Volume 10 Chapter 20 : Place to Stay


Olipolia’s first village, Bisny Village, had an increase in tourists every day because of the Dragon-Training Festival.

There was an apartment in the village called “Take a Break”. At that moment, many people were sitting in the hall, having breakfast. Among them, there was a table with six eye-catching beautiful girls. They had their own characteristics, and were indeed extremely rare combinations of beauties.

Such a beautiful combination, no matter how noisy the surrounding was, they all enjoyed breakfast quietly, as if other things had nothing to do with them.

At the time, with a “dang“, one of the girls with wine-red hair threw an iron spoon on the table. Her unhappy face became a teary face. Her mouth flattened like a child throwing a tantrum, “I want Master. I want Master!”

“Fire Dance, be good and eat.” Silent Water who was sitting next to her picked up the iron spoon and wiped it clean, then put it on Fire Dance’s hand.

“No, aren’t we still flying in the plane just now… How come when I woke up, we reached here and Master left too… I want Master… Sister Silent Water, can you take me to find Master? I promise to be obedient.” Fire Dance put the spoon in her hand on the table, looking at Silent Water pleadingly.

When Reidy saw the situation, she could only cover her face and shake her head. Only at that time, she would notice that Fire Lotus was better than Fire Dance. Although Fire Lotus was difficult to approach, at least she did not behave as a child, like Fire Dance. She was completely like a child who just stopped drinking milk and crying to find the mother. Although she did not really cry yet, she looked pretty much the same.

“It’s useless to say anything, he is busy now, so we can’t interfere with his matters. If you make trouble again, I will tell him that you are not obedient when he comes back. I’ll let him ignore you forever.” Reidy intimidated her and what she said was clearly very effective for Fire Dance.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Sister Reidy, I won’t make trouble, you can’t tell Master that I am not obedient.” Fire Dance’s eyes flashed with tears, and it was hard to tell if she was like that because of Lin Xiang’s absence or because of being scared by Reidy.

Seeing the tears rolling in her eyes, Reidy’s attitude suddenly softened, “If you don’t cry or make trouble, I will tell him that you are obedient. It might be possible for him to reward you as well.”

“Yes. Fire Dance won’t cry or make trouble.” Fire Dance spoke and wiped her eyes.

It was a very happy morning at first, but because of Fire Dance, everyone felt a missing piece in their hearts. Although they did not speak, their feelings were mutual. It was to hope that Lin Xiang would finish his training quickly and come back soon.

“Since Xiang is training, we can’t fall behind either. Let’s find a place to train.” Satsuki proposed.

“That’s right! Ah… I’m sorry, I was too loud… I mean… we… can’t drag Lin Xiang down.” After hearing Satsuki’s words, Nagisa felt right, so she also agreed.

“Now that you mentioned this, since everyone is fighting together, it is very important to improve ability and understanding.” Reidy also felt that Satsuki was right.

“In this case, after breakfast, everyone should ask the boss if there is a place for us to practice.”

————Parche Village

Don’t be anxious, take your time, a certain amount of pressure can indeed become motivation, but it’s not necessarily good when the pressure is high. Experience accumulates slowly. Use your heart and feel the hindrance when it comes out, and then find a way to break through it. But, pay attention to the dragon energy in the body.

‘Ah. I see.’

Faced with Freed’s teaching, Lin Xiang would certainly accept that.

That was the fifth time Lin Xiang have unleashed the Dragon’s Roar. Learning the Tyrannosaurus roar was a wonderful thing. He knew what it was and what sound to make. However, when he had to do it, his voice would be restrained and stuck in his guts, difficult to get it out. That kind of feeling, it should be like a mute person trying to talk, but could not.

It was the sixth time now, and the dragon energy obtained from Valarie was also used about a quarter. That meant that he could only issue about twenty Dragon Roars.

What are you afraid of? Just keep asking her for the dragon energy. Anyway, a few kisses won’t matter.’ The voice of Yalide, the perverted dragon, sounded in his head. What does this fellow have in the head aside from perverted stuff?

Lin Xiang decided to ignore it, looked into the distance, and took a deep breath.

“Well, let’s stop here for today’s morning.” At some point, Leon’s deep voice sounded.

It was cloudy today. Lin Xiang stopped thinking and started looking around. He then looked up at the sky. Through the clouds, he could see the fuzzy silhouette of the sun hanging high above his head. It was already noon.

“I can see your efforts, and I can feel that the power of your Dragon’s Roar has increased a lot. I believe you will soon learn the Tyrannosaurus Roar.” Leon smiled at him, but from his eyes, Lin Xiang saw doubts.

He was probably puzzled by the fact that the dragon energy on Lin Xiang’s surface was so weak, but he was able to use the Dragon’s Roar so many times. After all, Lin Xiang had already unleashed more than ten Dragon’s Roars.

As Freed said, experience accumulates slowly. Lin Xiang felt as if he knew some of the methods now. The Tyrannosaurus Roar was like a fairy dancing around him. No matter how he wanted to catch it, he could not reach it. When he was almost catching it, his body would suddenly stiffen and let it slip away. But he was sure that he could catch it soon.

The Dragon Descendants who were training in the distance were also dispersed at that moment. Leon’s friends and the few Dragon Descendants who Lin Xiang met that morning walked towards him.

“Yahoo- How are you doing, Lin Xiang?” A blond white girl greeted him cheerfully.

“Not good… I can’t learn it no matter how I tried.” Lin Xiang smiled and shook his head. They asked him a lot of things that morning, so they definitely knew about his name and so on.

“Don’t give up, I have learned the Tyrannosaurus Roar for more than five days. Someone like you who learns the Dragon’s Roar alone would definitely learn it soon.” The blonde girl cheered him up, and the other girls too. They nodded one after another, and then they put their gazes on Valarie, as if they wanted to take Valarie home as a younger sister.

“You heard what the girls said, Dragon Roar can’t be learned all at once, cheer up.” The boys also encouraged him. He could feel their sincerity, just like the girls. It seemed that they have also experienced that, so they would not mock him or anything.

“Don’t… touch me.” Facing the enthusiastic girls, Valarie could only step back slowly and said her first words to strangers.

“So cute. Let big sister touch you.”


“Just one time.” The girls slowly pushed in, Valarie stepped back and casted her gaze at Lin Xiang.

“Sigh—” Lin Xiang sighed. Those girls were a bit too much. Although Valarie was very small and cute, but fortunately she was Valarie. If it was other children who was afraid of strangers, then the girls would definitely make children cry.

“Everyone, stop teasing Valarie. She is not used to strangers.” Lin Xiang said to the girls.

“Well, we just thought she looked cute. Sorry, did big sisters scared you?” The girls stopped.

“Hmm.” Valarie shook her head, seeing that the girls were not moving forward, Valarie did not back up anymore. At that moment, several girls suddenly rushed up and carried her up.

“Wow, she looks like a doll—”

“The color of her hair is as good as flames.”

“Her skin is so tender.”

The girls all touched Valarie and regarded her as their own sister.

Valarie pushed the girls with her hands, probably because she was afraid that they would be injured. She did not use much force. Just remember that Valarie’s punch could knock down a big tree. Under the various rubbings of the girls, she also gave up resisting. She might feel that she using strength to resist was useless. She was probably not used to being held by so many people, so her face turned slightly red. She said a word to Lin Xiang, “Help.”

“Heh—” Seeing Valarie so popular, he could not help but laugh.

That kind of atmosphere made him feel that going there was a very delightful thing. They would not look down on others just because of other’s low dragon energy or something. They were friendly even when facing Valarie, who had ‘no dragon energy’.


Lin Xiang came to the restaurant with everyone. At that time, the restaurant was full of people, more than during the morning. There were long lines at the six food-serving windows.

Instructors had their own place to eat, so Leon and the others were not there with them.

“It’s so hot.” As soon as the blonde girl entered, she slapped her face that seemed to be covered with red gauze.

Indeed, it was very hot there. Although it was quite spacious and there were many ceiling fans, because of the great number of people there, the air felt sultry.

They were divided into several rows, and they queued behind the crowd at the window.

“I really envy those aristocrats. They had natural strength, and they can enjoy high-level treatment.” The blond girl behind Lin Xiang and another girl who was also white spoke English.

“We can’t help it, who knew we were half-breed mutant Dragon Descendants.”

“Yes… but I really hate them, they always look down on people.”

“No way? Don’t you think that the princess is very good? She takes every Dragon Descendant very seriously. She is completely different from the others and is certainly everyone’s idol. She shared her experience with me this morning. I really want to be someone like her.”

“I’m talking about other aristocrats, like that Richie, it’s really annoying.”

“Yeah, yeah, utterly disgusting. He thought he was a good-looking one and thought that girls would fall for a nobleman like him. He still shamelessly pursuing the princess. How could it be possible?”

“Shhh, it’s better to talk about this in a low voice. If someone else heard us and give a small report, then the two of us will be over.”


“Hey, it’s immoral to eavesdrop on a girl’s speech. I tell you, don’t talk nonsense, or I will just end you with any Dragon Roars.” The blonde girl leaned back when she saw Lin Xiang turning his head to listen to their conversation. She leaned against him and looked seriously at him whilst speaking in a low voice.

“Don’t worry, we are already friends, aren’t we?” Lin Xiang smiled.

“You are really friendly to any strangers no matter where you go, but it’s alright, I like your character.” The blonde girl showed her white teeth and smiled heartily. When Easterners were compared to Westerners, Westerners would win with their cheery personality. Lin Xiang thought.

“We have new friends now.” The girl behind her also smiled at him. It seemed that she also welcomed Lin Xiang to be friends.

“By the way, what are your names? I forgot.” Although they also introduced themselves that morning, there were a lot of people, so he could not remember.

“You still call yourself a friend? You couldn’t even remember our names. My name is Nia.”


“Oh, hello. Nia, Bemiru.”

The line they queued at was taken charge by the auntie from the morning. Lin Xiang discussed with Nia and Bemiru about the Tyrannosaurus Roar. Soon, it was their turn.

Valarie was at the top of the line. When the auntie saw that it was Valarie, she smiled, “You’re here, what do you want to eat?”

“Fish. A lot of them.” Lin Xiang told Valarie to be more straightforward to the auntie who served meals. Therefore, when the auntie asked that time, she took the initiative to answer.

“Alright.” The auntie smiled and turned around to pick up a large plate. She filled Valarie’s plate with a lot of steaming fish. There were more fish than the morning’s. It seemed that she had noticed when Valarie eaten breakfast in the morning. When Lin Xiang pushed his portion to her, it seemed the auntie noticed them.

The other Dragon Descendants looked at Valarie with incredible eyes, because she was petite, but she was carrying such a large plate that contained so many fish. No, that might be the reason, maybe it was the fact that Valarie had no dragon spirit. After all, those people there were all Dragon Descendants. They probably did not understand why Valarie was there.

Valarie was standing in the aisle between two rows and waited for Lin Xiang while holding her plate. She did not care what others think of her at all.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know that little girl can eat so much. Did you get hungry this morning?” The auntie’s attitude towards Lin Xiang was very good. It might be because he was also Chinese, or because Freed taught him to call her ‘sister’. Well, let’s not care about that dragon.

“It’s fine, I have eaten steamed buns before that.”

“Really, what do you want to eat now?”

“Hmm…” Lin Xiang pondered for a moment. There were many dishes there, including pork chop, steak, spaghetti, and food from different countries. It was hard for him to choose. In the end, in order to prevent others from waiting and to guarantee that Valarie had enough to eat, he chose the same as Valarie.

“Wow…you two can really eat a lot.” Nia and Bemiru sighed.

“It’s alright, I guess…” He responded. Looking at the same number of fish in his hand as Valarie, he was a little bit dumbfounded. That was too much… He clearly did not have Valarie’s appetite. All he could hope was that Valarie could share his portion.

When Nia and the others finished their orders, they found a position closer to the corner. The Dragon Descendants who were with them just now also came over. The table could only seat six people, so they split into two tables.

During the meal, Nia and Bemiru, who were sitting with Lin Xiang, kept watching Valarie eating fish. Every time Valarie solved a fish in seconds, they exclaimed in awe, “Oh~”

They seemed to like Valarie very much and kept giving her their food. At first, Valarie did not accept them. Seeing Lin Xiang nodding to her, she did not mind anymore, but she still finished her fish first before looking for other foods for her stomach.

Thanks to Valarie’s strong appetite, the number of fish on Lin Xiang’s plate had decreased a lot, and the rest was just enough for him to enjoy.

“Wow~ Lin Xiang, your sister is so amazing. She actually ate so much.” Looking at the fish bones piled into hills, Nia and the others admired Velia.

“Ha… She can eat very well, but she just doesn’t grow up.” Lin Xiang smiled.

At that moment, Valarie looked up at him, wondering what was wrong.


“When does the afternoon training start?” Lin Xiang asked Nia after the meal.

“Two o’clock.”

“Wow… It’s such a hot day, how could we not get heat-stroke in the sun.” Although it was cloudy today, it was still very hot.

“It’s okay if you have a robe, don’t look at it as long and thick, but it will definitely be cooler than the clothes you are wearing now. And wearing a hood, the sun will not be able to reach your face, otherwise if all that training in the scorching sun, I would have already become black by now.” Nia said half-jokingly.

“What about the aristocrats? Are they fine with this weather?” If the sun was very fierce, could the pampered nobles withstand it?

“The aristocrats? They don’t go in the afternoon. They just go to instruct us in the morning. They have learned what we were learning, so it doesn’t matter if they don’t come. But because of the princess, they all come here very well.”

“Who is the princess all of you were talking about?” Lin Xiang asked in a puzzled way.

“She is the daughter of the Dragon Descendant king of Olipolia, Liz Oberica. She also came to teach our team this morning.”


The princess they were talking about should be the girl in the princess dress. Indeed, if a girl was in a princess dress, who else would she be instead of being a princess.

That also explained why she could have such a powerful dragon energy.

After chatting for a while, Leon came. Because there was a lunch break rule that every Dragon Descendant must take a nap for a period of time, he came to take Lin Xiang and Valarie to a place to stay.

“See you this afternoon,” Lin Xiang said to Nia and the others as he took his plate away.



“You haven’t decided whether to join the Dragon Descendants team for training, so I haven’t arranged a dormitory for you.” Leon stopped in front of a luxurious room.

They had been walking towards the inside of the village just now. It was almost to the innermost part of the village. The buildings there were more luxurious, and they were not as simple as the buildings around the restaurant.

The buildings there were closer to modernity, especially the intricately carved dragon patterns on the walls, which added some points to the aesthetics. If the outside was a dormitory, then that was an apartment.

But how could it be possible for him and Valarie to stay in such a high-end place?

“Uncle Leon, this is where we will be staying?” Lin Xiang could not suppress the doubt in his heart, so he asked Leon.

“Yes.” Leon just nodded and said nothing.

“Why here? This seems to be the place where the nobles live.” At that time, he saw two or three unrobed Dragon Descendant aristocrats walking into a nearby building.

Most of the buildings there were three-story buildings, and only a few were four-story and five-story buildings. As he said earlier, that was like a high-end apartment.

“It’s true, but the village chief said that you can stay here.”

“The village chief?” Just when Lin Xiang did not get what was going on, two clear laughs came from a corner not far away.

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