Volume 10 Chapter 8 : The Night Before Departure


After chatting with Angie for a while, Nicia could not help reminding her that she had other things to do. Since everyone noticed that it was getting late, so they decided not to bother her. In short, it was their happiest day that day. After the friendly match ended, they became friends with Kana. It was like their dream life.

Walking out of the academy, Satsuki looked at Lin Xiang with a smile on her face without uttering a word. Lin Xiang looked at her, thinking about the odds of what would happen next.

As soon as Satsuki saw his blank expression, she knew that the boy had forgotten, so she kindly reminded him, “Tomorrow…”

“Oh, yes. I’m going out with you tomorrow.”

“Ah-” Satsuki’s smile turned into a large grin. She tiptoed to pat Lin Xiang’s head, “Good boy, good boy, fortunately you remembered. Otherwise, Big Sister Risa will lose her temper.”

“If you don’t speak, of course I won’t know your intentions. Where do you plan to go tomorrow?”

Upon hearing that, Reidy quickly pricked up her ears and listened to Satsuki’s answer.

“I haven’t decided yet, so let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

After hearing Satsuki’s reply, Reidy felt a little sullen for not knowing their destination for the next day.

“Is that so, then I will wait for your call.”

At that moment, Lin Xiang was clueless that there was someone standing at the airport for a long time. Michita also rushed to the person in a hurry at the same time, “You are the friend of Lord Qian Libing, Mr. Leon, right?”

“No need to be so polite, I’m actually human just like you, and I can’t compare to you in terms of strength.” Leon’s voice was as deep as vast ocean.

The man named Leon was probably in his forties. Average man was not considered very old at that age, but for him, it seemed that this statement did not apply to him.

His skin was as dry as a tree bark and his hair was layered with white and black hair. Though, only the hair on the front of his forehead could be seen due to the cover of his hood, so the back of his head was not seen clearly. At least, it did not give a vague vibe of old-fashion.

His deep-set eye sockets and high nose bridge formed an incongruity, as well as the thin face that was as if it was slashed by knives, made people felt like he had not eaten for many years. Long gray beard was grown on his chin, which he stroked with his hand from time to time. But fortunately, his body was not the type that would collapse when blown by wind.

He wore a gray robe with a hood, which stood out among the various suits and white-collar workers at the airport.

“Sorry, I’m late. Our academy was the home court for the campus friendly match, so there were a lot of things to deal with. It’s not my intention to keep you waiting for a long time.” Kinds of people like Dragon Descendants had a weird temper. Michita heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the man’s temper was not bad as bad as he thought.

“I understand, what about the person Qian Libing mentioned?” Leon looked around and found no one there, except Michita.

“Since you’ve come all the way here, don’t leave in such a hurry. Stay here for one night first, I will notify him later. By the way, may I know why Mr. Leon came a week in advance? Didn’t you said to come back during the summer vacation?” Michita was curious.

“You see, the Dragon-Training Festival is about to begin. I will be busy at that time, so I wanted to call him in advance and teach him some of the basics.”

“Uh, pardon?” Leon spoke while suppressing his voice, so Michita could not hear clearly his words just then.

“You can’t hear clearly, right? I can’t increase the volume of my voice as I speak because the roar of the dragon is very loud. If I did that, ordinary people would not be able to bear the heavy pressure. Of course, this was because of my lack of cultivation. For inadequacies, unlike the pure-blood Dragon Descendants in the village, they can all speak in great volumes. Therefore, compared to them, half-breeds like us are rather tactless.”

“Well, I don’t know much about the Dragon Descendants after all.”

“Oh, I apologize. I was casually talking nonsense. Just now, I said that there’s a festival in the village that about to begin, so I will be relatively busy at that time. In fact, I’ll take him in advance and teach him some basic roars and take a look at his potential, also, letting him feel the festive atmosphere of Dragon Descendants by the way.”

“Oh, I get it. Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s already the end of the semester, so it’s not a big deal to let him leave early for summer vacation. Coming from afar, I bet you’re already hungry, right? Let me take you for a meal.”

“Then, please lead the way.” Leon nodded at Michita as he left the airport with the principal.


“Master- You’re back!” As soon as he entered, Fire Dance gave Lin Xiang a tight hug. It was like a routine for them for the past few days. Lin Xiang felt that her appearance was getting more frequent.

“Is Fire Dance well-behaved today?” Lin Xiang patted Fire Dance’s head. Her soft red hair exuded a faint fragrance.

“Yes, I am! This is because Fire Dance is an obedient child.” She raised her head and looked at Lin Xiang with a child-like innocent smile.

“Well, let’s give this obedient child a little reward.” Lin Xiang took out a lollipop from his pocket.

“Ah, it’s a lollipop.” Fire Dance grabbed the lollipop and tore it open with joy. She put it in her mouth and did not forget to express her gratitude to Lin Xiang, “Master is the best.”


While cutting the vegetables, Lin Xiang felt that his fighting days were about to fade away. He was relieved that he could finally live with Silent Water and the others in peace.

Thinking of that, Lin Xiang unknowingly let out a smile.

Paying attention to her Master all the time, Silent Water noticed that and questioned curiously, “Master, have you thought of anything happy?”

“Yes, it’s just that we can finally live a good life. We no longer have to be so tired and we can go to school together every day without any interference. Aren’t you happy just with that thought? Oh- I feel motivated for life!” Lin Xiang quickened the speed of cutting vegetables.

“Well, indeed.” Silent Water smiled when she saw Lin Xiang like that. In fact, for her, the happiest thing was to be with her Master.

Outside the kitchen, Reidy was looking at the duo. She always felt that there was an invisible attraction between Lin Xiang and Silent Water. Even if they did not talk occasionally, they always had each other in their hearts. That was what made Reidy so different from Silent Water.

Reidy knew that deeply.

After Remi went to the toilet, he saw his sister standing in front of the kitchen, looking. With another glance at Reidy, Remi shook his head and left.

“Master, this is called kelp, right? How should I clean it?”

“Well, put it in a basin first to wash away the muddy smell, then…”

The kitchen was full of the blessed feeling between Lin Xiang and Silent Water. Reidy, who wanted to enter the kitchen, could not bear to interrupt them, so all she could do was watching them from the outside. She was all by herself.

————Satsuki’s House

“Oh my god, why is my good daughter so sensible today? She’s helping her mother!” They were also in the kitchen, and Satsuki’s mother was surprised that her daughter would help her wash the vegetables.

“Your daughter has always been so sensible.” Satsuki hummed a little tune as she washed the cabbage for the next meal.

“Oh?” Satsuki’s mother showed a look of cheekiness to Satsuki.

“Please don’t look at your daughter with that strange gaze?” Even with her back facing her mother, Satsuki could still feel a scorching gaze constantly staring at her.

“Your relationship with Lin Xiang must have taken another step closer.”

“No, it’s not.” Although she did not admit it, Satsuki’s smile at the moment and her song-humming had already betrayed her.

“Oh, this melody is from “Classroom In Love” by Kana Kawasumi, that popular singer.”

“I can’t believe you know about that.” Satsuki turned her head and looked at her mother. She felt that although she was not at home very often, her mother seemed to know everything she liked very well.

“Of course, who do you think your old mother is? Back then, I was…”

“Yes, I know, you’re the trendy person who leads the school fashion, right? Everyone was so obsessed with you, but instead, you chose that mediocre old man who made mistakes whenever he’s drunk.”

“Mediocre is added when he’s in a bad mood. Seriously, why did I choose your father? I don’t understand it myself, maybe it’s the power of love. So, my girl, what stage are Lin Xiang and you at?”

“What stage? He was like a piece of wood. Kisses were given, hugs were supplied, apart from being embarrassed, he seemed like he did not understand a single action at all. He made me, a girl, more embarrassed now.”

“Wow, I don’t think he should only a piece of wood? He must be an antique.”

“That’s why I’m going to give it my all tomorrow.”

“Why don’t you share the details with your mother?” Putting down the kitchen knife, the mother listened to the daughter about the shopping date with Lin Xiang the next day.

In the living room, Satsuki’s father bored a yawn. His stomach groaned, “Dinner…Is it done…”

————Yorikawa’s family

“Oh, Nagisa got the first place? That’s not easy! Haha! As expected of my daughter.” Yorikawa Naohito, who was sitting cross-legged on the tatami, looked at the trophy brought back by his daughter. His dark face was left with a smile, showing his teeth.

“It’s just luck.” Nagisa knew that if it weren’t for Matthew’s forfeit, she would not be able to defeat him.

“Luck is a kind of strength too.” Yorikawa Naohito put down the trophy and looked at the pieces of meat and some green vegetables with yellow leaves that Nagisa brought to the table. His smile gradually faded, “Nagisa, I’m sorry. You won the first place, yet we still live this kind of life.”

Looking around at Yorikawa’s house, there were not many daily necessities left. There were no sofas, and the floor was replaced as seats. In addition to the forty-square-meter living room, there were basically no other furnishings, except the dilapidated TV and the short table.

“Dad, no matter what, we’re all doing well now. We won’t go hungry, won’t freeze, and have roofs to cover the wind and rain. I think it’s a good life now.” Nagisa smiled.

The daughter’s smile made Yorikawa Naohito felt very uncomfortable. His daughter was very sensible and well-behaved, but he was unable to give her a better life. As a father, he was a failure.

“Nagisa, Dad will work hard to make money and make your life better.” The father’s eyes were blazing with hope.

“I thought I just said it’s all right now.”

“That’s because you are sensible. A girl your age was supposed to be spoiled. On the way home, I saw a girl about your age asking her dad to buy some cosmetics for her. Well, I have no way to give you those for the time being. However, in the future, no matter how much you want, I will give it to you.”

“Dad…” Tears flickered in Nagisa’s eyes.

“Well, let’s not talk about this. What about your friend, Lin Xiang?”

“Him? He’s doing fine.”

“I mean, did he show anything to you? It’s impossible for ordinary people to randomly spend four million to treat other people’s father. He must be interested in you.”

“Dad, don’t spout nonsense.” Nagisa’s face flushed slightly as she clumsily filled the bowl with rice for her father.

“Haha, alright, no more nonsense, I think he’s pretty good. If he asks you out for a date, then just head out. You’ve been staying at home all the time during weekends, that’s not good.”

“I know already, now eat. Eat.”

Thinking of spending the day after tomorrow with Lin Xiang, Nagisa felt her heart beating faster.

What would she do? What kind of clothes should she wear and where should she go with him…

Many questions filled her mind.


“Hello, Grandpa Mitsu?” After dinner, Lin Xiang was watching TV with everyone in the living room when he received a call from Michita.

“Little Xiang, have you eaten?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Well, actually, I called to tell you that you will leave for Dragonborn Village tomorrow.”

“Huh? Why so fast?”

“You see. The friend of Master Qian Libing came early, because there will be a festival in Dragonborn Village later, he is afraid that he will be busy for a while, so he just…”

“Oh…” In Lin Xiang’s heart, now that he had everything prepared, the opportunity to learn the new dragon roar had arrived, but he could not be with Silent Water and the others. It seemed that the appointment for the next two days would go down the drain…

“That’s right, was it a little sudden?”

“Yes, it was sudden.”

“Well, I think so too. So, at nine o’clock tomorrow morning, you can come to the principal’s office.”

“Okay…” Lin Xiang sighed after hanging up the phone.

“What’s the matter, Master?” Fire Dance, who was watching TV in Lin Xiang’s arms, raised her head and looked at him.

“You see, Master will be away for a while.”

“Huh? Why?” Reidy looked at Lin Xiang abruptly.

“Because the principal called just now and asked me to go to the principal’s office tomorrow and depart to Dragonborn Village.”

“Can’t we go together?” Fire Dance stared at Lin Xiang with tears, as if she was about to cry waterfalls if he disagreed.

“I don’t know. Sigh- I have a huge headache now.” Lin Xiang massaged his temples.

Fire Dance suddenly struggled in his arms. When Lin Xiang looked over, it was no doubt that the cold glare he got was from Fire Lotus.

She struggled out of Lin Xiang’s arms, rubbed her eyes, looked at the wet fingers, and scolded in fury, “You bastard, you made Fire Dance cry again!”

As she said, her fist was clenched tightly, and a ball of flame enveloped her hand, as if she was about to attack at any time.

“Sister Fire Lotus, calm down.” Dusty stood in front of Lin Xiang, “It’s just that Master has to go elsewhere, that’s why Sister Fire Dance cried.”

“Go elsewhere? Huh! That’s great! Now that you finally go somewhere else, don’t ever get close to Fire Dance again!” Fire Lotus turned hurriedly and walked out of the living room.

In the living room, no one spoke except the singing of Kana on the TV.

Lin Xiang was in a daze for a while, when he finally decided to dial Satsuki’s number.

At the moment, Satsuki was in her room, wearing the blue ultra-short jeans that she had never worn since the last time she bought when shopping with Lin Xiang for the first time. At that time, he watched Satsuki tried it on, he even forgot to blink.

The melody of a ringtone sounded as Satsuki’s phone vibrated. Looking at the caller, a simple word was shown on the screen, Xiang.

“Hello, who is this? I’m very busy. If nothing matters, I’ll just hang up.” Satsuki said in a series.

“What do you think you’re doing, it’s me.”

“Who are you? I don’t know.”

“Lin Xiang, it’s Lin Xiang.” Lin Xiang on the other end of the phone frowned. Is this brat playing with me?

“Oh, it turned out to be your Excellency, Lin Xiang. What seems to be the problem?” Satsuki picked up an earring and placed it near her ear to compare.

“You see, we can’t go out together tomorrow.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the earrings Satsuki’s fingers fell to the ground.

“Xiang, don’t joke with me just because I was joking with you.” Satsuki’s voice was trembling at the moment.

“I’m not joking, what I said was true. Grandpa Mitsu just called, and he explained that I will go to Dragonborn Village tomorrow.”

“You’re lying, right… Didn’t we promised to meet tomorrow…  Xiang, you are a rascal who just broke your promise.”

“I can’t help it. Hello, hello?”

The call ended as Satsuki hung up. Lin Xiang looked at the phone and sighed.

Nagisa, who had just finished washing the dishes, heard the phone ringing on the table. After wiping her hands dry, she picked up the phone. The caller was Lin Xiang.

What do I do? It’s him! Did he call in to discuss where to go the day after tomorrow?

With excitement, Nagisa answered the call.

“Hello, Lin Xiang?” A silly smile appeared on her face.

“Yes, it’s me. Nagisa.”

“Is there a problem……”

“You see, we can’t go out together the day after tomorrow, because the principal called me just now and said I will depart for Dragonborn Village tomorrow…”

“Huh?” Nagisa’s smile solidified at the end of the receiver.

“Sorry, I just found out about it. Nagisa?”

“Ah, if that’s the case, then we can’t help it… Lin Xiang is a Dragon Descendant after all… It is only natural for you to go to the Dragonborn Village to learn…”

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, no problem…” Nagisa slowly put down the phone. Her body felt empty upon hearing what He said. The sweet happiness that had been there before was gone.

“Nagisa?” On the other end of the phone, Lin Xiang had no longer heard any more voices from Nagisa’s end. With a few more callings, he hung up the phone helplessly when there was no respond.

“Silent Water, am I a failure like this?” Lin Xiang asked.

“This is not the result that Master wants either.” Silent Water comforted.

Reidy ate the banana without answering him.

Dusty shook Lin Xiang’s arm with a sad expression on her face, “Master, why don’t you take us there, okay?”

“It’s not my decision.” Lin Xiang sighed again.

“Then, how about you give a call and ask?” Reidy finally spoke.

“Ask? How do I ask?”

“Just say, can I take my family or something similar.”

After hearing Reidy’s words, Lin Xiang remembered the reactions of Satsuki and Nagisa. Alas, he made up his mind and made a call to Michita.

“Hey, Little Xiang, what’s wrong?”

“Grandpa Mitsu, may I ask if I can bring some people with me?”

“Bring people? Let me ask. Mr. Leon, is it alright to bring some people there?” There was a whisper on the other end of the phone, and Lin Xiang could not hear it clearly.

“Oh, Xiao Xiang, this is what Mr. Leon said.”


“He said that there will be tourists from other places going to attend the Dragon-Training Festival, so there’s no problem taking people there.”


“Of course, it’s true. You want to bring Silent Water and the others together, right? I’ll allow it.”

“Thank you Grandpa Mitsu, but I want to take Satsuki and Nagisa together.”

“Eh? I’m not sure. If they are willing to go, then I have no problem giving them a holiday…”

“Okay. Thank you so much, Grandpa Mitsu.” Lin Xiang hung up the phone with joy.

Seeing Lin Xiang’s expression on Silent Water and the others from the side, it was no doubt they all knew that he could bring someone there. Bright smiles lit up on their faces.

Lin Xiang immediately dialed Satsuki’s number, but no one answered. Lin Xiang did the same for Nagisa, but no one answered. In the end, Lin Xiang could only leave one text message for each of them, asking if they were willing to go to Dragonborn Village with him to watch the Dragon-Training Festival.

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