Volume 10 Chapter 4 : Forfeit


“You are really… popular…” Mary exclaimed as she looked at the six astonishing girls in front of her. Lin Hao’s nephew was simply better than Lin Hao himself.

“Uncle, are you thirsty? Let Xiang buy you a drink.”

“Not thirsty, not thirsty.” Lin Hao shook his head. At the moment, he and Lin Xiang were sitting among so many girls, which made him a little nervous somehow.

“Your name is Satsuki, right? Lin Xiang and I talked about you before. Well, you look so beautiful.”

“Really?” When Satsuki heard from Lin Hao that Lin Xiang and him had talked about her, she blushed.

Lin Hao and Lin Xiang did talk about May in the past, and that was after Kamiki found out that Lin Xiang and Satsuki were shopping in the clothing store.

“Um… Young Master’s Uncle, your sword is so big, are you strong enough to swing it?” Kaoru was interested in the giant sword that Lin Hao had placed next to him.

“Of course I can, the bigger the weapon, the greater the damage. Of course, the requirements for the user will be higher as well. Let me think about it, if I used it to hit casually, I should be able to destroy a small car.”

“That’s amazing! As expected of Young Master’s uncle.”

“Your name is… Kaoru? Why do you call Lin Xiang as ‘Young Master’?”

“Oh, that’s because…”

“Hey, did I heard right, you kid actually got the Water ● Green Light Cold Soul Sword? This is incredible. Hurry up and show it to Uncle.”

“Is this sword powerful?” Lin Xiang took out the cold sword from under the chair.

Many people would put space-consuming objects under the chair, and Lin Xiang was one of the many people.

“Kid, this is a very powerful weapon. Yet, you treat it like that.” Lin Hao snatched the cold sword from Lin Xiang, looked at the broken scabbard, and nodded secretly, “From the looks of the scabbard, it seemed that it really has a history of thousands of years. The maintenance was not bad, no wonder it was not broken. Boy, you may not know the origin of this sword. Let me tell you now, it was made by the melting pot angel more than a thousand years ago. He built seven weapons in total, one of which is the Water ● Green Light Cold Soul Sword. This sword was used to slash and kill lots of devils and demons at the time. It had an increased reputation of fear whenever the demons saw it.” Lin Hao’s words made the girls gained knowledge. They only knew that it was a weapon used by the heroic Demon Slayer, but they did not know that it was made by an angel. Lin Xiang had heard about it from Freed a long time ago, so he had no particular reaction.

After Lin Hao carefully observed the scabbard again, he pulled out the cold sword.

“Hey, kid, you lied to me, isn’t this just a wooden sword?” Pulling the scabbard away, Lin Hao found that he was holding a wooden sword.

“Oh, you see, this thing recognizes its master.” Lin Xiang took the cold sword back from him. The cold sword, which originally looked like a wooden sword, faded its wood and turned into a dashing blue sword, with a hint of coldness exuding the sword body.

“Is that so? No wonder the other six weapons have their traces in the outer world, but this weapon had no news at all. It turns out that it was subjected to exclusive magic. Kid, you are lucky.” Lin Hao took the sword. The scabbard was handed to Lin Xiang.

Inserting the sword into the scabbard, Lin Xiang then placed the cold sword back under the chair again.

“You can’t treat it like that.” Lin Hao was speechless to Lin Xiang’s actions.

“It’s okay to put it below, right? It’s not a dirty place anyway. You see, there’s a wooden board here, specially made for people to put things.”

“Where do you usually put it at home? Have you put it up properly?”

“On the cabinet at the entrance of the hallway.”

“Damn it, this is a spiritual tool, and it is spiritual in any way. If you treat it this way, why was it still used by you? I am speechless.”

“I was wondering, are you two really uncle and nephew? Why do you give the feels like eternal brothers who talk about everything?” Mary had been listening to the dialogue between Lin Hao and Lin Xiang the whole time. There seemed to be no difference between the speech of elders or juniors in their dialogue.

“During the times when I wasn’t in the outer world, I always took care of him at home. He used to have no friends at school, so all he did was talking to me about his worries. Now that I’ve seen that he had so many girlfriends… female friends, I feel comfortable and proud.”

“Master’s uncle, what do you do in the world beyond the skies?” Like a primary school student asking questions, Dusty, who was full of curiosity, raised her hand and asked Lin Hao.

“Oh, Dusty, right? Do you know what a Saint is?”


“Then if I tell you, you won’t understand it either. Actually, I am one of the Saints.”

“Saint… this name is amazing.”

“It’s alright, I guess. But, to join us, the requirements are quite high.”

“That…” Nagisa, who had been hesitative, finally uttered a word.

“Oh? Nagisa, right? Do you have any questions?”

“Thank you… for saving my dad…” Nagisa’s voice was very soft, but it was the kind that everyone could hear.

“Saving your dad?” Lin Hao looked puzzled.

“You went to… the demon realm and brought back… Éguilles Grass… to treat my father.”

It seemed that he had forgotten about it. Well, it’s natural. Lin Xiang’s uncle looked so great and powerful, how could he remembered helping unknown people like me and my father…

Nagisa felt a sense of loss in her heart.

“Speaking of that, I would also like to thank Young Master’s uncle for bringing me the fire nuts. Thanks to that, I can fully recover.” Kaoru bowed to Lin Hao.


Lin Hao looked at Lin Xiang. When he saw that his nephew was smiling bitterly, he finally knew what was going on.

No matter what, that kid was so kind. He gave credit to others for what he did. Although there was no inheritance of his elder brother’s dare to act and fearless character. It was also good that he inherited from his sister-in-law’s character.

“You don’t need to thank me, it’s just a small matter. Lin Xiang takes your business very seriously. He kept begging me, that’s why I help you. So, if you want to show your gratitude, thank Lin Xiang.”

“Yes, thank you, Lin Xiang.”

The lunch break was about to end. Lin Hao looked at the clock on the screen and talked to Reidy and Silent Water, “You two haven’t spoken, are you afraid of strangers?”

“No, I just don’t know what to say.” Reidy showed a bitter expression on her face.

“Silent Water thinks it is better to listen than to join the conversation.” Silent Water replied wisely.

“Oh? A listener? Well, yes, you’re also gentle and virtuous. The name Silent Water suits you well. I presumed that Lin Xiang also loves you very much.”

“Yes, Master treats me very well.”

“Yeah.” Lin Hao nodded and looked at Reidy. He continued with one sentence, “Be honest with yourself,” as he told Mary that he wanted to leave.

“Uncle, don’t you want to go home?”

“I won’t go back, I’m actually very busy. See you later.” Lin Hao waved his hand to Lin Xiang, then said goodbye to the girls and Mary left, following his tail.

“Hey, Wolf, there are two girls who call your nephew ‘Master’, what’s the matter? Are they spirits? I can’t feel it though.”

“Who knows, maybe they were having a play or something? You know, young people nowadays are like this.” After Lin Hao finished speaking, he immediately apologized to Lin Xiang in his heart.

Xiao Xiang, sorry!

However, Lin Hao did not intend to let Mary know too much. She was glued to him temporarily, who knew someday she would not attach herself to him anymore? It would be bad if she told the world about his affairs.

It was not because Lin Hao was careful, but it was due to the outer world that was too dangerous. He was unwilling to take risks, unwilling to let Lin Xiang be harmed.

“Really?” How could a smart woman such as Mary not know that Lin Hao was lying to her? However, she did not expose him, and looked at Lin Hao with a playful look as she said to him, “Master, when will we play too, huh?” After speaking, she blew hot air at Lin Hao.

“Play with your head.” Lin Hao and Mary moved a distance apart, but Mary immediately narrowed the gap.

————Somewhere in the Demon Realm

“I was shot. It hurts. Walk slowly, Daisha.” The chest of Jike’s black clothes was stained with some liquid at the moment.

“You’re really useless, Jike. The other party was not a musketeer, and there were no spiritual powers attached to the weapon, how could you get injured by ordinary firearms and walked so slowly? Tsk tsk tsk.” Daisha shook her head, watching Jike’s expression, feeling pitiful.

Even if there’s no spiritual power, its attack power is still considerable. I just didn’t have a soil armor body attached at the time. Now that the bullet hit my chest, it hurts to speak.”

“Should I take it out for you?”

“No need, I’ll do it myself. Just wait for me.” Jike said as he moved his whole body with heavy grunts. The green veins on his temples bulged, and his body was shaking non-stop.

Daisha glanced at Jike with disdain, and began to observe the state of the Demon Realm.

Wow! This blood-red sky is really beautiful, as if there’s blood flowing on it.

At that moment, Daisha felt like living in the demon realm. She would enjoy seeing such ‘beautiful’ skies every single day.

On the other hand, Jike was still trembling. His blood was constantly bursting out of his chest, as it ticked onto the ground. With a thud, a blood-stained silver bullet fell to the ground.

“Ah! It hurts like hell!” Jike clutched his wound and panted.

“Won’t it be better if I help you?”

“I know what you were thinking.  Don’t you just want to take the opportunity to leave your poisonous insects in my body, so that you can order me to do things in the future?”

“Oh, you understand me so well.” Daisha smiled.

“That’s how Sandy died in your hands. How could I not put up my guard? Let’s go now.”

————Not Far Away

“There are two humans there.” Several demons looked at Daisha’s and Jike’s back as they discussed how to kill them and suck their souls away.

“Strange, these two humans have a kind of devilish energy in their bodies. Could it be that they are actually devils transformed into humans or possessed humans bodies?”

“It’s possible. Otherwise, they’re just two humans, how will they dare to come to the Demon Realm? What should we do now?”

“Let’s keep an eye on them for now.”

————Human World, 4.30 pm

“Master, you are back! I didn’t cry or make trouble.” The first thing Lin Xiang opened the door was greeting Fire Dance’s hug.

“Then, you are really good today.” Lin Xiang touched Fire Dance’s head.

“Master, praise me more!”

“Uh… Fire Dance is an obedient child. Fire Dance is awesome?”

“Hehe!” Fire Dance smiled happily after hearing Lin Xiang’s words.

She was just a child with an undeveloped mindset, so I’m not jealous. Never.

Naturally, Reidy would not admit that she really wanted to follow Fire Dance’s footsteps, which was being able to hug Lin Xiang coquettishly anytime and anywhere.

Seeing that would not cleanse her eyes, so Reidy just walked into the house. Silent Water also took the vegetables to the kitchen, while Dusty took their bags, put them down in the living room, and watched TV.

“Fire Dance, where’s Remi?”

Remi did not go to school that day. He felt that going to the match was a torment. He could only watch but not being able to compete made him choke up in tears, so he just decided to be absent for the day.

“Uncle Remi is watching TV inside.”

“Uncle, huh…”

When he came to the living room, Remi was listening to Dusty’s introduction of the TV program. Seeing Lin Xiang arrival, he raised his head and said hello to him.

“Remi, how do you feel, to spend a day at the Human World’s house?” Lin Xiang sat on the single sofa. Fire Dance took Lin Xiang’s hand and sat there with him. Well, it was a bit narrow because Fire Dance’s chest bumped into Lin Xiang’s arm from time to time. If he gave up his seat, he would have nowhere to sit; if he did not retreat, it would felt strange instead.

“It’s okay, this kind of life is actually quite comfortable. No wonder human beings are so fragile. In the outer world, we don’t have such luxuries because we spent all our time on cultivation. Naturally, people there are better than the people here.”

“Now that you mentioned it, you’re right.”

“Well, especially this thing called TV is even more difficult to understand.”

“Uh, Master, after I woke up on this soft chair, I found Uncle Remi sitting opposite me, constantly pressing the control with his hand. He didn’t know how to turn on the TV, that’s why he said it was difficult to understand.”

“Hey, what are you, a crybaby, talking about? I’m just testing its quality. Who knew that someone made a ruckus after waking up?”

“I didn’t, Master, I didn’t cry.”

“If it weren’t for me to tell you the time when Lin Xiang came back, you would still be crying.”

“No, Fire Dance didn’t cry. Sniff-” Fire Dance looked like a child crying after losing an argument.

“Alright, alright, I believe in Fire Dance.” Lin Xiang quickly comforted her, he knew that Fire Dance could not be so behaved after waking up, it turned out that it was Remi who told her the time he came back.

In some sense, Lin Xiang felt that Fire Lotus was quite good, at least she was able to take care of herself. As for Fire Dance, what can she do as a child? Despite that thought, Lin Xiang still did not dislike Fire dance because she also had her good, at least not like Fire Lotus, unable to communicate.

————Three days later, the semi-finals and finals between individuals

In order to get the first place, Silent Water, Reidy, Dusty, Kaoru, and Nagisa all worked hard and scored the top-twenty places. Among them, Kaoru was knocked to the ground in a battle with Matthew in one hit. No way, Matthew’s power was too overwhelming.

Dusty was not very lucky. In the second match, the randomly drawn battle map was Water Lake, and the opponent happened to be a water mage. She had no soil to use, so she lost the match.

Reidy played against Silent Water. The match between them was rather spectacular as it went on for more than an hour. Later, due to the ability of electricity to restrain water, Silent Water lost the game. She reached the semi-finals.

Nagisa, the girl who had the power of the Goddess of Luck in her body, had better luck. Her spirit, the Kamikaze bird, was not a decoration after all. It had super wind control ability. Even if there was no wind, it could produce wind, releasing a storm, disturbing the opponent, which made Nagisa defeat them. With tacit cooperation, Nagisa finally entered the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, Reidy’s opponent was Matthew. Against that guy, Reidy had an extreme headache. No matter how she stroke lightning and created thunder to hit him, he always seemed alright. As soon as he got close, a strong attack came. Matthew did not know anything about caring for women because his only target was to knock them all down.

“Damn it! I forfeit!” Reidy really did not want to be touched by boys other than Lin Xiang, so she chose to forfeit.

In the second semi-finals, the random map was Valley of the Storm. The map was very beneficial to Nagisa, but the opponent was also a wind mage, so it was a little troublesome to fight. However, due to the Kamikaze bird repressively defeated the opponent’s spirits and created opportunities for her. Eventually, she won.

————Lunch Break

“Nagisa! Great job, it’s the last match now. If you win, Xiang’s other day will be yours!”

“My opponent… is that terrible Matthew… if I get the first place, it would be impossible…”

“Yes, that opponent’s a monster!” Satsuki agreed with a nod.

“That’s right, he doesn’t treat me as a girl. The punches are either in the face, in the abdomen, or in the chest. It’s all about the point. It won’t work if you don’t forfeit.” Reidy sighed and looked at Nagisa said, “Why don’t you forfeit too? You can’t beat him.”

Well, if no one got the championship, it would be the best. If so, I can go shopping with the human for whatever reason I want.

Reidy still had a plan.

“It’s true, that guy named Matthew, his attack is really strong. It was his kick in my abdomen that made me fainted. Nagisa, if you can’t beat him, don’t force it.” Kaoru was being thoughtful for Nagisa’s safety. Although there was an enchantment barrier, she would not be hurt physically, but she could be equally hurt mentally. Kaoru faintly felt the pain in her abdomen.


It was an obvious opportunity right in front of her, but she could not grasp it.

Nagisa sighed.

Sure enough, someone like herself could not get along with Lin Xiang for a day.

————Day of the Finals

Nagisa and Matthew were entering the arena one after another. The audience was cheering for them. Of course, the audience was divided into two sections, male and female. The boys were dedicated to cheering for Nagisa, the lovely big-breasted girl. The girls were cheering for Matthew, something like huge curves girl or something, go to die.

The seniors in the stands were very optimistic about the match, especially the boy named Matthew. Throughout the season, they had never seen him use magic or other kind of methods. He defeated the enemies only by his fist. The strength of it was needless to say.

As for Nagisa, the girl with great potential was not bad, especially her Kamikaze bird. It was the spirit that many wind mages dreamed of.

In order not to lose in an ugly way, she decided to give up at the beginning.

Nagisa listened to the opinions of Satsuki and the others, and planned to forfeit. With her strength, she knew that she could not beat him.

“So, the venue, how do you choose?”

“I give her the opportunity.” Matthew, who had never given his opponent the right to choose, had gave the chance to choose a map to Nagisa. That practice made the girls resent her very much: What’s so great about the huge curves girl? Boys are all the same!

“That…” Nagisa originally wanted to say that she forfeited, but Matthew said it first, “For you, I have a lot of doubts. Facing you is like facing Lady Gertas. After thinking about it, I’ll forfeit.”

“Huh!?” Everyone in the audience uttered incredulous voices.

“Forfeiting? This is the finals! Does he not want to honor the school anymore?”

“Matthew, you traitor!”

Many boys from Daojie Holy Spirit Academy were secretly speaking ridiculously about Matthew, they want to make girls hate Matthew.

After all, at school, Matthew was the most popular king, whom girls have a crush on.

However, their cynicism did not achieve the desired effect.

“Master Matthew is so kind. Our Daojie Holy Spirit Academy had been the champion three times in a row. If it was still the case this time, it would be too unfair to them.”

“Yeah, yeah. Master Matthew is sugoi(great)!”

That was what the girls thought of Matthew.

“What is this cruel world!” The boys could only close their mouths and stopped their personal attacks on Matthew. That was because they saw a companion who slapped Matthew with an insult were beaten on the ground by many girls.


“I…” The referee did not know what to say. It was the first time he encountered such a situation. It’s the finals, mate.

But if Matthew said that he forfeited, he could only act according to the rules.

“Matthew of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy forfeited, and the winner was Yorikawa Nagisa of Pillar Nofu Academy!”

“Huh?” Nagisa’s face was full of question marks. She won? She clearly intended to forfeit, did the opponent forfeit first? It was not a dream, right? Nagisa squeezed her face. She had conscious, it was not a dream. She really won and became the number one! She was able to get along with Lin Xiang for a day! Nagisa showed a sweet smile.

The sweet smile of Nagisa was showed on the big screen after she pinched her face. Many boys were killed with cuteness when they saw it. How could there be such a cute girl in the world? It was hard to believe it!

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