Volume 10 Chapter 23 : Big brother Lin Xiang, Brother Lin Xiang, Brother Xiang


Back to the residence, as soon as they entered the door, Lin Xiang threw the two cutting boards on the ground.

Bang. Lululu—” The cutting board hit the floor with a loud crash and they rolled for a certain distance. They banged twice again, and tumbled on the floor respectively.

“Hey, you are very rough.” Laura made a dissatisfied voice, but the smile on her face could not hide itself. Was she a devil? That innocent and cute baby face was completely wasted. Apart from the fact that Nagisa and her were different in appearance, the other physical traits they had were the same. Why were their personalities completely the opposite?

Sigh— Although Lin Xiang really wanted to say something to vent his thoughts at the moment, but the other party was a girl, so he just forget about it.

“Really… Boys are like this, you know.” He sighed and swayed his aching right arm. He carried the bag of ingredients and entered the kitchen. Valarie also followed his tail.


“Laura, don’t bully him too much.” Watching Lin Xiang and Valarie walking into the inner room, Liz said to Laura in their local language.

“No way, Princess doesn’t want to live with boys too, right?”

“It’s true…but he wasn’t that annoying. It’s nothing to live together. Also, if he isn’t here, Valarie will leave. I have to confirm something, so Laura, don’t trouble him too much.”

Regarding Lin Xiang, Liz had no thoughts, but only felt that he had very little dragon energy in his body. In fact, if it were Lin Xiang before, she would definitely notice the special dragon energy in him. However, Lin Xiang absorbed Valarie’s dragon energy, so every time his dragon energy was generated, it would be used to repair the soul and share magical power. Therefore, Lin Xiang was just an ordinary rookie Dragon Descendant in the eyes of any Dragon Descendant.

Of course, if the special dragon energy in Lin Xiang’s body was still there, then Liz could definitely recognize that Lin Xiang was the person she met in the outer world. She certainly would remember anyone’s dragon spirit better than their appearances.

“That’s why I’m trying to let him leave now, and let the child stay behind. Think about it, as long as you keep bullying him, then he will eventually be overwhelmed. When he wanted to leave with the child, you can keep him. Then, in the end he will leave the child behind and leave alone. Isn’t it a good idea?”

“But… Lin Xiang is very pitiful…”

“I know that Sister Liz will be soft on people who you don’t hate, don’t worry, I’m just teasing him for a bit. He will be fine.” Laura hugged Liz’s arm. When there was no one, Laura addressed Liz as ‘Sister Liz’.

Liz and Laura grew up together. They were close friends who talked about everything, like sisters. Liz, who was inclined to be mature, took care of Laura like her sibling. Laura was cheekier and liked to prank others. She often made Liz happy. Like that, they were closer than any other biological sisters and no one could do without the other.

“Then what do you want to do now?” Seeing Laura’s eyes gleaming, Liz knew that she wanted to make a fool of herself again.

“Since Lin Xiang can cook, we can’t let him do that so easily.”

“Hey, don’t make trouble, he’s cooking for us, you know?”

“It’s fine, how delicious can his food be? Or else, we could have gone out to eat together. You know, Sister Liz, if Richie and the others knew that he stayed here, they would definitely make trouble.”


Liz had many suitors, one of them was Richie. Although he was very capable, he always bullied others and looked down on the weak Dragon Descendants. That was why Liz hated him the most.

Moreover, Richie’s father seemed to have made a request to Liz’s father, the Dragon Descendant King, for the two of them to get married. Liz refused, and the king was a person who listened to his daughter’s words, so that matter was ignored. However, Richie took Liz as his fiancée on his own terms. That made Liz’s feelings escalated from hate to despise.

After hearing Laura’s words, Liz agreed. If Lin Xiang lived there, Richie and the others might hurt Lin Xiang. It was Liz who asked the village chief to arrange Lin Xiang to stay at her place. She could not let Lin Xiang get hurt, otherwise she would feel upset, “Then, you said it yourself, don’t hurt him, and don’t go overboard.”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a change of seasonings, so that all the dishes he cooked will taste bad.” Laura blinked her big eyes and showed a sly smile.


“Hello—” When Lin Xiang was cutting vegetables, Laura’s voice sounded behind him. Her voice was soft and delicate, he found her very cute when he heard it that way, but if he thought she was cute from the bottom of his heart, then he would be not far away from getting teased by her, again.

“What’s the matter, Laura?” He responded while cutting the vegetables. His right hand still felt sore.

“No, I just came in to see how you cook.” Laura’s tone suddenly changed, which made him feel very suspicious.

“Really? Then, just stand there. If you come here, you might dirty your clothes.” Lin Xiang put the cut vegetables on the plate, looked at Valarie who was standing on the chair beside him and cleaning fish at the kitchen sink. Lin Xiang could not help but was amused by her fish-cleaning expression. She was very serious, because that was the first time she has helped with cooking.

“We haven’t used this kitchen before. I just wanted to see how the food is made, and by the way, I’ll also supervise whether you put any weird things in our dishes.” Lin Xiang turned his head and saw the princess smiling at him as she stepped on the spiral staircase and went up to the second floor. Laura walked behind Lin Xiang, her eyes gleaming with curiosity, looking at the vegetables he was cutting.

The girl knew how to pretend. Alright, let me see what you’re up to.

…10 minutes later

Unexpectedly, when he was sorting out other dishes, Laura just stood by his side and did not make any movements. She even gave out compliments from time to time, such as good cutting skills or such. Was I just too careful? He thought.

“Hey, do you know how to make fried eggs? There are some eggs in the refrigerator, and there are ham as well. You can make ham fried eggs.” Laura said to Lin Xiang suddenly.

“Eh? Ham fried eggs? I can make it. Do you want to eat that?” Lin Xiang looked at Laura, and she nodded quickly. Seeing her cute answer, and noticing that there were no strange reactions just now, Lin Xiang agreed.

Putting down the kitchen knife, Lin Xiang walked to the refrigerator in the corner and opened it. He had seen it that afternoon. There were some drinks and ingredients with long storage life, such as eggs and others. He took out a few eggs, closed the refrigerator door, turned around, and saw Laura touching the box of seasonings on the stove. Was she worried about what weird thing he would put in the seasoning?

Lin Xiang walked back, and Laura retracted her hand. With a smile, she spoke, “Alright, I’ll leave it to you. I’m looking forward to dinner,” and she walked up to the second floor.

It was a bit strange, but Ilin Xiang could not tell where it the strangeness came from. Valarie just wiped the body of the fish with her hands, and did not say anything. Maybe Laura did not do anything. Right?

Since you don’t know, then I’ll tell you.’ Freed said.

‘Please.’ He knew things would not be that simple.

She changed the seasonings. Salt and sugar, chicken powder and pepper, vinegar and wine.

‘Oh, really?’ After listening to Freed’s words, he suddenly realized. What she changed was the commonly used seasonings, especially salt and sugar. If they were misplaced, they would definitely not be edible. Did that brat deliberately want to embarrass him? But he would certainly not go the way she wanted.

————After an hour

More than ten dishes were completely prepared. Among them, six or seven were fish dishes. Valarie looked at the dishes made from the fish she cleaned, and what she saw was no longer food, but her work of art.

“It doesn’t feel bad… to cook.” That was Valarie’s original words.

Lin Xiang arranged the table and chairs, and shouted to the stairs, “It’s time to eat!”

Soon, Laura’s voice sounded, “Yes———” Within five seconds, she ran down and asked expectantly, “You finished cooking?”

“Yes, I’m done.” He pointed to the table full of dishes.

Looking at the steaming dishes, Laura showed a look of awe. Of course, that reaction was within Lin Xiang’s expectations. The princess also walked slowly and exclaimed, “It smells delicious.”

“You cooked these??” Laura walked to the table and said in an unbelievable tone.

“Yes.” Responding to her question, Lin Xiang took the washed bowls and chopsticks over, and filled some rice.

“Ahem… the appearance is pretty good, but who knows how they tasted.” Laura eased herself slightly and sat on the chair.

The princess also sat down gracefully and took the bowl of rice Lin Xiang gave her, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiled and pushed another bowl of rice to Laura.

It might be due to the difference of Lin Xiang’s attitude towards her that made Laura pouted her small mouth. Her face became rounder, and it was to keep people to resist the urge to poke her cheeks.

Suddenly, Laura’s eyes rolled. Her bulging cheeks disappeared immediately, and the corners of her mouth rose slightly. Lin Xiang knew that she must be up to something again.

“Hey, if we eat the same dish, won’t we get each other’s saliva? It would be an indirect kiss.”

When Laura said that, the princess’s body trembled, and it seemed that she had not thought of that aspect before.

“So, what do you want me to do?” No matter what Laura said, as long as he could do it, just do it.

“Take another dozen plates, divide the dishes into one set for each person. We’ll just eat what’s ours.”

This brat… really can’t be underestimated. More than a dozen dishes… There are some here, but it will be troublesome to wash… She did it on purpose, right?

“Are you washing the dishes?” Lin Xiang asked.

“How is it possible, you wash them.”

Sh*t! It’s true? But, forget it. It was Lin Xiang who was in others’ house after all. It was natural for him to swallow that anger. Anyway, he would surely leave after learning the Dragon Roars. Besides, she was considered a cute and lovely-looking girl, so it would not matter if she kept teasing him.

When he walked to the kitchen cabinet, Lin Xiang opened it, and found many neatly arranged plates in it.

“Seriously…” He complained, and took out more than a dozen plates.


While Lin Xiang was washing dishes that had not been used for a long time, Valarie and Liz sat opposite each other.

Liz and Laura were talking quietly in their local language, while Valarie looked at the various beautiful dishes blankly, especially the fish she cleaned. Her cold eyes gave a sense of accomplishment.

She did not touch her chopsticks, because Lin Xiang said that it would be happier if everyone ate together. She remembered that sentence firmly, so she was waiting for Lin Xiang to come over.

On the other hand.

“Laura, it’s not good for you to do this.” Seeing Lin Xiang washing the dishes, Liz felt sad.

“It’s fine. After a while, let him put all the dishes on the plates. I will take a bite casually, and then say it is unpalatable. After that, I’ll let him throw out all the dishes and wash all the plates. If this is the case, he will definitely let Valarie stay here and leave to stay by himself.”

“Is this really okay…” Looking at Lin Xiang, Liz sighed, I’m sorry, Lin Xiang, although you are not annoying, it is really inconvenient to stay with boys or something. It is also for your personal safety… So, please just let Valarie stay here after this, and stop being teased by Laura.

Seeing Liz’s expression, Laura said with a smile, “Don’t worry, Sister Liz, he won’t be so stupid, why would he still stay here if we let him do so many things.” Feeling a little proud and thinking that Lin Xiang could be dealt with so easily, Laura forgotten that she changed the seasonings. She was allured by the scent fish in front of her that she unknowingly picked up a piece of fish and put it into her mouth.

“Oh…” Laura covered her mouth with her hand as soon as she put the fish in her mouth.

Hearing Laura’s voice, Liz moved her gaze to her. When she saw Laura covering her mouth, her eyes widened, and her pupils were agitated as they twitched. Looking at the fish on the plate again, it was obvious that a piece of fish meat was picked. Was the taste awful?

“Laura, it doesn’t matter, hurry up and spit it out.” Liz patted Laura on the back.

However, Laura did not spit it out. Instead, she chewed quickly and swallowed. She only said one sentence to Liz, “Sister Liz, this person must stay!” Then she started eating without regarding her image, which made Liz completely unaware of what was wrong.


When Lin Xiang finished washing the plates, he noticed the girls started to eat somehow, especially Laura and Valarie, who seemed to be quarreling.

“Hey, kid, that is my favorite dish.”

“The one… who started eating first… has no right… to decide.” Valarie did not know how to use chopsticks, so she grabbed a spoon in each hand, picked up a large piece of ham fried egg, and put it in Lin Xiang’s bowl. She still continued to snatch other dishes from Laura.

What was wrong? Lin Xiang was speechless. How could it become like that after washing some plates?

“Who cares about this, damn it, I have already adjusted the seasonings, why are you still able to make such delicious food?” Laura gulped and ate something. Her image was gone, but in Lin Xiang’s eyes, it was gone in the first place. That cute and innocent look was just an illusion.

When he came to the table with the plates, Lin Xiang found that Princess Liz was also eating with small bites. Her speed was not slow, but it was very elegant. Compared to Laura, who looked like a hungry wolf that had not eaten for days, they were completely the definition of heaven and earth. However, Laura was also very cute like that. Her mouth was already full, yet she kept picking several dishes and stuffed her mouth.

“Lin Xiang, the meal you cooked is delicious.” The princess smiled and nodded at him. Her speed of eating had decreased a lot.

“Eh, thank you.” He put down the plate and Laura stopped her chopsticks, swallowed everything in her mouth, wiped her mouth, and said to him in a sweet voice, “Brother Lin Xiang~ In the past, I didn’t behave well. I’m still young, can you forgive me?”

What happened suddenly? Seeing Laura blinking her eyes and electrocuting himself, Lin Xiang somehow had a bad premonition.

“What do you want?”

“I just hope you can forgive me. You know, I am a girl, and suddenly having a boy staying with me is hard to accept, you know.”

“So, what…”

“So, don’t worry about what I did before. Big brother Lin Xiang~ Brother Lin Xiang~ Brother Xiang~ Can you~”

Laura’s voice made him feel a little uncomfortable.

“Just say what you want to say.”

“From now on, you will stay here and cook for us!”

“Laura, what are you talking about?” The princess looked at Laura with her eyes wide open, astonished at what she just announced.

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