Volume 10 Chapter 14 : Old Rule


“What’s wrong? It feels so noisy below.” Satsuki seemed to hear noisy voices from below and walked to the window to take a look.

“Yes, downstairs seems to have a commotion.” Nagisa and the others were aware of what Satsuki said.

“There were a lot of people in the inner courtyard. They were lined up to the gate, I wonder what happened.” Satsuki told the others in the room about what she saw outside the window.

The situation was not good because Valarie was not an ordinary dragon. If someone found out, who knew what the consequences would be. Lin Xiang did not want to see her hurt.

“Huh? Someone pointed to us here and said something… Now, everyone is looking in our direction!” Satsuki quickly closed the window, “What on earth happened?”

Aside from Lin Xiang, no one in the room knew what was going on. It was time for him to explain and figure out how to protect Valarie. She was summoned by that bastard Yalide, so Lin Xiang must ensure her safety.

“It’s probably because they felt the coercion released by Valarie just now, so they all came.”

“You’re right. This is Dragonborn Village after all. She is a humanoid dragon, so those Dragon Descendants might do something to her.” Satsuki softly hammered her hand with the other and it seemed that she had already understood Lin Xiang’s worries.

“Then what do we do?” Nagisa looked at Lin Xiang nervously. She looked like she cared a lot about Valarie’s safety too.

“Should I go down and retreat them?” Reidy stood outside the door, looking at the other side of the corridor.

“I also want to protect Lady Fire Dragon.” Dusty loosened Valarie and clenched her small fist.

Fire Lotus did not say anything as she was just standing by the door.

“Don’t be so worked up. Remember, this is where the Dragon Descendants lived. If you fight with others, won’t you cause trouble for Uncle Leon? There should be another wa…” Before Lin Xiang could finish his sentence, Yalide spoke something that shocked him.

Same old rule, kiss her.

‘What kind of old rule is this? Why do I have to kiss anyway?’

There’s not much time, so Ill keep this long story short. On the surface, you are in contact with the mucous membranes, but through mouth-to-mouth energy transmission, you can absorb her dragon energy.

‘Absorb…Valarie’s dragon energy? ’

Yes, anyway, since you have so little dragon energy, it’s better to absorb some from Valarie. Therefore, you can also use it and learn other dragon roars. Of course, not only can I absorb others’ energy, I will use a special way to temporarily shield her dragon energy. Aside from senior Dragon Descendants who had special senses, she would just seem like an ordinary little girl in others eyes.


Yalide, are you kidding me? Kissing Valarie in front of Satsuki and the others? Isn’t that looking for death? I don’t want to face Satsukis expression from just now anymore.

‘Is there any other way?’ Lin Xiang asked.

Of course there is.

Yalide’s answer was surprising. It turned out that there were other ways. Why dont you say it earlier, you perverted dragon.

…The way is to hug her. You have used this method to replenish Silent Waters and the others magic power before. The logic is similar, but the process would be longer.

Bang bang bang.

There was a violent vibration from the board, and it seemed that many people had already gone upstairs and were running towards their side.

The room they were in was located at the end of the corridor on the second floor. If they ran over, it should take about ten seconds.

Are there only ten seconds left of my time? Do I really have to kiss?

Reidy walked in and closed the door tightly, “Hey, didn’t you just say there is another way? There’re people coming.”

“Yeah, say it, why did you stop?” Satsuki was anxious. Everyone was the same, because the footsteps outside the door were approaching.

“It looks like… there’s a problem. Do you need… me to solve it?” Valarie turned her head and looked at Lin Xiang.


At that moment, without answering Valarie, Lin Xiang had clung to his determination to die.

He looked at Valarie’s small mouth, and suddenly realized that her lips were so thin and rather pinkish. That was the lips of a young girl. Won’t I commit indecent assault if I did this?

“Say it.” Satsuki urged.

At that time, Lin Xiang’s heartbeat was like the sound of running outside the door, booming with chaos.

No way, if I kept hesitating, those people would be arriving at the door soon.

Let’s not talk about what Satsuki and the others would do, I’ll just beg for Valarie not to kill me after this.

“I am going to do a very terrible thing, but please don’t be furious.”

After speaking, before the girls could react, Lin Xiang squatted down, placed his hands on the blanket that was covering Valarie’s shoulder, and kissed her little mouth. Valarie, on the other hand, stared him with an unbelievable look.

Oh God! What have I done in my previous life? I have kissed a lot of girls when I arrived in this world. Although they were pretty good, I feel so sorry for them. Valarie, I apologize!

But… despite the awkwardness, Lin Xiang felt that Valarie’s mouth was really soft. It might be due to his nervousness, which made his lips touched her teeth. There was still a faint smell of fish in her mouth, because she had eaten fish. Lin Xiang could still feel a strange energy flowing from her mouth into his body. That feeling reached his entire body. At that moment, with all kinds of mixed feelings, Lin Xiang could barely describe it all…

Kid, you are so daring. I was just talking, you know?

It was already an emergency, yet Yalide was still willing to spout nonsense. Lin Xiang questioned he could kill the dragon, but that thought disappeared because he knew the situation he was in was enough to execute him first.

Don’t get agitated, since youve done it, why dont you just enjoy a Loli’s firstHey, no, don’t… don’t separate. Just two more seconds, let me have Freed shield her dragon Chi first.

Lin Xiang was sure that Yalide mentioned that it had a special way to help Valarie with shielding her energy. He was speechless when he knew that its special way was to call Freed.

This fellow, don’t you think that this kid had enough trouble by now’ Freed sighed. It seemed to be worried for Lin Xiang’s future.

You did not speak just now. Aren’t you at the back watching the scene too? Don’t be pretentious, who doesn’t know that you are actually a two-faced evil white dragon.

Hey, Freed, this cant be true, right?

What did you say? Don’t defile me. I am a child of light. How can I

‘Stop arguing and help me solve the problem first!’

Ive already shielded her dragon Chi when you were absorbing her dragon energy. It was you who wanted to listen to that perverted dragon.

After listening to Freed’s words, Lin Xiang immediately let go of Valarie. He looked at Satsuki and the others, who all a surprised expression. Okay, Yalide, you have caused me trouble again. However, Lin Xiang found that his current mental state was much better than before. It might be due to Valarie’s dragon energy that he just absorbed.

Valarie’s reaction was different from everyone’s. She was still expressionless. Lin Xiang was uncertain if she did not understand what he did to her, or she did not care. In short, she was the same as usual. Her eyes looked straight at him and her mouth moved, “What did you… do just now.”

“That’s right! What are you…what are you doing!” After the shock, Satsuki firstly grabbed his collarand shook it constantly.

“You are a pervert, taking advantage of the chaos…”

“Hey! The people inside open the door quickly, you may be in danger. Open the door quickly.” Before Reidy finished, the door behind her was greatly knocked.

The sudden call made Satsuki and Reidy reacted and remembered that Valarie was in danger.

Lin Xiang just hoped that those people would not come over, but at that point, he felt that it was really great that they had arrived.

“Lin Xiang…I know you did that for a reason, but…now they have arrived…what should we do?” Nagisa looked at the door worriedly.

“Why don’t I take Lady Fire Dragon into the ground? We’ll definitely not be caught.” Dusty’s eyes flashed with confidence. Indeed, if it were with the help of earth, no one would have been more familiar than her, but… When Dusty looked at the wooden floor, the light in her eyes faded, “I’m sorry… if there’re wooden boards, it won’t work…”

“Hey, people inside, open the door quickly! You may be in danger!” The handle on the door kept turning left and right. It seemed that someone wanted to open the door, but it was locked by Reidy.

At that moment, Valarie did not care about anything behind the door. She just looked at Lin Xiang with some doubts in her eyes, “You absorbed away… my energy. Give me… a reason.”

It was not incomprehensible for Valarie to act like that. If someone were to absorb all of Lin Xiang’s energy away, he would have the same reaction too.

“Hey, open the door, is there anyone? No way, the girl I saw at the window and the girl who came in at the door may have been killed. That coercion was definitely not owned by an ordinary dragon, maybe it was an evil dragon! Since there are no sounds of destruction, the dragon should be a wise one.”

“Then let’s break in! But, be careful, according to our strength, deal with that kind of dragon is…”

“Let’s try our best to drive it away. Don’t let it appear here to harm the tourists.”

All kinds of noise were outside the room. It seemed that they wanted to break in. Even now, Valarie was looking at Lin Xiang, waiting for his explanation…The situation was really not great.

“Valarie, I apologize, but I need your energy no matter what. I’m really sorry…” He sincerely apologized about absorbing her dragon energy without prior explanation.

“You need it… a lot?” Valarie looked at him, and then nodded, “When I came here… and saw you… I felt that your… energy was very low… Now, you had more… Do you still… need it?”

“No way, no more, I don’t need it anymore.”

Valarie’s reaction was really beyond his expectation.


The door was somehow kicked or knocked open. After that, they saw a group of local Dragon Descendants in long robes and ordinary tourists crowded in the corridor outside.

Reidy and the others, all stood in front of Valarie, watching the people outside warily.

“Huh? That’s strange, why are there so many girls?” An old man was very confused about Satsuki and their presence. His voice was like Leon’s, but it was a little low and hoarse.

“The point is, where’s the dragon? A powerful dragon Chi was exuded in the room just now, but now it seems to have disappeared?” A middle-aged man walked in and looked around.

“Who are you all, why are you coming in? And, you broke the door.” Reidy stepped forward and looked at the middle-aged man who walked in with a questioning tone.

“I am the chief of this village. Someone just discovered that there are strong dragon coercions and dragon Chi here. How are you, are you all right?” The middle-aged uncle who introduced himself as the village chief spoke with a clearer voice. He was unlike Leon and the old man, who were deliberately restraining and keeping their voices low. The dragon energy in his body was stronger than that of the people present. It seemed that he should be a pure-blooded Dragon Descendant.

The middle-aged man was very neat and tidy. His beard and everything were neatly shaved. His eyes were clear and his voice was sharp. His gaze swept over each of them.

“Do you think we look like people in danger? We don’t know anything about the dragon’s coercion or Chi. You suddenly broke the door, and affected our rest. Even a village chief can’t do this, right?” Satsuki spoke.

“Yeah.” Dusty showed hostile eyes to the village chief and the people.

“I’m sorry to bother you and breaking the door, but don’t you find anything unusual?”

“No, everything is normal,” Satsuki replied.

“Then why did you close the window just now?” Someone in the crowd said.

“You all were watching us, and I was frightened, so I closed it.”

“Why didn’t you open the door just now? There are obviously so many people here.”

“We have girls changing clothes here. How are we going to open the door for you?”

“Don’t lie to us. There is clearly a boy there.” A man pointed at Lin Xiang, and he could only respond with a stiff smile.

“The one who changed clothes was his sister, and she’s still a child, why can’t he be here?”

“You must be hiding something…”

“Enough. That dragon Chi and dragon energy disappeared. It’s not in this room. We are locals here, yet we showed recklessness and were rude to these tourists. But ladies and gentlemen, we are doing this for everyone’s safety. Please forgive us.” The village chief said to the crowd.

“In that case, leave quickly. As you can see, this is a girl’s room.”

“Alright, it’s fine,” the village chief spoke as he dispersed the people who had gathered at the door.

“That’s weird. It was clearly from this room, but how would it disappear…”

Some people made doubtful tones one after another as they left.

“Forget it, at least nothing happened.” Not many people entangled themselves with doubts.

Phew- Great, weve finally avoided some troubles…Wait a sec  Although Lin Xiang avoided them, now he had created new troubles…

“You pervert! Tell me why…why did you want to…and the fire dragon… K…K…kiss!” Reidy looked at Lin Xiang and was flushed with anger and embarrassment.

“Didn’t I say that I absorbed some of Valarie’s energy… And, they didn’t find out that she was a dragon just now, because I shielded her dragon energy at that time… It was actually all for shielding her dragon energy.”

“That…that doesn’t have to be a… k…kiss, right?”

Lin Xiang noticed that Reidy was blushing, and was touching her mouth from time to time. What was wrong with her? Not only Reidy, but Nagisa also became a little sheepish. She lowered her head and looked at Lin Xiang from head to toe. When he looked at her, she covered her eyes with bangs instead.

Fire Lotus just stared at him. As for Satsuki, she also looked at him, as if waiting for his answer. Dusty did not speak and looked left and right when she found that the room was so quiet at the moment.

The atmosphere was somewhat depressing.

How should he answer Reidy? Must he continue the story? Wouldn’t it seem like he kissed Valarie on purpose? He might be thrown down the window if he said that. If that was the case, he knew that he must not answer that there were other ways. Besides, Yalide was all to blame for that development.

Lin Xiang found it weird because the dragon would not call Valarie over for no apparent reason. He had absorbed the dragon energy now and he was in a good spirit… He figured that the fellow might deliberately called Valarie over to let him absorb her dragon energy. After all, it was impossible to use Dragon Roar in his previous state, let alone learning Dragon Roar. Maybe that dragon was worried about him, even though it made the situation worse.

“Xiang, it’s been a long time since you were in your thoughts?” Satsuki patted him on the shoulder.

“There is no other way!” Lin Xiang answered immediately.

“So, where did you know about this method?” Satsuki forced another question on him.


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