Volume 10 Chapter 6 : Celebrity Is Here (2)


“Did you also come to see that celebrity, Kana’s ending ceremonial concert?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Oh? You know her?” Angie raised her hat a little bit and looked at Lin Xiang.

“Yeah, my friend and I were talking about it just now.”

“Then do you know her?”

“Yes, it’s just that I know her, but she doesn’t know me.”

“I mean, do you know what she looks like?” Angie’s eyes kept staring at Lin Xiang, as if she wanted to see him thoroughly, which made Lin Xiang very uncomfortable and moved his gaze away.

“I’m not sure, but I’ve seen her MV or whatever on TV. It’s been a long time though. Hmm… I think she looked a little like you.”

“A little?”

Lin Xiang looked at Angie from the left and right, then nodded, “Well, it’s just a little.”

Angie face lit up and smiled very brightly, “Really? I actually look a little like that big star. This made me so happy!” After speaking, she lowered her hat and muttered, “This guy is nice to play with.”

“Did you say anything?” Lin Xiang heard the word “play”.

“No, it’s nothing.” Angie shook her head. At that time, she felt the presence of Nicia, who was just right behind her.

Just now, Yonechi was leading Nicia and Angie to the dressing room, but as they walked, Angie was gone. Nicia looked back and searched the crowd for a while when she found that Angie was talking to a boy.

Pressing her hand on Angie’s shoulder, Nicia’s tone became furious because Angie was always stubborn and made her worry, “Ka…”

“Ah! Big sis, have you come to find me?” As soon as Nicia spoke, Angie interrupted her words quickly.

“What the heck?” Angie calling Nicia as Big Sis made her somewhat speechless. She looked at Lin Xiang and she probably knew what was going on, “Quick, follow me, if you run around again, be careful that I would tie you up. Really, there’s so many people here, aren’t you worried?”

“Okay, then let’s go now. So, goodbye Lin Xiang, my sister is taking me away.” Angie waved her hand at Lin Xiang with a smile, and left.

“Oh, um. Bye bye.” Lin Xiang also waved at her.

“What a strange girl, just like Nagisa, having an inexplicable feeling of intimacy.” Lin Xiang muttered as he looked at Angie’s and Nicia’s back.

“Is Master looking at someone?” It was at that moment when Silent Water walked behind Lin Xiang, with a bag of snacks and a bag of drinks in her hands. Kaoru was holding the same thing in her hands.

“I just met a friend just now. Isn’t it heavy? Let me help you and Kaoru-senpai.”

“Then, Master can help Silent Water take the drinks.” Silent Water handed the bag of drinks to Lin Xiang.

“Then, I will trouble Young Master for now.”

Lin Xiang took two bags of drinks, which were quite heavy.

“Young Master, where did Reidy and the others go?” Kaoru asked.

“Oh, they went to find a good place. Let’s wait for them here.”

“Really? Well, of course, it’s true that we could see the celebrity from the big screen but anyone would want to see her up close.”


“Kana, was the boy just now the one you mentioned last time?” On the way to the dressing room, Nicia thought of Lin Xiang, the boy who had a faint, weird energy in his body.

“Yes. Nicia, do you know? That guy actually said that I look a little like Kana, just a little. I almost laughed my heart out at that time. Fortunately, I tried my best to endure it.” Recalling that moment, Angie did not have to suppress it anymore, so she just burst out her laugh.

“Are you sure he didn’t pretend not to know you on purpose?”

“No, I have been looking at his eyes, aside from the fact that he was embarrassed to look me in the eye, there’s no reason for him to lie at all.”

“Really?” Nicia’s tone suddenly changed, “But this can’t be a reason for you to walk away without authorization!” Nicia hit the hat on Angie’s head, even though there was a hat, she still felt pain.

“What are you doing, Nicia? It hurts.”

“Who told you to be disobedient? Do you know who I saw just now?”

“Who?” Angie saw no one around, took off her hat, and kept rubbing the place where she was hit.

“Matthew Limberu. Don’t worry, he didn’t see me.”

Hearing that name, Angie stopped rubbing her head as her eyes became dull, “Why was he here?”

“It’s obvious, he wants to take you back, no?”

“I don’t want to go back to that place, who knew life is so good here. I love it.”

“You two have been playing since childhood, in…”

“No, we’ve not played since childhood to adulthood. It’s just that he happened to be a guest at that time so he came to play occasionally. Nonetheless, did you forget about what his father did to my father, Nicia?”

“That’s the reason why you didn’t forgive him? I admit that his father was wrong, and the Archangel’s judgment was also wrong. But, that was the fault of the elders, not him.”

“Anyway, I don’t care so much anymore, I won’t go back. No one can take me back.” Angie put on her hat and showed firm eyes.

“Okay.” Nicia sighed and patted Angie on the shoulder, “Don’t think about the past, adjust your state, and sing on the stage later.”

“I don’t want to sing anymore…”

“Are you afraid of being seen by him?”

“He only had one nerve and would definitely rush to the stage to make trouble without hesitation.”

“It’s true, that boy Matthew. But, don’t worry, I will find him and prevent him from going up and disturbing you.”

“No. I don’t want to see him.”

At that moment, they have reached the temporarily prepared dressing room, which was in a lounge in the big arena.

“What are you talking about, are you going to disappoint your fans? Come on.” Nicia placed her hand on the door, ready to open the door and enter. Unexpectedly, Angie turned around and ran away.

“Kana, Kana? Angie, Angie!” No matter how Nicia called, Angie acted like she did not hear it and only focused on running forward.

Sigh- I shouldn’t tell her if I knew it.” Nicia took a deep breath and ran after her.

Yonechi in the room heard the noise and walked out to take a look, only to see Nicia running away, completely unaware of what happened.

————Inside the Big Arena

At that moment, the inside of the big arena was no longer a competition venue such as the Valley of the Storm or the Forest of Fire, but an outdoor concert platform with seats.

Thousands of chairs were raised one after another, in an arc shape. At the opposite side was a spacious stage, where Kana would be singing in a while.

Lin Xiang and the others were sitting in the middle of the second row, because the teachers’ seats were in the first row.

The order from left to right was: Kaoru, Nagisa, Satsuki, Lin Xiang, Reidy, Dusty, Silent Water.

The seat Lin Xiang and the others were sitting on was opposite to the center of the stage. It was a perfect spot for viewing. Lin Xiang admired how Satsuki could occupy such a position to watch a concert.

“In fact, it was Teacher Meiko who helped us occupy a good place.” That was Satsuki’s answer, “In front of us would be the principal’s seat.”

There was no one sitting in front of Lin Xiang and the others. It seemed that the principal had not arrived yet.

“What about Big Sis Meiko?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Her? When we came, she was pouring tea for each table, and then she told us that we can sit her. After picking up a call, she left.”


“It’s so exciting to say this but I can’t believe we’re watching Kana’s performance up close.” Satsuki grabbed Lin Xiang’s arm and shook it.

“Yes, yes.” Lin Xiang nodded in cooperation.

“Dusty, it hasn’t started, and you wanted snacks?” Reidy sitting next to Lin Xiang preached to Dusty, who was ready to open a snack packet beside her.

“I’m hungry.” Dusty pouted as she looked at Reidy, then at the snacks. She wanted to eat it but did not dare to have it.

Seeing Dusty like that, Reidy sighed, “Eat, just eat.”

“Sister Retty is the best.” Dusty got permission, reached into the opened bag, grabbed a handful of potato chips, stuffed it in her mouth in a sudden, and started chewing. She did not eat like a girl at all.

“Don’t eat in such a hurry, or else you can’t swallow it later.” Reidy took a bottle of drink from the drinks bag and placed it on the armrest of the small gray chair.

“Reidy, give me a bottle of yogurt, I don’t have one here.” Satsuki opened another beverage bag and did not see her favorite yogurt.

“Satsuki, do you have green tea?” Kaoru asked.

“Yes, here, take it.” Satsuki handed Kaoru the green tea, and at the same time received the yogurt from Reidy.

Somehow influenced by Dusty, they started eating before the concert started.

Michita and the principals of three other schools sat in front of Lin Xiang and the others. He looked at the back and smiled at Lin Xiang and the others then discussed with the three principals on how to manage the school.

Ten minutes later, some people in the back became impatient and kept shouting Kana’s name.

“It feels a bit slow, don’t you think?” Satsuki was eating shrimp crackers while looking at the clock. It was already 3.05pm. It was reasonable to say that it should be starting at 3 o’clock sharp.

“Maybe she’s preparing.” Reidy did not want to cancel a concert by unexpected accidents, so she said with a little comfort in her voice.

“That’s right, Kana is no ordinary celebrity, so we should wait.” Satsuki agreed with Reidy.

“Um… I’ll… go to the toilet…” Nagisa said in a low voice, feeling embarrassed as she quickly stood up with a blushed face.

There were toilets in the big arena, but when Nagisa came, there were a lot of people, and they were all queuing up till the end of the walkway. It might be due to the fact that they all drank too much water or drinks while waiting for Kana.

Nagisa turned around and walked out the big arena.

There were many walkways connected to the outside of the big arena, including classrooms, small arena, and school gates. According to her memory, Nagisa thought for a while, and finally came to the library as it was the nearest building.

The library of Pillar Nofu Academy was very large, because there were so many books in it. When she walked in, she could hear her own footsteps echoing. It felt a bit strange to be alone.

Nagisa quickened her pace.


She walked out of the toilet and bought a bottle of juice from the beverage vending machine in the corridor. It was the grape-flavored drink that Lin Xiang loved. He complained that there was no grape juice when he was dividing the drinks, so Nagisa bought a bottle for him.

Walking back to the library hall, she took a deep breath and walked quickly to the gate.

“Wuu-” At that moment, there was a woman’s cry from nowhere. It was very short, but Nagisa could hear it clearly.

“No way…” Nagisa swallowed her saliva and stopped in fright. She did nott dare to look around. She was frozen right there, waiting for the voice to appear again.

One second, two seconds, three seconds, after about thirty seconds the cry did not appear again, Nagisa heaved a sigh of relief, “Was it paracusia?” She continued walking forward.

“Wuu…Wuu…” At that time, the cry sounded again, and Huaizhu froze. This time the cry was intermittent, as if it was coming from a corner over there.

“There are no ghosts in the world, so it should be a human.” Nagisa comforted herself and walked quickly to the door. The cry did not disappear. It was just under the bookshelf in the right corner of the door, but there were bookshelves around so she could not see who was there.

The owner of the cry was so miserable, what happened to her?

Nagisa had already stepped out of the library door at the moment.

“Wuu-Wuu…Sniff sniff

Should I go take a look?

Nagisa first tried to see if she could see the situation from the gate, but her sight was blocked by the bookshelves. Nagisa couldn’t help but walked over there cautiously.

After bypassing many bookshelves, the crying got closer, and there was the corner where the sound came from. All of a sudden, the crying stopped.

That prevented Nagisa from moving any further.

Was it really a ghost or something?

It was broadcasted on TV. When the hero or heroine heard a sound, they would go look for it. However, when they were about to arrive, the sound suddenly stopped, and as they looked at that place, there was no one there. After that, something would pat the protagonist’s shoulder…

This is terrible. I would have gone back if I knew it.

Nagisa’s heart was beating like a racing drum. She leaned against the bookshelf, and slowly poked her head out very carefully. Slowly, she saw a girl sitting there. The girl was wearing a peaked cap and was wearing sportswear attire. At that moment, she also held her head up, looking at Nagisa.

“Well, hello.” Seeing that it was a human being, Nagisa walked away from the bookshelf in relief and greeted the girl, “I…heard your cry, so…may I ask…did something happen?”

The girl did not answer, just looking at Nagisa. The girl’s peaked cap was pressed very low, and the corner was quite dark, so Nagisa could not meet her eyes. Whether she spoke or not, the atmosphere became even stranger. But for some reason, Nagisa felt that the girl exuded a particularly familiar feeling, like that from Lin Xiang, but not quite like it.

“I didn’t mean anything bad, I just…”

“Who are you?” The girl asked, her voice was slightly hoarse.

“My name is Nagisa, Yorikawa Nagisa, a First-year Class A student of Pillar Nofu Academy.”

“Are you sure you’re human?”

“Huh?” Nagisa was dumbfounded, then nodded, “Of course, I am.”

“That’s weird.” The girl stood up and took off her hat.

“Ah! Kana!” Although her eyes were a little red, there were tear marks on her face, and her hair was wet from crying, Nagisa could still recognize her at a glance. That was Kawasumi Kana. “Why are you here? Are you not performing anymore? Everyone is waiting for you.”

“Perform? I’m not going, there’s an annoying person over there.”

“Kana has someone that annoys you at school?”

“Yes, I guess.”

“Why don’t you tell that person to leave?”

“It’s useless, he won’t leave. I know I’m selfish for doing this.”

“No. If Kana is like this, there must be a reason.” Nagisa walked to Kana and handed her the drink in her hand.

“What are you doing?”

“Please drink it, and sing to everyone full of energy.”

“I said I’m not going anymore.”

“That’s not okay, everyone is looking forward to Kana’s songs. If you let everyone down because of one person, that’s not being selfish, but timid. You know, I like a boy.” Nagisa was unsure why she became bolder, it might be due to her having the Kana she liked by her side, which made her started talking about her problems.

“I like that boy, and then…”

“Then, I can only watch him being affectionate with other girls every day, but I can only stand by his side.”

“Such boys are scumbags.”

“No, he’s a good person. Everyone likes to be with him. Moreover, although it sometimes hurts my heart when I saw him being very close to other girls, I will never give up on him.”

“Oh, full of fighting spirit.”

“So it’s the same for Kana. Don’t be afraid. After so many years, if you think about it, you will definitely regret why you disappointed everyone because of this little thing. I just don’t want to be regretful, that’s why no matter what, I will stay by his side. So, please don’t let everyone be disappointed and unhappy just because of being alone, because Kana’s songs always bring courage and hope to people. We all like your song very much, that’s why we gather here. So, please don’t let everyone down.”

“Well… what you said is very reasonable. Indeed, I can’t influence fans who like my songs because of one person.” Kana unscrewed the juice bottle and took a sip, “For the sake this bottle of juice, I decided to sing.”


“Sorry, because of the traffic jam on the road, Kana is already preparing, please be patient.” A staff member announced to everyone on the stage.

Although everyone thought that it took a lot of time, as long as they could listen to Kana singing, nothing matters.

“Oh? Nagisa, you seemed to be very happy.” Lin Xiang saw Nagisa returned with a smile, and did not ask her why she had been away for so long.

“Well, something exciting happened.”

When Nagisa passed in front of Lin Xiang, Lin Xiang found that the juice bottle she was holding was the grape flavor he liked.

“Are you buying this for me?” Lin Xiang felt touched as he asked.

“Eh? Well, yes.” Nagisa handed the juice bottle to Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang unscrewed it at once. It was strange to find it unwrapped. However, it did not stop Lin Xiang from drinking it. Lifting his head, Lin Xiang drank several sips.

“No, Lin Xiang, you can’t drink it.” Nagisa suddenly reacted. Kana once took a sip and told her to bring her that delicious drink to the backstage.


“Someone drank it.”


“A girl.”

“Ah? Do I know her?” Lin Xiang wiped his mouth quickly and covered the drink.

“I don’t think so. I’m sorry, it’s completely my fault.” Nagisa took the drink back and went back to her seat.

Satsuki poked Lin Xiang in the face and asked, “Does the saliva of a girl you don’t know taste good?”

“You’re just like a beast!” Reidy folded her arms and looked at Lin Xiang with contempt.

Lin Xiang did not speak. What else could he say?

At that time, the light began to dim, was it sunset already?

Lifting their heads, Lin Xiang and the others found that two covers above the open-air arena were constantly rising, and then merged. The surrounding lights suddenly dimmed, like the endless night sky.

A colorful light shone on the stage, constantly flickering as an angelic voice sounded, “Everyone, I’m sorry, have you waited a long time?”

“No!” Very tacitly, everyone shouted in unison.

“Really? Don’t lie to me. When there was a traffic jam, I am bored to wait in the car.” There was a hole in the center of the stage, and the hole slowly rose as a girl in a white dress appeared in everyone’s eyes, “Now, let’s quit the gossip, let me first present you a song, “Classroom In Love”!”

Bang, bang. Drums sounded rhythmically, guitar sound, electric guitar sound, and various musical instruments played to a lively melody, making the hands of audience present inadvertently swayed. Then, Kana’s long and moving voice sounded along with the melody, “The classroom after class was very quiet, and a person was holding a schoolbag, counting the clouds…”

Lin Xiang looked at Kana on the stage and secretly nodded, “Angie really does look like her.”

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