Volume 10 Chapter 13 : Kawaa~


“Who are you?” Satsuki asked.

“…” Valarie looked at her for a long time, and said two words, “Stupid… human.”

“What…did you say?” Satsuki was surprised with Valarie’s answer.

“When you ask… someone else’s name… shouldn’t you… say your own name… first?” Valarie let go of Lin Xiang’s thigh and sat up. Her body exuded a faint coercion. That was the coercion peculiar to dragons.

“Satsuki, Satsuki Risa.” Due to the possible effects of Valarie’s coercion, Satsuki reluctantly said her name.

“Valarie.” It was a simple word.

“So, Valarie, why are you in this person’s bed? And, still not wearing any clothes?”

Did Satsuki address me as this person? Does she mean to alienate me? Although Lin Xiang wanted to speak, he understood that it was not the time for him to do so. That was what Freed told him.

“I was… eating fish… and called here.” Valarie did not have the embarrassment of a girl at all, as she did not bother to expose her naked body in front of everyone like that. While smiling bitterly at Satsuki, Lin Xiang picked up the blanket, and covered her body.

“Eating fish? Called here? Hey, let me say this, are you actually a Lolicon(a person that was sexually attracted to young girls)?” Satsuki looked at Lin Xiang with a contemptuous look.

“No. It’s a misunderstanding. Listen to me, actually…”

“Well, don’t speak first. Let’s listen to what the victim says.” Satsuki turned her gaze back to Valarie, her voice softened, “What did he do to you? Tell big sis, and I’ll make the decisions for you.”

“Big sis… forget about it. I was just… called over… that’s all.”

“What about your clothes?” Satsuki looked at the ground. Except for the wooden planks that were paved, there were no traces of clothing or anything else.

“I took it off.”

Please just get to the point! Why arent you saying that you took it off because you got wet from catching fish?

Lin Xiang silently cried in his heart.

“Did he take it off?”

No, I did not!

“It got wet… so I took… it off.” Valarie’s answer sounded weird. Although what she said was true, it felt like it did not seem like the truth.

“It got wet?” Satsuki glared at Lin Xiang again. Nagisa also took a step back as if she was hit hard by the revealing truth.

“Can all of you please let me say something?” Lin Xiang unknowingly used honorific words to Satsuki, because if he did not voice up, he knew that he would definitely be regarded as a perverted Lolicon who was interested in the body of a young girl. He certainly could not let that happen!

“What do you want to say? Student Lin Xiang, the Lolicon?” Satsuki raised her brow. It gave Lin Xiang a feeling that he had never encountered before. Indeed, Satsuki was really scary like that. It was the first time Lin Xiang saw that look.

“Please… please tell us your troubles.” Nagisa looked at Lin Xiang very seriously. It seemed that she was giving him a chance to explain. She is no doubt a good girl.

“It went like this. Actually, this fellow is…”

“Caught and raped in bed? Humph- I must never entrust Fire Dance to a human like you.” It was uncertain when Fire Lotus was leaning against the door. She folded her arm on her chest, and looked at Lin Xiang sharply.

“I already said that it’s a misunderstanding!”

“What misunderstandings can there be? You brat, aren’t you always not interested in my body? Right now, there’s a little girl without clothes lying on your bed!” What Satsuki said was a little strange. What do you mean by ‘not interested in your body’? Lin Xiang did not understand that sentence. He would like to ask Satsuki to explain that, but he prioritized in explaining his own business first.

“Then, listen to me. This fellow is actually a dragon!”

“A dragon?” After hearing his words, the three of them looked at Valarie with disbelief.

“Impossible, how could a dragon look like this?” Those were Satsuki’s words.

“I really want to believe what Lin Xiang said, but…we seen a dragon before…Please don’t lie to us, alright?” Nagisa seemed to think he was lying to her because her voice was a little trembling. Her tone sounded more agitated than usual.

“How can a dragon be in this state? I have seen dragons flying in the sky at Fireback Mountain. If you want to lie, please find a better explanation.” Fire Lotus showed a disdainful smile. Lin Xiang knew that he leave her a bad impression. She just hope that Fire Dance can leave me, right?

“It’s true. This fellow is really a dragon. Valarie, do something.” Lin Xiang was certain that they did not believe him anymore, so he could only pin his hopes on Valarie. To be honest, it was not surprising that they would react like that when they found a strange girl in his bed.

Please, Valarie, my innocence is entrusted to you.

“Do what…” Valarie turned her head and looked at him. Her hollow eyes were a little dazed. She did not know what to do?

Maybe… show off your fire control skills, or something like a dragon roar at the window. It’s fine in either way, right?

As soon as he wanted to speak, Valarie nodded, “I understand.” Valarie proceeded to stand up and pulled the blanket away, revealing her ruddy and smooth skin, “Kawaa! Are there anybody else… who questioned my identity… as a dragon.”


What the heck is ‘Kawaa’? Valarie, are sure you’re not here to unleash your cuteness. You still showed them your body. Does this make any sense? No matter how you look at it, you still looked human.

“About that… Valarie?”

“What?” She turned around, causing Lin Xiang to quickly cover his eyes.

“Can’t… can’t you use other methods to prove it to everyone?”

“Oh, then how about… Dragon Flame Dance… to let them feel… a dragon’s… flame.”

“Never do that.” Lin Xiang’s eyes flung wide opened anxiously, and Valarie’s body was right in front of his eyes.

Wow, that’s small.

That was his first thought at that moment.

Damn, what am I doing?

Lin Xiang quickly closed his eyes again, “If you do that, it will burn the entire house, and I don’t want you to hurt them. Please change another method, like playing with the dragon fire you created. You know, like the one you used to show me the way a long time ago.”

“Oh.” Valarie replied, and he heard a snap at the fingers.


The sound of a flame igniting sounded. Lin Xiang covered his eyes with his fingers. After blocking Valarie’s body ingeniously, he saw a flame floating in the air.

Satsuki glanced at the flame and shook her head, “I don’t feel anything. Aside from the flame being fiery red, won’t that just be a pure element?”

As mentioned before, the strength of the elements were divided into colors. The strength of pure elements was the highest.

Nagisa was not a fire mage, she could not tell, so she looked at Lin Xiang. From the look in her eyes, Lin Xiang could see that she really wanted to believe him. It was just that the current situation was really hard to believe.

After seeing the flame, Fire Lotus who was a fire spirit obviously felt a sense of fright. However, her shocked expression fleeted very soon, even though Lin Xiang already caught a glimpse of it.

If it was for her, she might have understood that Lin Xiang was not lying.

Sure enough, Fire Lotus’s gaze looked slightly better than before.

“This is a dragon flame, a dragon flame.” Lin Xiang pointed to the flame and urged.

“You don’t have to lie like this. I now believe that you have done nothing.” Satsuki flashed a smile at him. This time, he did not feel the same chill as before. What’s wrong? What happened all of a sudden? Lin Xiang could not figure it out.

“Huh?”  Nagisa obviously did not know what happened to Satsuki.

“Since you cover your eyes with your hands, it proves that you are still the Lin Xiang I know. Ah, I was scared to death. I thought you were a Lolicon, when I first saw this girl.”

“Don’t simply make assumptions.”

“Hey, what would you think if you saw me lying with a strange boy without clothes and attempting to hide him?”

Lin Xiang thought about it for a while, and he felt a little uncomfortable. He would never hope for that to happen.

“I feel very uneasy.”

“Really? You felt that way?” Satsuki’s smile became brighter, “That’s why I just felt the same as you.”

“Is it…”

“Yes, it is. But, Xiang, didn’t you call this kid a dragon? Please stop telling this kind of lies.”

“No, she really is a dragon.”

“Yes. Don’t question it.” A lot of flames suddenly appeared beside Valarie. A very strong dragon coercion was emitted, which made them slightly breathless.

“This…” It was the first time Satsuki felt that she could not breathe and was deeply crushed from the outside.

“I’m…so uncomfortable…” Nagisa’s body was a little wobbly, as if she could not stand up. It was the same reaction as Satsuki.

What’s wrong? Don’t you just feel a little out of breath? Was all that necessary?

Lin Xiang glanced at Fire Lotus, who was not far away, and there were beads of sweat rolling down on her forehead. It seemed that she was gritting her teeth, and also felt the discomfort.

Hey, remember that you are a half-dragon. To you, the effect of the coercion of an ancient dragon would naturally be weakened a lot. But for normal humans, it’s a kind of mental attack. It was the same for spirits, but spirits were less exposed to that than humans.

‘Why didn’t you say it earlier, Freed?’

“Hey, Valarie, stop it, they believed that you are a dragon, so stop quickly.” Lin Xiang quickly stood up and covered Valarie with the blanket as he kept shaking her whilst speaking.

“Really.” Valarie glanced at him, and the flame disappeared. The feeling of suffocation also faded.

“Phew!” With a sigh of relief, the trio felt relieved.

“What was that just now…” Satsuki’s breathing rate increased and gasped slightly. Her gazes fell on Valarie.

“A dragon’s dignity,” Valarie replied.

“That’s just the coercion of a dragon. It is similar to an aura, but please believe me. She really is a dragon.” Lin Xiang cut in quickly. He was very afraid of any conflict between them.

“Although I don’t want to believe it, but what happened just now seems believable… Alright, she is a dragon. So, she said she was called just now. Why did you call her?” Satsuki’s question brought them back to square one.


Yalide was to blame for that. That fellow must have done it.

Lin Xiang really wanted to blame Yalide, but the dragon was an unknown existence to the others. It was hard enough to believe that Valarie was a dragon, not to mention that there was a dragon god in his body.


“After that, you fell asleep, and she appeared?”

“Probably that’s the case.” All Lin Xiang could say was that while he was admiring the dragon crystal, he accidentally injected dragon energy, and Valarie came in sight.

“You might be right. This can explain why Lin Xiang yelled just now.” Nagisa was relieved and smiled. That was great.

“Tsk, such a rare opportunity.” Fire Lotus smacked her tongue. How much does she want Fire Dance to leave me?

“No matter what, it’s unbelievable that dragons look like this. It’s incredible.” Satsuki did not ask him where the dragon crystal came from. Instead, she looked at Valarie carefully, as if she was looking at something very novel.

“Yeah, that’s right. She looks so cute, not as scary as the ones we saw when we got off the plane.” Nagisa’s hands were placed together as she looked at Valarie with curiosity.

Fire Lotus did not speak any more, but only stared at Lin Xiang without any discrepancy from her usual act.

Please, I didn’t do anything to make you angry. Besides, I think I treated Fire Dance in a great way. Don’t be so hostile to me.

“Oh…you can’t be naked like this. The luggage has not been delivered, and there are no clothes for her to wear.” Satsuki said with a headache.

At that time, Lin Xiang could hear the wooden floor sounded with several “thumps“, as if someone was running.

“Master! Did you see… Huh? Lady Dragon Valarie?” Dusty, who stayed in two rooms away from Lin Xiang, ran over. She and Fire Lotus were in the same room, so she probably wanted to ask about her just now, like have he seen Fire Lotus? But at that moment, she focused her gaze on Valarie and ran into the room happily.

“Lady Fire Dragon, why are you here?” Dusty hugged Valarie all of a sudden.

“I… do not know either.”

Indeed, even Lin Xiang did not know the reason Valarie was there.

‘Hey, perverted dragon, don’t you have any explanation?’

I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

That surely made Lin Xiang furious, because Yalide’s tone sounded like he was not involved in the situation. If it were not for it, how could Valarie be there? This retarded perverted dragon almost made me “game over” just now.

“Dusty knows her?” Satsuki seemed a little surprised.

“Yes, Lady Fire Dragon has lived in our house for a while.” Dusty bent her body and kept rubbing her head against Valarie’s head.

Seeing Valarie’s appearance, it seemed that she did not find that annoying.

“Oh, that’s it.” Satsuki nodded, and turned her gaze to Lin Xiang, “Can’t believe you lived with a humanoid dragon before. Xiang, when will you show me a few humanoid spirits? If you did, then I totally admire you.”

“Yeah…” Don’t say that, there are already two humanoid spirits in front of you now.

“Umm… It’s embarrassing…but can I touch your head?” On the other hand, Nagisa seemed to try reaching out and touch Valarie.

“It’s fine.” Valarie answered. She was already being rubbed by Dusty anyways.

At first, Nagisa placed her hand on Valarie’s head with hesitation. Seeing that she did not respond to her actions, she starting to stroke it slowly, “Oh- your hair is smooth.”

In that way, the originally frightening scene was suddenly replaced by harmonious atmospheres.

“I feel that you guys are a little too noisy.” Reidy walked over as she tidied her hair, looking like she was just awake. As soon as she entered, the moment she saw Valarie, her originally squinted eyes suddenly opened, “Valarie, the Fire Dragon? Why are you here?”

At that moment, the downstairs of the house had an increased ruckus, and it seemed that many people were arriving.

What’s happening?

Needless to say, the Dragon Descendants must have sensed the dragon coercion released by the fire dragon.


Freed words woke Lin Xiang up with a shock.

Right, they were in Dragonborn Village! Wouldn’t people notice it right away?

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