Volume 10 Chapter 7 : Celebrity Is Here (3)


After singing several songs of youth and inspiration in a row, the atmosphere of the concert was fired to its climax.  The students who seemed to have heard the news about the concert early on had bought numerous light sticks. Pink and blue light sticks were waving in the dark, which added a touch of excitement to the outdoor concert.

Now, Lin Xiang somewhat understood why everyone liked listening Kana’s songs. That was because she sang really nicely, and gave a lively ambience to crowd. She had the aura of a typical idol, which was clearly not just for show.

When Kana was singing, Lin Xiang always felt that she was watching him from time to time. It should be all in his head, but it was common to get that phenomenon when sitting in the front.

“So, now that everyone has listened to so many songs, do you want to proceed with something else? For example, invite a friend to come on stage to sing with me?” Kana’s raised her voice, and everyone cried out excitedly, “Yes!”

“Okay, then please raise your hand and let me see who I should call!”

The stage lights were irradiated in the audience under the control of the lighting engineer. Many people stood up and waved their hands desperately, wanting to attract Kana’s attention.

“Well, there’re so many people here, it’s troublesome. I don’t know who to call.”

“Me!” “Me!” “Me!”

The students at the scene were yelling.

“Well, how about you? That boy who was looking around.” Kana pointed to a boy in the middle of the second row.

The boy sitting in the middle of the second row was no one but Lin Xiang. He looked left and right, and then pointed to his nose with an unbelievable expression, “Me?”

“Yes, it’s you.” Kana nodded as if she was answering Lin Xiang. In fact, it was so far away that no one could hear it, and it was so noisy in the concert. Angie judged his words from Lin Xiang’s shocked expression and lip movement. She was rather favorable for Lin Xiang’s expression at the moment.

The light turned into an aperture, shining at Lin Xiang’s position as the big screen also showed Lin Xiang’s bewildered look.

“Xiang! You are so lucky!” Satsuki, who was beside him, exclaimed in awe.

“Humph-” Reidy did not speak, but it was clear that she was very excited as she kept looking at him. When she saw Lin Xiang still sitting in the same position, she pushed him with her arm, “Why aren’t you getting on the stage yet?”

“I never heard her songs.” Lin Xiang stood up and kept touching his nose and scratching his head. If he got on the stage it would be awkward, but it would be weird if he did not get on it instead.

“Just go up first, this is a rare opportunity!” Satsuki hurriedly pushed Lin Xiang’s waist. Having Michita and other teachers looking back at him, Lin Xiang gathered his courage and walked up.

“Excuse me, what’s your name?” Lin Xiang walked up and stood beside Kana. She held the microphone near his mouth.

“Lin Xiang.” Lin Xiang introduced himself, feeling slightly embarrassed. Although many people watched his match, it was a match after all. In such an occasion, Lin Xiang inevitably seemed a little nervous.

Kana was very close to him. The white evening dress looked particularly dazzling in the light, just like the clothes worn by fairies. Kana with that outfit looked very beautiful, at least that’s what Lin Xiang thought. He felt that this Kana was more similar to Angie, even the voice seemed familiar. At that moment, Angie blinked at him and smiled slyly. That made Lin Xiang had a thought. He wondered it was very possible that Angie was Kana after all.

The first time, he met her was on the side of the road. Of course, Lin Xiang did not remember that. The second meeting was at the hotel of the Kamiki household. That hotel was a first-class hotel in the city. Those who could go there were either people of the rich or nobles. It was not completely impossible for Kana to go there. Even Angie once asked him if he knew about Kana, which was utterly suspicious. Besides, how could she not wear work clothes when she said she was working in the big hotel? This was also a doubt for him as well.

Furthermore, Kana came to the school to participate in the closing concert on the last day, but Angie also came just on this day. Now, she was smiling at him. That look was definitely not what she should show a stranger on their first meeting, which made Lin Xiang confirmed that she knew him before-hand. All the questions were gathered on one line, and Lin Xiang finally understood.

Thinking of that, he laughed self-deprecatingly. That was well- played.

“Oh? What’s wrong, did you think of something funny?” Angie saw Lin Xiang looking at her, and laughed. She was certain that this boy here finally knew her identity.

“Just the thought of being so close to a celebrity makes me a little happy.”

“Really, it seems that everyone is very happy today. Have you heard any of my songs?”

“No.” Lin Xiang answered honestly.

“No?” Angie pretended to not believe Lin Xiang. Other fans could not believe that there were people in the city who never know Angie. Obviously, even students from other cities knew her. As a local, and even attending the same academy as Kana, it made Lin Xiang looked out-dated.

“I really never listened before today. I usually don’t listen to music, and I don’t watch TV.”

“Wow! You are really interesting!” Angie continued asking Lin Xiang a few more questions.

The boys in the audience all despised Lin Xiang after hearing him said that he had never heard Kana’s songs. They thought that Lin Xiang clearly wanted to attract Kana’s attention. That rascal, not only did he already have seven beautiful teammates, now, he was lucky enough to be able to have such a close conversation with Kana…

With all sorts of complicated gazes, the boys continued to watch Lin Xiang answer Kana’s questions.

“Since you don’t know how to sing, how about singing along with me and everyone here?” Angie’s voice was very kind. Her smile was very angelic too.

“Yes!” The audience in the seats all responded.

“What do you think?”

“No problem, I think.” Lin Xiang said unconfidently. He knew he could not sing.

“Be confident in yourself. First listen to me sing the first melody. This song has two choruses and the lyrics are repeated. It’s very simple. Musicians, please present us, Summer With You

A beautiful piano melody started a cheerful melody and produced a familiar rhythm. It led people to have a refreshing feeling like a summer breeze.

Holding the microphone down and standing in place, Angie tapped the beat with her little hands as her eyes quickly swept across the people in the front rows. Several songs have been performed, yet Matthew did not make any trouble. Angie did not see him nearby either. At that time, she was slightly relieved. Holding up the microphone, Angie closed her eyes, and entertained the crowd with her voice, “In that quiet summer, you and I were chasing by the river. Before going to bed, I heard you tell those peculiar stories. Mr. Cicada kept calling on the tree, and I gradually fall asleep. Oh- How I wish that time can stop moving forward…”

That was a song of praise to fathers. The lyrics described the scene of playing, eating, and telling stories before going to bed with a father in the summer. Angie’s singing voice was moving, very infectious. It was a cheerful song, but somehow Lin Xiang could hear Angie’s sorrow after her cheekiness.

The audience sang along with Kana. It was one of their favorite songs. People who listen to that song could not help but wanted to talk to their dads, it did not matter what the topic was. That was a kind of temptation to their souls. Songs, novels, and even movies would have that ability to tempt, but not all of them had that ability.

After a while, it was Lin Xiang’s turn to sing.

When Angie was close to Lin Xiang, he could smell the good perfume on her body. Secretly rubbing his nose, with Kana’s guidance, he sang, “In—- that quiet summer… …..” In the first sentence, Lin Xiang’s first word “in” was dragged longer than the original version. It made many male audiences burst into helpless laughter.

“You and I are on the… roof.” The second sentence was missing the word “same”, but Lin Xiang still tried his best to sing.

He and Angie were sharing a microphone. Their faces were just about ten centimeters apart. Some boys naturally envied Lin Xiang, so if Lin Xiang sang wrongly, they would just laugh out loud. However, the girls did not pay attention to the boys. Unlike them, the girls were teaching Lin Xiang to sing in their way, which was singing with Lin Xiang. They would not laugh at Lin Xiang when he sang incorrectly.

Secretly turning his eyes and looking at Angie’s side-profile, Lin Xiang felt his heart beating very fast. Angie with makeup looked more mature and beautiful. Her cherry-colored lips were especially attractive under the reflection of the light. But at that moment Lin Xiang did not think too much, just working hard to follow Angie’s rhythm to complete the singing.

After singing a song, Angie opened her pair of eyes which were still shining, it was as if she cried, but no tears fell. She looked at Lin Xiang as Lin Xiang returned her gaze. It lasted for a while before Lin Xiang moved amidst the applause, broadening the distance between Angie and him.

“Okay, how did everyone think about Lin Xiang’s singing?”

The answers were very different, but Lin Xiang could still hear the words “wonderful” coming from Satsuki’s direction. Being able to hear their calling in a noisy environment was not only because of Lin Xiang’s good ears, but also because their shouts were extremely loud. Especially Dusty’s finally call, “That’s my Master right there!”

“That’s a lot of answers. I personally think that Lin Xiang sings very well. Maybe I will find him to cooperate next time. Haha, just kidding, let us thank Lin Xiang.”

Applause sounded again as Lin Xiang walked off the stage accompanied by the claps of the audience until he returned to his position.

As soon as he sat down, Satsuki they gathered around and asked about Lin Xiang’s feelings and what it felt like standing next to Kana.

“It’s fine…”

“It’s fine? I thought I saw you staring at someone, blinking.” Satsuki’s tone suddenly took a U-turn.

“Yeah, and you kept sniffing your nose, do you like to smell her so much? Pervert.” Reidy squinted at Lin Xiang.

“Hey- It was you who told me to go up.”


After performing another song, it was already 4:30pm.

“The time flies so fast, it’s been an hour. That’s so soon. Well then, the closing ceremony of the academies’ friendly match is over.” With Angie’s voice, many people screamed and made fake bird noises.

“Oh!” “Wow-” “Tweet-Tweet-”

After the friendly match, it would be a two-day holiday. After that, along with the one-week study session, it would be summer vacation! After half a year of hard work, the students could finally rest.

The ceiling slowly opened, and the big arena regained its brightness. Those students from other cities could not wait to get Kana’s signature and were about to leave, otherwise it would be too late to go back to the next city. Not only them, but even the students of Pillar Nofu Academy failed to get an autograph, because Kana left the stage and returned to the dressing room soon after she finished singing.

Meanwhile, at the dressing room, there were several special security guards guarding it, so they could not even enter.

————Dressing room

With a “hoo-“, Angie removed the necklace from her neck, looked up at herself in front of the vanity mirror, patted her face, and said in a self-cheering manner, “No matter how’s the road ahead, you must be brave to move forward, Angie!”

She heard what Nicia said and it seemed that Matthew did not know that she had become a singer. Since he was not interested in the concert, he had already returned home. However, no one knew when the day their next meeting was.

“Kana, there are people who introduced themselves as your friends outside.” Nicia walked up to Angie and helped her put the necklace and other accessories away.

“Huh? Ah, it must be Nagisa, I told her to come. My juice is not finished yet.” Angie said as she walked out of the dressing room. Nagisa who was standing not far away from her waved at her direction. Next to her, there were some girls who looked special in their own way. Lin Xiang was also there.

On the stage just now, Angie just happened to see Lin Xiang under the shining of lights, but she did not see Nagisa next to him.

Now that Angie saw that Lin Xiang and Nagisa knew each other, she immediately understood that the boy Nagisa was talking about was him! Can’t believe how a blank person could be liked by so many girls.

“Don’t just stand there. Come on in, all of you.” Angie waved to Nagisa and the others.

“It’s true, Sister Nagisa really knows Kana, that’s amazing!” Dusty jumped up excitedly.

“So, the juice that Lin Xiang drank was the one she had drunk?” Satsuki guessed the odds.

“Sorry, I didn’t make it clear for a while.” Nagisa felt that it was all her fault. Together with everyone, she walked to the dressing room led by the security guards.


“Kana is so beautiful. You’re even more beautiful than what I see on TVs and posters.”

“Yeah, yeah, Sister Kana is so beautiful.”

“I think I looked okay. You know, it’s not impossible to have my autograph now, by the way.”

Seeing Reidy reluctantly taking out a picture for Angie to sign, Lin Xiang was speechless. How can you make it seem like she’s forcing you to have her autograph when it was you who wanted it?

Angie did not care so much though. She took the photo in Reidy’s hand stealthily, make a pen appeared out of nowhere and signed her autograph on it.

Needless to say, Reidy’s excited expression slowly turned into a happy one, but she deliberately hid it. After having Angie to sign the photo, she took the photo and put it back in her bag carefully, fearing to lose it.

When Satsuki, Nagisa and Dusty saw that, they also asked for signatures, but they did not bring a photo like Reidy. They just took out a blank paper for Angie to sign.

“Then please help me sign one, sorry for the trouble.” Silent Water also liked Angie, so she tore out a blank sheet of paper from her notebook and handed it to her.

Kaoru was not interested in those. If Young Master did not want it, then she did not need it as well, so she stood quietly aside.

“Nagisa, where’s my drink?” Angie asked suddenly.

“Eh? Ah, your drink…” Nagisa became a little flustered, “Your drink accidentally fell on… the ground… You won’t blame me…right?”

Angie could feel that Nagisa was lying, but she did not say anything. She just smiled and put her hand on Nagisa’s shoulder, “Of course I won’t blame you, aren’t we friends?”


Although I’m your friend, I’m still lying to you… But there was no other way. If Kana knew that a boy drank a drink she had drunk, she would be angry anyway…

Nagisa looked at Lin Xiang and felt that even if she lied, as long as Lin Xiang’s relationship with Kana did not worsen, that would be the best.

“Eh? Isn’t the juice drunk by Master?” Dusty was always in a blank so she said it unknowingly.

It was too late for Reidy and Satsuki to glare at Dusty, because Angie had already heard her.

“Master? Who’s your Master?” Angie asked curiously. Why would she call someone Master, she was not a spirit or anything.

“Him. Master is a good person. Sister Kana, you won’t be angry because Master drank your drink, right?”

“Of course not. Your name is Dusty, right? You’re so cute, and you speak so honestly too.” Angie kept touching Dusty’s head as Dusty put on a special expression when pets were touched.

“I’m sorry…” Nagisa apologized again.

“It’s nothing. I know that Nagisa is also worried about what if my relationship with Lin Xiang got worse. To be honest, if a girl has drunk something that a stranger drank, it will surely feel uncomfortable. However, Lin Xiang is not a stranger. We have known each other before.”

“Huh?” Not only Nagisa, even Satsuki and the others made voices of shock. Reidy even grabbed Lin Xiang by the collar, trying to ask when did Lin Xiang meet Kana, and why didn’t he told them.

“I didn’t know she was Kana Kawasumi, I was deceived by her pseudonym.”

“Oh, a pseudonym.” Angie only smiled after hearing it, giving no explanation.


“So, you meet her at that time? That’s right, you happened to go to the bathroom at that moment… By the way, Angie, your name seems a bit like…”

“An angel, is that right?” Angie smiled.

“That’s right.” Reidy nodded quickly.

“Indeed, Kana is as beautiful as an angel after all.” Satsuki sighed.

“Yes, yes, and your temperament is also very special, just like an angel. If there are pairs of wings, then you would be a complete angel.” Nagisa also expressed her thoughts.

Most people would be happy to be praised as an angel, but Angie obviously did not like that compliment. She looked out the window with a little sadness and responded to everyone, “If I can, I would rather be praised like an ordinary person.”

No one knew why she felt so sentimental all of sudden.

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