Volume 10 Chapter 5 : The Celebrity Is Here (1)


————A certain studio

“Hello, oh, is this Assistant Yonechi of Pillar Nofu Academy? What’s the matter?” A woman in a conservative OL outfit answered the phone.

“Ms. Izumigen, well, the competition ended early for some reasons. Can Ms. Kana come over now?” asked Yonechi at the other end.

“Hmm… Let me see, we’ll arrive in about another half an hour later. For now, Kana is still shooting the new MV.” Izumigen looked at Kana who was dancing and singing as she spoke to the phone.

“Okay, please let me know when you arrive. I will let the staff do some preparations.”

“Wait, you organized this concert according to Kana’s arrangement, right?”

“Yes, we can’t let others know that Kana is coming, right? But, I don’t know what’s going on, the news was leaked to the students somehow.” Yonechi said embarrassingly.

“If so, then forget it, Kana just wanted to surprise the students after all. Now that they know it, just leave them be. I will inform her to go there later.”

“Thank you very much, then Ms. Izumigen, see you soon.”


After hanging up the phone, Izumigen just looked at Kana, waiting for the completion of the MV shoot.


“The match is over, why isn’t anyone leaving?” After Nagisa got the trophy, Lin Xiang thought the friendly match was over, but he found that everyone had no intention of leaving.

“Didn’t I tell you last time that Kana is coming for a concert?” Satsuki picked up a bottle of mineral water and drank it. She wanted to cleanse her throat, so that she could cheer later.

“I think I remember now. Kana, huh? Reidy and the others occasionally enjoyed her concerts at home, like songs and videos.”

“Songs? Videos? Don’t tell me you’ve never watched them.” Satsuki was shocked by Lin Xiang’s outdated explanation of a music video.

“No. I haven’t been in contact with these before.” Thinking about it, Lin Xiang himself had a lot of troubles in the other world every day. Let alone watching MVs, he did not even have time to watch AVs. He was a pitiful boy anyways, because he lacked the leisure and fun life of ordinary boys. Maybe that was why he had a slow reaction certain matters. And Lin Xiang, the bookworm here, had been reading books all day, trying to make himself better, so he had not touched those unnecessary things either.

“Are you some kind of antique from nowhere? You didn’t even watch an MV. There’s a channel that often broadcasts it on TV.”

“Actually, I rarely watch TV too, but I do occasionally play on the computer. However, I just played games on them, or watched movies…”

“So, I don’t fully understand you yet!” Satsuki sighed as she poured some knowledge to Lin Xiang, “Kana debuted a year ago. She was very popular when she debuted. Her singing was beautiful while the lyrics and melody resonated within people. There were no gossips about her. She would never accept kissing scenes, not even hugging on TV shows or movies. She can be said to be the most peculiar star, and it’s because it’s her, which made her deeply loved by people. If you don’t know about her, then it’s your loss. By the way, don’t some buildings on the streets have her big posters? We can see them often.”

“That’s why I said that I don’t pay attention to these. Well, if we can’t go back, then I might as well look at this celebrity.”

“Your attitude will make us fans upset, you know? We are watching Kana’s concert for free. You should know that there are people who wanted to watch it, but they have to pay for tickets. I’ve just heard from the students of other academies discussing about how to sneak their elder brothers, who was not studying, into Kana’s concert. Others would want to bring their father and mother within school grounds. Do you even understand the charm of Kana?”

“Well, I understand.”

When it comes to these, you are indeed “awesome.”

“Master, come and take a look at this!” Dusty was like discovering a whole new world. With her left hand holding a few schoolbags and having a small telescope on her right, she ran to Lin Xiang, “This thing is amazing! Just by putting it in front of your eyes, you can immediately see things far away!”

“Oh? It’s so amazing?” Lin Xiang smiled and patted Dusty on the head, “Who gave it to you?”

“Just now, when I went back to the classroom with Reidy to get our schoolbags, we found that someone was using this thing to look in the girls’ toilet.”

“Hey, this is a stolen good. Then, what happened to that person?”

“The person was electrocuted by Sister Reidy.”

“Would the person die?”

“No, no, it’s just that there’s smoke all over the body, black…maybe he’s not dying… It shouldn’t be…probably not.”

“And that’s why I’m very worried about that person’s safety now.”

“It’s okay. Sister Reidy said she had her ways.”

“Of course, I have.” Reidy’s voice sounded behind Lin Xiang, “How can I do things like murdering? But he won’t get out of bed for a week for now.”

“That’s too horrible.”

“Horrible? He’s peeping, what should I do besides giving a lesson?”

“Well, the lesson is a bit strict. But, you did the right thing.”

“Then… give me some…” Reidy wanted to say the word “reward”, but Kaoru interrupted her, “I have brought Young Master’s tea.”

“Oh, thank you, Kaoru-senpai.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Well, what did you just want to say?” Lin Xiang took the gray thermos flask, unscrewed the bottle cap and took a sip.

“Nothing.” Reidy snorted, turning her head and tried not to look at Lin Xiang.

Seeing Reidy like that, Lin Xiang did not ask anymore.

“Hey, let’s find a good position to watch the match.” Satsuki took the schoolbag from Dusty and looked around for a good seat to spectate the match.

“Where are Silent Water and Kaoru-senpai?” Lin Xiang did not see Silent Water and Kaoru. He was unsure where they went.

“They went to the cafeteria to buy food.” Reidy replied.

“Oh, but what if they can’t find us later?”

“That’s possible. Xiang, wait here, we’ll see if there’s any good seats, so we can take them first.”

“Why do we need three people to go?” Reidy wanted to stay with Lin Xiang.

“If we found a good position, two people could occupy the seat while having the other person coming back to take them.”

“Oh.” That’s what she said.

Reidy gave Lin Xiang a deep look, then left with Satsuki. However, in Lin Xiang’s eyes, she was just glaring at him with her unsophisticated look.

What wrong did I do again?

Lin Xiang scratched his head.

————Outside the school gate

At that moment, a lot of vehicles were piled up in front of the school. They were all young girls because of the news from their friends saying that there would be Kana’s concert.

“Hey, old man, please open the door and let me in. Otherwise, I could give you some money.” A young man who dyed his hair colorfully said to the guard.

“Shoo, go away, who wants your money? You are not a member of the school, and you are not allowed to enter.” The door guard old man waved his hand to the young man and asked him to leave.

“Don’t do this, please? Old man, we really want to go in. We just want to watch Kana’s concert. We will never make trouble. I promise.”

“Even if you swear to the sky with six fingers, I will never let you in. I’m already old enough and able to get a pension after working here. If I was fired because of this little thing, then my pension or whatever will be no more.”

“Then do you want a pension or your old life?” The young man could not help but threatened when the old man was so uncooperative.

“Both. Instead, I think it’s you who seemed desperate to lose a life.”

The young man was grasping the iron bars of the guard room window. The old man calmly pressed a button, and with a loud sound, the young man was electrocuted by the electric current on the iron bars.

“You old rag!” The young man stood up angrily.

“What? Come hit me.” The old man looked as if he was fearless of everything in the world.

The defensive facilities of the academy were all strengthened by enchantment barriers. The young man naturally had no way to beat the old man through the iron fence, so he could only stay silent in fury and stare at the old man.

A small white car was parked by the road fifty meters away from the gate of the academy. The windows of the car were completely reflective, making it impossible to see who was sitting inside.

Looking at the terrible number of cars and people at the school gate, Nicia in the driver’s seat frowned.

“Aha, Nicia, did everyone come to see me sing?” Angie, who was sitting in the back row, placed her hand against the window and looked at the young people in a distance.

“Although we’re alone now, you have to learn to call me Izumigen.” Nicia sighed. Angie was always that stubborn. Turning her head and looking at Angie, she found that she was just staring outside with a smile on her face. It seemed that she did not listen to what she said just now.

Taking out the cell phone, Nicia made a call.


It took more than 40 seconds before the call was answered.

“Hello, Ms. Izumigen? I’m sorry, I’m just sorting things out.” Yonechi apologized to Nicia in a friendly tone.

“It’s okay, we are at the school gate now, but there are a lot of people at the school gate. Our car can’t get in, and it’s impossible for Kana to get out. If that’s the case, she will be recognized by the school gate gang.”

“This is nerve-racking. Hmm… Let me think, alright, leave it to me. The school gate will be emptied later.”


Hanging up the phone, Nicia placed her head on the steering wheel, looking sideways at the movement of the school gate.

In about two minutes, there was a sudden riot at the school gate, and all those people ran in one direction or drove past.

“Huh? Why did everyone leave?” Angie could not help asking when she saw that everyone was gone.

“Who knows?” Nicia started the car.

What was the solution?

Nicia was a little curious about what Yonechi did. In fact, Yonechi did not do anything. She just climbed out of the 5-meter-high wall, sneaked into the group of people, and said in a certain direction, something like I saw Kana right there.

Most of the people who came were just to see Kana. That sentence made them believe in the bottom of their hearts, so they went to the place Yonechi pointed. Of course, there were a few people who were there to do bad things, such as accidentally touching  a young female student’s rear end with their hands, or finding ‘luck’ and ‘picking’ on someone else’s wallet. As soon as those people saw the large group walking towards that side, they naturally left with the flow.

The white car came to the gate, and there was a young-looking woman standing there. At first glance, Nicia thought she was a young woman, but upon closer inspection, the woman was actually in her thirties.

At the age of thirty, she could still maintain such beautiful skin. It seemed that Yonechi was not as simple as she looked. She also had a lot of spiritual energy in her body and was overall a nice person.

The window on the door slowly descended, Yonechi walked to the front of the car and looked at Nicia, “May I ask if this is Ms. Izumigen?”

“Yes, I am.” Nicia nodded.

“Alright, please drive the car inside. If those people come back, it will be troublesome.” Yonechi nodded to the door guard old man and motioned for him to open the school gate.

Kha…Kak…Kakka.” The automatic school gate slowly opened, Nicia closed the window as she drove the white car slowly into the campus.

Looking at the back of the white car, Yonechi shook her head, “Was it an illusion? I always feel that the agent was not as simple as she seemed to be.”

Without second though, Yonechi walked into the school entrance and followed where the car was heading. After a while, she had to guide Kana where to prepare.


After Satsuki and the others left, Lin Xiang stood alone and chatted with Freed and Yalide idly. In the eyes of outsiders, Lin Xiang was just a nerd looking at the floor in a daze and being dumped by his girlfriend. Whenever Lin Xiang concentrated on talking to Freed or Yalide, his expression, vision and others would be beyond his control. His helpless look made him seemed like an idiot.

‘…Then, after I recover, how many more times can I use Dragon Roar?’

I’ll do the math…about twelve times. This is a guarantee. If you use it again, the water spirit and the others will have no energy, and there will be less dragon energy to maintain your body functions after you become a dragon. You know that no matter how you run or jump before, you won’t be tired, but now, you’re tired after running and swiping a few swords. That’s because the dragon energy was too little. They were all used to replenish your soul energy and the magic power of the spirits. Therefore, the energy to maintain the body’s functions is temporarily gone.

‘Oh, so that’s it. What about the roar of the fire dragon?’

It’s about seven to eight times guaranteed. It takes about twenty minutes for the flame to be distinguished, while the wind speed is about two hours. Let me tell you, in the future, you should pay attention to using the dragon energy, don’t completely consume it, or else the recovery time will be much slower than when you still have partial left.

‘There’s no way for me to prevent, you know? There were times when it’s urgent.’

Even if that’s the case, you have to do whatever you can. As long as the dragon energy was replenished, everything would be easier to say.


“Hey, what are you doing?” Lin Xiang was shot back to reality when a girl patted his shoulder. The girl was wearing a peaked cap and it was pressed very low, making it difficult to see her appearance. Only the tip of her nose could be seen, and her black hair, which was falling on her cheeks. She was wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt, sports trousers, and sports shoes, which gave a feeling that she was a sports-lover from somewhere.

“I’m thinking about something, am I in your way?” Lin Xiang looked around, and he was not in the middle of the road. Why did the girl come to pat his shoulder though?

“You know me, try guessing who I am?”

Black hair, is she Satsuki? No way, Satsuki’s voice was not so delicate. Nagisa? It’s not right, Nagisa’s…ahem ahem. Kamiki? There is a possibility that she hasn’t come to school for a few days, but Kamiki should be taller than this girl, this girl is only about 1.6 meters, and Kamiki said that she was more than 1.7 meters, so there is no possibility at all. Is it Aiko?

Aiko, Qian Libing’s granddaughter, was the one who took Lin Xiang to the outer world. Aiko’s voice was as delicate as a silver bell, similar to that girl’s. Since no one else was, then was it that fellow? What was she doing here? Looking for Remi? If so, why was she talking to him now? Didn’t she care about the sudden kiss? That fellow had a strong heart but that would be the best for both of them.

After clearing his thoughts, Lin Xiang smiled triumphantly, “I don’t have to guess, you’re Aiko!” After that, Lin Xiang took off her hat.

Eyes with such high electricity met his as a beautiful suffocating face appeared in front of him…

Lin Xiang remembered the girl he met while eating at Kamiki’s Hotel, the girl named Angie.

Angie obviously did not expect Lin Xiang to take off her hat suddenly. She looked at Lin Xiang blankly, quickly snatched the hat from Lin Xiang who was stupefied and put it back on. She looked around and was relieved when she noticed that no one saw her.

“Sorry…Angie, I didn’t know it was you.” Lin Xiang thought that the girl was Aiko, who knew it was her. Speaking of which, she seemed to have said that she would come back to school on the last day of the match.

“In this encounter, there were no bumps, but you gave me such a big ‘surprise’. It really made me bump recklessly like a deer.” Angie said with a smile. Although Lin Xiang could only see her mouth, the way she smiled was very beautiful. Her white teeth were also particularly dazzling.

What Angie said about a deer bumping recklessly was the moment when Lin Xiang suddenly lifted her hat in front of so many students, making her worried that she would be spotted as her heartbeat accelerated because of nervousness.

“That’s what I said, I’m sorry.”

“Also, every time we meet, you always have to say sorry in the first sentence.”

“Uh… sorry?”

“Ha! Are you kidding me? Hey, who is this ‘Aiko’ you just said? Your girlfriend?”

“Oh, she’s a granddaughter of a Grandpa.”

“Then won’t she be your sister or younger sister?”

“Well, it’s not my biological grandfather, but his seniority was very high, so I called him Grandpa.”

“Oh, understood.” Angie nodded, and poked Lin Xiang’s chest, “Now, let’s talk about you. I was finally able to be present at school because of you, yet you thought of me as another girl? Doesn’t it make me sad?” Whilst speaking, Angie also sniffed deliberately.


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