Volume 10 Chapter 9 : Test


————The next day in the principal’s office

“Are going to tell me that you’re planning to move houses?” Looking at Satsuki’s luggage piled outside the principal’s office, Lin Xiang was nearly speechless.

Like a hill, bags that varied in sizes were piled up high.

“No way! Look, it’s not my decision either. It was my old mother nagging me to bring a little of everything. Who knew it would be that much? It’s alright for me to not to take some, I can keep it here for the time being.” Satsuki wore lacey beige T-shirt, blue ultra-short jeans, and black stockings that were worn up to her thighs, which added an unknown charm to her. With a small handbag slung in her hand, Satsuki was like a noble lady going on vacation.

“Won’t this bother the principal?”

“It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s not impossible to put it here.” Michita smiled kindly. He understood her mood, because he also wanted to go to Dragonborn Village to enjoy the Dragon-Training Festival. The festival a triennial festival in the village, so there would be many foreign tourists present. After all, humans were naturally very curious about dragons, not to mention non-aggressive ones.

“Since the principal said so, Xiang, don’t care about it so much.”

“Okay.” Lin Xiang nodded, feeling fortunate that Satsuki was not actually angry with him.

From the previous day till now, Lin Xiang was unsure about what happened to Satsuki because she neither replied nor returned his call. Right at that moment, Satsuki was standing in front of him, and she was boosted with energy as before.

He heaved a partial sigh of relief.

“That…” There was a soft voice behind him. Turning his head to look, a lovely round face appeared at the principal’s room entrance.

“Nagisa, you are finally here, I thought you won’t be coming.” After meeting Nagisa, Lin Xiang’s mental state was completely lifted. Like Satsuki, Nagisa did not reply him since yesterday. Now that she came, Lin Xiang finally was able to relieve the remaining half of his sigh.

“What’s the matter, Nagisa?” Lin Xiang asked when he noticed her still outside the office, refusing to enter.

“I…” Her face flushed in red, and Lin Xiang was certain that something was definitely wrong.

“Just talk, what’s the matter?” Lin Xiang approached the door.

Nagisa’s gaze drifted around and fixed on Lin Xiang. Finally, she moved away from the door as if she was determined to make a tough decision.

Her upper body was a grass-green low-cut chiffon shirt. Along with a small yellow coat, it perfectly highlighted Nagisa’s stunning figure. Meanwhile, her lower body was a dark green casual short. Her pale-white thighs that were exposed to light were dazzling for the eyes.

Lin Xiang had never seen Nagisa wore anything else except school uniforms. Seeing her like that, he felt helplessly lost for a moment. Hey, Nagisa, is there really no problem wearing something like this?

Her hands were clenching each other, and her ten fingers were constantly rubbing. That action showed her nervousness. The boy looked at her drooling breasts as they were bouncing with every little movement she had. It was unbelievable.

She could not help dressing like that. Nagisa did not have many clothes, just two or three sets. She was in a very bad mood on the previous day. Therefore, to divert her attention, she washed all her other clothes. When she saw the text message that Lin Xiang sent later, the clothes she washed were already hanging outside, causing her to wear more revealing outfits.

“I… I look… very… very strange…Don’t I?” Nagisa’s lowered her head, but Lin Xiang could tell that her face was reddening.

I think you are more embarrassed than being strange…

Lin Xiang cleared his throat, and smiled at her, “It won’t be weird, it looks good. To be honest, I was so shocked to see Nagisa’s beautiful side.”

“Real…really…it’s not weird…?”

“No, it looks good.”

“That’s great…” Nagisa sighed in relief, as if she put down the burden of a big stone in her heart.

Satsuki noticed that Lin Xiang’s attitude towards Nagisa was so different from his towards her, so she pouted slightly. However, she found it hard to ignore the two murder weapons on Nagisa’s chest that could kill boys in seconds.

All boys like this, huh.

Satsuki sighed. She looked at her growing melon, and compared it with the cantaloupe on the opposite side. She heaved another sigh.

“Master! When are we leaving?” Dusty walked in the room.

The yellow one she wore at the moment was like Bruce Lee’s jacket. The broadness of her chest was just enough for Satsuki to regain some confidence.

“The one who would take us there hasn’t arrived yet.” Lin Xiang patted Dusty on the head, motioning her not to be so anxious.

“Isn’t it nine o’clock? It’s been more than ten minutes now.” Reidy wore a white floral dress. The head of golden hair matched her outfit like a princess from a foreign land.

“It was someone else that will take us there. Arriving at nine is just to remind us not to be late. It’s fine if the other person is late.”

“Tsk, what kind of logic is this?” Reidy crossed her arms, as if she could not understand the sophistication of those people.

“Why… why are they here…” Satsuki gave Lin Xiang a blank look. When she arrived before that, Reidy and the others were not there. She thought that Lin Xiang was only going to take her. Later, when Nagisa came, she assumed it was fine. However at that moment, Reidy and Dusty were both there, which she found unacceptable. There was too many people. Where did the imaginary vacation of the two go?

“Of course we are going too. Do you think we’ll allow you to go alone?” Reidy took out a few suitcases from behind the door.

“That’s not true… Since you’re here, won’t Silent Water be here too? Where did she go?”

“Oh, her? She’s taking care of the big child.”

As soon as explanations were given, a female voice that Satsuki had not heard before came from outside the principal’s office.

“Big Sis Silent Water, walk faster, what if Master was taken away first?”

“Don’t be so in a hurry, Master won’t leave.”

“Master!” Fire Dance’s voice was at the door. After that, a girl with fiery red hair ran in and hugged Lin Xiang’s arm, “Master! Fortunately, you didn’t leave. It’s so strange here. The toilet is really, really far.”

“Good girl, good girl.” Lin Xiang stroked Fire Dance’s head.

“Won’t you make an introduction or something, Xiang?” Satsuki asked calmly, she never seen that girl before.

“Yeah… how to I say this, it’s a long story.”

“Master, who is this girl?” Fire Dance looked at Satsuki, then at Nagisa. She curiously peeked out her head and continued, “There are two people who I don’t know here.”

“Just say it, is it the daughter of another friend of your uncle’s?”



“The daughter of a distant relative? Why is she so close to you? Hey, how about letting him go for a while?”

Although Lin Xiang explained that Fire Dance was the daughter of some of his distant relatives, Satsuki was only dubious. She could not ignore Fire Dance being so clingy to Lin Xiang.

“I don’t want to. If I let go, what if Master is taken away?”

“It’s okay, so many of us are watching him. No one will take him away.”

“No, if I let go, I won’t feel Master’s warmth.”

“It’s a hot weather right now, what warmth do you want to feel? It will be much cooler if you let go.”

“No, aren’t you not letting go as well.”

“Umm, Satsuki, if you could loosen a little bit, I would be very grateful.” Lin Xiang’s hands at the moment were occupied by Satsuki and Fire Dance respectively.

“Why is it me? Are you taking her side?”

“There is a reason for this…” Lin Xiang quietly said a few words at Satsuki’s ear. She glanced at Fire Dance with a helpless look, and found that aside from smiling cowardly while hugging Lin Xiang, she acted like a child, “Her mentality was that of a young age? If so, then we can’t help it.”

“Yes, so don’t argue with her too much. By the way, the weather’s really hot, if you are so close to me… It would feel weird.” Satsuki’s chest was unsuspectingly against Lin Xiang’s. In his arm, Lin Xiang could not only feel her rhythmic breathing, but also the heat radiated from her body. A girl’s body was so close to him, and Lin Xiang felt that his body temperature rose slightly, especially in that weather.

“Did no one tell you? I’m actually a kid too. I’m not eighteen yet.”

“In that case, then everyone would be a kid. Anyways, if he said let go, then let go.” Reidy forced Satsuki and Lin Xiang to separate with her hand. Then, she proceeded to hug Lin Xiang’s arm while making a preaching face, “Humph, really, you are already a sixteen-year-old, stop being so childish, alright?”

“If you think I’m childish, then why don’t you let go too?” Satsuki poked Reidy’s nose with her index finger.

“If I let it go, you will come hugging him again.”

“Absolutely not.”

“I don’t think the look in your eyes showed what you promised was true.”

“If you let go, then I won’t do it. The one who lied will be a kid.”

Seeing Satsuki’s vows, Reidy had no reason to hold Lin Xiang anymore. After thinking about it, she let go. Taking that opportunity, Satsuki immediately grabbed Lin Xiang’s hand and would not let go despite their conversation just now.

“Didn’t you say that the one who lied will be a kid?”

“In my opinion, if you’re not eighteen, then you still are a kid.”

“You are shameless, Satsuki Risa.”

“It’s called deceitfulness.”

“This seems to be fun. Is it a battle to fight for Master’s arm? I want to participate too.” Dusty leaped from behind and lied on Lin Xiang’s back.

“It’s getting hotter like this…” Lin Xiang sighed. He was unsure if he had made the right decision to take the girls to Dragonborn Village at the moment.

Nagisa secretly looked at Lin Xiang at the corner of her eyes, constantly rubbing her hands.

She wanted to tell them that she wanted to try too, but she was afraid about what would happen. Sure enough, she would be treated as a strange woman. Not to mention, her outfit for the day being…

Sigh… Forget it…

Michita saw the scene, but he acted like he did not see them. Wouldn’t young man like that approach? He thought as he looked through some documents.

Silent Water always turned a blind eye to those kinds of matters, but seeing the troubled look of her Master, Silent Water simply could not ignore it.

“So let go, lying kid.”

“You are more mature, so don’t ask me to let go first.”

“Master’s back is so comfortable. Let me sleep like this for a moment.”

“Really? I want to try too.” Fire Dance pulled Dusty.

No, I’m already here.” Dusty rubbed Lin Xiang’s back with her face. She had a look of enjoyment.

Fire Dance looked at Dusty in envy, and inserted her index finger into her mouth, just looking at Dusty.

“Okay, it’s over, it’s over.” Silent Water pulled Lin Xiang’s hand out of Satsuki’s arms, and let Dusty get off Lin Xiang’s back. Finally, she used a lollipop to lure Fire Dance to release him.

“Oh, Silent Water, thank you.” Lin Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. His forehead was covered with beads of sweat.

“I am always willing to serve Master. Are you hot, Master?” Silent Water took out a handkerchief from the small bag in her hand and helped Lin Xiang wipe the sweat off his forehead.

“Oh…” Lin Xiang swallowed his saliva. At the moment, Silent Water was standing in front of him. She was wearing a loose T-shirt. Lin Xiang, at his height, just happened to be able to see the dark blue bra she wore inside.

Moreover, Silent Water’s face was so beautiful that the sweat that had been wiped off Lin Xiang’s forehead made its way out again.

She’s so mature…

Reidy looked at Silent Water, and silently gave her a rating.

After all that, are you the real Final Boss behind all this, Silent Water?

Satsuki stared at Silent Water like an old enemy.

Silent Water never spoke much, so she gave a meek and quiet vibe… I wonder if I can do it too…

Nagisa watched her movements attentively, as if she was learning from her.

Fire Dance only licked the lollipop happily.

“I also want to wipe the sweat for my Master.” Dusty took out a tissue and wiped the back of Lin Xiang’s head.

“Let me help too…” Reidy and Satsuki took out handkerchiefs one after another.

“No… Thank you, everyone…you don’t need to wipe my mouth though…”

Nagisa took out her handkerchief. Her feet were trembling. It was obvious that Lin Xiang was so close, but she felt so far away. She wanted to get closer to Lin Xiang, but her feet were not like hers. She could not move.

“What’s wrong, there’re so many girls here…” At that moment, a low and hoarse voice sounded outside the door. Everyone looked, and an old man wearing a hood and a robe stood there.

He was described as an old man by the looks from his hair color and skin. The man’s hair was gray, his skin was as dry as tree bark, his cheeks were fleshless, and his gazes were deep. Along with the long robes he wore, it gave people a strange feeling. At least when Fire Dance saw him, she jumped into Lin Xiang’s arms in shock.

“Mr. Leon, you are here, this boy is the one I mentioned, Lin Xiang. These girls…hehe, don’t mind them, they are just tourists going there.”

“Really…” Leon’s gaze swept over everyone, and finally stayed on Lin Xiang.

“Excuse me, is there something wrong…” Lin Xiang was stared at by a stranger, especially a terrifying old man, making him feel a little uncomfortable.

“Strange…very strange…” Leon’s brows gradually frowned.

“If there’s something strange, why don’t you just say it?” Satsuki grabbed Lin Xiang’s hand and pretended to be brave.

Without answering Satsuki’s question, Leon asked Michita, “Are you sure you and Qian Libing did not make a mistake?”

“What’s wrong, Mr. Leon?”

“This young man doesn’t have the slightest dragon energy in him. Even the weakest Dragon Descendant will still have some dragon energy in him.”

“Oh, maybe it’s because of the decrease in his soul energy…”

“Decreased soul energy? Xiang, the principal is not talking about you, right?”

“That’s right, what’s wrong with decreased soul energy?” Reidy showed a nervous expression, like Satsuki.


While Lin Xiang was explaining to the girls, Michita and Leon were talking.

“Mr. Leon, last night I already showed you the video of Little Xiang defeating four demons with his dragon roar in the arena. Is that really a dragon roar?”

“Yes, it is. That’s a very basic dragon roar. And that’s also a trick that only Dragon Descendants could use. However, there’s no dragon energy in the young man, could something be wrong…”

“Impossible, Mr. Leon, there’s no mistake. Little Xiang is a Dragon Descendant, even if I am wrong, Master Qian Libing would certainly never be wrong.”

“I don’t know much about Qian Libing. I’ve only met him a few times…”

“Mr. Leon, please trust us, we would not lie to you. This may be related to the decrease of the soul energy in him. In fact, when he was at the outer world…”

“Well, I happened to meet the Demon Clan…” Lin Xiang briefly said about the Demon Clan’s affairs. Although simple, the girls were all frightened to hear it. They almost could not meet Lin Xiang again.

“If you see such a dangerous enemy in the future, you should have run away, idiot.” Satsuki pinched Lin Xiang’s ear.

“That’s right, if you…” Reidy looked at Lin Xiang, full of fear.



“Perhaps it is related to the disappearance of the soul energy for no reason. I have a way to test whether he is a Dragon Descendant. However, if he is not, then you have to bear the consequences.”

“What ways do you have? I won’t allow it if it’s dangerous.”

“Just a little test, I will let my voice go when I speak later. If he’s fine, then he is a Dragon Descendant, but if there is dizziness and ear bleeding, then it does not matter to me. Of course, only ordinary people would have these symptoms, Dragon Descendants would not.”

“This…” Michita hesitated.

“You can discuss it with him.” Leon finished speaking, with his hands behind his back, he stood motionless.

“You guys, don’t worry, it won’t be like this in the future. Grandpa Mitsu, what’s the matter?” Lin Xiang, who was comforting everyone, saw Michita coming in his direction.

“You see……”

After Michita ended his speech, Satsuki and the girls disagreed. Dizziness? Bleeding ears? How could this be?

“If you’re not going to the Dragonborn Village, then don’t go. What’s so special about Dragon-Training Festival anyway?”

“Yes, Master, it would be better for us to stay here.”

“What stupid things are you talking about? Going there can make me become stronger, I want to become stronger and protect all of you. Besides, I am a Dragon Descendants, it doesn’t matter.”

After speaking, Lin Xiang walked to Leon’s front.

“Come on, don’t mind me.”

“Really, young man, don’t blame me for anything. Ah, Ka, Luo, Fu…


Following Leon’s unidentified language, some light objects in the principal’s room vibrated.

Michita and the others were far away from Lin Xiang and Leon. Although they could not hear what Leon was saying, they could still feel that what he said possessed a powerful energy. Every word was full of power.

On the other hand, Lin Xiang, who was in front of Leon, was naturally a bit uncomfortable. There seemed to be countless bees flying in his ears. It was disturbingly noisy. He seemed to be able to see the words Leon said. Yes, he saw the spoken characters pierced into his ears as they were formed distinctively.


Those vibrating objects stopped. Leon no longer spoke those strange words. He looked at Lin Xiang in front of him, except from being slightly uncomfortable, he did not faint or something. Give a slight nod, Leon said in a low voice, “Well… you are indeed a Dragon Descendant.”

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