Volume 10 Chapter 11 : Riding On Dragons


Thousand Island was an island located in the South Pacific. The island was small in area and was mostly covered with forests. The only open space for planes to take off and land is the middle of the island. There is also a small building beside the airfield for registration and other regulations.

The island was different from other islands. It was an island full of life. Of course, there were lives in other islands as well, but the dragons living on this island were creatures that were rarely seen by ordinary people.

This is amazing!

After getting out of the plane, everyone’s first thought were the same when they saw the scenery before them.

In the lush forest, giant dragons with wings were seen either lying on the ground or hovering in the skies. At that moment, the sun was hanging diagonally in the air, shining on everyone’s face.

Everyone was expecting to face the night when the sun set, but due to the jet lag, it was the morning at that time.

“Are we riding on a dragon? How do we sit on them? Will they bite?”

After listening to Leon’s words, Satsuki seemed a little excited, after all, it was a dragon.

“They can bite, but they are very docile. If you don’t hurt them, they won’t attack personally. Don’t worry.”

“But… it feels so scary…” Although they were far away, Nagisa was still frightened by the huge creatures, the dragons, and stood sheepishly behind Lin Xiang.

“Aren’t girls afraid of these creatures that they’ve never seen before? It is true that people have poor impressions for dragons, like saying that they are symbols of destruction and disaster. But in fact, not all dragons are so unreasonable. They are willing to live in peace with mankind.”

Leon was right since Valarie was willing to live peacefully with human beings. Speaking of that, Lin Xiang really wanted to meet her.

Lin Xiang secretly sighed in his heart. At that moment, a woman wearing a robe similar to Leon came out from a nearby building and bowed to him.

“Master Leon, you are back.”

“Yes, I brought seven people here. Please prepare two flying dragons for me.”

“I see. Please wait a moment.” The woman stepped back and walked into the building.

“First take your luggage off the plane. When you put it in the luggage storage area later, there will be someone to help you take the luggage.” Leon spoke to the group of seven.

After a while, all the passengers on the plane disembarked.

They were all tourists who came to the Dragon-Training Festival in advance. With no one they recognized, they all walked into the building, and talked to the personnel.

“It’s also very lively this time…” Leon held his hands behind his back and looked at the tourists. On the other hand, Lin Xiang went to the hatch of the plane to take out their baggage.

“Um, Uncle Leon.” Carrying a few heavy suitcases, Lin Xiang walked towards Leon, “Where is the luggage storage?”

“It’s in that hall. You have to write your name.”


Three minutes later, after registering some information and pasted his name on the luggage, Lin Xiang went back outside.

“Dusty, you are not allowed to run around.” Reidy rubbed her chest while chasing Dusty who was running around. She must have suffered a lot.

Fire Lotus also stood there quietly, looking around from time to time. After Fire Dance fell asleep, she woke up into Fire Lotus’s personality. Although she woke up on the plane at that time, she was shocked that she was flying in the sky, but there was no noise. Compared to Fire Dance, she really was more mature, although she was harder to approach.

Satsuki, Nagisa, and Silent Water were observing the condition of the dragon from a distance. The dragon seemed to be aware of it and raised its head lazily, glanced at them, and then closed its eyes again. Its nose made a dull hum.

Leon stood in front of Lin Xiang, his hands behind his back as he stared at him.

Lin Xiang felt a little uncomfortable and asked, “What’s the matter?” It had been a long time since he diverted his eyes.

“I really can’t feel the dragon energy in your body, but you can bear the language of a dragon, which is really strange.”

“Didn’t Grandpa Mitsu mention that maybe it’s related to the decrease of the soul energy in my body?”

In fact, it was indeed related, because once the dragon energy was produced, in addition to retain the magic power required for conversion to Silent Water and the others, the rest were involved in the conversion of soul energy. Naturally, there would be not as much.

“Probably, I’m just curious. When did you learn the dragon roar on your own? Generally speaking, the Dragon Descendants would not learn the dragon roar on their own.”

I have Freed, the Dragon God instructor, so it’s fine to learn the dragon roar. However, that was not something that he should share.

“Well- I don’t know. I unleashed it when I met the demons. I was very scared at the time, so I acted out without knowing it.” Lin Xiang had to lie.

“Really, when a person is in a crisis, they will indeed stimulate their potential.”

“That’s why.” He smiled.

The atmosphere slowly fell silent. There was no topic to talk about. Leon and Lin Xiang were not familiar with each other. Not to mention, Leon was looking so…

His skin was wrinkled. His eye sockets were also sunken. Were all Dragon Descendants that scary? No, the young people I met in the outer world wouldn’t be like this. Perhaps that was what he said about the difference between the half breed Dragon Descendants and the pure blood Dragon Descendants.

If Lin Xiang became like that when he grew up… Wow, I can’t accept this.

Fool, obviously this is because he is over-stressed, alright?’ Freed spoke to Lin Xiang without any warning in his head.


Yes, from what he said, you can know that the Dragon Descendants are divided into pure blood and half breeds. So, the Dragon Descendants are also humans. Since they are humans, they will definitely have negative emotions.

‘You mean like, look down on the half breed Dragon Descendants or something?’

‘Oh, yes, you’re right. Judging from the woman’s attitude towards him and calling him a master, he must have some reputation. If a half breed Dragon Descendant wants to achieve some reputation, he must have paid quite a huge price. Therefore, you should know the reason for his stress.

‘Well, if he has his greatness on this day, he must have gone through many hardships, that’s why he has experienced such vicissitudes.’

After the conversation with Freed, Lin Xiang looked at Leon with a different light.

The woman from before walked out of the building and said to Leon, “Master Leon, it’s ready.”

“Well, thank you.” Leon’s voice was really deep, so he nodded slightly to make sure she received his gratitude.

“Then, please take your guests to the departing grounds.” The woman bowed to us and left.

“Hey everyone, assemble.” Lin Xiang yelled to Satsuki and the girls. Reidy who was chasing Dusty heard the call, and stopped the chase. Everyone came over his direction.


“We are riding a dragon! A dragon!” Dusty waved her little hand while jumping around in excitement. She was energized, as always.

Indeed, they would go to Dragonborn Village by dragon in a while. Sitting on a dragon would certain reignite one’s thrilling spirit.

Not only Dusty, Satsuki and the others all looked thrilled too. Even Nagisa’s eyes reflected the excitement in her guts, except for the indifferent Fire Lotus.

Led by Leon, we passed along a forest and came to a meadow. At that time, several people in gray robes were stroking two dragons lying on the grass. It seemed those were the dragons that were going to carry the group to Dragonborn Village.

Those two dragons were much smaller than the one they saw when they first got off the plane. However, they were also relatively big to human sizes. Excluding the tail, they were at least 5 meters in length and had navy blue metallic skin. They were thin, streamlined, and had rather large but slender wings. They looked very suitable for flying at first glance.

“Master Leon.” Several staff members greeted Leon one after another, then patted the dragon’s back and left.

Leon turned around and said to the children, “Wait a moment, we will ride on them and depart for Olipolia. Be careful, after sitting on them, don’t move rashly, or you will cause trouble by falling to the ground or into the sea.”

“Yes!” Except for the Fire Lotus, the group responded in unison.

“Alright. Then right now, please be careful when going onto the dragons’ backs. You, stay with me.” Leon pointed at Lin Xiang.

“Got it.”


Mounting the dragon’s back was indeed a new thing for them. The big dragon they saw before had some sharp scales on its neck, but those two dragons did not. Their skin was very smooth. Aside from their teeth, claws and the sharp points on the wings, there were no other places that could hurt others on the flight, making them suitable for riding.

Leon showed the children how to go onto the dragons’ back. It was very simple and easy to learn in one glance.

The dragon itself was lying very low, and there was also a saddle on their back. Lifting his robe and straddled it lightly, Leon sat on the saddle near the dragon’s neck. Due to the request that Lin Xiang should ride with Leon, it was then Lin Xiang’s turn to ride on the dragon, sitting behind Leon.

Satsuki and the others used the game “rock-paper-scissors” to see who was sitting behind Lin Xiang. While they were at it, Fire Lotus walked to the other dragon. The dragon and her looked at each other for a while, and she proceed to jump directly onto its back.

On the other hand, the result of the game was out, Silent water and Nagisa won.

Everyone climbed carefully behind the dragon. Leon asked to confirm if they were seated firmly. After getting an acceptable answer, he patted the dragon’s head. Then, Lin Xiang felt his body shook as the dragon started to flap its wings, slowly flying in the air.

The same went for the other dragon.

“Ah, it’s flying, it’s flying.” Dusty exclaimed in joy. However, after a while, her voice changed from delight to fright, “So high, it’s too high. Master, I want to go to Master’s side.”

“It’s alright, don’t move.” Reidy hugged Dusty tightly, fearing that she would move too much and fall.

“It feels amazing.” Satsuki grabbed the saddle and waved at us with a smile.

Lin Xiang also waved at her. At that moment, the dragon had already risen to a certain height. The dragon that Leon was riding gave a call as it flapped its wings and flew towards the front. The other dragon followed closely behind them.

Sitting behind Lin Xiang was Nagisa. At some point, she hugged his abdomen with her hands and pressed her body against his back. Lin Xiang could feel the wonderful place on her chest, soft and big.

“What’s wrong? Nagisa, are you scared?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Sorry…I didn’t mean it, but can you just let me hug like this for a while…” Nagisa’s voice trembled a little. She seemed to be afraid. Indeed, girls would be scared of riding creatures like that for the first time. Well, except for that fellow, Satsuki. She was completely enjoying herself. As for the rest, like Reidy and Dusty, they were hugging each other tightly. Even Fire Lotus was also firmly grasping the saddle.

How about Silent Water? Lin Xiang turned his head to find Silent Water. She was looking around, seemingly uneasy. He gave her a quick smile, and she did the same as she clutched his clothes, although Nagisa was just between them.

“Sit tight.” Leon reminded, “It takes at least twenty minutes to fly from here to Olipolia.”

“Twenty minutes? No, Master, come here quickly. I’m afraid!”

Speaking of that, Dusty was actually afraid of heights. It seemed that Lin Xiang overlooked that point. However, even if she asked him to go over, Lin Xiang would never dare to imagine such risky moves no matter how much he thought about it.

“Hold on a while longer, Dusty, we will be there soon. Don’t look down, look up at the sky, or look into the distance.”

“It’s scary.” Dusty uttered a mournful voice. Lin Xiang could not help it because they had already exited the island. Now, the vast blue ocean was just below them.

“Be obedient, Dusty. Or maybe… Why don’t you try closing your eyes?” Reidy kept patting Dusty’s head, like an act of a big sister, although it was obvious that she was shaking in fear as well.

At that moment, Lin Xiang could only pray to reach Dragonborn Village sooner.

Along the blue sea, dolphins jumped out from time to time, splashing waves of water. Under the sun in the morning, it looked very beautiful. Flying in the air, the gentle sea breeze met the face, making them feel comfortable and refreshing. The seagulls were next to them, soaring along with the dragons. They never knew that the feeling of flying the sky was that wonderful. Lin Xiang was grateful to realize that.

“What do you think? It feels great, right?” Due to the breezes, Leon’s hoodie that was covering his head fell off, showing his white hair that was fluttering in the wind. Grandpa Mitsu once mentioned that he was only in his forties, but he already looks so old. It seemed that the pressure he had was overwhelming.

“Yes, it’s great.”

“I know, right? When I first took a dragon, I was as old as you. At that time, I felt really good. Listen, kid, no matter how weak the dragon energy in your body is, you have to remember, don’t underestimate yourself. Understand?”

“I understand, I will not underestimate myself.”

“Very good.” Leon nodded, then he looked ahead and did not speak another word along the whole flight.

The twenty-minute journey was quick for some people, but for others, it might be torture to them. Dusty was a clear example. She was crying and lying in Lin Xiang’s arms at that moment, “Master, it’s so terrible. So high, what should I do if I fall down and never see Master again?”

“Isn’t it all right now? Sorry, I forgot that you are afraid of heights. Next time when we ride the dragon, you’ll sit with me.” Lin Xiang looked at Fire Lotus. Fortunately, she was Fire Lotus instead of Fire Dance.

Fire Lotus seemed to feel his gaze, and glared at him fiercely. Lin Xiang quickly turned his head and looked elsewhere.

“Okay…” Dusty sniffed and wiped away tears with her hands.

At the moment, they were on another island. That island was much larger than before. When they were flying in the sky just now, they hardly saw its end. Although it was covered in forests, some skyscrapers could be seen. As far as the building that Lin Xiang saw in the air just now, that place should not be called a village, but a city, a very large city.

“Alright, here we are.” Leon, who had sent away the two dragons, stood in front of the children and said, “We are now at the outskirts of Olipolia. As you can see here, it’s a meadow. The village of Olipolia is on the other side of this small forest. Just follow my lead.”

Around them was a meadow surrounded by trees. That was the very edge of the island.

“I want to say that although this is called Dragonborn Village, it is not a village, but a big tribe. There are villages and small towns here, and also a castle where the Dragon Descendants imperial family lives. I assumed all of you have seen it in the air that this island is huge, at least a quarter of the island in Japan, so don’t think it’s small. Then, come with me now. I’ll take you to the nearby villages. Let’s take a rest first.”

“Why don’t we fly in directly by dragon?” Satsuki asked.

“You see, civilians are not allowed to ride dragons in Olipolia. This is stipulated by law. There will be special flying dragon patrols to check the safety in the air. If there are others, aside from the patrols and aristocrats, caught riding flying dragons, they will be regarded as a chaotic party.”

“Aristocrats can ride dragons?”

“Of course, they are nobles after all. There are status points everywhere in this world, so there is no need to be surprised.” Leon said, and took the lead towards the path in the forest.

“Tsk- I can’t sit on the flying dragon now.” Satsuki said with some regret.

“Isn’t better to not ride it at all? Big Sis Satsuki, aren’t you afraid?” Dusty was crying, and it seemed that she was not recovered from the previous traumatic experience.

“I think it’s fun. Oh, I didn’t bring my mobile phone. It was in the suitcase just now. Otherwise, I would take a photo on the flying dragon.”

“As for the luggage, they will be sent to the village in a while, don’t worry.” Leon, who had already walked a long distance, spoke, “Hurry and catch up with me.”

After listening to Leon’s reminder, they finally got back their senses and followed with a trot.

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