Volume 10 Chapter 10 : Hub


“Since you are all going to Dragonborn Village for sightseeing, then I have to explain something.” Before departure, Leon said to Satsuki and the others.

“The Dragon-Training Festival is a triennial festival in the Dragonborn Village. At that time, the Dragon Descendants will go to the Demon Realm to bring back their tamed dragons…”

“Bring it back for what?” Dusty asked curiously.

“Hey, Dusty, don’t interrupt when others are talking.” Lin Xiang knocked Dusty on the head, and then apologized to Leon, “I’m sorry, Mr. Leon.”

“It’s alright, since this little girl wants to know, I’ll just talk about it anyway.” Leon’s temper unexpectedly did not match his appearance, which gave everyone a new understanding of him.

“Dragon Descendants, a special group of people with the ability of dragons. On Earth, they all gather in one place, which is Dragonborn Village. Well, Dragonborn Village is just an abbreviation for it from the outer world. In fact, its real name is Olipolia, a very delicate place. Olipolia is different from the civilization you see now. There, you can live with dragons. That place is generally not open to the outside world, so it is difficult for ordinary people to get in touch with dragons. About ten years old, I went there. I was really taken aback at that time. I’ve never saw a dragon before, but when I saw it there. The feeling of being able to touch it for the first time was carved deeply in my memories. Oh, I forgot to answer this little girl’s question. Well, dragons were not born on its own, so it was necessary to introduce new dragons to the Demon Realm. A period consists of three years, which is why there’s a Dragon-Training Festival. It functions as a festival to introduce new dragons, and also a day to test the talents of Dragon Descendants.”

“Oh- Although I can’t quite hear what uncle is talking about, but I feel that it’s awesome.” Dusty was in awe. The others nodded because Leon’s voice was too deep and hoarse. It was a little hard to distinguish his words.

“Oh… I’m sorry, I must suppress my voice. Ahem, ahem!” Leon coughed a few times, and then continued in a clear voice as much as possible, “There are differences between local Dragon Descendants and foreign ones, which is the border between pure-blooded Dragon Descendants that were born there and our mutated half-breed Dragon Descendants.”

“Hey, may I ask a question?” Satsuki raised her hand and asked, “According to your words, Xiang must be a half-breed Dragon Descendant, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. The pure-blooded Dragon Descendants are born with their dragon power, while the half-breed Dragon Descendants are born after some kind of soul mutation. Therefore, the ability and status for each of them will be different. That’s what I wanted to tell you, you can’t simply offend the pure-blooded Dragon Descendants when you get there.”

“No matter where, there will be ranks…” Satsuki murmured.

“There’s no way. This is life after all. So, is there anything else you need for me to explain?”

“Well, the rest should be fine. Anyway, there will be a lot of foreign tourists, and there will be no trouble as long as we don’t do conspicuous things.”

“When I arrive there, am I able to learn something?” That was what’s bugging Lin Xiang.

“Yes, I will teach you some roars according to your ability. You can only use the most basic dragon roar right now. I will try to teach you something more advanced than dragon roar, like Tyrannosaurus roar and dragon roar of madness. It’s up to you whether you can learn it or not.”

Actually I can make a fire dragon roar. That sentence was stooped from exiting Lin Xiang’s mouth, because he knew that it was not something worth showing off. For the time being, he was uncertain about the details of Dragonborn Village, so Lin Xiang did not want to expose too much about himself. It was the same for the red dragon crystal in his pocket, which was gifted by Valarie. Since he was departing for Dragonborn Village, bringing it might benefit him.


“Ahaha! The plane! It’s big! Are we going to take that one?” In the waiting room of the airport, Dusty put her hands on the protective glass, and looked at the large passenger plane parked on the airfield. Her eyes were twinkling with excitement.

“Can that fly to the sky?” Fire Dance also looked at the plane curiously.

“Hey, you two, don’t walk around.” Reidy stood behind them and reminded.

“Oh, really, why should I look after them like a nanny…” Reidy rubbed her temples, “These two are literally kids. Ah, it’s cold.” A sudden chill came to her neck. Turning her head, Lin Xiang was smiling at her with a bottle of carbonated drink, “Feeling thirsty?”

“Not really.” Reidy took the drink and chugged it.

“Hey, you two, come have a drink.” Lin Xiang walked to Dusty’s and Fire Dance’s side, and handed them two juices with different flavors.

“Thank you, Master!”

“Thank you, Master!”

“Welcome, don’t cause trouble, just wait here. The plane won’t t be taking off anytime soon.”

“Then let’s play a game, Master.” Dusty suggested.

“Oh- Play a game!” Needless to say, Fire Dance’s gesture of dancing showed her agreement.

“Play a game here? What game do you want to play? Hide and seek is a no-no.”

“Ah…then let’s play rock-paper-scissors.”

“Oh- Play rock-paper-scissors.”

How is this game fun? Although Lin Xiang wanted to say that, he still agreed “Alright, let’s play.”

“Rock-paper-scissors… shoot!”

Not far away, Satsuki, who was sitting in the chair, probed in front of Silent Water, and asked seriously, “Then, let me ask you, Silent Water, aren’t you and others living in Xiang’s house?”


“Did that guy…do any… strange things… to any of you…”

Hearing that, Nagisa, who was originally watching Lin Xiang playing with Dusty and the others, also turned her head to look at Silent Water.

“What does the strange thing include?” Silent Water asked.

“This…you know about that…”

“No, he didn’t.”

“Really… that’s great. I knew it. This guy was lusty but not bold at all. There are so many beautiful girls living at his home. If it were for ordinary boys, they would have gone crazy in their senses.”

“Yes, but that’s Master, he is different from ordinary boys.”

“Now that you said it again, why do you always call him ‘Master’? That’s weird, isn’t it?”

“Does it? I think it’s normal though.”

“How is it normal? Does an average person call ‘Master’ all the time? Don’t they call people by names or something?”

“Really? I never noticed. I think it’s best to call ‘Master’.”

“Sure enough, it’s weird. Silent Water, are you a spirit by any chance?”

“Huh? Why do you say that?” When she was questioned of being a spirit, Silent Water’s gaze fell on Satsuki.

“Look, your skin is so healthy, and beautiful as well. Even your hair color, eyes, and other features, were simply not something ordinary people can have.”

Yes, yes. Nagisa on the side also nodded secretly. Even her presence could break the rules.

“Furthermore, you also called Xiang as ‘Master’. No matter how people think, you still have a possibility of being a spirit, right?”

“If you think so, indeed… If I were a spirit, what would you think of me, Satsuki?”

“This… I won’t take it seriously anyways. Maybe I would just be surprised. You are not really a spirit, are you?”

“What do you think?”

“You fit well with the conditions, but you don’t seem to have the aura of a spirit, so you shouldn’t be.”


“Departing to… Passengers, please take your luggage to the logistics office for inspection and prepare to board the plane. Repeat…” The announcement in the waiting room sounded, Leon who was sitting alone not far away stood up, Lin Xiang also stopped playing with the two girls. He reminded them to take their belongings and prepare to board the plane.

————On the plane

“Wow! Is this the inside of a plane? It’s amazing!” As soon as Dusty entered the plane, she looked around, and took the front seat.

“Hey, don’t run around. Our seats are fixed, so go find your own seat. You check it here.” Lin Xiang shook the boarding pass in his hand.


Two minutes later, Lin Xiang was sitting in the middle, Nagisa and Silent Water sat quietly beside him, but due to Fire Dance making trouble, Silent Water and her finally changed positions.

Reidy, Satsuki and Dusty sat in the row behind Lin Xiang, which was the last row. Silent Water sat in the front row of Lin Xiang, in the same row as Leon, but separated by one seat.

There were not many people on the flight. After the arrival of ten more people, the cabin no longer had any more people boarding. After waiting for a while, the plane officially took off.

“I feel a sudden urge to vomit…” Reidy covered her mouth, her face turned pale.

“Are you airsick? Speaking of it, you have motion sickness too. Generally, people who have motion sickness can’t take any sorts of transportation, so it’s normal.” Satsuki said.

“There’s no way for me, a lady, to get motion sickness. Uh… it feels disgusting… it’s like seeing thousands of bugs on human heads.”

“Hey, don’t use strange metaphors, why must it be on my head?” Lin Xiang, who was sitting in front of Reidy, turned his head and looked at her helplessly.

“I said that unconsciously… Is there any way to make this lady feel better…”

“Just sleep.”

“That’s it…” After listening to Lin Xiang’s suggestion, Reidy closed her eyes. At that moment, the plane shook slightly, and Reidy immediately opened her eyes again, “No, it’s disgusting, my chest is stuffy. I want to vomit…”

“Here, take this quickly.” Satsuki handed the paper bag to Reidy.

“I don’t feel like throwing up again now…” Reidy took a deep breath.

“Really?” satsuki put the paper bag back in place.

“I can’t take it anymore, I want to vomit.”

“Take it.”

“I don’t want anymore… No, I want to vomit again.”


“It’s okay, I endured it.”

“That’s fine-”

“I want to throw up again.”

“Just hold it for me. Spit it out if you want to.” Satsuki shoved the paper bag into Reidy’s hand.

Retty covered her mouth with a blue face, looked at the paper bag, then leaned on the chair. She closed her eyes, and tried not to think about other matters.


“Excuse me, what do you need?” The stewardess pushed a cart, which was filled with food in transparent plastic wrap.

“Aha, it’s time for our meal. Here, miss.” Dusty hurriedly waved to the stewardess.

“Alright, please wait a minute. I’ll be over in a while.” The stewardess responded politely.


“This tastes ordinary. I still like to eat the dishes made by Sister Silent Water and Master.” After taking the first bite, that was Dusty’s impression.

“Having food to eat is good enough, don’t ask for so much.” Lin Xiang turned his head and said to Dusty.


“Smelling this food, my rare feeling to calm down is fading, I feel more awful now… I won’t eat it…” Reidy pushed away the food that was placed in front of her.

“If you don’t eat it, you will be more uncomfortable.” Satsuki tore torn open the fresh-keeping paper, picked up the chopsticks and ate, “The taste is average, but it’s better than the airline’s last time.”

“I’m so envious that you won’t be dizzy… Ugh…I want to vomit.”

“Wow, that’s disgusting. I’m eating right now, haven’t you endured your vomit all this time? Just bear it for me.”

“I’ll try my best…”

Nagisa carefully opened the plastic wrap with her fingers, fearing that it would fall on the ground and cause trouble for others. Although there were not many dishes in the lunch box, it was much better than what she usually ate. Picking up the chopsticks, Nagisa first prayed, “Thanks for the meal.” Then she started to eat slowly.

“Thank you, Lin Xiang, if it weren’t for you, I might not have been able to fly on a plane for the rest of my life, nor would I be able to eat the food on the plane.”

“You’re exaggerating, Nagisa, just thought of it as traveling together with everyone. There’s rice on your face.” Lin Xiang stretched out his hand to remove the rice from Nagisa’s face and ate it.

“Lin Xiang.” Nagisa’s eyes opened wide. She was very surprised by Lin Xiang’s behavior.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Nothing… it’s nothing…thank you.” Nagisa lowered her head and continued her meal.

“Really?” Lin Xiang did not give much thought to it as he was gulping his rice.

“It smells so fragrant…Master… I want it to…” Fire Dance who was next to him spoke. When Lin Xiang looked over, she was sound asleep. Is she talking in a dream? Lin Xiang put Fire Dance’s meal away, preparing to give it to her when she woke up.

Soon, Silent Water was full, so she packed the garbage. At the same time, Leon who was next to her had also finished eating.

“Just give it to me.” Silent Water put Leon’s leftovers into the garbage bag.

“Oh, thank you, this little girl is so kind.”

“I’m just giving a helping hand.” Silent Water smiled, stood up again, and went to the back to tidy up all the leftovers that Lin Xiang and the others had left.

Leon looked at Silent Water, then at Lin Xiang. A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, “Good to be young…”


The plane used a magic acceleration system, and after eight hours, Lin Xiang and the others came to the other side of the Earth.

“Finally… escaped from hell…” Reidy weakly carried her bag, and with Satsuki’s help, she staggered off the plane.

After going down, they were stunned, looking at the creatures in front of them, they could not believe it.

“What’s the matter? Why are you all in the middle of the way?” Lin Xiang saw that Satsuki and the others were blocking his path, and said, “Quickly get out of the way, don’t block other people’s path.”

“Dragon.” Satsuki pointed at the front with trembling fingers.

“Dragon?” Lin Xiang did not even think that there would be dragons in the places where the planes were parked.

He looked up…

Gray scale armor, lizard-like head, one-third the size of an airplane, strong limbs and wide wings on the back…It really was a dragon. At that moment, the dragon was lying and resting not far from Lin Xiang and the others.

“Hey, hello, why are there dragons here…”

“Ah!” A noise passed over their heads. Looking up, several dragons were flying freely in the sky.

Although there were runways for planes to land, they were basically forest-based. It seemed that they landed on an isolated island.

“Here is the end of the plane’s route. Next, we are going to Olipolia.” Leon slowly walked over.

“Is there any transportation here…”

“Isn’t there one here?” Leon pointed to the lying dragon.

“Are we going there by dragon?” The group was shocked.

“Of course, this is like a hub after all.”

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