Volume 10 Chapter 12 : The Blanket Is Swollen



Dragons’ calls reverberated in the sky. They were now located in Dragonborn Village, a place called Olipolia.

At that moment, the sun was already high in the sky. It was around eleven o’clock. Near noon, the eight of them were walking together on the artificial stone road in the forest. The sound of insects and birds echoed through the bushes and trees.

There were dense forests around them, and the stone road was extended far away. At the end of it, they could see some black smoke in the air, which should be emitted from a smokestack.

Lin Xiang slightly squinted, and the scenery in the distance became much clearer. He could see a lot of moving figures. There were buildings and structures as well. Lin Xiang knew that his eyesight was not great. Although he could not see clearly, he knew that it was the village they were going to.

“Olipolia had a total of three towns and four villages. Among them, one town was inhabited by the royal family of the Dragon Descendants, which was in the center of Olipolia. The remaining two towns were mostly pure-blooded Dragon Descendants. However, the villages were inhabited by half breed Dragon Descendants, who were generally responsible for the production of food. There, they were self-sufficient, but they would also import things from the outside. After all, it was the age of technology and it was impossible not to keep pace with the era.” Leon introduced the place to the children.

“What about the pure blood Dragon Descendants? Are they just focused on playing instead?” Satsuki asked. It was hard to tell that she had a strong sense of justice, but Lin Xiang understood her because he also did not favor the hierarchy.

“No, no, no, although the half breed Dragon Descendants were responsible for agricultural production, it did not mean that the pure blood Dragon Descendants had nothing to do. Pure blood Dragon Descendants have better talents for learning the power of the dragon than the half breeds, so their ability was naturally higher. For example, if there were evil dragons in the world beyond the skies, it would be the pure bloods job to deal with them. You must know that fighting with the dragons would lead to death if you are not careful. Therefore, the weaker half breeds were good enough to focus on farming.”

“But, don’t they feel unsatisfied with themselves?”

“Unsatisfied? Due to the mutation of the soul, the spiritual power produced by the Dragon Descendants is much less than that of ordinary people. In this world where spiritual strength determines everything, it is very cruel to the half breeds. On the contrary, it’s different when you come to Olipolia. Everyone here is a Dragon Descendant. It’s not about using spiritual power, but dragon energy. Although the talent of pure-blood Dragon Descendants to learn the power of dragon is higher than that of half breeds, but if half breeds cultivated hard, they could surpass the pure bloods anytime. Therefore, right here, the half breeds learned a new way to fight for themselves, so they were not unsatisfied at all. Moreover, capable half breeds could stay in small towns, so farming was not a difficult thing for them. Although many spoke of it as a village, it’s not what you imagined. Look.”

As they talked, they had arrived at the end of the stone path. What appeared before their eyes was a street resembling a downtown.

People in modern clothes were walking around the place, asking the hawkers who set up the stalls on the dragon’s back about the prices for some exotic flowers, fruits, clothes and some necessities.

A so-called village should be the scene of a quiet field, and farmers who would have a straw hats in hand while enjoying the coolness under the eaves during their free time. However, aside from the old-style buildings, there were chandeliers on the streets, which was almost like a bazaar. Sure enough, as Leon said, it was not the village they imagined.

“The Dragon-Training Festival will start in seven days. The festival will last for three days. Due to the past successful organizations, tourists from other places came to visit the place very early this time.”

“There’re so many people.” Satsuki walked forward briskly.

“Is there anything to eat? I’m hungry.” Dusty rubbed her abdomen. It seemed that she had not eaten dinner yet. No, it should be lunch.

“You all should be tired. I’ll take you to the accommodation first. We’ll have something to eat there. Follow me.”


“Hey, how do you sell this dress?”

“This is a dragon egg?”

Walking into the crowd, the sounds of business conversations rang all over the ears. They communicated in different languages, such as English, Japanese, French, Chinese, etc. It seemed that the people who went there were from different countries.

Judging from the clothing of those tourists, it was natural to know that they were not from a simple background. There were no reports about the Dragon-Training festival on TV, so Lin Xiang thought that the people who came were rich and upper-class social figures.

The building there was similar to Japanese houses. Leon took us to one of the house. A few English words were written in front of the building, which meant ‘Taking a break’.

Standing in front of the house, the fragrance of various dishes propagated from the inside. Dusty’s nose moved, and she proceed to run into the building while shouting, “It’s meal time!”

“Ah, I’m starving. Let’s also go in quickly.” Satsuki followed Dusty into the house.

“Uncle Leon, what currency is used for the consumption funds here?”

“Oh, Olipolia has its own currency. Don’t worry, your principal has already prepared enough money for all of you.”

Grandpa Mitsu…We really gave him a lot of trouble. We have to express our gratitude when we get back.

Entering the gate, the yard was very spacious and planted with several plants. It was clear that a three-story house stood right in middle. The sliding wooden door was opened at the moment, and they could see the inside. There were a lot of tables and stools in the house. Satsuki and Dusty were standing in front of the counter, talking to the person at the counter.

“What about tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet)?” After approaching them, Lin Xiang heard Dusty’s conversation with the boss.

“Little girl, there’s no tonkatsu either.” The boss smiled, his pronunciation was a bit off.

“No cola chicken, no tonkatsu, so what do you have?” Dusty puffed up her cheeks and pouted. It seemed that she just entered and asked about some food she liked, but there were none.

“Hehe, little girl, these dishes are not available here. Pork and chicken are available, but the chef doesn’t know how to make cola chicken and tonkatsu.” The boss’s smile remained the same. It seemed that he met many customers like Dusty.

“So what kinds of dishes are there? There seems to be no menu here.” Satsuki looked around and did not see any menu. Since there was no menu, ordering dishes would be harder.

“Oh, my apologies, because everyone here knows what dishes are available, so there was no menu. We have many dishes actually.“ The rest of the group entered the building, “Welcome, ah, Master Leon, please come and sit inside.” As they walked in, the boss bowed slightly to Leon when he met him.

“Hello.” Leon nodded, “These are the guests I brought, and they will be staying here for a day.”

“Alright, I understand. Little girl, since you just asked me what dishes I have, it’s better to ask Master Leon to help you order. The taste of the dishes here are great.”

“Really? All right.” Satsuki took Dusty and followed the others to a big table.

There were already a few guests eating in the house. Judging from the way they were eating, the dishes seemed really good, because their presentation and fragrance were not bad.

Fire Lotus was the same as before. She did not sit at the same table with the others, and found herself another table.

“What’s wrong with her? She was acting strange after getting off the plane.” Satsuki asked whilst looking at Fire Lotus.

“Oh, she, how do I explain this, had multiple personalities. What you saw this morning was Fire Dance’s personality, who was a child. This one is called Fire Lotus. She is more mature than Fire Dance, but she doesn’t like to fit with others.”

“Really, multiple personalities… Let’s not talk about this, umm…Uncle Leon, right? Do you know what type of dish is delicious here?”

“There’s a lot, but the dishes are different from your place. I’ll just casually order a few for now.”



After eating, due to the fact that they had already spent a day, everyone was a little exhausted, so Leon rented four double rooms for us. Now, Lin Xiang was alone in a room because Leon went outside and who knew what he was busy with.

Lying on the bed, Lin Xiang blankly stared at the old ceiling. He felt something in his pocket and took it out. It was the dragon crystal given by Valarie.

In the center of the piece of red crystal, there was a burning flame. It ignited as if it would never lose its activeness. Looking at the dragon crystal, a feeling of exhaustion took over him as he fell asleep unconsciously.

————Suehiro household

“What? Young Master actually went to Dragonborn Village! I was too focused on practicing my kendo and completely ignored my mobile phone text messages.” Kaoru was holding an old-fashioned mobile phone in her hand. She trembled a little.

The text message was sent by Lin Xiang last night, and it said that he was going to Dragonborn Village. He asked if Kaoru would like to go together.

“It’s a rare invitation from Young Master, but I didn’t even see it. I’ve made a big mistake.”

“Big sis, it’s already so late, don’t speak so loudly-” Choshi who was sleeping next to her complained in a daze.

“Sorry, Choshi.” Kaoru lied down, keeping her eyes on the message on the phone. After putting the phone down for a long time, Kaoru buried her head in the blanket and made a regretful voice, “I’ve made a big mistake…”



Lin Xiang felt like someone was poking him in the face. Who was it? Dusty?

“Don’t make any trouble…” Lin Xiang did not bother to open his eyes, and directly blocked the hand that was poking his face with his arm, “I want to sleep.”

With his soul energy declining, his spirit was not as good as before, so he felt very tired at the moment, especially when he was awakened in the middle of his precious sleep.


“I just said, let me sleep quietly. Why don’t you go to bed too?” Lin Xiang turned his back to Dusty.

Oh? All of a sudden, he felt that the bed board behind him seemed to sink a little. After that, there was a rush of heat behind him. It seemed that Dusty was lying beside him.

“Go back to your room and sleep.”

“You summoned me here… could it just be… that you want… me to sleep.”

It was a low-pitched voice that did not have a hint of emotions in it. The tone of someone who would rather speak phrases with not more than four words was…

Lin Xiang turned his head, a little girl with red shoulder-length short hair and the same red hair lied next to him. She stared at him with her hollow-looking eyes. Below her neck, she had an all-ruddy skin that was completely unobstructed…

“Woah!” Lin Xiang could not stop himself from yelling. He quickly moved back a certain distance, but that distance was a bit too far, which made him fell under the bed by accident.

“It hurts.” Lin Xiang rubbed his butt, got up, and looked at Valarie, who was also glancing at him from the bed, “Why are you here?”

“I don’t know… I was actually… eating fish and suddenly… I was called over. After I came… I found you sleeping… No matter how… I shook you… you did not have… any reaction.”

“So you poked me in the face? I thought it was Dusty. No, I don’t remember that I calling for you.”

About that, let me explain. When you took out the dragon crystal and looked at it, for some reason, it took the initiative to absorb the dragon energy that was just produced in your body, and then…’ The fellow Yalide took the initiative to explain the reason. His sudden explanation was suspicious.

‘Are you sure it’s not your doing?’

How is it possible…Wahahaha…” Yalide let out a strange laugh. Lin Xiang had a hunch that the bastard definitely did it.

“Valarie, where’s your clothes?” Lin Xiang pulled up the blanket and threw it on Valarie’s body, covering her body that was still maturing.

“Just now, I was… eating fish, so… I took it off.” Valarie seemed a little puzzled when Lin Xiang threw the blanket on her. She just grabbed the corner of the blanket and looked at it. However, Lin Xiang, on the other hand, was quite proud with his accurate throw because he perfectly covered the important parts. Finally, he could face her directly.

“Why do you want to undress when you eat fish?” Lin Xiang asked.

“I got wet… when I caught… the fish.”

“Is that so? I’ll look for clothes nearby.” As he said that, he looked around. Aside from a big bed and a small wooden cupboard, the room technically had no other furnishings. The luggage were not delivered yet, so there were no clothes or other things in the room.

“Hey, Xiang, did you yell just now?”

Satsuki is out there at the worst possible time!

“Lin Xiang…did something happen?” Nagisa was also there. Speaking of them, it seemed that the two of them lived in the room next to him.

No way, if an undressed Valarie was seen, Lin Xiang knew who would meet his end.

“No, no, you got it wrong.” Lin Xiang answered quickly, and whispered to Valarie, “Hurry up and hide.”

“Why.” Valarie tilted her head without understanding. She looked so cute, but that was not the time to be in awe with something like that.

“It doesn’t matter, hide first.”

“Oh.” Valarie took up the blanket and covered her whole body.

What’s the point of hiding like this!

The bed was bulging, and it was clear that something was there at first glance.

“Xiang? Are you talking inside? Hey.” Satsuki knocked on the door again, “Then I’m coming in.”


Did I lock the door? I did, right!

With a click, the handle on the door turned.

Damn it, I really forgot to lock it!

Calm down, Lin Xiang, it’s useless to panic at this moment.

“Xiang?” Satsuki came in, probing her head from the entrance.

“Yeah!” I smiled at her.

“You are in bed. I thought you had gotten out of bed.” Satsuki opened the door completely, and Nagisa was standing behind her. Nagisa looked at him for less than a second, and immediately lowered her head.

“What’s the matter with you two?” Lin Xiang covered the blanket, glanced at Valarie next to him, and leaned as far as possible to her side, making it look like he was the only person on the bed.

“I just heard you yelling. It’s very clear, don’t say no.” Satsuki walked in, and Nagisa also said, “Excuse me for intruding,” and followed in with her head down.

“Ah, maybe I fell asleep just now and accidentally fell out the bed. There’s nothing wrong now. Thank you for your concern.”

“Really, how could you fall down from such a big bed, Xiang, your sleeping posture must be very bad.”

“Hehe-” Nagisa smirked while lowering her head, and proceed to ask, “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I’m okay. My sleeping posture is indeed pretty bad.”

Well, judging by their appearances, it seemed that they had not noticed. All he had to do was let them out.

“Do you have anything else?”

“Nothing, I just want to ask if you want to go for a walk together.”

Lin Xiang looked out the window. The sun was a bit skewed. It should be two or three in the afternoon.

“I’m not going. I’m very tired, actually. I want to sleep a bit more.”

“Really?” Wuyue smiled, did not speak, and just looked at him.

“Why…what’s the matter…” Lin Xiang felt a little anxious after being watched by Satsuki like that.

“No, Lin Xiang, take a good rest.” Nagisa shook her head, and then attempted to take Satsuki out with her. She must be embarrassed to stay in a boy’s room. After all, she had been keeping her head down since the moment they entered.

Although Nagisa pulled Satsuki to leave, Satsuki did not bulge at all. She looked at Lin Xiang for a while and said, “Nagisa, Xiang fell, haven’t you heard? You see, the blanket is ‘swollen’.”

“Huh?” Nagisa raised her head and looked at him, “It’s true.”

“It’s so serious, Xiang, you still said you’re okay? Get up and walk around quickly, don’t break your leg, like the third one or something.”

“Satsuki… it looked terrible…”

“Get up from your bed. Let me take a quick look to see if you’re hurt.” Satsuki walked over slowly.

On the contrary, Nagisa was still at a loss.

“This is…a bit…”

“A bit what?” Satsuki approached step by step.

“Yes, kind of… a bit…”

After saying that, Satsuki had already arrived to the bedside.

“It seemed that you are injured? You are already so ‘swollen’. Why don’t you let me see? I really care about you very much, Student Lin Xiang.”

“No… It’s…” Satsuki’s expression was terrifying. Although she was smiling, and she had a cute smile, but Lin Xiang felt chilly when he saw her smile.

“Don’t be shy, it’s okay.” Satsuki lifted the blanket.

“Ah.” Valarie, who was holding Lin Xiang’s thigh, turned her head to look at Satsuki. They just stared at each other like that, making it looked like a still image.

“Gah!” Nagisa covered her mouth, as if she could not believe everything in front of her.

Sorry, Nagisa. I didn’t mean to lie to you! This is all compelled!


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