Volume 10 Chapter 17 : To the Village of Learning Dragon Roars


“Is she… an important person… to you?” Sometime later, Valarie’s voice suddenly sounded from behind which shocked Lin Xiang and he quickly withdrew his hand from Risa’s hair.

“Oh, Valarie…” He turned around and faced Valarie who was walking in from the door. Lin Xiang was like a child who had done a bad thing as he did not know how to place his hands.

Fortunately, he resisted the impulse at the time. If he kissed Risa in front of Valarie, he would definitely be labeled as a pervert by her.

Valarie stood in front of him and asked again, “Is she… an important person… to you?”

“Yes, I guess?”

Important person?

His mind flashed through the looks of Silent water and the other girls. They are all important people to me.

“Of course, Valarie is, too.” Lin Xiang added.

“…” Valarie looked at him with a slight change in her eyes. After a long time, she said, “Yes. We have to… treat important people… well. If we… lose them… then they’ll be gone.” Valarie spoke with a calm tone, but it had a hint of sorrow in her voice. She must have missed Venus.

“Ah, this is a must. I will cherish all of you.”

————In the Morning

When Lin Xiang woke up, Valarie was sitting next to him. She was looking out the window, and he was unsure what she was thinking.

She slept aside with Lin Xiang last night. Although Reidy disagreed, Valarie was a fire dragon after all. There was no way to beat her in a fight. Even if she spoke about it, Valarie did not give an answer. She had no choice but to give up with disagreeing.

As if noticing Lin Xiang’s gaze, Valarie turned her head to look at him, and the low but unwavering voice sounded, “Good… morning.”

“Well, good morning.”

Lin Xiang rolled over and got out of bed.

His spirit today was very good. Since the battle against the demons, he had not felt so refreshing for a long time. With the supply of dragon energy, it was dashingly cool. The Lin Xiang now finally had a little understanding of what it was like when Silent Water and the others gained magic powers after having no magic power for a while.

“I’m… hungry.” Valarie’s voice pulled him back from his feeling of gratitude.

“Alright, let’s go and make a meal now.”


When he walked out of the room, the door of the next room opened. He proceeded to meet Risa, who was yawning, walking out.

“My head hurts…” Risa’s clothes looked a little messy because of her sleep. The loose collar hung down, and the collarbone, white shoulders, and some kind of pink band on the shoulders were all exposed.

Lin Xiang looked away slightly, and greeted her, “Yo, good morning, Risa.”

“Huh?” Risa, who was hitting her forehead looked over, tilted her head, looked into his eyes and blinked twice. She straightened her head again and shook it, “Have I not woken up yet… That fellow Xiang called me by my name or something, so I’ll just go back to sleep again…” With that, Risa really turned and went back to the room.

“Hey, what are you doing? Didn’t you tell me to call your name instead of your last name last night?”

“Huh?” Risa turned her head, and looked at him blankly. She stretched out her hand to pinch his arm.

“Ah- It hurts, it really hurts.” She used a lot of strength for that, so he could not resist from yelling out, and pushed her hand away.

“I’m not dreaming?”


“Say it again?”

“Ah- It hurts, it really hurts?”

“I meant about the name!”

“Uh… Risa?”

“Oh my God, I fell asleep vaguely last night. After I got up this morning, my head felt very heavy. Xiang even start calling my name. What’s the matter?”

“Last night, you ate fish with cooking wine and you got drunk. You really don’t remember anything?”

“I don’t remember…” Risa shook her head.

What the heck, so it turns out that her confessions were just her drunk speech last night. Really, I cant believe she gave me butterflies in my stomach all night.

Lin Xiang reached out his hands and shook her head, “If you forget it, then leave it. It’s nothing anyway.”

“Is it you who put me on the bed?” Risa slapped his hand, but he did not let go. He was still shaking her, making her messy hair even messier.

“Yes. I didn’t expect you to act like that after drinking something alcoholic.”

“I have inherited my mother’s physique, and my father is also a person who couldn’t handle alcohols. He will speak crazy after a few drinks. You know that.”

“Yeah.” Lin Xiang also thought of the sloppy uncle he saw at Risa’s house. He really did not understand how such a person could marry someone like Risa’s beautiful mother and raised Risa.

“Last night… you… didn’t do anything bad to me, right?” Risa suddenly questioned.

“No, no.” Lin Xiang shook his head quickly, how could he say something like almost kissing her.

“Then… I didn’t say anything strange, did I?”

“Does ‘you like me’ count?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Risa’s eyes suddenly widened.

“I said that?”

“Yeah. It shocked me at the time. But it turns out you were talking drunk.” Lin Xiang touched the back of his head and smiled.

“Tsk… stupid…” Risa’s voice was like a mosquito. Although he heard it, he did not understand why she suddenly called him stupid.

Moron.’ Freed also sighed suddenly, which made Lin Xiang felt stranger.


Risa did not take a shower yesterday, and the suitcase was delivered last night, so she took a change of clothes, tidied up her somewhat messy appearance, and went downstairs with Lin Xiang to find a bathhouse.

As soon as they got down to the lobby, they saw Leon sitting at the table. He was eating steamed buns.

“Uncle Leon.” Lin Xiang greeted him.

“Huh?” Leon was stunned when he looked at him, it should be because of the recovery of dragon energy in his body.

“Lin Xiang, come and sit down. Do you want some steamed buns?”

“No need. Silent Water and the others seemed to be going out to buy breakfast ingredients. Uncle Leon can leave some space in your stomach to eat our breakfast.”

“No, time is a bit tight. You can also eat steamed buns. We will go to another village in a moment. There, a friend and I will teach you Dragon Roars. I plan to spend two days for you to learn the Tyrannosaurus Roar. As for the Dragon Roar of Madness, it depends on whether you have that ability or not.”

“I wanted to ask, what is the difference between the Tyrannosaurus Roar, Dragon Roar of Madness, and the Dragon’s Roar?”

Lin Xiang remembered that Demon General said the names of those two Dragon Roars after he used the Dragon’s Roar against it.

“The Tyrannosaurus Roar is an upgraded version of the Dragon’s Roar. The Dragon Roar of Madness is an enhanced version of the Tyrannosaurus Roar. Let’s put it this way, the Tyrannosaurus Roar has no attributes, and it only emits energy. However, because the energy is too strong, there is a shock wave, so it looks like a Dragon Roar of wind attributes. Its function is to use energy clusters to blow objects away. Although the Tyrannosaurus Roar and the Dragon Roar of Madness also used the energy clusters to blows objects away, the effect is much greater than that of the Dragon’s Roar, especially the Dragon Roar of Madness. Its power is the most amazing among all roars. Many Dragon Descendants are no capable of learning it.” At the end, Leon simply put down the steamed bun that he had bitten into. He then paused to see if Lin Xiang had any other questions, so he could answer.

“Then…are there any other Dragon Roars? For example, Elemental Dragon Roar?”

“Elemental Dragon Roar? There’s a lot of them. In fact, Dragon Roar is the result of the dragon’s language and the ability of the dragon energy to burst out. As for the Elemental Dragon Roar, you can’t learn it without a certain ability. There was a situation of a pure-blooded Dragon Descendants. He only spent an hour learning the Tyrannosaurus Roar, and a day for the Dragon Roar of Madness. Such a powerful learning talent just can’t learn the Elemental Dragon Roar, so he can only continue learning other ordinary Dragon Roars. Everyone felt that it was a pity. For the time being, you should learn the Tyrannosaurus Roar properly, and don’t think about other things.”

“Oh.” Lin Xiang nodded. It turned out that Elemental Dragon Roar was so difficult to learn. Lin Xiang was able to learn the Fire Dragon’s Roar was all thanks to Valarie.

“Then, does Uncle Leon know any Dragon Roars?” Lin Xiang took a bun with his hand and listened to Leon’s answer.

“Me? I knew about the three mentioned just now, plus the Wind Dragon’s Roar, Speed ● Footsteps, Speed ● Items, and Speed ● Sprint. Only seven.”

“Wow, what do they do?”

It’s all the names I’ve never heard of.

“The power of the Wind Dragon’s Roar is similar to that of the Tyrannosaur Roar. It’s just that the Tyrannosaurus Roar emits an energy group, but the roar of the Wind Dragon emits a whirlwind. Of course, the attack power of the Wind Dragon’s Roar is related to its own dragon energy. No, it was the same for all basic Elemental Dragon Roars. The more dragon energy, the greater the power it exerts. Moreover, if you want to learn other Elemental Dragon Roars, you must learn the basics first, like me. It was because I learned the basic Elemental Dragon Roars, so that I could master the Wind Dragon’s Roar.” After a pause, Leon proceeded.

“As for Speed ● Footsteps, I can only pronounce the words ‘Speed ● Footsteps’. If I use it, my speed can reach the speed of the wind. For Speed ● Sprint, I also learned its pronunciation, and the effect is to attach the wind to your body to form an offensive and defensive protective barrier. It can be used to dash forward under its lead. You can use it when you can’t beat the enemy, or when you attack. Meanwhile, I also the pronunciations for Speed ​​● Item. This Dragon Roar’s effect is to enchant the wind onto an object, which strengthens the object’s aggression and durability, and greatly increases the attack speed. Generally, there are two pronunciations of the Dragon Roars. Only when you learn the complete pronunciation, can you unleash its best strength. All the above contained the word ‘Speed’, which meant that they are all Wind Dragon’s Roars. They are just a small part to the family of Wind Dragon’s Roars though.”

“Even so, it’s amazing! In other words, Speed ● Item is a bit like a wind-type combat technician enchanting the wind on a weapon, right?”

“Yes, the effect is almost the same, so it’s acceptable to say that God is fair. Although our Dragon Descendant’s spiritual power is weak, but our soul energy is not. If you learn how to roar, the strength will not be worse than the spiritual power casters. We can be better than them and even stronger!” Leon obviously increased the volume of his voice when he said the last sentence. It seemed that he had suffered a lot because of weak spiritual power before. Even the nerdy Lin Xiang was also like that…

“Okay, there are some instructions but I’ll wait until we arrive in that village. Time is running out. We’ll leave later once you fill up your stomach.”

“Oh.” Lin Xiang started gnawing on the buns in his hand.

“Xiang, are you going to leave?” Lin Xiang heard Risa’s voice came from behind, only to remember that she was still next to him. His mind was full of Dragon Roars just now.

“You just heard it.”

“When will you be back?”

“In about two days. You guys can stay here to play first. I’m sorry I can’t accompany you.”

“It’s fine, you are here to learn the Dragon Roar anyway. Good luck!” Risa made a cheering gesture to Lin Xiang, “Then I’ll go take a bath first.”

“Alright. When Silent Water and the others are back, please help me notify them.”


Looking at Risa’s back, Lin Xiang recalled the important person Valarie said last night. His heart’s determination to learn Dragon Roar got even stronger. No matter how difficult it was, he must master them, in order to protect them…

“By the way, Uncle Leon, I have a merciless request.”

“Go ahead.”

“You see, girls spend quite a lot of money, so can you give them more money? The money you gave yesterday was almost spent. But rest assured, I will return you. What is your bank card number? I will transfer it to you.”

“How big of a problem is this? Your principal knew this a long time ago, so he gave me a lot of money. After a while, I will hand it over to the boss here. He is a relative of mine, so don’t worry about your credibility, he will finish the count and pass it to them. If you want to pay back the money, just give it back to the principal who loves you. I really don’t understand, you are just one of his students. Why did he cares so much about you?”

“Well… there are many reasons for this…”

After listening to Leon’s words, Lin Xiang’s heart was warm. Grandpa Mitsu’s kind face appeared in front of him. He wanted to become stronger. In addition to protecting Risa and the others, he must also live up to the expectations of Grandpa Mitsu and Grandpa Qian Libing. Ah… Even his old uncle.

Moreover, he also knew that the boss was polite to them because of Leon’s connections.


“Where… are you going.” Valarie asked when she saw Lin Xiang was packing clean clothes.

“I’m going to learn Dragon Roars for about two days, so I can’t make breakfast for you. But Silent Water would prepare them like mine. She will be back in a while. You will have to bear it first.”

“I will… go too.” Valarie jumped out of bed and walked towards Lin Xiang slowly.

“You too? What is Valarie going there for?” Valarie’s response surprised him a little. Could it be that she wanted to learn Dragon Roars too? She was already qualified enough to be a teacher.

“No, I want to… look at Dragon Descendant’s… life.”

“Is your stomach alright?”

“It’s alright. Just… a little hungry.”

“Well, if you want to come, follow along… But remember not to be exposed, and try not to talk to others if you can.”

“Yes.” Valarie nodded.


“This little girl is…” After he packed up some clothes, brushed his teeth and cleansed his face, Lin Xiang went back downstairs to find Leon standing outside the entrance. He was curious about Valarie beside him.

“Her? She’s one of my relatives.”

“I didn’t see her when we came.”

“Uh…she hid in the suitcase and followed me here…”

What am I talking about? This kind of lie is far-fetched. Besides, the plane has security check…

“This kid is too bold. What if we lose her?” Leon obviously did not find any faults in the lie that Lin Xiang just made up, and believed it. But thinking about it, Leon did not bring any luggage, and he should also live in Dragonborn Village. He rarely left, so he might not know that there were security checks.

“She wants to go with you?” Leon asked.


“Ha, little girl.” Leon smiled and squatted down, his wrinkled skin folded layer upon layer because of his smile, “The place where this big brother and I are going is not fun. Why don’t you stay here with your big sisters?”

“…” Valarie did not answer and just stared at Leon.

She really took the “Try not to talk to others” into account. It seemed that she had memorized what Lin Xiang just said.

“Good girl, be obedient and stay here.” In Leon’s eyes, Valarie was just a little girl. He stretched out his hand to touch her head, but she took a step back and avoided him.

“Sorry, Uncle Leon, she is a bit scared of strangers and doesn’t speak much, but I promise that taking her there will never cause any trouble.”

“This… let me first explain that the village we are going to was named Parche (meaning: Patch) Village. It is a village specializing in learning and practicing Dragon Roars. If you take a little girl to go there, she might get hurt by mistake or something.”

“It’s okay. She’s afraid of strangers and won’t leave me. I’ll take good care of her. Right, Valarie?”

“Yes.” Valarie nodded.

“All right, but remember what you said. Don’t let her cause trouble, and don’t let her get into trouble.”

“I will remember.”


Leaving the building, Lin Xiang took Valarie, followed Leon, and walked down the street. After multiple left and right turns, they arrived at the end of the street.

At the end of the street, there were relatively few people and there were not many buildings. Therefore, certain buildings there would seem very conspicuous. No, even if it was in the center of the street, it was equally dashing.

It has a huge floor area, and its structure was similar to that of a breeding farm in a ranch. Several large wooden piles were used as beams to support the top. There was no gate, and one row of breeding pens was seen when he looked in. Those breeding pens were not for cows or sheep, but dragons that were as strong as rhinos.

The dragons they had seen before had streamlined bodies and wide wings, but those dragons were not like that. As mentioned earlier, they were just like rhinos. They had no wings and were incredibly huge, more than two meters tall and four meters long. They had strong hind legs and front limbs. However, although their front limbs were strong, they were not long. The difference between them and other dragons was that they stood on two feet. If dragons with wings were born to fly, then those kinds were born to run.

Several tables were at the entrance. In front of them were some Dragon Descendants in robes, who must be breeders or something. Leon took a few steps forward, looked back at Lin Xiang and Valarie, and motioned for them to follow.

“I want two Swift Earth Dragons.” That was Leon’s first sentence.

“Well, register here and pay…Master Leon, it’s you, huh? Who are those two little fellows?” A middle-aged man in a robe looked at Lin Xiang and Valarie.

“The ones I brought.” Leon responded while writing something on the paper at the table.

“Really? That boy has some dragon spirit, but that little girl doesn’t. Where are you going to take them?”

“Parche Village.”

“The training village? Isn’t it wrong to take a little girl with no dragon spirit there?”

“It’s okay. The boy promised he would watch her. I believe in him. Besides, you said she has no dragon spirit, so such a little girl certainly won’t cause any trouble.”

“Yes, but keep her away from the training grounds.”

“I know this. The form has been filled out. Here is the fee.” Leon handed a strange banknote to the middle-aged man. That kind of banknote was the currency in Olipolia, and it was about the size of Japanese currency, with some portraits printed on it. It was just that there was no character on it, but a certain kind of dragon.

After paying the fee, another person wearing a long robe took out two Swift Earth Dragons from the breeding pen, saddled them, said a few words to them, and then let the two dragons walked out.

Two huge creatures walked towards them slowly, and Lin Xiang could finally have a clear look on their appearances.

The lustrous earth-gray skin gave people a very hard feeling at first glance. Their claws were not sharp, but blunt. They seemed to have evolved to adapt in running. They had a sharp horn on their heads, which were used to hit the enemy in close proximity. Some were like unicorns in fairy tales, but they did not have that beauty. Generally speaking, Swift Earth Dragons gave a terrifying vibe, like some kind of large carnivore.

There was a long saddle on their backs, which wrapped their backs and abdomen as if they were wearing clothes. Its length was enough for two people to sit in.

The Swift Earth Dragons got closer and closer. Suddenly, it stopped three meters away from them, and retreated themselves with a low growl, returning to the breeding ground.

Lin Xiang could see from their gray pupils that they were afraid, and the source of their fear was Valarie next to him.

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