Volume 10 Chapter 22 : Tyrannosaurus Roar


“Hoo— Hng— Hoo—“ Lin Xiang’s arms greeted the voice of someone who was sleeping soundly. Opening his eyes, Valarie’s hands were placed on her chest as curled up in Lin Xiang’s arms.

With fiery red hair and small facial features, just looking at her might make people think that she was just a little girl in her tens, even though she was over eight hundred years old.

In two worlds, after his uncle went to work, Lin Xiang lived alone for three years. In those three years, it was rather lonely for him, and that kind of feeling was the worst. However, he could also say that he was not alone, because he had Risa and Nobuhiko, even that old uncle who would come back occasionally.

But, Valarie lived alone in the Valley of Fire for hundreds of years, without anyone to accompany her… Lin Xiang could not even imagine the feeling. He remembered meeting her under the big volcano, that lonely and weak back that was facing him…

Lin Xiang touched Valarie’s hair lightly, and unexpectedly woke her up. The fiery red pupils were full of vigilance at that moment, but after seeing clearly it was him, they disappeared again.

“What’s wrong.” Valarie asked.

“No, it’s nothing, sorry for disturbing you.” Lin Xiang smiled embarrassedly.

Dang—” At that moment, the sound of the bell came from outside the window. What time was it? Lin Xiang looked at the clock on the wall. It was 2.30pm. That should be the bell to wake up from their naps.

Lin Xiang sat on the side near the armrest of the sofa, put on his shoes, and flattened the clothes that were wrinkled from sleeping. He turned his head and said to Valarie, “Valarie, do you want to go this afternoon too? Why don’t you watch TV here?”

“No.” She shook her head, then jumped off the sofa and put on her shoes.

“You sure? Then, let’s go. But before that, go to the bathroom and wash your face.”


With everything prepared, Valarie and Lin Xiang went downstairs. They found two bottles of drinks from the refrigerator, finished them, and went out.

As soon as he opened the door, Leon stood outside the door. He was standing there respectfully, and when he saw them, his posture relaxed a little. He became not as serious.

“Uncle Leon, good afternoon.” Lin Xiang greeted politely.

“Hmm.” Leon nodded, “How do you feel?”

“What do you mean how I feel?”

“How do you feel staying together with the princess and Miss Laura?”

“It’s quite nice, the princess is good, and Laura is not a bad girl either.”

“Really, Miss Laura is a little troublesome. Don’t think she was so cute and well-behaved. She actually has great abilities, so never mess with her and always be careful.”

“I will remember this……”

Listening to Leon’s words, Lin Xiang recalled if he ever provoked her before. No, right? Fortunately, he did not. He reminded himself to be careful when he talk to her in the future. After peacefully learning the Dragon Roars, he should bring Silent Water and the others to the Dragon-Training Festival together, and then fly back to Japan.

“Let’s go, we’ll continue what we left out this afternoon.”



When they arrived at the open space outside the village, the training of the Dragon Descendants had already started. After all, the place where they stayed was relatively far away. Well, their early starts had nothing to do with Lin Xiang anyway. After stopping at an empty space not far away, Lin Xiang started practicing again.

At the beginning, Lin Xiang had absorbed his morning experience, so he kept thinking about the word ‘Ge’ in his head. He took a deep breath.

This time, I must succeed.

“Hooo— Ha…g!” The group of energy of a more strengthened Dragon’s Roar had appeared.

Lin Xiang only pronounced the first half of the syllable ‘Ge’, and then he was caught tongue-tied. However, he did manage to have a gradual grasp of the feeling.

“Nice. Again.” Lin Xiang took another deep breath, but Leon stopped him, “Don’t be so anxious, you have almost succeeded just now. You should adjust your dragon energy first. For now, you can’t unleash continuous Dragon Roars frequently yet.”

Indeed, the Dragon Roar needed to be cooled down for a while. Otherwise, if the dragon energy could not be adjusted, the Dragon Roar would not be able to come out. Of course, Lin Xiang did not care about that matter, because he knew Freed and Yalide would help him adjust it anyway.

Recalling the feeling just now and trying to remember it, after about two or three seconds, Freed told Lin Xiang that it was time.

Alright, I have to make it this time.

“Hooo— Ha…ge!”

A loud Dragon Roar burst out from Lin Xiang’s mouth, and a large group of energy rushed straight forward. Due to the air current driven by the energy group, the leaves of the big tree next to it all swayed. The energy group reached more than ten meters when it finally faded slowly in to the air. That, made Lin Xiang gloriously happy.

He succeeded.

He almost got tongue-tied just now, but he actually succeeded.

“This…” Leon saw that and beads of cold sweat slid onto his forehead.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Xiang asked his mentor. Shouldn’t he be happy for me? Why did he look so serious?

“I… wronged you before…”

“Huh?” Lin Xiang was uncertain what Leon was saying all of a sudden, so he looked at him with doubts.

“When I first saw you, I felt that it was impossible for you to learn how to roar.”

Lin Xiang was clearly not surprised by Leon’s words, he was used to it anyway.

“It was all because you don’t have the spirit of a dragon, and you don’t look like a Dragon Descendant at all. However, you have endured the voice of a Dragon Descendant, so I have to admit that you are. When we arrived here and separated for a day, I was actually quite surprised when I saw that you have the slightest dragon spirit, but I still doubted whether you can learn the Dragon Roars or not. I told you before that after training for two days, whether you can learn it depends on you. In fact, I was being ironic. You see the girl Nia? She is considered to be one of the best ones in the team I lead, and she learned and studied the Tyrannosaurus Roar for five days… Therefore, in two-days-time, my thoughts were that you could not learn it. I just wanted to waste two days as a break. Yes, in my eyes, you really are the type who can’t learn Dragon Roars. But…”

Leon paused. Looking at Lin Xiang with complicated gazes, he continued, “Your practice this morning completely overturned my previous thoughts. There are so few dragon energy in your body, but you can use it many more Dragon’s Roar than a newcomer. This, was beyond my expectations. Moreover, your recovery time is also shorter than that of other people… Sigh… Back then, when I was looked down upon, I vowed that I would never look down on those who had low dragon energy, but today… Heh…” Leon laughed mockingly at himself.

After listening to him, Lin Xiang had no other thoughts about his mentor. He neither hated him nor despised him. After all, it was human nature. Human beings judged anything based on its good or bad looks… Besides, now that he told Lin Xiang all that, he might be intending to teach him Dragon Roars with all his strength, right?

“I truly apologize for being blinded by the illusions in front of me. Come on, from now on, I will teach you everything I know. However, Elemental Dragon Roars, like the Wind Dragon’s Roars, are really difficult to learn. You have to be determined and endure all hardship.” At that time, Leon’s eyes when he looked at Lin Xiang was obviously different. He had confidence in Lin Xiang that he did not have before.

“Ah.” He nodded.

“Good. Now, get used to the roar of the Tyrannosaurus.”


The Tyrannosaurus Roar was worthy of being an upgraded version of the Dragon’s Roar. Its power had all been strengthened, but with that, the consumption of dragon energy had also increased. About five more times, the dragon energy that Valarie gave him was almost gone.

“Tired? Let’s stop here today. It’s not good to be too eager for success. Anyway, at least you have learned skills or something else. You may forget this feeling, but language alone, you will not forget.” Leon patted Lin Xiang on the shoulder and walked towards the team not far away.

The Dragon Descendants of those teams were training very hard.

“Hooo—” Lin Xiang wiped the sweat from his forehead, and went to sit under the tree where Valarie was.

“How… do you feel.” Sitting on the ground, Valarie looked at him and asked.

“I’m still alright. Ah, but it’s really hard to learn. Why is it so simple when Valarie taught me?”

“Because… I gave… my flame… to you.”


“When that person… teach you the characters… there is no energy… in them. It should… be said that… human beings cannot… teach characters in which… energy is attached. Therefore… when you are studying… it’s yourself… using the dragon energy… to produce that kind… of energy. I don’t… know how to express… this connection clearly. In short, you… learn Dragon Roars… from dragons… faster than… learning from humans.”

“Really? By the way, Valarie, when will you teach me other Fire Dragon’s Roars?” Since it was better to learn Dragon Roars from dragons, Lin Xiang was hoping that she could teach him other Dragon Roars.

“Your… flame strength now… is not enough… so you cannot use… other Dragon Roars. You… only need… to practice fire control… Others… easy to say.”

“Really? So, you mean I should increase my flame, right?”

“Yes.” Valarie nodded.

Well—although I can’t learn other Fire Dragon Roars, it’s not bad to learn the Tyrannosaurus Roar today.

Just as Lin Xiang sighed, footsteps came from the side. Laura’s voice sounded, “You are really good enough to be slacking off here, huh?”

“I did not slack, I have already finished practicing.”

“You finished your training? What were you learning?”

“The Tyrannosaurus Roar.”

“And, you learned it?”


“How long have you been learning that?”

“One day?”

“Only ghosts believe you! Do you think you are a pureblood Dragon Descendant that made you think that you learned the Tyrannosaurus Roar in one day?” The fellow Laura seemed to be against Lin Xiang deliberately.

If it was because of them staying together, then Lin Xiang was clear that it was none of his business… He wanted to get out, but her dear princess just could not leave him behind. No, to be precise, it was Valarie.

“Just show me one to have a look! If you failed, then you can move out for my sake.” Laura added another sentence at last.

The princess did not speak, just looked at Lin Xiang and smiled.

The princess’s smile just now must be an agreement, right? This is a good opportunity.

“No problem.” Lin Xiang nodded immediately, then stood up.

Although there were not much dragon energy left, it should still be fine to unleash the Dragon’s Roars.

The princess and Laura stood behind Lin Xiang and stared, while Valarie continued to sit under the tree beside them. She looked at the white clouds and looked completely uninterested in whether Lin Xiang could unleash the Tyrannosaurus Roar.

“Hooo—” He took a deep breath, “Ha!”

An energy group resounded and surged, but it disappeared at about five meters.

“Huh? So you know the Dragon’s Roar?” How much did Laura look down on him?

“I can’t use the Tyrannosaurus Roar, I’m sorry.”

“Huh, then move out quickly.”

The princess still did not speak. She just looked at Lin Xiang, which made him feel that something was wrong. Shouldn’t she let me stay?

‘Well…Any girl will not let a strange boy live in her own home. She is just waiting for your answer and then watching the fire dragon’s reaction. ’

After listening to Freed’s words, Lin Xiang understood. Indeed, normal girls would not let strange boys live in their own homes. Just like when he went to Aiko’s home, she was full of reluctance…

“Well, I’ll go out to stay. Valarie, you can stay with the princess.”

Unsurprisingly, when he said that, the princess had no objections. However, when Valarie stood up and said that wherever he went, she would follow, the princess finally opened her mouth, “It doesn’t matter, Lin Xiang. It’s alright to stay with me. If you haven’t learned the Tyrannosaurus roar, Laura and I will try our best to teach you.”

Was it all true? What did the princess think about Valarie? Looking at her eyes, her gaze was complicated when looking at Valarie, but there were no evil thoughts… Lin Xiang really could not think of the reason. Valarie had never been there before and they could not have met each other before… It seemed that she would speak when the time had come. She must have something to say to Valarie.

“I’m… hungry. I want to… eat the dishes… you made.” As Lin Xiang was in his thought, Valarie tugged at the corner of his sleeve.

“Are you hungry so soon? There seems to be nothing to buy here… Shall we go to the restaurant to eat?”

“Is that so… Good too…” Although Valarie’s face was expressionless and her voice was cold, those words made people feel that she was in despair.

“Does Lin Xiang know how to cook?” The princess saw Valarie’s reaction and asked him.

“A little bit…”

“Then, if Valarie wants to eat, let’s go buy some ingredients. They are sold in the town.”


Leon told Lin Xiang before that Parche Village was the closest village to the town. Lin Xiang thought it was just a metaphor. To go to the small town, it still took some distance, but he did not expect that it was only the most basic literal meaning.

Passing where they stayed, they walked through an alley, towards another avenue, and through a guarded checkpoint. A prosperous market appeared before his eyes.

There, were all kinds of things for sale. Merchants and tourists were everywhere. Lin Xiang originally thought that the closer they get to the interior of Olipolia, the fewer people would travel, but that was not the case at all. The tourists in the small town were more than in the previous villages. Moreover, if the first village was compared to a street similar to a pedestrian street, then this would be a night market. It was very lively there.

From where they came in, there was a supermarket on the side, and the princess beckoned to him to enter.

The supermarket there was completely comparable to the one he often went. It had all the materials and supplies. Lin Xiang realized that the villages he visited before were all a dream. Who would have thought that there would be such advanced things in seemingly outdated places? He picked up a product and looked at it. The production date and everything were very new. That was really amazing.


Lin Xiang carried bags of supplies and followed the princess and the others back to the place they stayed. Many people watched them in the middle. Of course, because of the close distance, Lin Xiang only had to receive those gazes of strangers for a short while. There were despise in their eyes, some were envious, and some were strange. Perhaps in the eyes of passersby, he was a servant. Due to the lack of dragon energy in him, Lin Xiang was less energetic, so he seemed to be struggling to carry so many things.

“Hey, are you still a boy? Hurry up.” Laura said provocatively in front of him without taking anything.

Lin Xiang was very tired, so he ignored her and just walked forward with the things.

“Do you… need help.” Valarie asked.

“Yes, Lin Xiang, don’t force yourself, let us take some.” The princess said to him apologetically.

“It’s fine…” He looked at the protruding veins of his right hand and shook his head.

Looking at that smiling Lola, Lin Xiang really wanted to let out his anger. That brat definitely did it on purpose.

…Half an hour ago

“Go pick some vegetables, I have some very important things to buy.” Not long after entering the supermarket, Laura walked away alone. After that, Lin Xiang selected the ingredients together with Valarie and the princess.

After buying a lot of things, it was time to check out. Laura came back, behind her was a man with two cutting boards in his hands.

Look at the clothes, he must be the staff of the supermarket.

“Just give it to that person.” Laura pointed to Lin Xiang’s position and said to the man.

“Yes.” The man nodded, walked in front of Lin Xiang. With two loud bangs, the staff put down cutting boards made of solid logs, saluted to the princess and left. Taking a look at the cutting boards, their sizes of each was estimated to be the size of a pot, and the thickness was about ten centimeters. It was made of solid wood, so it must have weighed at least forty kilograms each? What did she buy those for?

“Laura, what did you buy them for?” The princess asked Lin Xiang’s thoughts.

“Dad said that a girl has to practice cooking, so I bought it to practice cutting vegetables, starting from the basic skills.”

“Don’t we have these at our place?”

“Princess— those are too thin, they will break after a few cuts. You see how solid these are?” Laura said, lifting her white feet and stepping on the cutting board, indicating that they were of very good quality.

“But… these are so heavy, who will carry them back?” Laura retracted her foot again, looking troubled.

“I will arrange it. Princess, Miss Laura, don’t worry.” Someone who seemed to be the store manager at the cashier was smiling cordially as he spoke.

“Go away, I won’t let men enter where we stayed.”

I’m so sorry that I am a man. Also, if you want me to lift for you, just say it straight, alright?

“Uh… Heh heh…” The store manager smiled awkwardly, and then stopped talking.

“It’s a headache~ Isn’t it, princess~”

“Laura, you…” The princess sighed, but had no means to stop her. Princess, do you want to tease me too? Or are you just spoiling Laura too much?

In the afternoon, when he went to the training venue, he heard Leon said that Laura was actually the servant of the princess, but the relationship between them was like sisters. The princess treated Laura as her own sister. Therefore, she sometimes indulged with Laura’s stubbornness.

And, it became the situation now. After all, it had nothing to do with Valarie, so the princess did not stop it.

Great! I will say goodbye to all of you when I learn about other Dragon Roars. Not to mention, he was in Dragonborn Village. Although Laura was a servant of the princess, her family still had a certain background and he could not offend them.

As if acknowledging fate, Lin Xiang took the ingredients with his left hand and lifted the two cutting boards with his right. At that moment, a small voice sounded in his ear, “Hooo— Hewei—”

It’s heavy!

Lin Xiang just lifted two cutting boards, and suddenly it felt like he was carrying two pieces of heavy iron! They were no longer just tens of kilos, they turned at least more than two hundred kilos.

Looking at the source of the sound again, Laura. At that moment, she was like a curious baby who was just sensible, turning her body, looking around the supermarket, seemingly interested in everything in the supermarket. She acted like she never knew the weight Lin Xiang carried in his arms.


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