, thinking that attacking me with long-range magic is unfair to me. That’s why you used combat skills, right? But Nobuhiko, you will embarrass me by doing so, as if you are going easy on me.”

“I didn’t mean any of that… Why do I feel that your condition today was better than yesterday though?”

“Heh-” Lin Xiang smiled without answering. Dragon energy was in production all the time. Although there was only a small amount, as long as it was not used and slowly accumulated, it could become a lot instead. In yesterday’s match, excluding the wind speed state used for a few seconds against the wretched boy and the little dragon energy that was consumed, other abilities were not used. Therefore, Lin Xiang at that moment, whether it was physically or mentally, his condition today was definitely better than that of two days before and yesterday.

“Don’t tell me that you will only show your true ability when you fight against me. That’s a bit cunning, no? Hantai.”

Hearing Takahashi calling its name, the cold ice tiger answered with a roar, and white smoke spurted out of its mouth. Its voice was very loud and sharp.

Most spirits knew a little about spirituality. Before they had a contract, they might not be able to think thoroughly which made them attacked according to their instincts. But after the contract, it had wisdom. Although not much, it was still smarter than before. Frost Tiger could see that the relationship between his master and Lin Xiang was not like the enemy he had to fight in the past, but a type of friendship. Therefore, when it attacked, it would naturally avoid Lin Xiang’s vital parts. But, it was impossible for Lin Xiang to be attacked by it either.

“Come on, Hantai!” After receiving the master’s order, the cold ice tiger spread its limbs and rushed towards Lin Xiang quickly. It kept its fangs, and pointed its head at Lin Xiang’s chest.

Lin Xiang held the sword, ready to dodge the moment Frost Tiger rushed over to him, and attempted to slash it.

However, Takahashi, of course, would not just stand there and watched. He released his magic, a light blue magic circle appeared, and ice cones flew towards Lin Xiang.

Was dodging the only option?

The cold ice tiger was right in front of him. If Lin Xiang flashed to the side and slashed it, he would be hit by the flying ice cone…

Frost Tiger took a leap, lowered its head and hit Lin Xiang’s chest.

Lin Xiang squatted as Frost Tiger flew over his head, his fragile abdomen exposed in his eyes. Although it was a good time to attack, ice cones were also chasing him. If he did not want to be hit, all he could do was giving up in that idea.

Lin Xiang rushed to the side, and the ice cone hit Frost Tiger that missed its aim.

The ice cones had no harm on the cold ice tiger, because it was its master’s magic, so the cones of ice just sank into its body for a short moment. As for the cold ice tiger, after landing, its forelimbs laid low as its fangs leaked out to look at Lin Xiang.

“Very well, Lin Xiang, you really dodged it.” As soon as Takahashi finished speaking, wind and snow emerged from the feet of Frost Tiger, surrounding it. It had no intention of stopping until it turned into a windy, snow tornado.

On Takahashi’s side, the magic was also released. Three windy snow tornadoes appeared above, below, and behind Lin Xiang. And, in front of him, was another windy snow tornado. He was clearly surrounded.

“Hey hey, did you plan to do this from the beginning of the attack?”

“Yes.” Takahashi answered, panting. In that cold environment, a few drops of sweat fell from his forehead, showing how much magic power he spent on the previous battles and on the current windy snow tornadoes.

The tornadoes surrounded Lin Xiang. Their heights were at least seven or eight meters, and they were also ready to merge together, constantly approaching each other. If he let them get closer, it would become a blizzard wall. The blizzard wall would slowly shrink and needless to say, the one in the middle would face a lot of trouble.

Seeing the windy snow tornado gradually approaching, Lin Xiang ran to the gap between the two tornados.

“Heh- Lin Xiang…” Takahashi smiled and shook his head. But if he were Lin Xiang, he would do the same. However, tornadoes had suction powers. If the body was sucked between two tornadoes, let alone running away, it would be considered lucky to be able to hold one’s body.

No, after Lin Xiang approached the two windy snow tornadoes, his body seemed to have received two huge suction forces, as if he was about to be sucked into the tornado.

Shit, it really isn’t that simple.

Lin Xiang stabbed the ground with his sword and held his body steadily. His hair, clothes, all whirred like flags, fluttering in the wind. The tornados slowly approached him, and Lin Xiang felt that the suction force became stronger. The closer he got, the heavier the coldness of the cold sword. Lin Xiang’s hands were already cold and turned purple. However, even though he was now in front of two blizzards, his body was still very hot. In other words, it was hotter than ordinary people because the dragon flame in his body was protesting, as if the fire in him could not get used to the cold sword’s pride.

The element of mutual restraint was terrible. Just after Lin Xiang sighed, he was sucked into the windy snow tornado.

“Lin Xiang!” Satsuki stood up all of a sudden.

“Young Master…” Kaoru also showed a bitter face.

————Devildom Administration

“Everyone go to rescue the wounded first.” The chief gave an order, and more than a hundred police officers quickly came to the wounded. Some carried the wounded on their backs, and some helped withdraw the heavy objects that were pressing on them.

One of the policemen was moving a table away when he found something strange on the floor… Was that a magic rune?

Realizing that it was too late, the lavender light originally emitted by the magic rune brightened. It seemed that the police officer triggered the magic rune.

Hhong!” Fumes of purple gas sprayed out from the rune and quickly spread to the surroundings. The people who did not get what happened were enveloped in purple gas.

“Cough cough!” In an instant, sounds of coughing and screaming filled the hall.

All those who inhaled the gas foamed at their mouths and fainted to the ground.

Those people who were far away quickly retreated to the entrance door.

“Does the other one have the toxic element? But this poisonous mist is not fatal though.” After Wolf spoke, he walked into the purple fog.

“Wait.” The chief wanted to catch up, but was afraid that the poisonous would make him collapse, so he could only watch Wolf’s back slowly disappearing into the purple fog.

“This magic has no effect on Wolf, including me. Just wait here for the poisonous fog to clear while saving people outside.” Mary said, following Wolf.

The fog blocked Wolf’s sight, but he had been to the Devildom Administration before, so he found the entrance of the hall very well and came to the staff room.

In the staff room, there were many operating instruments. At that moment, those instruments were crackling like fireworks.

“Wolf, wait a minute.” Mary ran after him. She was slightly blaming Wolf for being like that, always ignoring her.

Wolf did not speak, but looked at the researchers in white coats. They did not know whether they were alive or dead at the moment, as they only collapsed to the ground.

“They really are cruel, don’t let me catch you, otherwise, I will definitely make you pay double the price.” Wolf stretched out his hand, grabbed the handle of the sword behind his head, and slowly pulled the giant sword out.

“Ah- Wolf, are you angry? Was it because they did such a terrible thing to your countrymen?”

“Yes, I am a person from this world. If the people from the other world came over and misbehaved, I will never tolerate it.” Wolf said as he walked straight to the different-dimensional crack protection room in the inner hall.

“That’s really rare… to see you like this.” Mary muttered looking at Wolf’s back, and followed his tail.

————Outside the lobby

“Excuse me, are you the chief?”

Just as the authorities were busy pulling the injured people out of the poisonous fog, a woman walked to them.

“Didn’t the police surround this place? How did you get in?” The chief felt that the woman in front of him was quite familiar.

“My name is Ijima Meiko, the granddaughter of Ijima Michita.”

“Oh, so it’s Miss Meiko, I heard from Master Qian Libing that you were coming.”

“What’s the situation?” Meiko looked at the purple poisonous fog.

“Mr. Wolf and Miss Mary went in.”

“Wolf? Is he back?”

“Yes, do you know Mr. Wolf?”

“Of course I do. How is it, can’t you get rid of these gases?”

“We really can’t. The power system is broken, and the exhaust fan can’t be turned on. But there are gas masks, which should be able to block it. Miss Meiko, do you want to go in?”

“Yes.” Yazi nodded, and took the gas mask brought by a police officer.

“Please… please be careful.” The chief looked a little nervous, if something happened to Meiko, then he would be solely responsible for it.

“Don’t worry.” Meiko panned up her hair, put on a gas mask, and held a silver pistol and a golden pistol in both hands.

“Please be careful.” The chief repeated as he watched Meiko disappear into the fog. He also wanted to go in, but he had never lived in the outer world, so it was very difficult to deal with those kinds of enemies. He would be fine with fighting terrorists though.

————Different-Dimensional Crack Protection Room

A different-dimensional crack with a diameter of five meters like a black hole exuded black gas. There were many equipment accompanying it, but they were the same as the ones outside, all destroyed and scrapped.

Wolf looked around and found no one lurking there, but found a corpse-like policeman lying beside the crack.

“It’s a pity, we’re late.” Mary covered her mouth and smirked.

Wolf did not speak, but just sat on a nearby table.

He can enter the Demon Realm, but it did not make sense anymore. The Demon Realm was very large. It would be like finding a needle in a huge haystack to know whether if there was anyone living there, any response, or hunting down two demon apostles there. Wolf was only wondering why the demon apostles wanted to head to the Demon Realm. He knew that the apostles in the demon world were not as powerful as the demons. For the demons, they were just spirits that could be contracted.

Mary did not speak, but looked at Wolf quietly. A moment later, footsteps came from the outside of the door.

“Someone’s coming.”

Mary looked at the door. Soon, a woman who looked more beautiful than her came in. In terms of dressing, that woman was not as coquettish as Mary, and she was relatively young.

“Little girl, are you lost?” Mary asked to Meiko.

“Hello, Miss Mary, I am Ijima Meiko, who just joined the Saints.” Meiko’s eyes fixed on Wolf who was sitting on the table not far away.

“Oh, sorry, I don’t know much about the new Saints, why are you here?”

“You see, I’m from here, and my grandfather told me to come back and hunt down these two demon apostles.”

“Your grandfather? Who?”

“Ijima Michita.”

“Oh, I seem to have heard about him. Let me see… Level five magus, are you about to advance? For the people here, you are very talented with this spiritual power at your age. It’s just that for the outer world, your abilities are very ordinary. How could your grandfather let you hunt down these two demon apostles? If he’s not stupid, then he’s old.”

“You!” Meiko’s eyes widened when she heard Mary’s words.

“Don’t quarrel.” Wolf stood up. Mary and Meiko were about to quarrel before he sorted out his clues, which annoyed him.

“Brother Lin Hao, I’m sorry.” Meiko quickly apologized to Wolf.

“It’s nothing.” Wolf, no, it’s Lin Hao, shook his head, “Now, the demon apostles should have entered the Demon Realm but the reason for their depature was unknown. We have to be careful. Let’s have a few guards come here to guard the different-dimensional crack.”

“You two know each other?” Mary looked at Lin Hao and Meiko.

“Yes. My brother Lin Fan and her grandfather have a master-disciple relationship.”

“That Lin Fan? He’s your brother? And her grandfather is his master?” Mary did not know anything about Wolf. It was better to say that Wolf rarely revealed his personal information, and Mary only knew his real name today, which was called Lin Hao.

“Yes, so you better pay some respect.” Lin Hao warned Mary with his eyes. To him, Mary was a headache. That woman’s family had power, and she herself was too proud and boastful of herself. Lin Hao really did not understand what she liked about himself. She always pestered him. It was obvious that he treated her so indifferently but she still glued to him like a magnet.

“Oh.” Mary nodded, her eyes looking at Meiko changed again.

“My name are whatever, is not allowed to be spread around.” Lin Hao added.


“Anyway, just remember it.”

Mary nodded.

Lin Hao did not tell others his real name because he was afraid that if people knew his real name, someone would be against Lin Xiang. As the Thirteen Saints, Lin Hao naturally offended many people. Lin Xiang could be considered a treasure that was left by his brother. Not to mention, the energy in his body had not been activated yet, even if he died, Lin Hao would not let Lin Xiang suffer any harm.

“It’s been a long time since I came back, how is he?”

“He?” Meiko was stunned, thinking that Lin Hao was talking about her grandfather, “Grandpa is fine.”

“Hmm.” Lin Hao did not care about Meiko’s misunderstanding, and continued, “How about Lin Xiang?”

“Oh, him? He’s a little…not good.”

“What do you mean?” Lin Hao became a little anxious.

“Didn’tt the demon apostles last time spread a rumor that a Demon Army was going to attack Dakhla?”

“Yes, I was in another area at the time and I had heard of it.”

“Well, in fact, the Demon Squad was the only one who attacked the city gate. Lin Xiang was outside the gate at that time.”

“Hey, don’t tell me…” Lin Hao’s pupils suddenly agitated.

“It’s okay, he’s still alive. Now, he can walk, jump, and participate in the academy’s friendly match.”

“Then, what do you mean?”

“His soul energy has decreased. This is what the lecherous medical immortal said, and I don’t think he was in good condition after I’ve seen him.”

“How did it happen? Was his soul energy sucked away by the demons?”

“I don’t know. The lecherous medical immortal said that there was no devilish in his body, so It couldn’t be that. He doesn’t know exactly what it is.”

“Well, why would he go to the outer world? It’s so dangerous there.”

“It’s… the decision of Grandpa and Master Qian Libing.”

“Master Qian Libing?” At that moment, Lin Hao’s mind flashed through a kind old man with a dazzling beard.

“Brother Lin Hao, you won’t blame Grandpa and Master Qian Libing, right…”

“No, they must have their reasons for doing this. So, he’s in a match now? Let’s go to the school and see.”

—————— Fifth Arena

When the four windy snow tornadoes merged together, the arena was already full of snow and wind.

Seeing that situation, the referee secretly nodded to Takahashi, thinking that the boy’s strength was very good. Although the system had not determined that Lin Xiang had lost the ability to compete, but the referee felt that nobody could bear such huge winds and snows. Therefore, she cleared her throat and was about to announce Takahashi’s victory. At that time, she could not tell if it was her dim eyesight, or that she seemed to see sparks of fire flowers appearing in the wind and snow. It was red. But, it faded a short while later.

“So…” As soon as the referee spoke, she finally saw it clearly. It was not her eyesight failing her just now, but sparks really appeared in the wind and snow. If readers wanted to ask her why she was so sure at that time, it was because the huge windy snow tornado had become a flaming, windy snow tornado.

“What the hell happened?”

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