Volume 10 Chapter 2 : To Get The First Place


“It’s hot.” Lin Xiang, who was in the center of the blizzard, could not suppress the heat in his body. The flames somehow radiated from his body. That was why the original windy snow tornado became a flaming, windy snow tornado.

Kid, that’s not good. Dragon Flame is consuming your dragon energy to turn it into flames.

‘Then, what should I do? I can’t control it.’ Lin Xiang’s hands were hot as the flames surrounded the cold sword, and the sword’s blade was constantly exuding cold mist, trying to get rid of the flames. Therefore, the cold sword at that moment became like that, which was the outermost layer enveloped with fire, the middle was covered with white mist, while the inside was the sword blade. It looked weird, but it was quite awesome, like ice caught on fire.

‘I am not of fire attributes, and there’s not much dragon energy in your body, so I can’t stop it. In short, you can just rush out of here quickly. As long as these two elements are balanced, the confrontation will not be so obvious.’

Lin Xiang probably understood what Freed said. Yesterday, in the Forest of Fire, the cold sword desperately exuded cold mist because the balance was biased towards fire. For now, the balance was biased towards ice, so the dragon flame in his body stopped dormancy and began confronting the ice. However, the dragon flame was in his body, which caused a huge impact on him.

Blocking his eyes with his hand, the surrounding area was surrounded by fire and snowflakes, which made Lin Xiang’s vision blurry and the dragon energy kept dwindling. He could even feel tired.

There was no way, he must go out quickly.

Lin Xiang ran in one direction abruptly-

-out of the flaming windy snow tornados.

At that moment, the audience was attracted by that strange phenomenon, and were all discussing why it happened. After all, they had never seen a tornado formed by snow and fire.

At that time, with a sound of a hurt spirit, the cold ice tiger of Takahashi flew out of the tornado, fell to the ground, rolled several times, and was covered with white smoke.

Takahashi hurriedly ran up to the cold ice tiger, checked its condition, and found that there was nothing serious, so he was relieved. However, Frost Tiger had no way to fight at that moment.

Takahashi could not imagine how much heat his cold ice tiger had endured just now. If there was no enchantment, then his Frost Tiger would not be just fine.

“Lin Xiang…what did you do…” Takahashi muttered as he watched the flaming, windy snow tornado. It was the first time he saw that situation. Generally speaking, ordinary fire would have been wiped out in such a blizzard. Otherwise, it would be that the fire was too violent, and it had completely melted the windy snow, turning it into a flame tornado. That phenomenon was really amazing.

“Did you see it? Xiang hasn’t lost yet!” Satsuki’s face flushed with excitement. Just now, she thought Lin Xiang would have lost just like that. The sudden change at that moment excited her.

“Yes!” Kaoru also nodded quickly, and after a while, she saw Lin Xiang rushing out from inside.

“Ha-hu-hahu-” Lin Xiang bent his body and panted. He felt very tired, and his physical strength was almost gone.

Believe in yourself and make it quick while you still have some strength, kid.

‘Aren’t you letting me have a rest?’ Although Lin Xiang was complaining, his body still moved as he rushed towards Takahashi with his sword, “Ha!!!”

Of course, Takahashi was not a fool. He called his Frozen Tiger back to the spiritual world, and Takahashi quickly avoided Lin Xiang’s slashing attack.

It was so hot, yet so cold. Was this the combination of fire and ice?

That was the feeling Takahashi got when the cold sword passed by him whilst avoiding it.

Wherever the cold sword went, there would be white mist and little sparks. It would create quite a kind of illusory romantic feeling. At least, the girls who like that kind of stuff were all stunned.

He must extend the distance.

Takahashi quickly stepped back as Lin Xiang continued chasing him. At that time, the flaming windy snow tornado behind them began to slowly disappear, because Lin Xiang was no longer there, like snow extinguishing the fire, or like the fire melting the snow, or both. It finally disappeared.

After maintaining the chase for more than a minute, Lin Xiang inserted his sword into the snow, released the cold sword, and said with trembling lips, “I forfeit.”

“Huh?” Not only Takahashi, but the whole audience did not know what happened. It was obvious that Lin Xiang had the upper hand, and now he wanted to forfeit? What was he thinking?

“Student Lin Xiang…Do you really want to forfeit?” the referee confirmed again.

At first, she was not very optimistic about Lin Xiang, but after the flaming windy snow tornado appeared, she had no choice but to look at Lin Xiang differently. In the chase just now, Lin Xiang’s sword attacks were powerful, one slash after another. His attacking posture was very on point. At first glance, she knew that he was someone who had learned kendo.

Originally, referees would announce immediately when they heard that the contestants forfeiting but as a spectator, she did not want Lin Xiang to forfeit.

“Yes… I forfeit.”

After Lin Xiang finished speaking, the flame on the cold sword inserted on the ground slowly extinguished, the ice on the sword also melted, as it turned back to the blue, cold sword with slight sorrow. Lin Xiang was also out of strength, so he sat down on the ground and panted.

Kid, it’s a pity. If your dragon energy was enough, I don’t think anyone in the human world will be your opponent. Of course, it’s hard to say when you were in the outer world.’ When the referee announced Takahashi’s victory, Freed comforted Lin Xiang.

Sigh-‘ In his heart, he felt that his state was not a torture for him, but a kind of challenge, to experience how he fight in difficult conditions.

“Lin Xiang.” Takahashi walked over.

Lin Xiang raised his head and looked at him.

“If you still have the strength, maybe I would have lost. My ability is insufficient, and my magic power is too little. After releasing those magic, I almost have no magic power left.” Takahashi stretched out his hand to Lin Xiang.

“You are already very powerful. At least, you are the most powerful magician I have ever played against here.” Lin Xiang took Takahashi’s hand and stood up with Takahashi’s pull.

“Oh, this is really a supreme praise.” Takahashi smiled at Lin Xiang, “Are you going to go to a place with me? There are a lot of great people there. If you train more, you will definitely be even stronger. .”


“I’m telling you this, don’t tell others, that place is called the outer world.”

“Outer world?”

“Yeah, Daojie Holy Spirit Academy is basically a noble school compared to here. The people there are children of upper-class people. I also transferred to the school there and heard a certain girl talk about it which made me knew it. Then, when I got home, I asked my father if he knew about this place. Did you know what his reaction was like?”

“He knows this place and wants you to go?”

“He was so furious that he beat me up and said he would never let me go.”


“My brother died there. He was not killed by devils but by a creature more terrifying than them.”


“You know about it?”


“Oh. Um…Because my brother died, so I was very sad. I went to the mountain where we used to go and vented my emotions. At that time, it was when there was the appearance of the different-dimensional crack…”

“Then you were possessed by a devil.”

“Yeah. My father said he wouldn’t let me go to the outer world because he was afraid of losing me. How to say, I am considered as an only child now.”

“Then you just said you want me to go with you?”

“No way, the school wants us to get the title of Grade D Exorcist. my father has no way to disagree because it’s related to my future. I hope you can go with me.”

“Heh- I’m sorry, I’m already a Grade D Exorcist.” Lin Xiang showed a triumphant smile.

“Really? No way?” Takahashi could not believe it, but he believed Lin Xiang abnormally in his heart. He really had the ability to achieve it. After all, not everyone could get rid of the devils in the human body.

Regarding the silver flame, Takahashi looked up a lot of books after returning, but he could not find it. He always wanted to ask what flame it was. But just when he wanted to speak, they came.

“Then I’ll go first.” Takahashi was still a little embarrassed to face Satsuki at such a close range.

“What happened?”

“You are already an exorcist. I’m going to invite others.” Takahashi said and left.

“Xiang, what were you doing, why do you want to forfeit!” Satsuki came to blame Lin Xiang just as she arrived.

“Are you hoping to see me fall unconscious because of my strength?”

“Fall because of your strength? Why? I think you are doing well right now.” Satsuki looked at Lin Xiang carefully, and found that this guy did not look like someone in trouble.

“It’s hard to explain to you, anyway, if I continue to fight, I will really fall.”

“What, it looks like you don’t understand anything, it makes people very angry, you know?” Satsuki pouted and stared at Lin Xiang.

“Well- Young Master must have his reason for this.” Of course, Kaoru was standing on Lin Xiang’s side to help him speak.

“Kaoru-senpai, don’t always play along with him.”

————Lunch Break Meal Time

“Really, it doesn’t matter if Master loses, Silent Water will help Master get the first place.” Silent Water untied the bento cloth and took one of the largest boxes to Lin Xiang.

“Oh- I’m so happy, but don’t force it.” Lin Xiang smiled happily, and took the lunch box that Silent Water gave.

“Hmph-” Reidy did not say a word. But in her heart, she was also thinking that she would take the first place.

“The first place has no relations with people like me… Hehe…” Nagisa smiled silly as she sat there. If she got the first place, it would make Lin Xiang happy. Of course, she was willing, but reality was cruel as she did not have that strength.

“Okay, it’s decided, whoever of you can get the first place in the individual match will be able to spend one day with Lin Xiang within two days off after the match.” Satsuki, as always, ignored Lin Xiang to make her own decision for him, “Of course, because I have booked one day, so the one who can get the first can only wait for the next day.”

“What?” Satsuki’s words further inspired Reidy’s determination to win. The first place, in the eyes of me, a young lady, is not so easily decided if I want it.

The first place, huh… It’s great to be able to spend a day with Lin Xiang… But I’ll just have to forget about it…

Nagisa buried her head and ate the bento she made. The bento was relatively light as there were just a few simple vegetables and two pieces of meat. She had no choice because her family was relatively poor, and her father was cured by the onion doctor, who did not charge any money, so she secretly transferred all of the four million that Lin Xiang had given, back to Lin Xiang. Her father also agreed with Nagisa’s approach. After all, such a father made such a daughter, right? Of course, Lin Xiang himself did not know that the money had been transferred back to him. He had a very indifferent view of money and would not pay attention to it all the time.

Spending a day with the Young Master? Well, Young Master’s sword skills seemed to be quite good, especially the fast sword strikes. If I learnt it, I will definitely be able to increase my strength. I must win. Kaoru, in order to be able to discuss sword skills with her Young Master and improve herself, she must work hard to get the first place, no matter what enemies she encountered.

Kaoru’s eyes shone like stars.

“Hey, why is my vacation being scheduled? Am I some sort of sold goods?” Lin Xiang said helplessly.

“Big Sis Satsuki, is it special to spend a day with Master?” Dusty tilted her head, looking at Satsuki in confusion.

“Of course, you can do what you like with him.”

“Really?” At that time, Dusty had several scenes appearing in her mind. Like playing and rolling on the grass with her Master, and lying on his knees to rest when she was tired, asking Master to help her bathe like before when taking a shower at night, and sleeping together. It was happy enough for her to think about it.

“Okay! I also want to get the first place.”

Silent Water just smiled and did not speak. It would be nice to be alone with her Master for a day, and she wanted it too. But Silent Water was an easily-satisfied girl as she was already very happy to be with Lin Xiang as she did at that moment.

“Kuji didn’t come today, is it because she’s still angry with me…” Satsuki’s original smile disappeared suddenly and turned into a depressed look.

“I think she needed to take care of something. How could she be angry with you for this little thing?” Lin Xiang did not even think that Kamiki would be angry of Satsuki. Their relationship was so bad before and now that they had become friends, they would not have worsened their relationship because of that tiny matter.

“If so, then it would be great.” Satsuki opened the bento and ate it. She inadvertently glanced at the fried meatballs in Lin Xiang’s bento as her insecurities disappeared, and she caught Lin Xiang’s fried meatballs.

Today’s meal was their most normal time. Lin Xiang noticed Nagisa, who was sitting far away, and the light meals in the bento box.

It was not easy for her too.

Lin Xiang sat next to Nagisa, “I don’t have any vegetables today, so can Nagisa give me some?”

“Huh?” Nagisa raised her head to look at Lin Xiang then nodded, “If you don’t mind…”

“Thank you.” Lin Xiang picked up a few greens and ate it, “Oh, it tastes good, did you make it?”

It was not flattery. That was Lin Xiang speaking with his true heart. Cooking was a skill. If the vegetables were cooked for a long time, they would grow old, but if they were not cooked, they would feel raw. The vegetables Nagisa made tasted fresh and sweet. It did not seem old nor was it raw, with a crunchy bite, it was very refreshing instead.

“Ye…yes…if you like it, please take them all away…”

This is the first time Lin Xiang had eaten what I cooked… Looking at his appearance, he seems to like it very much…

“How could I do this? However, the greens Nagisa made are really delicious, so you can eat mine too.”

Lin Xiang had many types of lunch boxes, which was made by Silent Water to suit the tastes of Reidy, Dusty and the others. Each lunch box had its own favorite dishes, so there were more dishes.

“Uh…” Looking at Lin Xiang and his lunch box, Nagisa did not know what to do for a while. Eat, or not to eat? Would Lin Xiang be angry if she did not eat it? If she needed to eat it, then it should be done by a close person… Does Lin Xiang consider her as a close person?

With a nervous heart, Nagisa picked a piece of broccoli and put it in her mouth.

“This, it’s delicious.” That was Nagisa’s first thought.

“Ha, that was all made by Silent Water. She cooks very well.”

“No, Silent Water is just imitating Master’s cooking.” Silent Water said embarrassedly.

“Imitate or something, if you don’t have the cooking skills, you can’t cook such a dish. Silent Water, you are so amazing.”

“It’s nothing…”

————Three minutes later

“Lin Xiang from First-year Class C of Pillar Nofu Academy, please head to the principal’s office after hearing the broadcast. I repeat…” Meiko’s voice sounded through the broadcast.

“Xiang, did you do anything bad again?”

“What do you mean ‘again’? No, when did I do bad things?”

“Just kidding. Since you get so worked-up, you seemed suspicious. Ouch.” Satsuki’s forehead was flicked by Lin Xiang, and it turned red slightly.

“This is punishment. I’ll go to the principal’s office first. It should be the principal who has something to say to me.” Lin Xiang put down the lunch box, stood up and walked out of the Fifth Arena.

————Principal’s Office

“How long have we not seen each other?” Michita happily patted Lin Hao on the shoulder, motioning him to sit down.

“It’s been a while. I haven’t been back here for more than half a year.” Lin Hao took off the giant sword and sat next to Michita. Meiko poured tea for the two, ignoring Mary, who was sitting on the single sofa. Who told her to speak ill of Grandpa?

Mary was ignored and did not get angry. That was someone else’s place. Of course, she had to be polite.

“It’s been so long since we last saw each other, you have actually become a Grade D Demon Slayer, your strength is really amazing. You and your brother are almost comparable.”

“Brother Michita looked too high upon me. Compared to my brother, I am still far behind.”

In the past, Michita and Lin Fan were considered brothers and did not look like a master or apprentice at all. Therefore, Lin Hao naturally called Michita his brother.

“No, it’s almost there. He was a Grade C at your age, just like me. If it weren’t for that incident, he wouldn’t… Okay, let’s not mention these sad things. Aren’t you asking me why I let Little Xiang go to the outer world?”

“Yes.” No one knew the energy in Lin Xiang except Lin Xiang’s parents and Lin Hao.

“Don’t you know yet?” Michita asked.

“What should I know?”

“Little Xiang is a dragon descendant.”

“Dragon descendant?” Lin Hao was no stranger to the dragon descendants. There were many evil dragons in the outer world, all of which were destroyed by the dragon descendants. Among the Thirteen Saints, there was one dragon descendant. That guy rarely spoke, and his presence was low, but the strength could never be ignored. It could be said that people, who were dragon descendants were quite powerful. After all, they were people with the power of dragons.

“Alright, judging by your reaction, it seems you don’t know.”

“No, what’s going on? Dragon descendants or something…” There were two types of descendants, one was congenital, which was a descendant at birth, while the other was the late mutation.

Tuk tuk tuk.” There was a knock on the door, and Yonechi’s voice sounded, “Mr. Principal, Lin Xiang is here.”

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