Volume 10 Chapter 19 : ‘Ge’


After tidying the leftovers and bringing them to the cutlery recycling office. Valarie and Lin Xiang followed Leon out of the restaurant.

They were heading to the training place of the Dragon Descendants soon, and Lin Xiang felt a little excited.

After breakfast, many people in the restaurant walked along the way to the training grounds just like them. Among them, there were several Dragon Descendants who knew Leon and walked with them side by side.

“Teacher Leon, is this boy a newcomer?” a girl asked. She had fair complexion and blond hair, so she certainly spoke English there.


“What’s your nationality? Chinese? Japanese? Or?” A boy kept changing his language and asked Lin Xiang.

“Chinese, but I live in Japan.” When he came, Lin Xiang did not understand a lot, so he thought that he should have a good relationship with them. That was why he answered all— their curious questions.

Some of the girls wanted to talk to Valarie and touch her head when they saw that she was cute, but Valarie completely ignored the conversation. When others wanted to touch her, she avoided. In that regard, Lin Xiang could only smile bitterly.

The noble ancient dragon is not what all of you can touch casually.


The group crossed the streets, and walked towards the entrance when they came. They arrived at the open space on the right that was located outside the wall.

The area was very spacious, it should be the size of two football fields. There were no plants, only scattered grass on the ground and some tree roots that have been cut down. At first glance, Lin Xiang knew that that was a man-made open space, a place for the Dragon Descendants to release the Dragon Roars. At the moment, more than three hundred young Dragon Descendants gathered in the open space, and there were more to come behind them.

The Dragon Descendants were divided into more than ten teams, just like students from different classes attending a physical education class together.

Those Dragon Descendants who were walking with them waved their hands to Valarie and Lin Xiang. They said something like “see you at noon”, and walked towards one of the teams.

“As you can see, the young Dragon Descendants are gathered here. They are divided into different teams and are taught differently. The few who spoke to you just now are the students I teach.” Leon faced Lin Xiang and spoke.


“Yes. Young Dragon Descendants are usually taught by two more senior Dragon Descendants. The one with me just now is my friend. During the time I teach you, he will work harder. After all, there are twenty people in one team here. They are all in the breakthrough period, and will soon learn Dragon Roar of Madness, so I cannot teach you for too long. If you can learn the Tyrannosaurus Roar, then you can choose whether to stay and continue learning the Dragon Roar of Madness with my other students. It depends on your understanding and talent if you can master it, or not.

“Understood.” Lin Xiang nodded, and then said to Valarie, “Valarie, don’t walk around.”

Valarie did not speak, just nodded. But thinking about that carefully, Lin Xiang felt that he was too worried about her, because Valarie herself was not like Dusty, who would run around. She would definitely follow him around.

“Now, let’s take a look at the trainings of the Dragon Descendants. It’s almost nine o’clock, and the training will begin in a while.”

Just when he finished speaking, “Duang!” there was a loud chime in the wall on the back of the field, and all the birds in the distance flew away. The sound should be made by the church-like building, and it was already nine o’clock…

The Dragon Descendants who was still walking there accelerated their pace and entered their teams.

No, it should not be teams, they were already considered as classes, and they were taught according to their abilities.

As the students of Dragon Descendants entered their respective teams, a group of people in long robes also walked from not far away.

They should be the mentors to teach the young Dragon Descendants. Squinting his eyes slightly, Lin Xiang could see that they were all elderly people. The youngest was in their thirties and the oldest is in their sixties.

The dragon aura exuding from them was strong, some of them were much stronger than Leon. Those Dragon Descendants who were full of dragon spirit, needless to say, they were students with better teaching ability.

Lin Xiang looked at the students in the team, except for the two teams, the rest were all wearing long or short robes. The two teams that di not wear robes looked extremely dazzling among the Dragon Descendants group with piles of robes. The ratio of men to women was relatively balanced, and their dress was somewhat similar to that of some nobles in the Western Middle Ages, which highlighted a kind of nobleness. Especially one of the girls with pink hair in a princess dress gave people a bright feeling.

Those people should be the aristocrats Leon mentioned. In other words, did that mean non-aristocrats could not wear other clothes… Then if Lin Xiang wanted to learn Dragon Roar, wouldn’t he also have to put on a robe?

“Um… Uncle Leon, it doesn’t matter if I wear these clothes, right?”

“Huh? It doesn’t matter. What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t wear a robe. Wouldn’t I be treated as an outsider or something?”

“Oh, about this, you won’t. The robes worn by those people and mine have the effect of accelerating the recovery of the dragon energy and weakening the attack of the Dragon Roars, but it can only weaken the Dragon’s Roar and the Tyrannosaurus Roar. It had no effect on Elemental Dragon Roars. Therefore, students who practice that and ordinary Dragon Roars were separated. Basically, those who wear robes are also still practicing ordinary Dragon Roars and those who wear short robes are practicing Elemental Dragon Roars. Remember this.”


“You will stand there after a while. Right there, you can see all the people who use Dragon Roars.” Leon pointed to the distance, where there was a raised hill. The distance was a little far away, but it was not a problem for Lin Xiang, whose eyesight had strengthened.

Leon went on, “Wait a minute, I’m going to the team, when everyone starts training, I will come over to teach you some basic knowledge of releasing the Tyrannosaurus Roar…”

During his speech, those Dragon Descendant tutors passed by their side, none of them glanced at Lin Xiang, and just walked straight forward. They must had been disdainful of his dragon spirit, so they did not to notice him.

“Leon, let’s go.” Well, at least one of them was still looking at Lin Xiang a few times and nodded slightly to him. Needless to say, that person was Leon’s friend.

That person looked younger than Leon. Although he was slightly old, he was not as old as Leon.

“Alright.” Leon patted him on the shoulder and walked side by side to a team with him.

Valarie and Lin Xiang walked towards the location designated by Leon and watched how the others learn and train their Dragon Roars.

Like a morning class meeting, each instructor announced something to the team they were teaching, and the general content was nothing more than the day’s training tasks.

After talking for about a few minutes, aside from the instructors of the two nobles in the Dragon Descendants team who were still talking to them, the other teams began to disperse to both sides of the open space. Those who wore long robes and those who wore short ones went in opposite directions. The teams on each side were separated from each other by a large distance. The Dragon Descendants of each team were lined up, facing the direction of the distant woods. The tutors stood on the side of the leading students. After giving a signal to the leading students, the leading one took a few steps forward.

Lin Xiang had to say that the position Leon showed him was very good. The line of sight there was just enough to see the people in the front line. Due to the proliferation of the team, some teams were standing not far from Lin Xiang. Among them, there was Leon’s team.

In front of the team led by Leon was the blonde foreign girl who he had just met, and she was talking to Leon and his friends. It was a little far away, and the surroundings were quite noisy, so Lin Xiang could not hear the content. After Leon nodded to her, she seemed to be full of confidence. She looked ahead, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

“Hooo—” She inhaled slowly, probably to a certain level, and then she opened her eyes suddenly, “Hage…!”

A burst of energy flew out with her roar and moved straight into the distance, raising the layers of dust and soil on the ground. At that time, the Dragon Descendants of some other teams also unleashed their Dragon Roars. Different roars resounded throughout the empty land. In addition, Lin Xiang also saw those short-robed Dragon Descendants on the other side spewing flames, frost and other elements.

However, was it the Dragon Roar of Madness that the girl just did? The power, coverage area, and distance were indeed much better than the Dragon’s Roar, but they were still a bit weaker than what Lin Xiang imagined.

Sigh—” The blonde girl who used the Dragon Roar of Madness seemed to be dejected. Leon’s friend patted her on the shoulder, and then she stood aside them and spoke something. The others behind her were lined up behind her. The next one took a few steps forward and released the Dragon Roar.

Looking at the expression of the blonde girl, it should be that Dragon Roar of Madness was not used. In that case, it was probably the Tyrannosaurus Roar.

It turned out that adding a pronunciation at the end of the roar could increase its power…

No, that is also based on the ability of the dragon energy and the pronunciation to show that.

‘I know. The more powerful moves require more energy.’

It’s nice if you can understand. Just now, you didn’t observe the girl’s appearance carefully. She actually wanted to make a third syllable, but couldn’t make it.

‘Can’t make the third syllable?’

Well, when she pronounced Hage a moment ago, she paused for a while. If you observe her carefully, you would find her throat was moving, but nothing came out, so in the end she uttered a two-syllable Dragon Roar of Madness.

‘Because of the pronunciation of the dragon language, actually, it was better to say that it’s the frequency. Most people can’t pronounce it. Although the Dragon Descendants can do that, it still depends on the talent and understanding, right…?’

Yes, that’s right.

After chatting with Freed again, Valarie took Lin Xiang’s hand.

“What’s wrong, Valarie?” He asked, looking at her.

“That man… kept watching… us.”

Following Valarie’s gaze, Lin Xiang found that the two noble teams had disbanded, but they did not have to train like other teams. Instead, they talked between the teams and to those who did not perform well. It seemed that the nobles were very powerful. They were worthy of being nobles, and they had the quality.

They were scattered between each team at the moment. As Valarie said, someone was looking at them, and that person was standing next to the team close to them. She was wearing a princess dress and a had dreamy pink hair.

Although the girl in the princess dress pretended to talk to other people, she would still sneak her glances on them from time to time. Noticing that Lin Xiang and Valarie were looking at her, she smiled at them, and continued to talk to the Dragon Descendants who failed the Dragon Roar.

Next to her stood a girl who was also an aristocrat. The girl had a round face and was very cute. Lin Xiang was unsure why he always felt as if he had seen her before. Was it an illusion?

“Maybe she thinks she hasn’t seen us before.” Lin Xiang thought like that.

“No, when you were… in a daze, she… watched you… so many times. No one else… was like this. And… the energy in her… body is very high.”

Indeed, Valarie was right. That pink-haired girl had a very high amount of dragon energy, even higher than some instructors. If she had such terrifying dragon energy, then her strength would certainly not be weak. Since she was so powerful, why did she pay extra attention to them? Lin Xiang’s dragon energy was slightly blocked by Freed, so he looked weaker. It was clearly impossible for her to look at him again. In conclusion, the girl was only looking at one person, and that was Valarie.

Lin Xiang remembered what Yalide said when shielding Valarie’s dragon energy, Valarie’s identity would not be known, unless it was a very senior Dragon Descendant who would have a special feeling. Since the girl was better than other Dragon Descendant instructors, her watch on Valarie showed she could feel that Valarie was a dragon.

However, that was just a speculation. The other party had not shown anything yet, so it was better not to jump to conclusions for the time being. Maybe she just thought Valarie was cute.

When Lin Xiang was thinking about things, Leon came over, “Did you see it? Dragon Roars are not so easy to learn. Come on, let’s go to a farther place to practice.”

A farther place? Leon was probably afraid that Lin Xiang would be a laughing stock while practicing. Indeed, who knew if that would happen. After all, the world revolved based on ability.

Valarie and Lin Xiang followed Leon to the edge of the empty field, which was close to the woods.

There, Leon said to Lin Xiang with some earnest words, “When you are studying the Dragon Roar, you must work hard. Don’t give up halfway, face up to your own abilities, and move forward courageously. No matter how difficult it is, if you get through it, you will succeed.”

“Alright.” Lin Xiang nodded.

“Good, I believe you can do it. Then, there are some things that I will explain now. Dragon Roar is the eruption result of dragon language and dragon energy. For Dragon’s Roar, there is only one syllable, that is ‘Ha’. For the Tyrannosaurus Roar, it’s ‘Ge’. Lastly, for Dragon Roar of Madness, it’s a ‘Le’. The combination is ‘Hagele’, which means destructive sound. Although we say it like this, it seems quite simple, but this is just a homophony of words, so it is very difficult to attach Dragon Roars to dragon language to activate it. Therefore, right now, I will show you the word ‘Ge’.”

Leon explained and took a deep breath. He then said a word in a deafening voice, ‘Ge’. The magic was that his voice was completely deafening, yet it did not seem like he was speaking loudly. A word Lin Xiang had never seen before appeared out of thin air.

The ethereal virtual character was a bit like smoke, but it did not disperse. Lin Xiang could not describe the shape of the character. He could only say that it looked and felt very powerful.

“This is the dragon’s character(龙).” After Leon finished speaking, the character turned into a faint energy and flowed into Lin Xiang’s body.

“Oh?” Lin Xiang looked at his hands and then at his feet. There was no change. What was the effect of the energy-like thing just now?

“Now, you already understand this syllable, but it depends on your ability to send it out. Come on, give it a try, and let out a Tyrannosaurus roar in the distance. When speaking, think about that syllable. Let’s use it together with the “Ha” of Dragon’s Roar.”

“Okay, I’ll try it.” As Lin Xiang said, he took a deep breath. It’s just using the two syllables ‘Hage’ together. It should be very simple.

“Hooo— Ha…!” An energy group flew for a certain distance and then slowly disappeared. A cloud of dust was lifted from the ground.

Lin Xiang felt difficult to describe his situation at that moment. The strange character just now was indeed deeply imprinted in his mind, and he also understood it. However, when he wanted to send the next syllable out after ‘Ha’, he could not do anything. It was like a kindergarten student learning new words. He had memorized the syllable firmly, but he could not pronounce it.

“It is fine. It was like this at first. Go take a break and come back later.” Leon encouraged him.

“Yes.” As he responded, Lin Xiang wondered how to make that sound.

The homophonic syllable ‘Ge’ was easy to pronounce, but changing to dragon language and adding the Dragon Roar made him feel like pronouncing it but unable to do so. He looked at the Dragon Descendants who were practicing in a distance, and then at Valarie who was also looking at him. There was a trace of pressure in his heart.

Was this how difficult it was to learn the Dragon Roars… There were clearly no burdens when Valarie taught him the Fire Dragon Roar though.

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