Volume 10 Chapter 15 : Abnormalities of the Demon Realm


The question was returned back to him, and he was unsure how to answer it…

“Master, are all of you alright? There were a lot of people in the corridor just now. I don’t think I can get out of the room, huh? Lady Valarie, why are you here? Those people just now wouldn’t be…” As expected of Silent Water’s intelligence, she guessed that those people were there because of Valarie. Nonetheless, her arrival undoubtedly broke the previous atmosphere.

“We’re alright. I temporarily shielded Valarie’s dragon Chi with a special method.”

“Oh- It was a very special method.” Satsuki repeated.

“Aha…” Lin Xiang scratched his head, smiled bitterly, and quickly changed the subject, “Valarie had no clothes to wear, so why don’t we go out and buy some clothes for her…”

“That’s right, let’s… let’s not discuss other things… F..first, buy some clothes for Valarie…”

Ah! Nagisa was speaking up for me. She really was a good girl.

“Oh- we’re going to buy clothes!”

Since Dusty exclaimed so, Satsuki and Reidy had no further intention of asking, so Lin Xiang could get away from explaining for the time being.


The street was noisy as usual, as if nothing happened a few moments ago. Lin Xiang walked down the street alongside Silent Water and the five of them.

The street there was like a bazaar, which gave Lin Xiang the feeling of nostalgia when he was at the outer world and the Demon World. That was probably the result of the lack of advanced shops and vehicles.

Compared to shopping by the side of the road, listening to the noise of cars, sounds of TVs outside some skyscrapers, and noises from construction sites, the place was rather natural and quiet. It made people feel like going back to the middle ages, since it was the era where technology was not so advanced. The freshness of retro trend was clearly booming in the village.

The residents and tourists in Dragonborn Village could be easily identified, because almost all the people in Dragonborn Village wore long robes. They deserved a blessing for being able to persevere themselves in such a hot weather.

Many Dragon Descendants were sitting on the dragon’s back, touching the dragon while yelling for business.

After walking around, the clothes sold there were all linen robes. There was no hint of modern clothing. They no other way but to buy two relatively small robes and a pair of shoes with the money Leon gave, hoping for them to fit Valarie’s body.

“Xiang, where are you going? Going back?”

When Lin Xiang bought the clothes, he would of course turned his head and prepared to walk in the direction of the hotel building, but it seemed that Satsuki still wanted to continue shopping.

Lin Xiang could not understand why Satsuki still wanted to shop when the place was literally filled with strange materials for sale. There was no other novelty at all aside from the wild flowers and grasses. Sure enough, shopping was a girl’s nature. He thought.

“I’m going back since I don’t want to walk anymore. After all, I can’t let Valarie wait in the room for too long, right?”

“That’s right. Any of you want to go back first? I still want to continue strolling though.”

“I… I’ll be with Risa… It’s boring to go shopping alone…” Lin Xiang always felt that Nagisa did not mean that at first, but she suddenly changed her decision. She actually wanted to go back, right?

“It’s a rare opportunity come here, it’ll be a pain if we don’t take some looks around here.” Reidy wanted to be with Satsuki and the others.

“Master, you can go back first. I’m going to see if there are any snacks. I want to take some back to eat with Lady Fire Dragon.” Dusty did not go back either.

“If Master is tired, just go back and rest. Silent Water will go take a look at some ingredients for sale. When eating on the plane and in the hotel, didn’t Dusty complain that the food was not up to her appetite? Silent Water wants to discuss with the boss to borrow the kitchen, and then cook for everyone to eat.”

Oh Silent Water is sensible indeed.

It was true that no meal was as good as Silent Water’s cooking. It would be great if she could use the kitchen.

“Then you all have to be careful, save money and come back early.” Lin Xiang ordered a few words.



Back at the hotel, the boss smiled at Lin Xiang, “You’re back.”

“Yes.” Lin Xiang nodded.

He was uncertain if the village chief said something to him. He was very friendly when they went out just now, even telling them where things were cheaper.

“It’s almost half past four, are you hungry? Do you want me to ask the kitchen to cook for you first?”

“Speaking of cooking, boss, can you let us cook in the kitchen?” Lin Xiang asked.

“What’s the matter? The lunch at noon is not to your appetite?”

“No, it’s just that we are used to our own dishes. May I ask if we can?”

“This…” the boss groaned.

It was difficult for a hotel to let guests do the cooking or something, but Lin Xiang would not force it.

“If there’s no way, then forget it. I apologize.”

“No, no. There are two stoves in the kitchen. It’s not a time when there are too many tourists, so only one stove is used. If you want to make your own meal, then we could borrow you the other. But don’t disturb the chef, because many people will come to eat at night.”

“Well, we won’t disturb him. Thank you in advance, boss.”

“Welcome, you’re welcome.”


Back in his room, Valarie was sitting on the bed. She did not put anything on her body, and was completely naked. Wouldn’t she feel embarrassed?

Lin Xiang turned his gaze away slightly, and walked into the room. Then, he handed her the clothes.

Through the corner of his eyes, Lin Xiang could see Valarie looking at him, and then took over the clothes.


“It’s obviously for you to put it on.”

“It’s okay… It’s quite comfortable… like this.”

“I’ll be uncomfortable though. Put it on quickly.”

“Strange person… You have seen obviously… seen my body… and I have also… seen your body… Why do you even… care about these things.” Although Valarie said so, she still obediently put the clothes on.

The robe looked a little big on her, and she could barely stretch out her hand when she stretched it out her sleeves.

However, it was not ugly at all. Instead, it added a few more touches of Valarie’s cuteness.

“It suits you very well.” The robe is dark brown and was commensurate with Valarie’s hair.

“Really.” She stood up and turned slowly, “Well… it doesn’t feel bad… By the way… where is this… Some people… who came just now… have dragon energy… in their bodies. Are… they all Dragon Descendants.”

“Yes, this is Dragonborn Village. You have to be careful not to expose your identity in front of them.”

“Then you… said before about… shielding dragon Chi… in my body… how did you… do it?”

“Oh, about that… I can’t exactly tell the details…”

because it was settled by Freed.

“Really. However… it’s been a… long time since I… last saw you… It seems that… your flame is getting… stronger again… Release your flame… and let me… take a look.”

“Oh.” With the supply of Valarie’s dragon energy, Lin Xiang closed his eyes. With much concentration, he felt the heat in his body.

After a while, he opened his eyes, and sparks diverged from his hand. Lin Xiang used a bit of force, and a flame appeared, followed by small flames, which began to ignite.

It had been a long time since he saw the flame that he actively released. They gave him a warm feeling.

Valarie came over, raised her sleeves, stretched out her hands to hold his flame, as if feeling its temperature.

“Your flame is close… to dragon fire, but… it’s still worse. You… can’t directly use my… dragon flame for you… You only use its… multiplying flame, which proves… that your fire control… ability is not enough… Need more practice.”

“Oh-” Lin Xiang nodded with slight doubt. Before that, the soul of a tree and Freed both said that his flame was not a real dragon flame. That was probably what she meant. But how should he improve his fire control ability?

“Now, Valarie, what should I do to improve my fire control ability?” If Lin Xiang improved his fire control ability and could use dragon flames, then his fire dragon roar or flame attack would definitely yield more impact.

“This… will depend on understanding… You are still… a little bit short… on one thing… Opportunity.”

Im short on opportunity? Freed did say something similar to him before.

“Would you like to go for a walk?” Lin Xiang asked. He never took Valarie out when they were back at home. However, since her dragon Chi was shielded, he wanted Valarie to be in contact with more people.

“No… I’m hungry… I want to eat… fish.”

“Really? We’ll have to wait for Silent Water and the others to return and make our meal though. I’m sorry for making you hungry.”

Before Valarie came, she was eating fish. Her hunger must have gone downhill because of the energy being sucked away. She must be very hungry. If she wanted to eat fish, Lin Xiang hoped that Silent Water would buy fish back.

“Yes.” Valarie nodded, and then sat down on the bed.

‘Speaking of that, Freed, how much energy did I absorb from Valarie?’ He was a little worried that it might affect her body.

About one-fifth, your worries are unnecessary. Losing one-fifth of the energy is something that an ancient dragon can recover in a day. If she is full, she will recover faster, maybe in half a day.

‘Wow, that’s much better than me.’

Isn’t this nonsense, she is an ancient dragon after all. Even a normal dragon recovers faster than you. No way, even the other Dragon Descendants were fast.

‘Why? Let alone dragons, even Dragon Descendants recover their dragon energy faster than me? Are they also half-dragons?’

It’s not. It’s just that the dragon energy of Yalide and I were much purer than the dragon energy of other dragons or Dragon Descendants. Our energies were higher, so the recovery was slower. Do you think other people can be like you, like replenishing your soul with dragon energy?

‘That makes sense.’

Of course, otherwise, do you think that Dragon Gods are fakes? The energy of the fire dragon has no effect on the repair of the soul, because the dragon energy between us is different. Her preference is more towards the fire element. However, her dragon energy can make you use dragon roar and flames, which is pretty good.

After listening to Freed’s words, Lin Xiang was more certain that Yalide summoned Valarie because of that reason. That fellow was usually petty, perverted, and occasionally caused him trouble. It was kind of disqualified as a Dragon God, but as a friend, it was still very competent.

You bastard… If you want to praise, then praise. Why do you have to belittle me first?’ A voice of dissatisfaction sounded in his head.

Otherwise, you will take advantage with that. Besides, what he said is also the truth. Are you still now satisfied, Yalide the perverted dragon?’ Freed smirked.

Asshole Freed, are you hoping for a fight?

Who’s afraid of you? Bring it on.

Lin Xiang’s mind became a battle field. Freed and Yalide were having a fight that Lin Xiang could not see. Really, why dont both of you just give some peace in someone else’s body?

He thought so, but he did not say a thing. After all, without them, there would be no him. And, when they were conscious of the situation, the duo knew everything he thought, so in a few seconds, they became quiet.

Valarie sat there alone without a word, her eyes were fixed on Lin Xiang, but she did not speak. She seemed bored and lonely. She could not do anything since there was no TV or a computer to kill time. She would not go out no matter how many times Lin Xiang asked her to…

“By the way, Valarie, has anything happened to the Demon World recently?” Lin Xiang quickly squeezed in a random topic because it was a little quiet in the room.

“There’s nothing… No, wait a minute… the birds that lived… in the Fire Valley… were a bit… abnormal. Do you know… anything about this.”

“Uh…” Lin Xiang just asked that casually, so he was clearly clueless about what happened. Abnormality of bird spirits I wonder what happened. Generally speaking, if there were abnormalities in the acts of animals like birds, it proved that something would occur. Was there something approaching in the demon world, such as earthquakes or something?

————Demon Realm

In an extremely gloomy and lifeless place, there were no living plants or animals. There were only dead animal bones, dried branches of plants, and black, irregularly shaped stones.

Two bare, broken hills stood opposite each other. In front of the hills, there was a special passage that made the spirits in the demon world, even demons and devils afraid of —— the Demon Abyss.

“Is this the place where the Demon King is sealed?” Daisha looked at the huge different-dimensional cracks in the air that appeared out of nowhere. It was like a black hole, and she could not resist the surging feeling of excitement, because there was the powerful demon energy. It was rich, very rich in demon energy that was enough to make one suffocate. Daisha had never felt that level of suffocation brought by that kind of magical energy before. She showed an expression of enjoyment in a sickly way. Was that all the cause of the energy from the demon king? She was fascinated.

“How about now, should we go in directly?” Jike looked around. He found that the sky in other places was red, except for the blackish crack above them. Nonetheless, it was a sky without clouds. In the land of demonic energy, no grass would ever grow.

The spirit of the Demon King… is truly powerful!

“First, let’s ask the demon spirits who led us the way just now. Hey, guys.” Daisha shouted at the creatures that were hiding not far away.

“What’s wrong? Humans?” one of them responded.

“Why don’t you come here? Here lays the seal of the king who rules everything, you know?”

“We want to go there, but we can’t. If we go near it… we will be sucked in, and after getting sucked in, we won’t be able to get out again.”

“Really? They are really coward demon spirits. They are totally incomparable to the demon race. However, they are wise and can speak, which is quite good, but their ability is just too bad.” Daisha said mockingly, and looked at the crack with a serious face, “Since they could be sucked in, it was also because of the guardianship of the Demon Realm and the seal of the Dragon God… It’s a seal that sucks all the demonic creatures and prevents them from coming out.”

“We won’t be sucked in because we are humans, right?” Jike spoke.

“Oh, you know that too? I thought your head was filled with sand.”

“Woman, do you want to die? Now that the place to seal the Demon King has been found, don’t forget that I can kill you any time.”

“If you think you can do it, come on.” Daisha did not have a trace of fear. She stretched out her hand and reached out to the black substance that was constantly twisting in the different-dimensional crack.

“Hmm…Fortunately, we are human beings. The seal is not an obstacle to us, and we don’t have the baptism of being in the demon race like the guild leader. Therefore, the demon energy in our body is not strong, and there’s no adverse reaction from the crack.”

“Don’t analyze so much like a talkative bird. Just state the key points. Can we go in, and when will we enter?”

“Ugh, here’s a man in a hurry.” Daisha touched the crack as if stroking, then walked in and disappeared before Jike’s eyes.

Seeing that, Jike also followed in, leaving only the demons not far away.

“They went in, what should we do now?”

“I do not know.”

“I heard that they are going to release the Demon King. Although I’m unsure why the humans would want to do this, but if they did, then we won’t have to sacrifice so many brothers. After all, we want to release the Demon King every year instead of getting sucked in. There are many brothers who have not come out. If they can succeed, it’ll be great.”

“You’re right. Shall we go back and call the other brothers? Let’s welcome the return of the king together.”

“Yeah.” Several demons nodded with agreement, and left as they headed for their lair.

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