Volume 10 Chapter 16 : Do You Like Me?


When Satsuki and the others returned, the time was already in the evening where the sun had set.

Valarie and Lin Xiang sat at the corner tables in the lobby, waiting for their return.

“There are no beautiful clothes to buy here, just robes.” As soon as they entered the door, Lin Xiang heard Satsuki’s sigh.

“But, haven’t we seen a lot of things? Like dragon eggs or something, I really want to buy one. I wonder if I can hatch a baby dragon.”

Nagisa giggled, her thoughts were naive and cute.

“Huh? Baby dragon? No, no way, you are not a dragon, you can’t hatch it. Besides, dragons eat a lot, how can there be so many things to feed it.” The fellow Reidy had no girlish feelings, but she was a lady lady who lived in the Demon Realm. It was normal to have fewer fantasies like that, and what she said was also correct. A dragon’s appetite was indeed very large.

“Really…” Nagisa’s voice was slightly regretful.

“Even if we can’t ask for a baby dragon, I want to taste the dragon eggs, even once is enough.” Dusty wanted to taste everything, which was really in line with her personality.

“It feels disgusting… That’s a dragon egg, you know?” Satsuki made a vomiting gesture.

“Will it? It should be delicious, right?”

“…Let’s not discuss this.” Satsuki changed the subject, “Silent Water, do we need to buy so many ingredients? Even if Leon wants to come back, you will only have to serve nine people. There should be a portion of fourteen people here, right? Not to mention, there’s a lot of fish.”

“Reidy just said that dragons eat a lot.” At that time, Silent Water saw Lin Xiang and Valarie sitting in the corner, and she smiled at them.

Lin Xiang also smiled back at her.

“Oh right, I just remembered that the child is a dragon.” Satsuki stopped at the counter.

“Ah, Master and her.” Dusty ran towards Lin Xiang and others’ side while carrying a bag of things, then sat down on a chair, hiding the bag behind her. She mysteriously said to Valarie, “Lady Fire Dragon, guess what I bought?”

“No guesses.” Valarie said lightly, obviously not interested in guessing questions.

“Hey- Lady Fire Dragon was so uncooperative.” Dusty showed a pitiful expression, and placed the bulging bag on the table. The snacks such as potato chips, shrimp crackers, lollipops, pudding, biscuits and so on poured out all of a sudden.

How much does all this cost?

Silent Water and the others must have spent a lot of money for the dishes right Lin Xiang looked at the several bags in Silent Water and their hands.

Forget it, money or something, if it’s not enough, we can get some more from Uncle Leon. Lin Xiang decided to return the money to Leon later. As long as they were happy, those were nothing.

Seeing the snacks, Valarie’s eyes showed light, which was rare. She patted Dusty on the head and praised, “You… did a good job.”

“Hee hee-” Dusty enjoyed the feeling of being patted on her head and showed a happy smile.

After patting her head, Valarie and Dusty started eating snacks.

Satsuki and the others who were discussing about borrowing the kitchen with the boss walked towards them, “So you already told the boss.”

“Yes. He readily agreed.”

“If that’s the case, you must cook too, right?”

“Yeah. Silent Water alone can’t handle it all. I also want to cook with her, just us two, since we can simply discuss about new dishes or something.”

After listening, Satsuki’s smile on her face stopped slightly, “Don’t worry, I will help too. I won’t make you two suffer the hardships.” When it came to saying “you two”, Satsuki somehow increased her tone.

“Hmph- I don’t know how to cook dishes, but leave it to me for cutting vegetables.” Reidy also indicated that she would help.

“Me… me too… I hope I don’t get in the way…”

“How come, Nagisa, in that case, let’s cook together.”

Although Lin Xiang was unsure what happened to them all of a sudden, if there were so many people, so many dishes would definitely be cooked quickly.

We must make Valarie full.

That’s right, if you say so, you can kiss her again. That was a pink and tender Dragon Lolita. It’s addictive if you taste it once, don’t you deny it.

‘Die, Yalide, shut up.’


It was not time for a meal, so the kitchen was still deserted at the moment. A fat female chef was sitting on a chair drinking tea.

She saw the group entering and smiled friendly at them. She said in a shrill voice, “Are you the guests brought by Master Leon? Ah, what happened this afternoon was really a false alarm.”

“Yeah, I really don’t understand why so many people come up.” Satsuki put the dishes on the table.

“The village chief was doing that for everyone’s safety. But to be honest, I was scared at the time. I was on the first floor. Suddenly, there was unusually powerful dragon coercion. It was really terrifying. My chest seemed to be stuffy, like I can’t breathe.”

“Is it…”

“Yeah. But no one can figure out where the dragon coercion came from, and obviously, no one saw the dragon or something.”

“Who knows?”

“Alright, let’s not talk about it. You want to cook, right? There are two stoves here. Use whichever you prefer.” The fat auntie put down the tea cup and pointed to the stove not far away.

The stove there was made of mud bricks. Some were like the stove in a farmhouse. However, the pots and utensils were the same as the ones used in normal times. They were not big pots or something. Nonetheless, the fire source did not need addition of wood to burn. They had gas cylinders and gas stoves.

“Excuse us.” Lin Xiang bowed slightly to Fatty Auntie, and walked to a closer stove with Silent Water and the others…


“Oh- It’s hard to see, but little handsome guy, your cooking skills are so amazing. Although it’s a dish I haven’t eaten, but its smell is very fragrant just by smelling it!” The fat auntie stood next to the stove unknowingly when and appreciatively looked at Lin Xiang and the twice-cooked pork in the pot.

“Auntie praised too much, I only know a little.” Lin Xiang responded modestly.

“Haha, you are too modest. How can the boys as big as you here know how to cook like you do? All day long, they would just yell ‘Kill the evil dragons, kill the evil dragons’, but their own abilities are limited. Speaking of it, you seem to be a Dragon Descendant, right?”

“Uh, yes.”

“Well… your dragon spirit is slightly weak, but it’s okay to learn the Dragon’s Roar.”

“About that…actually, I already know it.”

Very often, Lin Xiang was assumed by others about how weak he was because of his external matters. But he got used to it, and the auntie did not deliberately wanted to trigger his weakness, so Lin Xiang did not think it was a big deal.

“You learned it already? I’m really sorry.” The fat auntie smiled embarrassedly, and the flesh on her face shrank into two small meat balls, looking very kind, like a non-scrupulous person.

“Auntie, are you also a Dragon Descendant?” Lin Xiang could feel the dragon aura exuded by the fat auntie. If she was also a Dragon Descendant, then her voice should be relatively low, not so sharp…

“Yes, but I don’t have the talent to learn the other Dragon Roars, so I can only cook here. But I also learned the Dragon’s Roar like you. Never underestimate the auntie who cooks.” The auntie said with a smile.

“But won’t your voice be as low as other Dragon Descendants? Are you a pure-blood Dragon Descendant?”

“If I were a pure-blood Dragon Descendant, I don’t need to cook here. Aren’t you a half breed Dragon Descendant as well, but your voice hasn’t become low? The reason is that you haven’t reached that level. You can only learn the Dragon Roars to a certain degree as a half breed Dragon Descendants to make a low voice and cannot speak aloud. Pure blood Dragon Descendants will also face this situation, but very rarely, very rarely.”

“Oh, that’s it.” He nodded.

“Hey.” The fat auntie suddenly leaned over, bumped Lin Xiang’s arm with her elbow, and looked at Satsuki and others who were washing fish and other ingredients not far away. She said to him in a low voice, “Little handsome guy, which one is your true goddess?”

“Huh?” The fat auntie’s words made him felt inexplicable.

“Oh, don’t pretend, why don’t you talk about it?”

“No…what…what does true goddess mean?”

“It’s the person you like, why, my Japanese isn’t good enough?”

“It’s not that… I understood what I understand about the meaning…”

What’s wrong… with this feeling?

Satsuki, whether she was in this world or in that world, she always accompanied Lin Xiang when she was in junior high school. She was also very outstanding as well, and chatted well with him, or whatever they called something like… “Good sisterhood.”

Silent Water, Lin Xiang’s first spirit, a humanoid one as well. Her looks or other features could be described as stunning. She gave Lin Xiang the feeling of family and made him feel the warmth of family. His daily life could be said to be inseparable from her now.

Nagisa, although their encounter was a bit dramatic, she was very kind and cute. Although she was afraid of meeting strangers, she was a careful and considerate person, and she played well with Silent Water. When he got along with her, Lin Xiang always felt very warm and comfortable.

Reidy, a spirit who acted like a spoilt rich lady. The encounter with her was painful when he thought of it. Although she was sometimes unreasonable, her nature was good. It could be seen from the fact that she often took care of Dusty. For Reidy, Lin Xiang also regarded her as an irreplaceable family member.

Dusty, Valarie, Kaoru-senpai, Kamiki…

If Lin Xiang had to choose one of them, he could not do it. He did not want to choose.

Therefore, for that strange problem of the fat auntie, needless to say, the answer was he did not know. I just want to live with everyone, just like that is enough…

That’s just a declaration from the harem king. But it’s just what I want! Rather than choosing which one indecisively, it’s better to choose all of them. This is the real man! Kid! I am optimistic about you!’ The fellow Yalide did not know what he was talking about suddenly, and it disturbed Lin Xiang’s emotions.

‘Go to hell.’ He responded to it badly.

“Thinking about it for so long, it seems that you like everyone very much… Little handsome guy, I feel that you are a little bit of a carefree fickle.” The fat auntie smirked at Lin Xiang.

He did not know how to answer now, so he would not say anything at all, but shook his head with a wry smile.


When he walked out of the lobby with two dishes, there were already a lot of local Dragon Descendants and tourists sitting out in the lobby. The sky outside had also darkened.

Valarie and Dusty were sitting in their place, and the floor was full of their leftover snack bags. Those snack bags could be piled into a mini hill, and only a few scattered lollipops were left on the table.

What terrible fighting power that was!

Lin Xiang brought two steaming dishes to them, “Sorry for the long wait.”

“Wow, Master made the dishes just after we finished eating the snacks. It’s like a dream!” Dusty looked at the plate in his hands with bright eyes.

“Then your dream is really simple.” Lin Xiang placed the dishes down and patted Dusty on the head.

“No, it’s not simple at all. My dream is to be with my Master, and sister Silent Water, and everyone. There are endless snacks every day, and Lady Fire Dragon to teach me flame magic.” Dusty revealed an innocent smile. The life she wanted was really simple.

“I said… many times… that’s… not magic.” Valarie corrected Dusty’s words, and then looked up at Lin Xiang, “No… fish…”

“Of course there are. And there’s a lot. Valarie, after eating so many snacks, can you still eat it?”

“Yes!” Valarie nodded heavily.


“I’m so full~ Hey~ Xiang~ Why don’t you just marry me~ You can cook for me in the future~” Once she was full, Satsuki was like a drunkard, saying stupid things, and gesticulating with her hands in the air. Her cheeks were red as well.

“Okay, if you wash the dishes in the future, then I will marry you.” Lin Xiang decided to follow Satsuki’s words and continued the conversation.

The night’s food was indeed cooked a little too much, and Dusty suddenly went to sleep halfway through her meal, so everyone was full. The surrounding dining tables were noisy, so it was just their place that was very quiet. Therefore, Lin Xiang wanted to say something to keep the atmosphere from being so cold.

Pa.” The chopsticks in Reidy’s hand suddenly broke.

Nagisa, who was drinking the fish soup, also spilt the soup.

Silent Water, who was stacking the empty plates, also stopped the movements of her hands.

What’s happening? It feels like I have said something terrible.

“Really~ It’s okay to wash the dishes~ Then, we promised~” Satsuki, who was sitting with Lin Xiang, reached out and hugged his arm and pressed her face against it. Her tone was very slow, she looked completely drunk.

Except for Satsuki alone who was muttering there, no one at their table was talking. It contrasted sharply with other lively dining tables.

“That…what’s wrong?” Lin Xiang slowly said.

“Hmph-” Reidy seemed very upset, and threw the chopsticks she broke on the table. She looked away and avoided Lin Xiang’s gaze.

Nagisa put down the fish soup and seemed to have no appetite, lowered her head and covered her eyes with her bangs.

Silent Water glanced at him, her eyes seemed to have traces of sadness, and continued to clean up the dishes.

Hey, so what happened? I just want to liven up the mood. Did I make the atmosphere even more dead instead?

On the other hand, Satsuki kept saying some silly things. It seemed that her consciousness was a little at stake.

…So when I said you are retarded, it means you are retarded You were not wrong for enlightening the atmosphere, but next time, I suggest you don’t tell jokes about who you want to marry or who you want to be your girlfriend. Otherwise it will be the same as it is now.

‘Then… Freed, how do I break the silence now?’

Just say, what’s wrong with everyone? I think hard-working girls are more suitable to be wives. It should be fine.


Will it work? It feels a little weird. Although Lin Xiang thought so, he still said it.

“Well…what’s wrong with everyone? Hard-working girls are more suitable to be wives, aren’t they?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Reidy suddenly stood up, “Silent Water, are you tired? Come on, let me clean up.” Then she began to pack the tableware in front of her.

“No, I usually do these.” Silent Water responded as she had already packed most of the things.

Nagisa quickly drank the soup, overlapping the bowls and chopsticks with the others.

It was amazing that the atmosphere had completely changed.

‘Freed, please let me call you my Master!’

Say it, say it.’ Freed said with no modesty.

Tsk, what is the point of having a way to imply peoples’ hearts? Stinky kid, I will teach you a good way to be more practical, that is, next time if there is such a situation, you will give everyone a wet French kiss or something, and make sure you get it right.

‘Well, then I won’t see the sun the next day.’

Naturally, Lin Xiang would ignore Yalide’s sabotage move. What wet French kiss? It should be a kiss of a broken throat.

“Don’t snatch with mine. This is my job…my job…” Satsuki let go of Lin Xiang’s hand, seeming to stop Silent Water and the others, but the tableware in front of Satsuki had long been taken away. She lay on the table feebly. Her voice got softer, and only her mouth remained, “Don’t fight with me…”

Satsuki was definitely drunk. That was a state of being drunk. Lin Xiang thought about it… They did not drink alcohol either. And no one drank any beverages… Thats not right… There was a fish at their table. It had an unpleasant fishy smell, and the ginger slices could not cover its smell, so Lin Xiang added some cooking wine in… He remembered Dusty suddenly fell asleep for it when she was halfway through the meal because she ate the fish. After that, Satsuki also ate it at the end…

After looking at Satsuki, Lin Xiang shook his head. Please, that’s cooking wine. The alcohol concentration was not high at all, and he only put a little. If she was all drunk like that, Lin Xiang figured that next time, if she ate something like that with someone else, she would be taken away by some wretched uncle… If so, then he dared not imagine the consequences. No way, Lin Xiang must not let Satsuki eat anything containing alcohol in the future. The same thing was applied to Dusty as well.

“I’ll leave the dishes and chopsticks to all of you. The boss didn’t charge us for dinner. The kitchen utensils and tableware are at our disposal. We should not only clear them, but also wash them all.” Lin Xiang explained to everyone.

“Leave it to the lady in me!” Reidy said confidently.

“Master, don’t worry.” Silent Water smiled at me and picked up the plate.

“…” Nagisa did not speak, looked at him, and picked up other plates and followed the others into the kitchen.

Alright, now’s to send Satsuki and Dusty back to the room, then Ill come down and help them.

“Valarie, can you bring Dusty upstairs?” Lin Xiang said to Valarie who was sipping tea after dinner.

“Yes.” Valarie nodded, put down the teacup, walked to Dusty’s side, and very casually, picked up Dusty with her shoulders.

“This is……”

Seeing that scene…Lin Xiang was unsure what to say…Valarie gave him the feeling of a huge man carrying a cement bag. She was just too sturdy. It was obvious that her appearance was so slender.

Picking up Satsuki, who was still talking in drunken language, Valarie and Lin Xiang walked upstairs together.

————Second Floor

Their rooms were located innermost on the floor. The house was quite big after all. After walking for more than thirty seconds, they stopped in front of Dusty’s room.

The door was locked. Lin Xiang knocked on the door. Soon, a gap was opened. A red-haired girl with sharp eyes looked at him through the gap.

“Ah, Fire Lotus, Dusty was asleep, so…”

His relationship with Fire Lotus was not great, so Lin Xiang spoke very carefully.

Without speaking much, Fire Lotus opened the door completely and let Valarie in.

Fire Lotus’s room was no different from his room, and there was no furniture. There were half-eaten meals on the wooden cabinet next to the bed.

Lin Xiang did not enter because Fire Lotus might be unhappy that way. After watching Valarie placed Dusty on the bed, Lin Xiang also walked to Satsuki’s room.

Opening the door, he walked into the room of Satsuki and Nagisa. The rooms where the girls slept would always have a faint fragrance. Looking at Satsuki who was asleep in his arms, Lin Xiang gently put her on the bed.

“Hmm…” Even if Lin Xiang’s movements were lighter, Satsuki was still awakened. She opened her eyes slightly, “Xiang?”

“Well, you are drunk, so get a good night’s sleep.”

“No, I’m not drunk, I didn’t even drink alcohol. How can I get drunk?” Satsuki suddenly stretched out her hands and hugged Lin Xiang’s neck. The beige T-shirt opened its collar, and her pink bra was exposed. The outline of Satsuki’s chest could still be vaguely seen.

“Wha…” Lin Xiang quickly grabbed Satsuki’s hand, trying to separate them.

“Xiang, I like you, I really like you, really like you.” Satsuki’s sudden words made Lin Xiang’s brain stopped processing for a bit. It made him forgot to put her hand away.

“Xiang? Do you like me?” Satsuki continued asking.

Lin Xiang did not hate Satsuki at all, should he say that he liked her? No, how does it feel to like a person? Just like to be together with her or something? No, no, no, I don’t even know what Satsuki’s like means.

“Xiang, you’re so bad, not answering people… If you like me or not, just say something.” Satsuki pouted. Her drunken appearance had greatly enhanced her charms.

“I think I…like you…?” After saying that, Lin Xiang felt his face burned, although it was also due to being too close to Satsuki.

“Really? I’m so happy. Call me Risa, stop calling my last name.”

“Ri…sa?” Lin Xiang had been calling her “Satsuki, Satsuki” all the time that he was a little uncomfortable with calling her Risa.

“Yes.” Risa showed a happy smile, her hand slowly slipped down, her eyes slowly closed, and she fell asleep again.

“Phew-” Lin Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, and looked at the face that had been dyed red because of being drunk. His heartbeat accelerated sharply. Thinking about what Risa said before, she liked him, it made his breathing quicker.

Risa’s face was so attractive at the moment, especially her slightly opened lips, which made him somehow had an urge to kiss. Although Lin Xiang was kissed by her before, but at that time it only felt so suddenly. What was going on? He never had the complicated feeling he had right at the moment. Now, he really did not understand the feeling he had…

Touching Risa’s side profile, it was so smooth. Lin Xiang stroked Risa’s hair again, and it was so soft. Glancing at her sleeping face, he sighed, “What were you thinking…Lin Xiang?”

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