Volume 10 Chapter 21 : Liz and Laura


“…Then, it fell over. Tee hee.”

“It sounds so cute, I must visit your house when I have time.”

“Well, Princess is always welcomed.”

Two girls about sixteen or seventeen years old were chatting as they walked. One of the girls was wearing a light blue princess dress, the folds of the skirt were like waves and it bounced slightly as she walked. Another girl, with a round face, looked very cheery and was also really cute. The two big fellows on her chest kept jumping as she walked.

The two girls seemed to be good sisters, but in fact they were in a master-servant relationship. However, to them, the master-servant relationship did not exist at all. They were just like real sisters. And the topic they were talking about just now was the puppy raised by that young girl with big breasts.

In that way, listening to the young girl with big breasts talking about the funny actions of her puppy, the two of them walked out of the corridor with a smile.

After walking out from the corner, they saw a boy, a little girl and a Dragon Descendant mentor standing at the door of their dormitory. Their laughter slowly stopped.


Following the laughter’s source, Lin Xiang saw the princess he saw that morning and the girl with the round face. They were still talking and laughing. They must have seen an outsider and Valarie, so they stopped the laughter.

“Huh? Princess, aren’t you heading back to the town to rest?” Leon turned his head and said to the princess in a little surprise, and bent over to show respect.

“No, I want to rest here today.” Although she was a princess, the girl’s tone was not arrogant, but kind. It seemed that Nia and the others were right. The princess was indeed a very good person.

“Alright. By the way, because of the village chief’s arrangement, these two will stay here…Princess…If you mind, I will arrange somewhere else for them to stay.”

“Of course she minds, who do you think a princess is? What was the village chief thinking, how can the princess…”

“Oh, I don’t mind, actually. There are so many empty rooms anyway, and we are the only ones living here. One or two more people here doesn’t matter to me.”

“Ay-” The girl with the round face made an unbelievable voice.

Hey hey… Does this princess live here?

Boy… all this is too coincidental.

Freed spoke in Lin Xiang’s mind a while later.

‘What do you mean?’

‘This morning, this lady has been paying attention to you and the fire dragon. Then, this stressing Dragon Descendant gave you a place to stay. Just now, he said he was looking for the village chief, right? Hmm… The village chief let you stay in the place of the nobility. However, in the words of the stressing Dragon Descendant just now, it can be speculated that this lady does not often stay here, but a small town. Now that she wants to stay here today, think about it, what is the connection of all this?

‘She paid attention to us, staying live in a noble’s place, coming to rest at a place she did not usually stay at… Is it… in other words, probably the deliberate arrangement of the princess?’

Ninety percent chance. But I think her main target is the fire dragon, and she should have doubted the identity of the fire dragon by now.


After listening to Freed’s words, Lin Xiang was wary of the Dragon Descendant princess. Sure enough, she noticed Valarie that morning.

“Then Princess, I will leave them to you.” Leon said at the end, bowed to the princess and the others again, then walked to Lin Xiang’s side and whispered, “Although I don’t know why the village chief made this decision, but you should never be rude to the princess and others while staying here. Otherwise, if I can bring you here, there’s a chance that I may not be able to take you out. If you don’t understand anything, just ask the princess, she is pretty good in person, but for Laura, you have to be careful… She is a little…”

“Who are you there? Did you just call my name?” The girl with the round face had very sharp ears as she heard Leon mentioned her name at once. It was obvious that Leon said in a low voice… It seemed that he should really beware of that girl.

Her name was Laura, right? Alright… I’ll remember her name secretly.

It’s true… You should remember her name for a girl like her and be careful. After all, her breasts are as good as Nagisa’s. Based on my thousands of years of experience in watching girls, her personality must be very bold, and you can get along with her casually. When you hit on her, you can do whatever you want.’ The perverted dragon Yalide casually performed its unfounded character analysis in Lin Xiang’s mind. Please, can you learn from Freed? That dragon’s a master of psychology. No one… I mean, no dragon understands the human heart better than it.

Besides, why do I have to hit on her?

“No, no, Miss Laura got it wrong.” Leon quickly shook his head, then said proceed to leave in a hurry after he excused himself away.

Hey, Uncle Leon, you look like running away no matter how we look at it. Don’t you feel sorry for leaving me and Valarie here?

Facing those two unknown girls, Lin Xiang knew he must be careful.

“Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Lin Xiang.” Out of politeness, he took the initiative to greet them.

“Good, I’m Laura.” Laura gave a feeling full of aura, her eyes were shining. If it were not for Leon just now, Lin Xiang might think of her as a very lively and innocent girl.

“Good day, both of you, I’m Liz.” Princess Liz nodded slightly to Lin Xiang and Valarie, giving people a dignified and delicate feeling. But Lin Xiang would not let down his guard against her just because of that.

No, as soon as he thought that he should lower his guard, the princess turned her gaze to Valarie, “Little girl, what’s your name?”

Valarie did not answer, she just looked at the princess, and it seemed that she was also wary of the princess.

“Hey, she’s asking you, red-haired child.” Laura shook Valarie. Maybe she thought that Valarie was shocked by the beauty of the princess.

“Hmm.” Valarie let out a nasal sound, turned her head and looked at the surroundings.

“Oh, this kid is so irritating.”

“Well… don’t mind her, she is just afraid of strangers.” Lin Xiang smiled embarrassedly.

“Is someone who is afraid of strangers supposed to behave like this?” Laura seemed to hold onto Valarie, not letting go.

“She’s like that… Her name is Valarie. Come on, Valarie, say hello.”

“Hello.” Valarie said lightly with her back facing the trio.

“What’s with that superior attitude? You are facing a princess. Don’t disrespect her.”

Really… So it turned out that Laura would hold onto Valarie because of the princess? It seemed that she really loved the princess.

“Well, Laura, she is still young. Don’t be mad at her. Lin Xiang and Valarie, right? It’s not good to stand here, shall we go in?”

The building had three floors. The lobby on the first floor was very empty. There were only a few tables and chairs. When the light switch was pressed, a crystal plate lamp hanging from the ceiling flashed twice and lit up, bringing light to the spacious and empty space of the hall.

Laura walked to a large curtain and drew it open. The sunlight immediately came in through the closed window. The room became brighter.

Cough cough cough.” It should have been a long time since the curtain was opened, and dusts were stained on it. As it was opened, the dust could be seen flying in the air through the light. Laura covered her nose and mouth with one hand, and moved the handle of the window with the other. Her arms kept swaying up and down without moving her hands at all. At that time, Lin Xiang seemed to hear a very small voice from Laura, like a Dragon Roar, “Hu~ Luo~”

“It’s been too long. What were the servants thinking? Since they did the cleaning, they should open the window to let air out as well.” Laura murmured a bit, let go of the handle, and turned to the group. While walking, she spoke, “Hey, you are a boy, right? Please help to open the windows, I’m weak.”

“Oh.” Without thinking too much, Lin Xiang walked over to the window. The windows there were made of special glass. Light could go through it, but the windows would be blurred, so nobody could see the other side. The handle was made of alloy and it was swung up and down to unlock or lock the windows. Lin Xiang put his hand on it without any force. With a click, the handle magically turned short. Moreover, the two pieces of glass seemed to be shattered by shock waves.

What the…

Just when Lin Xiang was puzzled, Laura suddenly yelled, “Princess, have you seen it? That guy has a lot of strength! Door locks and other things are not safe anymore. No way, for the princess’s chastity, we can’t let him stay here… Oh- It hurts-”

Lin Xiang turned his head and saw the princess stretched her slender fingers and flicked Laura’s forehead. Laura’s forehead was slightly red.

“How about you? Who didn’t know that it was all your great doing? I heard you using the Object Weakening Dragon Roar. Although your Bass Dragon Roar was very good, it was still loud. Say it, why do you want to do this?”

Woo- I… don’t want to stay with boys.” Laura frowned. Her look did not look sad but cute instead.

Now, Lin Xiang also understood what the small voice he heard just now was. The Object Weakening Dragon Roar… But what was the Bass Dragon Roar?

“I’ll go and talk to the village chief, I really can’t stay here.” Seeing Laura like that, Lin Xiang also agreed. It was better to get out of the princess’s sight anyways.

The princess did not speak, but looked at them. Actually, she was looking at Valarie in general. She should be waiting for Valarie’s answer.

“Me too.” Needless to say, Valarie followed Lin Xiang.

“It’s okay, just stay here.” The princess smiled, and then looked at Laura, “What do you do if you break the window?” She gave a vibe of an elder sister educating her younger sister.

“Then… I’ll ask the village chief and the others to fix it.”

“You really are… Fortunately, Lin Xiang was not injured, so let’s forget it this time.”

Phew-” Before Laura’s anger was fully relieved, the princess spoke again, “So, in order to apologize to Lin Xiang, you have to get along well with him and Valarie.”

“Yes…” Laura replied reluctantly.

“I’m sorry, Lin Xiang, Laura loves to play sometimes, but her character is not bad.” After preaching to Laura, the princess smiled at him and apologized.

“Well, I know. I won’t take it to heart.”

“That’s good. Come on, I’ll take you to the room.” As the princess said, she walked into the house. Laura made a grimace at Lin Xiang, and then quickly followed.

“I don’t know… what that woman… was thinking. She looked… at me… but her eyes were… not aggressive, but it… felt strange to me.” Valarie looked at the princess’s back and said to Lin Xiang.

“Indeed, she seems like a good person, but Valarie, if someone is against you, I will do my best to protect you. I will never let you be in danger.”



Entering the apartment, there was a kitchen, which was similar to an ordinary family kitchen. The kitchen utensils were complete, neatly placed, and very clean. It was a bit like the ideal kitchen in TV commercials. At least Lin Xiang thought that it would be a joy to cook there.

There was a spiral staircase on the side that led to the second floor. Following the princess and Laura, they went up to the second floor.

The second floor was completely different from the first floor. Except for the kitchen which had some special features on the first floor, the rest on the first floor was the same as an open space, there were no ornaments.

However, on the second floor, it was not the same anymore. It was painted blue and had a wall that made people feel calm when looking at it. There were still some oil paintings on it. Lin Xiang knew he was not an artistic person, but he was also shocked by those oil paintings. The landscapes painted inside were lifelike, just like photos. Those oil paintings were placed at a distance, just like the corridor of an art gallery.

The kitchen on the first floor corresponded to the bathroom on the second floor. They could see it as soon as they went upstairs. From the outside, it looked like it was newly built and very clean. Although Lin Xiang’s house became very clean because Silent Water, but due to some things being old, no matter how clean it was, it still looked a little dirty. However there, everything was new, so it looked extremely clean.

Going forward along the corridor, they arrived to a place similar to a living room. There were a few soft leather sofas, a large round glass table, and a TV cabinet on which an advanced LCD TV was placed. There were bookshelves around the wall, which were packed with many books of various types and various texts.

But that was not their resting place. The princess led them to a door behind the small living room.

Turning the handle gently, the princess slowly and gracefully pushed open the door.

That was a room of more than forty square meters. There was a big bed inside. Various other furnishings, plushies, dolls, posters and stickers were placed. The room looked like a girl’s room in every way.

“This is Lin Xiang, your place to rest. We are staying just right above you.” When the princess said those words, Laura looked unhappy. Could it be that it was where she stayed?

“Princess, may I ask… is this place…”

“Oh, here is where Laura and I usually stay when we watched TV till it’s late, so we will sleep here, but we usually sleep above.”

“Um…is it really okay to give someone like me to sleep in the bed you slept in?”

After Lin Xiang said that, the princess and Laura could not help showing crimson on their faces, especially Laura. She shouted, “Of course not! Princess, I really can’t do it, you can’t let this people sleep here, no, stay here.”

The princess lowered her head shyly, her big nervous eyes kept turning left and right, she must be thinking what to do.

“Sure enough, I should be going out with Valarie…”

“No, Lin Xiang, you and Valarie will stay here.” The princess suddenly raised her head.

“Then I… will sleep on the sofa? And, let Valarie sleep in the room?”

“This… you sleep here, it’s okay to let her sleep above.”

Really, it turned out that the princess wanted Valarie to sleep with them? So, what did she think of Valarie? The look in her eyes was not evil…There must be some connection in the middle.

“No need. I’m okay… here.” Valarie said softly.

“Princess, this will be fine. Let her sleep here, let this person sleep on the sofa.” Laura pulled the princess next to her.

“Alright… if that’s the case, Lin Xiang, you will have to suffer a bit to sleep on the sofa.” The princess seemed to be relieved. In fact, she also did not want boys to sleep in the room she slept in. Anyway, if it was Reidy, she would also be reluctant to let Lin Xiang. She would explained it with ‘a girl’s secret’.

“Well, no problems.”

Lin Xiang said something more, and with a “Dang!” the loud bell rang. It should be the notice bell for the lunch break.

“It’s time to rest, Lin Xiang, the morning practice is very tough, isn’t it? You must sleep well in the afternoon nap, so as to speed up the dragon energy’s recovery. In the afternoon, you can cope better with the training.” The princess gave him a little tip. But the tip is of no use to him, because he was fundamentally different from ordinary Dragon Descendants. The production speed of his dragon energy was totally incomparable with them.

“Alright, I get it.” Lin Xiang nodded. Liz and Laura also turned and walked towards the stairs at the entrance of the corridor. When he left, he could also hear Laura asking Liz, like why should he stay? But as he got went farther, it was impossible to hear them.

“Valarie, is it okay to stay here?” Lin Xiang asked.

“It’s fine… Then, let’s… take a nap.”

“Yeah.” Speaking of it, He was also tired. The morning exercises made him tired, and there were not much dragon energy in him left… Lin Xiang took off his shoes, closed his eyes, and fell onto the soft leather sofa. The sofa was actually quite comfortable, and it was quite spacious as well.


“What are you doing, Valarie?” Opening his eyes, Lin Xiang found her lying near the edge of the sofa.

“Taking a nap.”

“Yes, so go in and sleep. It’s very narrow here.”

“You’re right.” Valarie responded and jumped off the sofa. She was really obedient. Thinking like that, Lin Xiang closed his eyes again.

Squeak, squeak, eek squeak.” At that moment, Lin Xiang heard something rubbing against the floor and making a sharp sound. The next second, he felt that the sofa he was lying on was hit by something.

Lin Xiang opened his eyes again and saw Valarie pushing a sofa in front of him and merged the two sofas together. She climbed onto the sofa, “This way… it won’t be narrow.”


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