Volume 10 Chapter 3 : Uncle


Opening the door, Lin Xiang first saw Meiko, who was standing as she smiled at him. His gaze slowly moved, which made Lin Xiang noticed that Michita and Lin Hao were sitting on the sofa.

“Uncle?” Lin Xiang was surprised that Lin Hao would be there. What’s more, Lin Hao in this world was much stronger than Lin Hao in the other world. He was more handsome as well.

Lin Hao’s first reaction when he saw Lin Xiang was that Lin Xiang had changed. He was not sure where the change was but all he knew was that he had changed. Was it because of the loss of his soul energy?

“Little Xiang, come over and sit down.” Lin Hao pointed to his side. His eyes met Yonechi’s eyes for a few seconds, and then they looked away.

Before going out of the principal’s office, Yonechi did not forget to look at Lin Hao again, but Lin Hao did not notice her this time.

“Uncle, why are you here?” Lin Xiang sat next to Lin Hao and looked at him. He was a little excited. After all, Lin Hao was his only relative. Lin Hao took great care of him whenever he was in this world or at the other world. He was the man who technically brought Lin Xiang up. Speaking of Lin Hao in that world, Lin Xiang felt the nostalgia and missed that moment. But, he could not return to that world now, so it was useless to miss it. It was still better for him to live his life here. To be honest, the world over there, was not worth remembering, except for Satsuki, Lin Hao, Takahashi, and the decadent coach who taught him Kendo.

“I’m working on errands, so I stopped by to see you.” Lin Hao patted Lin Xiang’s shoulder heavily, “Well, not bad, I haven’t seen you for half a year and it seemed that your body has become tough.”

“It’s so-so.” Lin Xiang smiled embarrassedly.

Mary looked at Lin Xiang with her eyes wide open. She felt that Lin Xiang and Lin Hao looked alike. Although he was still childish, Lin xiang would definitely be handsome like… No, more handsome than Lin Hao when he grew up. It was just that…the soul energy in his body seemed to be too little.

“Your nephew is so cute.” Mary squeezed into the sofa where the three were sitting, putting one hand on Lin Xiang’s neck, and the other hand constantly touching Lin Xiang’s chest.

“Huh?” Lin Xiang was taken aback by Mary, “Uncle… Is this your girlfriend?”

“Ahaha, you’re called Little Xiang, right? You have a great choice of words. Come here, let your big sister give you a kiss.” As she said that, Mary really kissed Lin Xiang with her sexy lips. A red lip print was printed on Lin Xiang’s face.

What’s happening? Lin Xiang was stunned by the sudden kiss.

“Hey, leave some space, will you? What are you scheming?” Meiko did not like Mary very much. She did not expect Mary to kiss Lin Xiang, so she pulled Lin Xiang away a little angrily and took out a tissue to wipe the lip mark off of Lin Xiang’s face.

“I’m kissing my future nephew, do you have any opinions?” Mary’s gaze had a hint of reluctance.

“Who’s your future nephew? All I can see is that Brother Lin Hao doesn’t like any bit about you.”

“Who said that? He and I are very close though, right?” Mary blinked at Lin Hao next to her.

Lin Hao would not give her face. Otherwise, that woman would definitely misunderstand something, “No, I don’t know you well at all.”

“You’re bad! Who was the one who said I was very beautiful when in bed?” Mary lightly hit Lin Hao. That reaction and the look in her eyes were so charming that it could make people think that she was telling the truth.


Lin Xiang naturally felt that what she said was true. He was slightly unable to believe that his uncle turned out to be such a person.

Lin Hao shook his head, “I can have a relationship with any woman, but that can’t be you.”

“Huh?” Lin Xiang was even more shocked when he heard those words.

Seeing Lin Xiang like that, Lin Hao secretly wiped the sweat off his face. Originally, he thought it was a cool answer with a touch of handsomeness. Having Lin Xiang looking at himself like that, he quickly stood up and pulled Lin Xiang aside, “Hey- don’t even think of mentioning that woman as my special someone in the future, okay? Otherwise, she would get dumb and dumber, like how she is now. Also, don’t look at me with eyes that speak like I’m the big bad wolf here. I’m a professional. Didn’t I tell you that I like a woman who works in school before?”

“Really?” Lin Xiang did not have any impression at all, even the nerdy Lin Xiang was like that.

“What’s with your memory? Didn’t I tell you three years ago?”

“Hey, do you remember every word I said three years ago?”

“Uh… indeed. Well, the one I like, is out there.”

“Could it be… Assistant Yonechi?”

“That’s her. But, I don’t know whether she likes me or not, so I have never dared to approach her. She used to be a member of the Thirteen Saints. I only spoke to her once, and that was in a mission. If you have time, please help me to say something nice. Try asking what the Thirteen Saints are? If you can’t reach her, then just forget it.”

“Oh.” Lin Xiang nodded. Assistant Yonechi was indeed a great beauty. Didn’t his idiotic homeroom teacher Youtaku like her as well? Nope, Lin Xiang could not call him an idiot, because in that case, his old uncle would be an idiot too.

“Okay, let’s finish our secret talk here. You have to stay away from that woman, you hear?”

“Alright.” Lin Xiang nodded again as he saw Mary blinking at him with love.

Dangerous woman, huh? Lin Xiang put a label on Mary.

“Sit back, sit back.” Lin Hao walked back to the sofa and waved his hand to Mary. Mary refused at first, but she looked at Lin Xiang again. She felt that if she wanted to please Lin Hao, she must first understand the situation of their family. Finally, she pretended to be reluctant and returned to her seat.

“I heard that you are a dragon descendant?  What’s the matter?” Lin Hao looked at Lin Xiang from head to toe, but he did not feel the same aura from the other dragon descendant, who was part of the Thirteen Saints.

“I don’t know either…” Lin Xiang smiled awkwardly. If he told others that there was a dragon god in his body, no one would believe it. Even if someone did, all they could believe was that Lin Xiang was insane.

“Soul mutation… Wait, your soul energy has lessen, then what about big brother and the others…”

Regarding the Dakhla group attacking the city gate, the news Lin Hao received goes like this:

The demon apostles released news that the demon army had attacked Dakhla, causing people to panic. Among them, Seceder used people’s fear to strengthen magic and imprison the city gate. When the guards rushed to the city gate, the demon apostle began to invade the teleportation point… Later, when the backup rushed to the North gate, the demon general had died. None of the survivors knew what was going on.

At that moment, Lin Hao had a theory that the energy originally sealed in Lin Xiang’s soul was released because he was threatened, which eliminated the demon generals. Therefore, Lin Xiang’s soul energy was reduced.

Since the energy was reduced, how about the power of the seal? Was it still there?

In everyone’s suspicions, Lin Hao kept rumbling through his pockets. Alas, he found a dark gray necklace.

There was a pendant in the middle of the necklace. The shape of that pendant resembled a certain animal. Whether it was a wolf, a tiger, a fox, or a cat, it was hard for Lin Xiang to tell. All he could see was Lin Hao, sticking it on his chest.

“What’s wrong, Uncle?” Lin Xiang bafflingly asked.

“It really disappeared… How could this happen?” Lin Hao muttered as if he was encountered a strike.

“So, what’s the matter?”

“Oh- It’s nothing.”

The energy of Lin Xiang’s seal disappeared, was not what Lin Hao would say in front of everyone. Even if he wanted to, he could only speak to Lin Xiang alone.

Lin Hao was in distress. Those powers have disappeared before being completely, so what would happen to Lin Xiang in the future? Wouldn’t he face the same tragedy as in junior high school and elementary school? Being bullied and scolded as an incompetent waste?

Previously, Lin Xiang was crying all the time, crying because he had no power. He cried to Lin Hao and Lin Hao would just touch his head every time and consoled him: Everyone has their own potential. Just you wait. The day when your potential is discovered will arrive.

Now that the energy was gone, Lin Xiang would be equivalent to an ordinary person.

Lin Hao pinched his nose bridge. Everyone did not understand what happened to Lin Hao.

No way. Lin Hao thought of something again at that moment.

The strength of Master Qian Libing could not be questioned. His judgment was also the same. Since he is so optimistic about Lin Xiang and asked him to go to the outer world to cultivate, then it showed that Lin Xiang had an unquestionable strength.

There were some things that he could not let Mary know.

Lin Hao said to Mary, “Go out for a while.”


“No reason.”

“I’m not going out.” Mary turned her head away, looking angry.

“All right, then we’ll go out instead.” Lin Hao spoke as he stood up.

“No, won’t it be better if we not got out at all? However, this woman should go out too.” Mary pointed to Meiko.

“Hey, you are an outsider. He’s my grandfather, he’s my Big Bro Lin Hao, he’s my Little Xiang, and you are telling me to go out?” Meiko was obviously very unhappy.

“Then I won’t go out too. Wherever all of you go, I will surely follow.”

“You!” Meiko gritted her teeth angrily, but since Lin Xiang and Lin Hao were there, she knew that it was not the best time to have an attack. Not to mention, Lin Hao and others seemed to have something to say, so she could only swallow her fury and patiently said, “Okay, let’s just go.”

“Heh-” Mary showed a triumphant smile and took the lead as they walked out.

“That woman… is really annoying.” Meiko glared at Mary’s back.

“Sister Yazi, it doesn’t matter.” Even if Lin Xiang was a no-brainer in relationships, he could see that Meiko and Mary had a bad relationship.

“It’s okay, Little Xiang, slowly chat with Grandpa and the others.” Yazi forced a smile to let Lin Xiang know that she was not okay.

After Meiko went out, she closed the door. At that moment, in the waiting room outside the principal’s office, where Yonechi worked, electric currents from two pairs of eyes were in a fierce battle.

Yonechi glanced at the two facing each other, did not speak, and just sorted out the contents of a folder.


“What? It’s that powerful? And it can destroy the element wall?” After listening to Michita’s statement, at the moment, Lin Hao no longer worried that Lin Xiang would be troubled by the loss of his ability. There was a saying: A loss might not be a bad thing, it could be a blessing in disguise. Maybe the energy had undergone a qualitative change due to the seal, which might be the necessary cause of turning into dragon energy.

At that time, Lin Hao was full of hope for Lin Xiang again. With the father as a lion, there would be no way for the son to be a dog. Since his big brother was so powerful, how could his son, Lin Xiang not be as good? If he was able to break the wall of elements, then the power of the dragon was indeed terrifying.

“Yes. Therefore, Master Qian Libing and I have always decided to let Little Xiang go to the outer world to achieve the title of Grade D Exorcist.”

“How’s the result?”

“Of course, I passed. Don’t you believe in me?” Lin Xiang smiled. He realized that no matter what world his uncle was in, his love for him was always the same.

“How many times did it take for you to pass? Your uncle passed it at the second time. You know, the exam at that time was even harder. Not only do I have to pass the maze, I also defeated the designated spirits.” Lin Hao proudly introduced the glorious history of the past. Lin Xiang seemed to be able to witness his whole body radiating light at the moment.


The light around Lin Hao disappeared.

“Hey, don’t lie to me, once? Although you don’t need to defeat designated spirits now, it was still hard to come out only once, unless you are too lucky.”

“In fact, the Tree Spirit told me how to go.”

“Oh, it turns out that someone told you, wait, Tree Spirit? That thing actually told you how to go? Isn’t he the examiner of the Dakhla Junior Exorcist Trial? How could it be possible to help an examinee?”

“He said that I had the conditions to become an exorcist, but I was not lucky, so he told me how to go.”

“Damn, and you still called yourself unlucky. (Note: Lin Hao is speaking in Chinese here.)”

Can you please speak in a language that I understand?” Michita sitting next to him could not understand what Lin Hao said in Chinese.

“No, no, I mean this kid is too lucky. He got the guidance of the Tree Spirit. I didn’t have such luck at the beginning. Kid, not bad. Come on, let’s take a look at your dragon flame.”

“Uh… I can’t, my dragon energy is gone.”

“Gone? Where did you use it?”

“During the match in the morning, the dragon flame in my body escaped, consuming all the dragon energy.”

“Escaped? Can’t it be controlled?”

“It depends on the situation.”

“So,” Michita intervened in the conversation between those two uncles and nephews, “Master Qian Libing’s friends will come to pick Little Xiang to Dragonborn Village during the summer vacation.”

“Dragonborn Village? I haven’t been to it, but an evil dragon appeared outside Dakhla a few weeks ago, and it was the people in Dragonborn Village who solved it. Rumors said that it was the princess of the dragon descendants, who happened to be in Dakhla at that time, was called to kill the dragon.” Lin Hao recalled what he heard.

“Really? Dragonborn Village is a unique tribe in the human world. Even the dragon descendants in the outer world were not gathered like this. They were scattered, and some were still fighting with each other. Anyway, if Little Xiang goes there, he will definitely be able to strengthen his power.”

“Have you heard it, kid? You have to work hard!” Lin Hao clasped Lin Xiang’s neck with his arm around it and shook him back and forth.

“Okay, okay, I will. Quick, let me go.” Lin Xiang slapped Lin Hao’s arm, and he let go in a jiffy.

“Well, let’s go. Take me to see your spirits now.” After realizing that Lin Xiang still had a very promising future, Lin Hao proposed to see his spirits. Although Lin Hao did not say it in his face, in fact, he was secretly praising him. Lin Xiang, that kid, was a crybaby before, but now he had contracted humanoid spirits. Not to mention, there were three at once. If Lin Hao spread the news, he would definitely feel proud.

Humanoid spirits were not uncommon, but there were not many spirits that can be contracted. The outer world itself had creatures like humanoid spirits, but they were independent individuals and could not be contracted.

The spirits who could be contracted were easily distinguished. Spirits with pointed ears were a big no-no. Aside from their appearance and physical fitness, they were the same as humans. They could not be contracted, but they could contract spirits. In short, they were like another kind of human being.

Spirits that could be contracted were all either animal spirits or elemental spirits. Among them, animal-type and elemental spirits could be transformed into human beings, and its kind was the authentic humanoid spirits. They could contract. In the outer world, if such spirits were found to be trafficked, then the traffickers would be punished. It was because the spirits that could be transformed into humans were equivalent to having human rights and would not be trafficked.

If someone caught ordinary animal spirits and elemental spirits, you could get them to be sold in related spirit stores. There were similar shops in the human world as well.


It had been more than twenty minutes since Lin Xiang left, Silent Water and the others had finished eaten as they sat there waiting for Lin Xiang to return.

Sniff- sniff-” Dusty moved her nose, and looked in a certain direction, “Master is back!”

Everyone moved their gazes, and sure enough, Lin Xiang was back. He seemed to have returned with a man and a woman.

Holy moly, that many?

Lin Hao saw the six girls present and looked at Lin Xiang with an awed look.

Lin Xiang shook his head, indicating that his uncle had misunderstood.

“This is Silent Water, this is Reidy, this is Dusty, this is Satsuki, this is Nagisa, and this is Kaoru-senpai.” Lin Xiang introduced them to Lin Hao one by one.

“Xiang- Who is this? He can’t be your uncle, right?” Satsuki saw that Lin Hao and Lin Xiang looked alike as she said involuntarily.

“Uh, he really is my uncle, Lin Hao. This is his colleague, Miss Mary.”

“Huh? Uncle?”

At that moment, the six girls had different thoughts in their minds.

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