Volume 10 Chapter 18 : Parche Village


“What’s the matter? Dora, Dosan?” It might be that the situation had not happened before, so the Dragon Descendant breeder was puzzled.

Howl-” The two Swift Earth Dragons slowly backed away, and growled at Valarie.

“Good boy, good girl.” Leon walked to the middle of the dragons, stroking their necks constantly.

Too bad, Leon’s soothing method did not work at all, and the two Swift Earth Dragons kept backing away.

“Hey, Valarie, they seem to be afraid of you? What’s the matter?” Lin Xiang whispered to Valarie.

“Low rank… so they… fear me.”

Valarie was an ancient dragon, so those dragons should be just ordinary dragons. Because of identity and blood line, lower-ranked dragons would have a sense of fear for higher-ranked dragons…

“Then what do we do? Valarie, we are going to ride on them to get to the other village. If they back away, then we can’t go anymore.”

Valarie looked up at Lin Xiang, then looked at the two Swift Earth Dragons that were slowly retreating, and simply said two words, “Come here.”

Her voice remained unchanged, but her tone was full of command.

“Woo…” The two Swift Earth Dragons stopped, looked at each other, and then walked towards them and stood in front of Valarie.

“Good fellow.” Valarie patted one of the dragon’s thigh. Another dragon saw that and immediately put on a flattering appearance.

“You too.” Valarie stretched out her other hand without hesitation and patted the side of the other dragon.


That stunned Leon and the Dragon Descendants who were in charge of the dragons. They were speechless.

“Squat down.”

As soon as Valarie finished speaking, the two dragons immediately bent their hind knees. They all turned the saddles on their backs towards her.

Howl-” At that moment, one of the dragons roared at the other dragon. Another Swift Earth Dragon also uttered a roar in response, as if they were about to fight at the moment. They should be struggling to carry Valarie and flatter her. Their attitudes have also changed too fast.

“No… quarrelling.”

“…” The two Swift Earth Dragons looked at Valarie and immediately fell silent.

“Which… do you want… to sit on.” Valarie turned her head back and asked Lin Xiang.

“Then…this…” They both looked the same, so it was difficult for Lin Xiang to choose. He just pointed to the one on the right.


“Boom, boom, boom.” Heavy footsteps echoed rhythmically.

At that moment, Valarie and Lin Xiang were sitting on a Swift Earth Dragon. She sat in the front, leaned back, with her head resting on his chest, and completely using him as a chair. But, Lin Xiang did not complain about that.

Lin Xiang had never ridden a horse, but the feeling of riding a horse should be the same as it was now. With the vigorous pace of the Swift Earth Dragons, their bodies swayed slightly from side to side. The cool breeze blew along from the depths of the forest, mixed with the fragrance of green grass and flowers, which were music to his ears. The setting sun in the morning shined on his face through the leaves. It was very warm.

It was a comfortable moment.

Dragon-riding was so fun. They ran very fast, so the surrounding trees that passed them were like a fast-forward movie.

“This little girl…what’s her background?” Leon, who had not spoken since just now, voiced up.

It seemed that he could not suppress the doubts in his heart.

Just a few minutes ago, Valarie scared Leon and the breeder, but no matter how the Dragon Descendants asked, Valarie did not answer. They asked Lin Xiang too, but he could only smile wryly. Alas, all they could do was holding their doubts in their stomachs. And now, Leon must have been too curious.

However, Lin Xiang could not tell him that Valarie was an ancient dragon or something. Although he still had a good impression of Leon, who knew what he would do to Valarie when he found out? Even if he did not do anything, what if he accidentally shared that information, who knew if anyone else would be against Valarie? Lin Xiang would never let Valarie get hurt.

“Well…I don’t know about that too well. It’s like being able to communicate with animals.” Lin Xiang made up a reason casually.

“I never knew there was still such an ability, but… why were these two dragons afraid of her…”

“I don’t know that.”

“Really.” Leon was lost in thought.

Swift Earth Dragons moved very fast, almost comparable to the speed of a car. While enjoying the scenery, Lin Xiang felt the fun of riding a dragon. At the end of the road, something like a building unknowingly appeared.

“Are we here?” Lin Xiang asked.

“No, this is only the second village. We are going to the fourth, the village closest to the town.”

“Oh, how long will we arrive there?”

“At this rate, thirty minutes later.”


They were on the way to the fourth village, the village named Parche. Along the way, Lin Xiang saw a lot of beautiful scenery.

Curved mountain roads, stretches of rivers, green forests, high mountains straight into the sky, clouds on the horizon that are dyed red by the rising sun… Such scenes were really rare. A thirty-minute journey was really not that long. On the contrary, Lin Xiang still felt that the time was too short, because his sight was all attracted by those beautiful picturesque sceneries.

There were fewer tourists in the village when they got farther. Instead, there were more fields around the village where various kinds of food were planted. Among them, many children were playing and chasing around in the nearby fields. Seeing them so happy, Lin Xiang was also delighted.

Fortunately, those children grew up there. If they grew up in the outside world, they would definitely be like Lin Xiang before, the book nerd. That kind of childhood…would only increase the burden of memory.

Passing through a small forest again, the fourth village appeared in front of them.

From a distance, it gave people an impression of a fortress.

Valarie also sat up, looking at the fortress-like village of Parche.

The previous three villages were composed of various residential houses, with only fields and woods on the outside. But that village had no fields, no woods, and the surrounding area was all flat land, and there were also brick walls on the periphery. Those walls were very high, and they seemed to be there for numerous decades, so they looked a lot like some city walls. Lin Xiang did not know if it was even appropriate to call it a village.

As the Swift Earth Dragons flew, Parche Village got closer.

Lin Xiang could still see a lot of flying dragons hovering above them. No, not only flying dragons, there were people sitting on it. They should be the flying dragon patrol team that Leon said. He also saw them when he passed the two villages before. But they just flew over the head all at once, so he did not pay much attention to them.

There was a gap in the middle part of the wall. It had no gates and was unguarded, so anyone could enter directly.

Although the wall resembled a city wall, when viewed from the entrance, the building inside was not the barracks, just ordinary houses. However, the houses there were obviously larger than those in the previous three villages, giving Lin Xiang the feeling of a dormitory.

“Lin Xiang, don’t have conflict with others after entering, especially those who are not wearing robes.” Leon looked at him and said.

“Conflict won’t happen, but what happened to those who didn’t wear robes?”

“Parche Village is a place dedicated to learning and training Dragon Roars. The young Dragon Descendants of Olipolia are here to learn and practice Dragon Roar. In the previous villages, you didn’t see much of people the same age as you, right?”

What Leon said was true. Most of the people in previous villages were adults or children.

“You didn’t see any of them, did you? That’s because it’s a good time to learn Dragon Roar at your age, so they are all here. What I just said, pay attention to those who don’t wear robes, because they belong to the aristocrats of the Dragon Descendants. You know about those nobles, right?”

“I do…”

“Well, you and the little girl should be careful. But even for the nobles, there are only a few people who are more arrogant. There are some who are very kind, like princesses.”


As their conversation continued, they had entered the village of Parche. The Swift Earth Dragons slowed their pace and stopped at the breeding farm.

The structure of the breeding farm there was no different from that of the first village, except that it was larger. There were some Swift Earth Dragons living in it, and there were other little flying dragons that Lin Xiang had not seen before.

The dragons they rode stopped at the door, bent their hind legs, and let them down. Lin Xiang remembered the Dragon Descendant at the first village said something to them when they were just taken out of the breeding pen. It should have been telling them the destination, otherwise they would have stopped at the breeding grounds of the first two villages. A creature like a dragon was much smarter than many creatures.

He thought in awe and jumped off the dragon’s back. Turning to look at Valarie, she was looking at the ground. The dragon’s back was a little high. It might be easier to climb up, but if they had to jump down, the saddle would be obstructive, especially for people with short height. Therefore, Lin Xiang just smiled and stretched out his hands and carried her down like a child.

Valarie did not say anything after coming down, but just looked at the surrounding environment. She was not a real child. As a noble dragon, how could she not even be able to get off a dragon back. Lin Xiang suddenly realized that his approach was a bit silly. Fortunately, Valarie did not complain about that.

In the distance, there was a building resembling a church, on which hung an old big clock, without a second hand, only a long minute hand and a short-but-wide hour hand. The time displayed at the moment was 8:40.

“The time is now 8:40. Training starts at nine o’clock. You have to live here for about two days. I will take you to decide where to live.” Leon looked at the big clock in the distance and said to Lin Xiang.

“Alright.” As he responded, Lin Xiang picked up the package on the dragon’s back, which contained his change of clothes, toothbrush and other necessities. At that time, the breeder outside the farm was beckoning to the two Swift Earth Dragons to let them pass. It was just that the two Swift Earth Dragons did not bulge, and just stared at Valarie.

“Thanks… guys. Good job. Go… eat something… to take… a break.”

Howl-” The two dragons made soft sounds, which should have been to say goodbye to Valarie, and then walked towards the breeding ground.

“This is really amazing… This kid will definitely become a great dragon trainer.” Leon looked at Valarie with appreciation in his eyes.

“Little girl, do you want to…” Leon walked to Valarie and just squatted down before he finished speaking, Valarie took a step back, just like not wanting to hear Leon speak.

Leon probably wanted to ask Valarie if she wanted to become a dragon trainer or something. But, Valarie was originally a dragon…

“Sorry, Uncle Leon, she’s afraid of strangers…” Lin Xiang smiled apologetically at Leon.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Leon did not mind that, and just waved his hand.

“Tummy…hungry.” Valarie turned her head and said to Lin Xiang.

“Yes, you haven’t had breakfast yet. Uncle Leon, is there a breakfast shop or something here?”

“It’s not like the first village here. That village is open for tourists, so there are more commercial buildings. In this case, it’s different. All the food and everything here are free of charge. After all, it is to train young people. Let’s just ignore the accommodation and others for now. I’ll take you to the restaurant first. Don’t let her go hungry. If you want to eat, eat quickly. The time to gather is almost here. You need to see what the training of the Dragon Descendants look like.”


On the way to the restaurant, Valarie and Lin Xiang received the attention of many young Dragon Descendants. Most of them were looking at them curiously, a few were disdainful.

Like Leon said, Parche Village had no commercial shops at all. The buildings there were just like dormitories. Some characters were written on the door and wall that he had not seen before. There were some symbolic ornaments that were hung on the wall as well.

For example, they were now parked in front of a beautiful building with food labels on the door. If it was not for the label of food, then Lin Xiang really could hardly tell that it was a place to eat.

The dining room looked a bit like a small gymnasium on the outside. It was a one-story building with a slightly semicircular top. The door was made of cement, so he could not see what was inside. Leon told them to catch up, and proceeded to open the door.

Hot, noisy, and crowded, were Lin Xiang’s first feeling.

Dozens of tables were placed in an orderly manner, and a group of Dragon Descendants of his age were eating breakfast, chatting and other usual routines. The tables there were similar to the short tables in the school cafeteria, which was able to seat six people.

After several counting, there were more than two hundred people there. Some of them wore long robes, but some wore short ones. All of them had different styles of robes.

“This is the restaurant. There is the area to get food, and there is a back door on the corner over there. When you walked out of it, you will see the bathroom…”

Leon introduced to the duo about the brief layout of the restaurant, which made Lin Xiang feel that the restaurant there was no different from the school cafeteria, even though he rarely went there.

“Should I show anything to get a meal here?” Lin Xiang had a question.

“As long as you are a Dragon Descendant, you can get free food. But your little girl is not a Dragon Descendant… but it doesn’t matter, I will just talk to the person-in-charge first. Come with me.”

“Let’s go, Valarie. We’re going to have breakfast.”

“Yes.” Valarie and Lin Xiang followed Leon to the place where the meal was served.


When Leon was talking with the auntie, Lin Xiang looked around carefully.

There were six windows for serving rice, which were similar to the queue windows of the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant.

The six aunties who were preparing the meal were standing behind a long counter at a certain interval, and the line was surrounded by railings on both sides, which should prevent the people from jumping queues or something.

There were soup spoons, chopsticks, knives and forks on the counter, probably for the sake of easy eating for the Dragon Descendants of different nationalities. Behind the aunties, was a big shelf with many iron pans full of food.

Leon talked to auntie for a while with a language Lin Xiang did not hear before, and then called them over.

“Hello.” Because he did not know if the other party could speak Japanese, so Lin Xiang spoke to her in simple English. (Note: Remember that MC is Chinese and speaks Japanese all this time!)

“Haha, boy, I heard from Teacher Leon, you speak Japanese, right? It doesn’t matter, just speak Japanese to me.”

“Huh?” Lin Xiang was weirded out. They obviously could speak Japanese, just now, why did they…

Boy, Dragon Descendants are humans who can use Dragon Roars. Each language has each of their different pronunciations. The language of dragons cannot be uttered in the vocal cords of ordinary humans, but people like Dragon Descendants can do it. You have also heard the stressed Dragon Descendant said that the Dragon Roar is the result of the created explosion between dragon language and dragon energy. Therefore, could the speaking of Dragon descendants be any worse? Remember when you read English books and found that all letters can be understood? This is half of its reason, and the other half is because Yalide and I have floated in countless parallel worlds, so we have learned a lot of languages. We are in your body, so we share languages. However, we haven’t heard the language they just spoke, so you can’t understand it.

‘Oh, it turned out to be like this.’

There should be no such place as Olipolia in the parallel world, right…

“What’s the matter? Is it surprising for me to speak Japanese? This is the talent of Dragon Descendants. The people here can speak at least three languages. Many of them can speak Japanese, so you don’t have to worry about no one speaking your mother tongue.” The auntie said with a smile.

“No… I’m actually Chinese…”

“Oh? Chinese? The same as me.” Auntie’s words changed drastically, and suddenly they became the Chinese language that Lin Xiang had not heard in a long time.

“Master Leon told me to be nice to you. Originally, I thought it would be fine for you to be a Dragon Descendant, but that little girl is not, which is a bit unreasonable. But, since everyone is from the same country, I will treat you some extras. Come on, haven’t you had breakfast yet? Tell me what you want to eat.”

“Thank you, aun…” Lin Xiang just wanted to say ‘auntie’, but Freed suddenly asked him to greet her with ‘sister’ instead. He took a look at the auntie who served the meal… She was at least thirty years old, and her body was a little blessed. Wouldn’t she be more suitable to be called an auntie? However, since Freed said so, there must be some reason to it.

“Thank you, sister.” Lin Xiang followed Freed’s orders.

“Oh my—You are so good at talking. Come, hurry up and tell sister what you want to eat.” She looked very happy.

“Valarie, what do you want to eat?” Lin Xiang lowered his head and asked Valarie.


“Alright. Sister, she eats a lot…so…” Lin Xiang placed his hand on Valarie’s head and patted her to make her look cute, making her look more like his younger sister.

“Speak up, it’s okay.” Maybe because of the word ‘sister’, the auntie’s attitude was extraordinarily positive.

“She wants to eat fish, and needs a lot…”

“Fish? Alright.” Auntie picked up a clean plate from behind, walked to a shelf and picked up several sea fish with iron tongs. After that, another bowl of white rice was placed in front of them.

She leaned out from the counter and smiled at Valarie, “Is this enough? Sister really likes children who eat a lot.”

Valarie did not answer. After seeing that, the auntie did not care so much anymore, so she turned her gaze to Lin Xiang, “How about you? Don’t you want to eat it?”

To be honest, Lin Xiang had eaten a few steamed buns, so he was not so hungry. It was just that those fish and a bowl of white rice were not enough for Valarie, so he still ordered the same food as her.

Leon watched from the side, and saw them getting their breakfast. He reminded them to not forget the chopsticks, and took them to a nearby table.

Leon and Lin Xiang were sitting on one side, and Valarie was sitting across from them. Because Valarie was not accustomed to using chopsticks, and the spoon was obviously not very useful when eating fish, she grabbed the tail of the fish directly after sitting down, opened her small mouth and bit it. Soon, just like gnawing an apple, a sea fish was left with only white bones.

“This…” Leon was speechless after looking at her. On the other hand, Lin Xiang was clearly used to seeing her eat, so it seemed like nothing, and he just watched her enjoying her breakfast.

In just two minutes, Valarie ate her portion, Lin Xiang gently pushed his portion over, and Valarie continued to eat unceremoniously.

Slurp-slurp-” Valarie stuck out her small tongue and licked her fingers like a cat.

Apart from the tableware, there were only a dozen white fish bones left on the table.

“Are you full?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Almost… but it’s okay.” She licked her hands while responding. Valarie was really cute now, if there was an expression on her face, it would be even better.

“Really? Then, we’ll eat at noon again.”

“Yes.” Valarie nodded.

“In this case, let’s head to the training area.” Leon spoke and stood up.

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